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🍴 | The 3rd large tart of "Kimetsu no Yaiba"!All nine pillars appeared.You can buy it at Aeon.


The third of the "Kimetsu no Yaiba" large tart!All nine pillars appeared.You can buy it at Aeon.

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You can purchase it at AEON AEON STYLE (Honshu / Shikoku / Kyushu), Maxvalu (Kanto / Hokuriku / West Japan), and Daiei's chilled dessert corner.

The chilled dessert of the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" "Kimetsu no Yaiba 2-layered vanilla-flavored cheese tart" will be released in 2022 ... → Continue reading

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AEON (store brand)

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ion(British: AEON) IsAEON groupIs a store brand developed by.General supermarket (GMS) andsupermarket There is a form of (SM).


The birth of "AEON" as a store brand2007/(Heisei19 years)May 3Commercial facility opened inLoveLa BandaiLaBra Bandai store opened in[1] Is. At this time, it was an urban supermarket format specialized in food[2]. afterwards,2008/(20)May 3ToMorisia TsudanumaStore[3],same yearMay 10Opened Minamisunamachi Sunamo store[4].

For a while, as an urban supermarket brand that moves into a commercial complexAEON retailWas being deployed,2010/(22)May 3Store name license agreement with Carrefour SA on the same day the previous dayMay 3Ended with[5] Along with that, the oldAEON MarcheWas being deployedCarrefour"AEON" was born as a general supermarket by changing the store name of 6 stores[6].. Then the same yearMay 4ToAEON KyushuTobata Sati which was operated byAEON TobataRenewed as[7] The same yearMay 11Is the site of the Jusco Ikar, which was closed by Aeon Retail due to sluggish sales and deterioration.AEON Ikaruga storeOpened[8].

And 2010 (Heisei 22), shortly before the store openedMay 10AEON MarcheMycalWill be sequentially merged with AEON RETAIL and combined,2011/(23) After springJusco,SatyOfficially announced that the store names will be changed to "AEON"[9].

Since the beginning of 2011AEON Hokkaido, Aeon Kyushu, Ryukyu Jusco (currentlyAeon Ryukyu) Was also developed by each company to follow within the group.PosfulAnnounced that it will abolish the name and will unify and change to "AEON" all at once (Ryukyu Jusco only handles "Jusco", so it is treated as a store name change)[10][11][12].

2011May 3ToHiroshima satyOther than Jusco Sati Posufuru and the Maxvalu Nakajo store, which was the only Maxvalu store in Aeon Retail, were rebranded all at once and unified into "AEON"[13][14](Hiroshima Satie2011/(Heisei23 years)May 7Closed in[15]).

Within the AEON Group, in addition to "Jusco", which has been operated by AEON Co., Ltd. (formerly Jusco Co., Ltd.) for many years, "Saty (Mycal and AEON Kyushu), which was acquired through a recent acquisition of a company[Note 1] Management), "POSFUL (operated by AEON Hokkaido, once Saty operated by MYCAL Hokkaido)," "Carrefour (operated by AEON Marche (formerly Carrefour Japan))" and multiple supermarkets coexist. However, due to this brand name change, the brand names of general supermarkets within the group have been unified again.

On September 2015, 27DaieiOf the stores operated byMaxvalu HokkaidoExcept for the Sapporo Maruyama store, which has been inherited from Hokkaido, 8 stores of Daiei in Hokkaido and 1 store of Catapuri New Sapporo are going to Aeon Hokkaido, and 5 stores in Aichi are going to Aeon RetailMaxvalu KyushuThe 24 Daiei stores in the Kyushu area, excluding the Yoshitsuka storeAEON store Kyushu(Operated by AEON Kyushu by contracting the business from the company), the stores in Hokkaido and Kyushu area all changed their brand to "AEON". Stores in Aichi Prefecture were inherited by AEON Retail as "DAIEI", but they closed the store as "DAIEI" on September 9th of the same year, and after two days of suspension, the store brand was changed to October 27st Changed to "ion"[16].. The Catapuri New Sapporo store will temporarily close on April 2016, 28. The name was changed to “Catepuri” following the first opening on December 4 of the same year (from the 30nd basement floor to the 12nd floor).AEON MALLManagement transferred to[17][18].

On March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3), with 1 stores of some stores operated by Daiei in Miyagi prefecture, Yamanashi prefecture and Kanto / Kansai area,Maxvalu Tohoku(Currently Aeon Tohoku) operatedNiigata7 stores within[Note 2] A total of 36 stores have been transferred to AEON Retail. After the succession, 28 of the old Daiei stores wereSaitamaKitamoto City) And the business as "DAIEI" has been completed, and after two days of closure, the store brand has been changed to "AEON", and the Kongo store on March 2 (OsakaOsaka Sayama),Furukawabashi station square store(Osaka PrefectureKadoma),Tomio store(NaraNara), Mita store (HyogoMita) Completed after changing the shop name[19].. The remaining Himonya store (TokyoMeguro) Ended business as "DAIEI" on May 5th and started renovation, and resumed operations on the 5st to 12th floors on December 16th with the store nameAEON STYLE HimonyaChanged to[20].. In addition, the former "Maxvalu" store was temporarily closed by February 2 of the same year before the succession and renovated, and the Murakami Hamachi-cho store (Niigata PrefectureMurakami City) Was started and the business name was changed to “AEON” and business was resumed, and the Kameda store (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)Konan ward) Was completed by the resumption of business.

On March 2020, 2 (Reiwa 3), Maxvalu Tohoku merged with the food business of AEON Retail Tohoku Company to establish AEON Tohoku. Included) was operated by AEON Tohoku.However, it opened on March 1, 2021 (Reiwa 3).Aeon Style Shin Rifu(MiyagiMiyagi-gunRifu Town) Will be jointly managed by AEON Retail and AEON Tohoku.[21].

About store name

When the old store brand was rebranded to AEON, if the same store name existed more than once in the old store brand, the name of one of the stores was changed. For example, in the case of Jusco Fukuoka East Store and Fukuoka East Saty, Fukuoka East Saty is the same.Fukuoka East StoreThe name of the mall was changed to Jusco Fukuoka East.Fukuoka Rukuru store[Note 3] The store name was changed to. Also, during the reorganization of Daiei's store network in 2015, some stores have changed or maintained the possibility of duplicate stores.[Note 4].

In addition, Akita Central Store(Former Sati Akita) andUki Value Store(Former Jusco Ogawa store)[Note 5] There are some stores whose name has been changed by themselves as a result of the brand change, such as "new" + place name stores that were seen in some of the old Jusco stores (the existing store was closed and the Stores that have been rebuilt or moved to new stores)Ibaraki storeOnly the brand name was changed to avoid duplication of store names with (former Satoshi Ibaraki)Shin-Ibaraki store(Former Jusco Shin-Ibaraki store) andNew Natori store(Old Jusco New Natori Store)[Note 6] With a few exceptions, most of them took the "new" in line with the rebranding, and the store name was only the place name.

OkayamaKurashikiFor the Jusco AEON Kurashiki store and the Jusco AEON Kurashiki store in, the function as a general supermarket is integrated into the Jusco AEON Kurashiki storeKurashiki storeTo On the other hand, some floorsMaxvalu West JapanOf operationThe bigThe Jusco Kurashiki store, which has become the Kurashiki store, was converted to a discount store and became the Big Kurashiki Sasaoki store.[Note 7].

In addition, regarding the “AEON STYLE STORE”, which has been increasing since 2014 (Heisei 26) due to new store openings and reopening, etc., the store name was “AEON + (regional name) store” at the beginning as before. However, in 2015 (Heisei 27), the store name was changed to “AEON STYLE + area name”, and some of the “AEON” stores that were already operating as “AEON STYLE STORE” were also renamed. ing.

Store exterior/interior

During the unification of stores in Aeon in 2011 and the rebranding of Daiei stores in 2015, it was not uncommon for JUSCO, SATY, Posful, and daiei to switch to a signboard from ÆON in time. On the other hand, before the unification of Aeon2000 eraThere were also stores that displayed "ÆON", which indicates that they are an AEON Group centered on the shopping centers that opened after that, or "ÆON Group" on the wall of the slope connecting the multi-storey car park on the upper floors of the store and the ground.At stores where the signboards were changed before the official change date, unlike financial institutions, the old company name was not hidden on the signboard of the new company name.Some parts of the store have been updated with new information, but posters, store information boards, in-store displays, etc. have a sticker or white tape displaying "ÆON / AEON" on the old logo (JUSCO / SATY, etc.). Often dealt with.

The interior of the store is still used, except for stores that have been renewed after the brand was unified. The dairy section is mainly "READY MEAL" at the former Jusco.[Note 8], It is written as "DELICATESSEN" in the former Sati Posufool.

Image character

  • Now
    • Unknown
  • Past
    • Takei Saki -From March 2011, AEON'sCMWas on.
    • HKT48 -From September 2015 (Heisei 27) has appeared in the commercial limited to AEON Kyushu.
    • Wake Up, Girls! -From September 2016 (Heisei 28), has appeared in the commercial limited to the Tohoku area of ​​Aeon.


Incidentally,FukuiThere are no stores in Japan due to the withdrawal during the Jusco era.The reason for not opening a new store is "Shopping Town PierIt is said that the cause was that lumps remained in the local area over the withdrawal from[22][23][24].

また、2021年10月現在で最も開業時期が古い現行店舗は、旧「ダイエー」店舗のImaike store(AichiNagoya cityChikusa Ward、1969年11月30日開業)となっている。

General supermarket (GMS)

"AEON" as the store name of general merchandise stores will be available from March 2010, 3."AEON" store converted from "Carrefour"(AEON MarcheSee) Started use at 6 stores, and on April 2010, 4AEON Tobata Shopping Center"Tobata Saty", which was the core store of Tobata, was renamed to "AEON Tobata Store".

After that, it was operated by Aeon Hokkaido, Aeon Retail, Aeon Kyushu, and Ryukyu Jasco (currently Aeon Ryukyu).Jusco, Mycal and Aeon Kyushu were developingSaty, And AEON Hokkaido was the only business categoryPosful[Note 9] 3 brands were integrated into "AEON" on March 2011, 23.Through this integration, the number of "AEON" stores as a general merchandise store has expanded to 3 stores in total for the four companies.

The same yearMay 7Closed atHiroshima satyAlthough the operating company was changed to AEON Retail due to the merger, it has already been decided to close the store, so it continued to operate under the old name. PartMaxvalu West JapanOf operationThe bigThe Jusco Kurashiki store, which has become a Kurashiki store,discount storeIn the Big Kurashiki Sasaoki store,Maxvalu NaganoThe only Jusco Shin-Hakuba store that was operated inMaxvaluConverted to Hakuba store (Max Valu Nagano originally from AEON RetailNaganoThe company acquired 4 of the Jusco stores, but the 3 stores, except for the Shin Hakuba store, which had been converted to Maxvalu, have been gradually converted to The Big stores. Regarding the Maxvalu Hakuba store, the business format was changed to The Big on October 2014, 10).

Open 2015 new stores by August 8 after completing brand integration[Note 10] We closed 14 stores and increased 18 stores.

Due to the reorganization of Daiei's store network on September 2015, 9, 1 Daiei stores in Hokkaido and "Katepuri Shin Sapporo" will go to Aeon Hokkaido, and 8 Daiei stores in the Kyushu region will come to Aeon Store Kyushu (from the company). 24 stores have been added by transferring each to (AEON Kyushu operated by a business consignment) and simultaneously rebranding to "AEON". At that time, with Iki storePlaza Oshima storeSince it was also transferred, it has not been deployed in "AEON" so far Remote islandAlso advanced to. The five Daiei stores in Aichi Prefecture were transferred to AEON Retail without changing the store brand, and ended their operations as Daiei on September 5 of the same year. By rebranding to "AEON" on the 9st, 27 stores have been added. During that time there was one store closure.

2015 stores opened from October 10 to February 2016[Note 11] We closed one store and increased two stores. On March 1, 2, 2016 stores of Daiei in Honshu were transferred to AEON Retail, of which 3 stores were rebranded to AEON and one new store was opened during the same period.[Note 12] With the opening of business, the total number of stores has increased by 29. 4 stores opened from April to December of the same year[Note 13] And 4 stores closed[Note 14] Was done.

Opening 2017 stores and closing 41 stores since 47[Note 15], And 4 stores from Aeon Super Center[Note 16], 1 store from "The Big"[Note 17]The brand has been changed, and as of June 2022, there are 5 stores in the general supermarket format.

The AEON Retail official website lists AEON nationwide, regardless of the operating company or business category[Note 18].

Characteristic store

Stores in the GMS format have a full line of clothing, food, and shelter, and are opening stores independently.Shopping centerRegardless of the number of stores opened at the core stores, it is normal to have floors on multiple floors, but there are the following characteristic stores that are different from the stores in the normal GMS format.

Supermarket (SM)

AEON, a supermarket, is a supermarket operated by AEON Retail that mainly focuses on food and daily necessities. As mentioned above, there was a store opening in a commercial complex, so at these storesAEON Food MuseumThe name of the shop is listed. The only one in AEON Retail on March 2011, 23MaxvaluNakajo store that was operating as (Niigata PrefectureWombai city) Rebranded to "AEON".

After that, new stores in the supermarket format also opened, and the Sendai Tomizawa store that opened as the core store of AEON Town Sendai Tomizawa on December 2015, 27 (Heisei 12)MiyagiSendai cityTaihaku Ward) Is the first AEON Retail operated store with a sales floor area of ​​1,000 square meters or less (about 840 square meters)[25].

Hirono store opened on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3)FukushimaFutabaHirono Town) Is a store located in Hirono Terras, a public commercial facility in Hirono Town.[26].. On July 7th of the same year,YamanashiKofu CityCommercial buildingKoKoriKofu Cocoli store opened on the first basement floor of[27].

In addition, as mentioned above, 3 stores of “Maxvalu” in Niigata Prefecture, which were operated by Maxvalu Tohoku on March 1, 7, were transferred to AEON Retail, and the opening of the Murakami Echimachi store on March 3, 15 On March 3, the same year, Yamanitsu store (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture)Chuo), Arakawa Akos store (Murakami City, Niigata Prefecture) on March 3, the same year, Fujimicho store (Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture) on March 19, the same year.Higashi Ward), Kamikido store (Higashi-ku, Niigata city, Niigata prefecture) on March 3, and Sasaguchi store (Chuo-ku, Niigata city, Niigata prefecture) on March 24, the same year as “AEON”, and on March 3, the same year. Opened all stores inherited from Maxvalu Tohoku as "AEON" with the opened Kameda store[28].

In addition, Morisia Tsudanuma store[Note 20]And Minamisunamachi Sunamo store closed on August 2017, 8,DaieiIt was inherited after being absorbed and divided intoDaiei, And changed to the food style store (AEON FOOD STYLE by daiei) format described later and opened on September 9 of the same year.[29][30].

On October 9th of the same year,SaitamaYoshikawaIt is inAeon Town Minami YoshikawaAeon Yoshikawa Minami store in the SSM format will open as a core store in line with the expansion of the second phase[31].

On September 2018, 9,OPAOperated bySuwa Station ParkAEON Suwa Station Park store opened in SM[32].

In 2019, to improve convenience, we will open food supermarkets in the area where existing stores open,Shinyurigaoka StationBefore the general supermarket formatAEON STYLE ShinyurigaokaIs openKanagawaKawasaki CityAsoOn March 3 of the same year, Aeon Style Kamio[33]Opening of business.

Urawamisono StationbeforeUrawa Misono storeIs openSaitamaSaitamaGreen DistrictAEON STYLE Misono 4-chome on April 26th of the same year[34]Opened.

Kanagawa Prefecture, where the Yamato Tsuruma store, which is a general supermarket, is open in NishitsurumaYamatoAki Style Tsukimino on the site of the former Tsukimino store on October 10 of the same year[35] Opened one after another. Common to all 3 storesEat inIn addition to the space "Koko de Deli" that handles over-the-counter drugs, Kamiso and Misono XNUMX-chome are food supermarketsDispensingpharmacyThe "ion pharmacy" is also attached.

AEON STYLE Makuhari Bay Park, a food supermarket, opens in Mihama-ku, Chiba, Japan on April 4 of the same year.[36].

On April 4, the same year, Aeon Style Kamitokoro was opened in Chuo-ku, Niigata City, Niigata Prefecture.This store will be opened by AEON Retail's "Hokuriku Shinetsu Company" as the first store of "Small commercial area compatible supermarket (store with a directly managed area of ​​27 to 1,000 square meters)", which is the site of the former central wholesale market. We are opening a store in the commercial area "Marche Court" of "Dia Land" which was opened in[37].

On July 7, the same year, Futaba District, Fukushima PrefectureNamie TownAEON Namie store opened. The store is a small store specializing in groceries, daily consumables, and pharmaceuticals, but bedding services such as bedding, storage items, and baby products are available on tablet terminals installed in the store. It is possible to receive[38].

On December 7th of the same yearSaitamaKawaguchi cityIn AEON styleAraijuku StationThe front opened[39].

On April 2020, 4, Miyagi PrefectureIshinomakiToIshinomaki StationOpened the previous store. The store is oldSakurano Department StoreIshinomaki relocated to the site of the Ishinomaki storemunicipal officeAt the site of ESTA, which was open on the first floor ofOpen a branchIt is a store that has been opened.It has become a supermarket format centered on groceries and daily necessities, and taking advantage of the location adjacent to Ishinomaki Municipal Hospital, it also has an "AEON pharmacy" as a dispensing pharmacy.[40]..The operation is AEON Tohoku, and it will be the first new store since the establishment of AEON Tohoku.[41][42].

On May 5, the same year, TokyoKotoOpened AEON STYLE Ariake Garden, a food supermarket. This store isSumitomo Real EstateOpened on the 1st floor of Shopping City Ariake Garden, it is positioned as an urban store that offers a wide range of food-based products and services based on store size and local needs.[43][44].

On May 5, the same year, Niigata City, Niigata PrefectureAkibaOpened AEON STYLE Niitsu. The store isHome improvement MusashiA new store will be opened at the site, and daily necessities will be available in a store size of about the standard area of ​​Maxvalu, dedicated to rental.SmartphoneusingbarcodeIt is positioned as a "short-time shopping type" store, such as introducing "Regigo" that scans and pays with a dedicated terminal.[45][46].

In June of the same year, the store closed on April 6, the same year, and withdrew from Niigata Prefecture, "Supermarket"Barrow"ofJoetsu CityInheriting the store in Shimomonzen on the 11th[47], 25th, Joetsuji store[48] Opened one after another.

Therefore, as of July 2020, there are 7 supermarket stores in Niigata prefecture, 13 stores in Saitama prefecture, 3 stores each in Miyagi prefecture, Fukushima prefecture, Chiba prefecture, Kanagawa prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Tokyo, Yamanashi prefecture, and so on. Nagano and Tottori prefectures will open a total of 2 stores, one each.

In addition, "Maxvalu" other than the above will not be integrated and will be developed under the same name as before.

Aeon Express

At AEON Retail, a small supermarket "Aeon" is a derivative business format.Aeon ExpressExpress Sendai Aramachi store (Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture)Wakabayashi Ward, Already closed) has been opened as an experimental store, and has been expanded to urban areas.

Until now, it was not posted on Aeon's store information site, but in July 2016, seven stores in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture were posted on Aeon's store information site. On December 7, the same year, Osaka City, Osaka PrefectureHirano WardExpress toHirano StationThe previous store was opened on November 2017, 11Shimane MatsueExpress Agenogi stores opened in sequence.

As of February 2020, a total of 2 stores, including 12 stores in Miyagi prefecture, 4 stores in Osaka prefecture, and 1 store in Shimane prefecture, are listed in the AEON Group store list on "AEON.com".

New store classification

In October 2014, the Aeon Group announced a policy of reclassifying existing stores into five business categories and reforming each of them, based on the fact that Daiei became a wholly owned subsidiary in January 10.[49], Aeon Daiei can be divided into the following three business categories.

AEON style

Business format for families. The catch phrase is "Proposing a" style "of life through products and services." Some stores do not handle clothing, and the structure is specialized for specific items.

Regarding this business formatAsahikawa station square store(HokkaidoAsahikawa), Etc., started operation from some stores that were newly opened or reopened after 2014, and on April 2015, 4Lake Town store(SaitamaKoshigaya)WhenKamatori store(ChibaChibaGreen District)'S two stores changed their names to "AEON STYLE Lake Town" and "AEON STYLE Kamatori" due to the renovation and opening.Tamadaira Forest(TokyoHino city) AndIbaraki(OsakaIbaraki City), Etc., the store name has been changed to "AEON STYLE" in sequence for some stores operated by AEON Retail. The first store of "AEON", LoveLa Bandai, also changed its name to "AEON Style LoveLa Bandai" with the renovation opening on July 1, 2016.[50].. Also operated by Aeon RyukyuRycom store(OkinawaNakagami-gunKitanakagusuku Village) Also "AEON STYLE Rycom store[Note 22]In addition to changing the name to "Aeon Kyushu"28 Kumamoto earthquakeWas closed due to the influence ofKumamoto storeThe second floor of AEON STYLE Kumamoto is the first AEON STYLE store in the Kyushu area to coincide with the reopening of business on July 2, 2016.[Note 23]On September 9th of the same year, the former Daiei store, Sasaoka store, was renovated to ""AEON STYLE Sasaoka"Renamed and reopened. On November 2018, 11, the Nakajo store, which was a conversion store from Maxvalu, was renamed and reopened as Aeon Style Nakajo.[51].. As of June 2020, 6 stores in 34 prefectures are under the name of "AEON STYLE" (some stores include those that are also referred to as "AEON Grand Generation Stores" described later). Most stores converted from "AEON"[Note 24] Or a new business,AEON STYLE Himonya(TokyoMeguro) Converted directly from "Daiei" to "AEON Style" after renovation and closure.Aeon Style Barajima(AkitaAkita City, Aeon Tohoku) is a store that has changed from "Maxvalu" to "Aeon Style".In addition, some stores operated by AEON Retail and the clothing section of stores operated by AEON Kyushu, which have existed since the Jusco era, have stores with the "ÆON STYLE STORE" sign.

*However,Makuhari New City(ChibaChibaMihama)・Wakayama(WakayamaWakayama City)・Tendo(YamagataTendo city)・Nagoya Chaya(AichiNagoya cityMinato-ku) Does not use the AEON-style logo and name except for the floor information and store name installed in the directly managed store, so there is a sign of “ÆON” at the entrance like the other stores. The name is Aeon Style Store. In addition, the place where you enter the directly managed zone from the specialty store area is “ÆON STYLE STORE”.

AEON Grand Generation Store

Business format for seniors. "Grand Generation" was originally used by the company in 2012 to refer to "active customers in their 50s and above" (the inventor was).Oyama Kaorudo)[52]So, we sell fine-tuned customer service.The sales floor is also specialized for seniors, and some stores do not handle children's products.

In May 2013, Aeon Kasai store (TokyoEdogawa) Was introduced for the first time, and then in April 2014, at the Aeon Marine Pier store (Chiba Prefecture).ChibaMihama)[53]In July of the same yearAEON Yagoto(Aichi prefectureNagoya cityShowa Ward)[54]In April 2017AEON STYLE Shin Ibaraki(Former Aeon Shin Ibaraki Store, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture)[55] AEON STYLE Kemigawahama (Mihama Ward, Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture), which is the first AEON Grand Generation store to open in November 2017.[56] Has opened, and as of January 2018, 1 stores are in this format.

Food style store

A "specialized food-oriented general supermarket" is a business category that specializes in food-related catchphrases. As a general rule, large-scale stores in the Kanto/Kansai area of ​​the old Daiei are reopened in this format, or remodeled/newly opened.[57].

This business format was reopened on June 2015, 6Daiei Akabane storeIs the first store. The store brand isDaieiHowever, the “ÆON FOOD STYLE” logo is displayed on the exterior of the store. Sangenjaya store, which was reopened on November 2016, 11 (TokyoSetagaya, Oldfoodium) And Higashi Mikuni store (OsakaOsakaYodogawa Ward, OldGourmet City) Is based on black "Æ ON FOOD STYLE by daieiThe new store sign of "is displayed.

As mentioned above, Morissia Tsudanuma store and Minamisunamachi Sunamo store2017/May 9ThanAEON retailFrom Daiei to Daiei and changed to this format[58].. This is the first example of the conversion of “AEON” stores to “DAIEI”[59].

In addition, the Higashi Hyuga store (which opened on the site of the former AEON Mukoumachi store (described later) on April 2018, 4 (KyotoMukai)[60] From now on, instead of "daiei"AEON food style”, in addition to newly opened stores[Note 25], Renovated and opened on September 2018, 9Konandai store(Yokohama-city kanagawa prefectureKonan-ku)[61] より既存店からの転換店舗も見られるようになった。「イオンフードスタイル」名義の店舗のロゴについては当初ダイエーのロゴが完全に排除されていたが、2021年6月26日にオープンした日野駅前店(TokyoHino city)[62]以降は再びダイエーのロゴを併記するようになり、同年3月27日にオープンした茨木太田店(大阪府茨木市)[63]では店内でかつて使用されたダイエーの2代目ロゴが「イオンフードスタイル」のロゴと共に表記されている。

業態転換により出店した店舗については大半が「ダイエー」からの転換店舗だが、東浦和店・津久野店(堺市西区)は「Gourmet CityIt will be a store that has been converted from. As of June 2022, 3 stores in 8 prefectures, including "AEON Food Style" and "Daiei," are operating in this format.This format is a store operated by Daiei.Therefore, it is not included in the number of Aeon stores mentioned above and the Aeon store information on the official website of Aeon Retail.

Aeon Kyushu (former:Maxvalu Kyushu) Also similarConceptThere are stores withKumamotoKumamoto-shiChuoCommercial facilityCOCOSA"COCOSA B1" is open inside[64][Note 26].

Closed store

This section describes the stores that have closed after being rebranded as "AEON".

【reference】Jusco stores that existed in the past/Mycal store that existed in the past

Hokkaido area

  • Asahikawa Harumitsu store (HokkaidoAsahikawaOpened in March, 1981 (Showa 56)-Closed on May 7, 2022 (4 years in Reiwa)[65][66])
    At the beginning of the store, "Nichii"Asahikawa store" (opened at the time when Aeon Hokkaido called "Hokkaido Nichii"), "Shunko" in 1996Saty, In 2002PosfulThe name was changed to "Shunko store" and "Aeon Asahikawa Shunko store" in 2011.Closed due to aging of the building.This is the first time that "AEON" has been closed in Aeon Hokkaido.Although the timing is undecided in the future, a new commercial facility will be built on the site.[67]

Tohoku area

  • Shichinohe store(AomoriKamikitaShichinohe,1994/(6)May 10Opening[68] -2011 (Heisei 23)May 8closed[69])
    It was an experimental store with the first SSM (supermarket) business format of 2000 tsubo per floor.[70].
    Tohoku ShinkansenShichinohe-Towada StationAeon Shichinohe Towada station front store is a nuclear store in frontAEON Shichinohe Shopping Center2011 (Heisei 23)May 9Opened in[71].. The employee was handed over to the Shichinohe Towada station square store[69]..It was planned that two stores would coexist in Shichinohe, but it was changed and closed.Even after the store name was changed to Aeon, the signboard remained Jusco until the end.It is also the first closed store of the "AEON" brand.
  • Esashi store (IwateOshu CityEsashi, Opened in April 2003- 2019/(First year of Reiwa) Closed on November 11[72])
    Originally in October 1986 (Showa 61), Tohoku Nichii, a regional subsidiary of Nichii, the predecessor of MycalLiquidation) Opened as a general supermarket "Nichii Esashi store" with two stories above ground. Although it was converted to "Esashi Sati" in August 2, it was changed to Maycar in September 1996.BankruptcyUnder the influence of, the store was once closed in August 2002.
    After that, in April 2003, Aeon, which became a sponsor of Mycal, reopened as "Aeon Esashi Shopping Center".The anchor store became "JUSCO Esashi store". The second floor was closed in 15 (Heisei 4) and became a food supermarket, and on March 2008, 20 (Heisei 2) it became the current "Aeon Esashi store".
    Nearby Esashi Shopping Center (Esashi Twin Plaza)[Note 27]AEON TOWN Esashi opened on November 2019, 11 (the first year of Reiwa) on the site, and as its core store, ``AEON STYLE EsashiIt was closed due to a substantial relocation.

Kanto area

  • Shimoichi store (IbarakiMito, Opened May 1982, 57- 2015/(Closed on February 27, 2)
    oldJose IseIt was one of the stores that had been open since the times.
    Closed due to aging stores.
    After closing, it was rebuilt and on November 2018, 11 ``AEON STYLE MishitashiWas reopened as "(The store will be a one-storied store and will be a product lineup specializing in daily necessities such as foods)[73][74].
  • Toride store (Ibaraki prefectureToride city, Opened in October 1996-Closed on September 8, 10)
    At the beginning of business, it was operating as a "Jusco Toride store". This is due to the change in the environment caused by the opening of multiple large stores in the surrounding area and the resulting decrease in sales due to intensifying competition.[75].
    The site isSeven & i HoldingsUnder the umbrellaYork-BenimaruRedeveloped to become a shopping center "Yorktown Toride", and on July 2019, 7 (Reiwa 12), the core food supermarket "York Benimaru Toride Togashira" was opened. In the fall of the same yearSun drag,DaisoEtc. are scheduled to open sequentially[76][77].
  • Tsukuba Station Store (Ibaraki PrefectureTsukuba City, Opened on March 1985, 60 (Closed on January 3, 8)
    At the beginning of operation, it was opened as "Jusco Tsukuba Store" and after being renamed "Aeon Tsukuba Store" on March 2011, 3,AEON MALL TsukubaPrior to the opening of the store, the name of the Tsukuba station was changed to the Tsukuba station in front of the Tsukuba station.Tsukuba Creo SquareIt was the core store of "CREO", but the closing of the Tsukuba station front store resulted in the closure of the entire CREO building.[78].
    On March 2019, 31 (Heisei 3), the entire CREO building will beJapan esconGot. The building where the Tsukuba station front store was located will be demolished and rebuilt into an apartment.[79].
  • Ishioka store (Ibaraki prefectureIshioka, Opened in December 1987 (Closed on February 62, 12)
    At the beginning of operation, it was operating as "Jusco Ishioka store". Since the 2000s, the opening of neighboring shopping malls in the surrounding area has intensified sales competition and has reduced competitiveness. It will be dismantled after the store is closed and it will be moved to a new commercial facility.[80].
  • Kita Main Store (SaitamaKitamoto City, Opened in December 1980 (Closed on February 55, 9)
    DaieiConverted store from.FidelityOpened as, and became Daiei in 1994. Of the old Daiei stores that were inherited by AEON Retail on March 6, 2016 (Heisei 28), it was the earliest closed store with the name changed to "AEON" on March 3, the same year earlier. It was
    Dismantled after closing, on October 2018, 10YaokoKitamoto Central Store opened[81].
  • Kawaguchi store (Saitama prefectureKawaguchi city, Opened on March 1984, 59 (Closed on January 4, 15)
    AEON MALL KawaguchiIt was opened as a core store of (former Kawaguchi Green City → Aeon Mall Kawaguchi Green City).Due to the complete rebuilding of the shopping mall, the store will be closed once.
    In line with the renewal grand opening of the shopping mall on May 2021, 3 (Reiwa 6)Aeon Style KawaguchiReopened as[82](2019 New CoronavirusDue to the influence of the epidemic, the business was reopened 11 days later than originally planned).
  • Tokorozawa store(SaitamaTokorozawaOpened November 1981, 56 (Showa 11)-Closed September 26, 2019 (Reiwa 9)[83])
    The Daiei Tokorozawa store opened as the core tenant of the Toei Building. AEON RETAIL took over the operation on March 2016, 3, and ended operation as "DAIEI" on March 1, 3. After two days off, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 6, the same year.
    Thirty years have passed since the opening of the business, and in addition to the decline in sales competitiveness, the business performance was sluggish due to the diversification of consumer needs and the opening of a commercial facility directly connected to the station in the neighborhood, and sales fell below the peak. That was the reason for closing[84].
    After the store closed, some specialty stores occupying the same building moved to the first floor and continued to operate while reducing the scale, but due to the renovation, all stores will be on August 1, 2020 (Reiwa 2). Closed. Two days later, the name of the facility was changed to "Tokotoko Square" and it was on the 8th floor.AnimateOpened on the 9rd floor in September of the same yearOsteopathic clinic,Yamada Denki by Best electric appliances,wouldOpened one after another. On the second floor in OctoberMr MaxHowever, the OK store is scheduled to open on the 12st floor in December.[85].
  • Musashi Sayama store (Saitama prefectureSayamaOpened November 1979, 54 (Showa 11)-Closed February 30, 2020 (Reiwa 2 years)[86])
    Opened as "Nichii Sayama store". On October 1995, 10, "SayamaSaty". When the brand was changed to "AEON" in March 2011, the store name was also changed to avoid duplication of the store name with the old Carrefour store "AEON Sayama store".
    Closed due to rebuilding. The AEON Sayama store, which was within walking distance of our store and had a long-standing competitive relationship, will be the alternative store.
  • Higashi Washimiya store (Saitama prefecture)KukiOpened in March, 1986 (Showa 61)-Closed on May 4, 2022 (4 years in Reiwa)[87])
    Opened as "Daiei Higashi-Washimiya Store" with a specialty store street "Pal Mall". AEON Retail took over the operation on March 2016, 3, and ended the business as "Daiei" on March 1, 3. After a two-day holiday, it was rebranded to "AEON" on March 8 of the same year and reopened.
    Even after the closure of Aeon, some of the "Pal Mall" stores will continue to operate, and the building itself will continue to exist.
  • Mobara store (ChibaMobara, Opened in April 1978 (Showa 53) --Closed on December 4, 2018 (Heisei 30)[88])
    KujukuriOpened as the first large store in the area. It was a store that had been operating since the former Ougiya Jusco era.
    店舗の老朽化による建て替えの為、一旦休業する形で閉店。建て替え後に再開業が予定されている。なお、2017年5月から実施しているMobile salesCar sales will continue[89].
  • Chiba Naganuma Store (Chiba PrefectureChibaInage District, Opened April 2000, 12 (Heisei 11)-Closed April 16, 2019 (Heisei 31)[90])
    Ones MallDaiei Chiba Naganuma store opened as the core tenant of AEON RETAIL took over the operation on March 2016, 3, and ended operation as "DAIEI" on March 1, 3. After two days of suspension, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 9, the same year.
    Closed due to the fact that the store is too small and it is difficult to meet diverse needs with the current scale.[91].
    After closingRopia Open a branchThen, on June 6 of the same year, the food supermarket "Ropia Ones Mall Store" opened.
  • Akabane Kitahondori store(TokyoKita, Opened in March 1982-Closed on May 57, 3 (Reiwa 2020)[92])
    RIKEN CorundumIn the "RIKEN Kamiya Building" built on the site of the Oji Factory,FidelityOpened as Akabane store. The format was later converted to the company's discount store, "DISPA!", but with the merger with Daiei in 1994 (Heisei 6), it is the company's discount formatD mart", and was re-converted to "Daiei" due to the abolition of the "D Mart" brand. AEON Retail took over the operation on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3), and the operation as "DAIEI" ended on March 1, 3. After two days off, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 3 of the same year. Due to such circumstances, the store brand has been changed four times.
    RIKEN Corundum, which owns the building, announced that it will rebuild the "RIKEN Kamiya Building" due to its deterioration, and the store will be closed temporarily. Reopening as a new store is planned. In addition, it becomes the neighborhood of our storeAkabaneAt Sanchome, there is a food style (ÆON FOOD STYLE) format operated by Daiei.Daiei Akabane storeHas been added, and it will play a role as an alternative store during this store closure.
  • Totsuka store(Kanagawa横 浜 市Totsuka ku, Opened on March 1972, 47 (Closed on January 3, 25)
    Converted store from Daiei. It was inherited by AEON Retail on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3), and the name was changed to "AEON" on March 1, 3.[93].. Closed due to temporary closure due to rebuilding of stores due to deterioration.
    On March 2020, 2 (3nd year of Reiwa)AEON STYLE TotsukaWas restarted as[94].
  • Tsukimino store(Kanagawa PrefectureYamato, Opened on November 2000, 12-Closed on February 11, 9)
    Opened as "Tsukimino Sati". Yamato City's onlyCinema complexWas attached.
    After closing, the store will be rebuilt, and on October 2019, 10 (Reiwa 12)AEON STYLE TsukiminoWas restarted as[35].. As mentioned above, Yamato Tsuruma store andZamaToAEON STYLE ZamaDue to the location of the store, the sales floor has been reduced to about 32/1 of the old Tsukimino store, and it has become a small food supermarket that focuses on daily necessities such as food, daily necessities, and pharmaceuticals. In addition to an eat-in space called "",EC site"Store pick-up service" is also available to receive the items ordered at.) Condominiums will be built on most of the site[95].. I was moving inIon cinemaTsukimino (formerly "Warner Mycal CinemasTsukimino”) will be withdrawn due to this rebuilding, and Aeon Style Zama will move in.AEON MALL ZamaAEON CINEMA Zama was newly opened on March 2020, 2 (3 years, Reiwa).
  • Yokosuka store(Kanagawa PrefectureYokosuka, Opened on November 1991, 3-Closed on February 4, 25)
    The Daiei Yokosuka store opens as the core store of Shoppers Plaza Yokosuka. AEON Retail took over the operation on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3), and the operation as "DAIEI" ended on March 1, 3. After two days off, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 14, the same year.
    Due to the renovation to a new format, it will be temporarily closed,Hong KongOperations transferred to a real estate investment company based in[96].. On April 2020, 2 (Reiwa 4), "Coaska Bayside StoresAeon is on the 2nd floor, which is mainly food-based.AEON STYLE Yokosuka(The entire building was opened on June 2019, 6 due to the impact of the 5 new coronavirus epidemic).
  • Tennocho store(Yokohama-city kanagawa prefectureHodogaya Ward, 1977 (Showa 52) opened on November 11, 30 (Reiwa 2020) closed on February 2[97])
    Initially opened as the "Nichii Tennocho Store", which is the core store of the Nichii Tennocho Shopping Center. It was converted to "Tennocho Sati" in 1992 and became "Aeon Tennocho Store" on March 4, 2011.It was pointed out by the city of Yokohama that it lacked earthquake resistance, and it had to be dealt with, but due to the aging of the building, the store was closed due to rebuilding.The building will be demolished after the store closes, with the aim of completing a new store around the fall of 23 (Reiwa 3).

Koshinetsu/Hokuriku area

  • Kofu Kokori store (YamanashiKofu City, Opened on July 2016, 28-Closed on November 7, 12 (Reiwa 2020)[98])
    AEON MALL in 2015Property managementHigh-rise commercial complex with which a contract has been signedCocoriIt opened a store in the food supermarket format on the first basement floor of the store and was operating as an anchor store.Due to the small area of ​​the directly managed store, the store was closed along with "AEON Liquor," which was open on the first floor of the same building.
  • Higashimatsu Main Store (NaganoMatsumoto, Opened on March 1981, 56 (Closed on January 3, 25)
    Matsumoto Katakura MallOpened as the core store of. Closed due to the complete closure of the entire SC due to rebuilding.
    After that, on July 2017, 29 (Heisei 9)AEON MALL MatsumotoWill be the core store ofAEON STYLE MatsumotoWas restarted as "(AEON STYLE" first shop in Nagano prefecture)[99].
  • Suwa store (Nagano PrefectureSuwa-gunShimosuwa Town, 1977 (Showa 52) September --9 (Heisei 2018) August 30 closed)
    Initially opened as a Shinshu Jusco store.Elevator,escalatorIs installed,WCTo go toStairsHad to climb.DrainpipeClosed due to rebuilding due to deterioration such as[100].
    As mentioned above, the food supermarket format "Suwa Station Park" is located about 8km southeast of our store.AEON Suwa Station ParkOpened a new store on September 2018, 9[32].
  • Niigata store (NiigataNiigataNishi-wardAoyama 2[101],1979/(Showa 54) Opened in December[102] -2012 (Heisei 24)May 2closed[101])
    Sales exceeded 1993 billion yen in 5 (Heisei 100), but fell to about half when closed.[103] In addition to the deterioration of the store, the store was temporarily closed to completely rebuild it.[104]..This is the first time that a store whose tower has been renewed to Aeon has closed.[Note 28].2012May 3から[Source required]2013/Until March 25, 3, Aeon Aoyama Food Center was operating as a temporary store.[103].
    2013/(25) December 4AEON Niigata Aoyama Shopping CenterWill be the core store ofAEON Niigata Aoyama storeWas restarted as[103].
  • Tonami store (ToyamaTonamiShintomi-cho[105],1992/(4) Opened[105] -Closed January 2013, 25[105])
    The store was opened in the Nakagami district about 500m northwest of JR Tonami station, but acquired a reserve from the adjacent Nakagami land readjustment association and the site was about 5m.2Closed temporarily due to rebuilding to a new store[106].
    After that, on July 2015, 27 (Heisei 7)AEON MALL TonamiWill be the core store ofAeon Style TonamiWas restarted as[107].
  • Okyozuka store(IshikawaNonoichi City, Opened on July 1998, 10-Closed on November 3, 14 (Reiwa 2021)[108])
    Initially opened as "Okyozuka Saty". When the store brand was changed to "AEON" on March 2011, 23, the name of the shopping center was changed to "AEON Mitsutsuka Shopping Center". On July 3, 1 (Reiwa 2021), "AEON MALL HakusanWas closed as the store opened.
    After closing the store, after dismantling the buildingArkland SakamotoAcquired land, and in 2023 (Reiwa 5), ​​a commercial complex centered on the company's home center "Home Center Musashi" is scheduled to be built.In addition, some of the specialty stores that used to live in "AEON Okyozuka Shopping Center" have moved to "AEON MALL Hakusan" and continue to operate.

Tokai district

  • Mino store (GifuMino,1991/(Heisei 3) Opened September 9, 12-Closed October 2012, 24
    After closing the building, which was owned by AEON RetailAEON TOWNTook over, and on November 2012, 24 (Heisei 11) "AEON Town MinoWas reopened as ", and the nuclear stores are discount stores"The bigMino storeThe business format was changed to.
  • Toyota store (AichiToyota CityOpened March 1975, 50 (Showa 7)-Closed January 8, 2015 (Heisei 27))
    Temporarily closed due to rebuilding due to aging stores.
    On July 2017, 29 (Heisei 9), "AEON STYLE ToyotaWas restarted as[109][110].
  • Kamiida store (Aichi prefectureNagoya cityKitaOpened November 1973, 48 (Showa 4)-Closed February 27, 2020 (Reiwa 2 years)[111])
    Opened as "Daiei Kamiiida Store" as the core store of Daiei Olivec Building. AEON Retail took over the operation on September 2015, 27, and ended the operation as Daiei on September 9, 1.After changing the brand to "AEON" on October 9, the same year, it was reopened, but it was closed due to store rebuilding.
    On April 2022, 4 (Reiwa 4), "Soyora Ueida", the first urban shopping center in the Tokai area, will be the core store of "Soyora Ueida".Aeon Style KamiiidaWas restarted as[112].
  • Nagoya Minato Store (Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture)Minato-ku, 1999 (Heisei 10) November 11th opening --20 (Reiwa 2021rd year) February 3th closing[113])
    Bay City Shinagawa (later Aeon Nagoya Minato Bay City Shopping Center →AEON MALL Nagoya Minato) Opened as "JUSCO Nagoya Minato Store" as an anchor store.Due to the closure of the entire shopping center, the store was temporarily closed.It will be rebuilt after the business is closed and will be reopened as a new store.[114].
  • Tsunan store (MieTsu City, 2000 (Heisei 12) opened[115] -Closed on February 2016, 28[116])
    AEON Tsunan Shopping Center Sun ValleyOpened as the core store of[117]。「サンバレー」自体は1978年(昭和53年)から営業していたこともあり、老朽化により同ショッピングセンターとともに閉店[116].
    After closing, the store will be rebuilt, and on November 2018, 30 (Heisei 11) ``AEON MALL TsunanWill be the core store ofAEON STYLE Tsunan"(AEON STYLE) first store in Mie Prefecture"[118].. This is the first store in the AEON GroupDrive throughHas been installed,Net supermarketYou can receive the items ordered in.
  • Shiroko store (Mie prefecture)SuzukaOpened in March, 1975 (Showa 50)-Closed on May 3, 2021 (3 years in Reiwa)[119])
    Opened as a general merchandise store, Jusco Shirako. The floor was expanded and renewed in April 1989, and the shopping center "Shirako Shopping Town SandsIt became the core store of "(The specialty store street is operated by Shirako Commercial Development).The store was closed due to the aging of the building.After the store is closed, the store will be rebuilt and will be reopened by 2023 (Reiwa 5).Meanwhile, the food discount store "The Big Express Shirako Store" operated by the group company Aeon Big will take over as an alternative store.
  • Matsusaka store (Mie prefecture)Matsusaka City, Opened in October 1992-Closed on January 4, 10 (Reiwa 2022)[120])
    Matsusaka Shopping Center MahmOpened as "JUSCO Matsusaka store" as the core store of.Old at the beginning of businessMaxvalu Chubu(CurrentMaxvalu TokaiFlex, which is one of the predecessors of), was also installed, but it was absorbed by Jusco when the floor was expanded in 2000 (Heisei 12).In addition to specialty storesbank(XNUMX banks) Andpost office,Public hallAlso moved in, and because it is close to the founding place of Aeon Co., Ltd.Foreign businessmanThere was also a department.The store was closed due to the aging of the shopping center building.

Kinki area

  • Mukomachi store (KyotoMukaiOpened in 1981 (Showa 56)-Closed on May 2015, 27[121])
    Opened as Nichii Mukomachi store. In 1997 (Heisei 9), Mukaimachi Sati became the AEON Mukaimachi store in March 2011. Reason for closing of AEON MALL Kyoto Katsuragawa opening and deterioration of building[121].
    Store traces dismantled and soldApartmentComplex facility integrated with[122] As mentioned above, the 1st and 2nd floors are operated by Daiei.AEON Food Style Higashimu HinataOpened on April 2018, 4[60], 3rd and 4th floor are sunmunicipal officeTokyu Sun Annex opened on May 5 of the same year. All operations of the Citizen's Section and the Health and Welfare Department were transferred from the main building and annex[123].
  • Okubo store (Kyoto prefectureUji city,1979/(Showa 54) Opening March 3-Closing May 8 2016 (Heisei 28)
    Opened as Nichii Okubo store. Later, after working at Okubo Sati, in March 2011 it became the Aeon Okubo store. The reason for closing the store was that it was unable to respond to the diversification of consumer needs due to the small store area and sales decreased compared to the peak time.[124].
  • Higashiyama Nijo store (Kyoto prefecture)Kyoto CityUkyo WardOpened November 1968, 43 (Showa 6)-Closed February 26, 2021 (Reiwa 3 years)[125])
    UR rental housingSSM format store located on the 1st floor of.Shiro, one of the origins of the current Aeon Co., Ltd., which had been developed mainly in the Hokusetsu area of ​​Osaka Prefecture, opened as "Shiro Higashiyama Nijo Store". As of 2021, it is the only historic store that was open before the first Jusco was established, and in the supermarket that is open as "AEON", it has never been rebuilt since it opened. It was also the oldest existing store that continues to operate.
    Due to the aging of the building, the store is temporarily closed.Kinki Building will be redeveloped into a new commercial facility with the aim of opening in 2024, and Aeon has announced that it will reopen.
  • Tomio store(NaraNaraOpened in April 1973 (Showa 48)-Closed October 4, 2019 (Reiwa 10)[126])
    OriginallyUnidoOpened as "Unide Tomio Store", which is the easternmost store of (operated by Kansai Unido). In 1983 (Showa 58), with the transfer to Daiei, the business format was changed to Daiei. On March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3), the operation was re-transferred to AEON Retail, and as of March 1 of the same year, the operation as "DAIEI" ended. After two days of suspension, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 3 of the same year.
  • Nishi Yamato store (Nara prefecture)Kitakatsuragi-gunKawai TownOpened in March, 1986 (Showa 61)-Closed on May 1, 2021 (3 years in Reiwa)[127])
    Nichii (later Mycal) at that time opened as "Nichii Nishiyamato Shopping Center" as the commercial core of Nishiyamato New Town. The format was changed to "Nishiyamawa Saty" in October 1993, and became the Aeon Nishiyamato store due to the store brand change in March 5.At the closing ceremony, the store manager at the time of closing said, "I hope that you can connect a community bus between Kawai Town and Ikaruga Town, and that Kawai Town and Ikaruga Town can develop together. I've been longing for it since I was a child, saying, "I want you to make it come true."Kensaku Moritaof"Farewell, let's say tears] Was sung with tears, and after tightening it with a single tightening, the shutter was released with the customer in the store.In addition, as a separate building (cinema building), the former Warner MycalMovie theater"AEON Cinema Nishiyamato" was adjacent and continued to operate even after the Aeon Nishiyamato store closed, but it closed on August 2022, 8 due to the expiration of the lease contract for the multi-storey car park attached to the cinema building. To do[128].
  • Fujiidera store (OsakaFujiidera City,1973/(Showa 48) Opened December 12st-Closed February 1th, 2014[129])
    AEON MALL FujiideraNuclear store. Temporarily closed due to full rebuilding due to aging stores.
    As mentioned above, it will be reopened as AEON Fujiidera Shopping Center on September 2019, 9 (Reiwa 14), and the nuclear stores will be operated by Daiei.AEON Food Style Fujiidera StoreBecame[130].
  • Komeiike store (Osaka Prefecture)Izumi City,2001/(Heisei 13) Opened September 2, 6-Closed October 2014, 26
    CarrefourOpened as Gwangmyeong Pond,2010/(平成22年)3月10日付でイオン光明池店に変更。ブランド統合に先駆けて「イオン」で営業していた店舗の1つだった。建物は解体され、マンションが建設された。
  • Neyagawa store (Osaka Prefecture)Neyagawa,1978/(Showa 53) Opened on March 3 --- Closed on May 24, 2016 (28))
    AEON MALL NeyagawaThe core store (opened as Jusco Neyagawa store at the beginning). Temporarily closed due to full rebuilding.
  • Shin-Kanaoka Store (Osaka PrefectureSakai CityKita,1983/(Showa 58) Opened April 4, 2-Closed May 2019, 5 (Reiwa 19)[131])
    Opened as "Nichii Shin-Kanaoka Store", which is the core store of shopping center Evry. After working at Shin-Kanaoka Sati, in March 2011 it became the Aeon Shin-Kanaoka store. It closed due to the closing of the "Shopping Center Evry" including the "Evry Specialty Store Street" that has been operating since the "Nichii" era.
    After closing, it was rebuilt and became the core store of AEON Retail's urban shopping center "Soyora Shinkanaoka" following "Soyora Ebi" on July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7).Aeon Style ShinkanaokaWas restarted as[132].
  • Kyobashi store(Osaka PrefectureOsakaMiyakojima Ward,1971/(Showa 46) Opened April 11, 26-Closed May 2019, 9 (Reiwa 30)[133])
    Kinki VehicleThe Daiei Kyobashi store opened as the core store of Kyobashi Shoppers Plaza on the site of the office. AEON RETAIL took over the operation on March 2016, 3, and ended the operation as "DAIEI" on March 1, 3. After two days off, it was reopened after rebranding to "AEON" on March 7 of the same year.
    It was closed due to the rebuilding of the store due to redevelopment.
  • East Kishiwada store(Osaka PrefectureKishiwadaOpened November 1979, 54 (Showa 11)-Closed February 29, 2020 (Reiwa 2 years)[134])
    Kurosaki Ceramics (currentlyKurosaki Harima) Opened the Nichii East Kishiwada store as the core store of Talk Town (New Castle Shopping Center), which opened on the site of the former Kishiwada factory. In 1994 (Heisei 6), the business format was changed to East Kishiwada Saty, and with the brand integration on March 2011, 3, it became the Aeon East Kishiwada store. Since Nichii was the predecessor, the advertising tower was characterized by being vertically long.
    Talk Town will be closed in December 2020 (Reiwa 2) due to rebuilding due to the aging of the building, and the store was closed prior to the closing. It will be rebuilt by Aeon after the closing of Talk Town, but for a while, it will be in the neighborhood.Izumi CityIzumi Fuchu store (formerly Saty store) inKaizuka CityThe Kaizuka store (formerly Jusco store) in Tokyo will be the alternative store.
  • Higashi Osaka store (Osaka)Higashi Osaka City,2003/(15) Opened on November 11 --- 10 (Reiwa 2021) Closed on March 3[135])
    Like the Komeiike store, it initially opened as Carrefour Higashi Osaka, and on March 2010, 22, the brand was changed to "AEON" prior to the brand integration.The store was closed due to the expiration of the fixed-term land lease contract (3 years from 10) with the land owner, Osaka Prefecture.
    After the store closed, the building was demolished and has been underway since April 2020 (Reiwa 2).Osaka MonorailA new station is scheduled to open as part of the extension business[136].
  • Minami Senri store (Osaka)Suita CityOpened in March, 1987 (Showa 62)-Closed on May 11, 2021 (3 years in Reiwa)[137])
    Opened as Jusco Minami Senri store.At the time of opening, it boasted the largest sales floor area (14,600 square meters) among the directly managed stores of "JUSCO" nationwide.The store was closed due to the expiration of the contract period.
    After the store was closed, it was completely renovated by ES-CON Japan, which acquired the building in 2019, and opened as "Tonarie Minami Senri Annex" on November 2021, 3 (Reiwa 11).Anchor stores are group companiesKoyoFood supermarket operated byMarket Garden KOHYO Minami SenriBecame[138][139].
  • Nishi Kobe store (HyogoKobe CityNishi-ward,1988/(Showa 63) Opening March 11-Closing May 10 2014 (Heisei 26)
    It opened as Nichii Nishi-Kobe store, passed through Nishi-Kobe Saty, and became Aeon Nishi-Kobe store in March 2011. The buildingShinki BusOwned by the company, the bus stop of the company was added, and the name of the bus stop was changed in accordance with the change in the store name.
    The site was open in the neighborhood.K's Denki"West Kobe store" moved to new construction and opened on March 2016, 28 (Heisei 3)[140].
  • Koshien store(Hyogo prefectureNishinomiya,1993/(Heisei 5) Opened September 6, 17-Closed October 2017, 29
    at firstPrintemps甲子園として開業、ダイエーグループのプランタンデパート甲子園により運営されていた。1995年9月1日よりダイエー本社の運営に移管されダイエー甲子園店となったが、2016年3月1日にイオンリテールに移管され、同年3月7日をもって「ダイエー」としての営業を終了し、2日間の休業を経て同月10日に「イオン」へ改称した。
    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayMitsubishi EstateWas announced to close the store for renewal on May 2017, 5 after acquiring the trust beneficiary right[141] However, in late May of the same year, it announced that only a part such as the food counter will continue operating for a while after June[142], The whole building was closed on October 2017, 10.
    Renewed as ``Corowa Koshien'' on April 2018, 4, AEON is a food-basedAEON STYLE KoshienIt opened again as ".

China area

  • Izumo store (Shimane IzumoOpened in 1981 (Showa 56)-Closed on August 2014, 26)
    It opened as the Jusco Izumo store and was renamed Aeon Izumo store in March 2011.
    After closing, the store will be rebuilt, and on November 2016, 28 (Heisei 5) ``AEON MALL IzumoWill be the core store ofAEON STYLE IzumoWas restarted as[143].
  • Hatsukaichi store(HiroshimaHatsukaichi, Opened in May 1986-Closed on April 61, 5[144])
    Opened as Nichii Hatsukaichi store, later Hatsukaichi sati → AEON Hatsukaichi store.
    The site is adjacent to the site, which was purchased by Hatsukaichi City in September 2014.JA Hiroshima General HospitalIt is planned to be maintained and utilized as a medical base linked to[145].
  • Kaita store(Hiroshima PrefectureAki DistrictKaita TownOpened March 1982, 57 (Showa 3)-Closed January 1, 2018 (Heisei 30))
    The Nichii Kaita store was opened as the core store of the Aki Nichii Kaita Shopping Department, which became Kaita Sati on September 1996, 9, and was renamed Aeon Kaita in March 20.
    Closed due to rebuilding due to aging stores[146].
    After rebuilding,Maxvalu West JapanThe store is succeeded to and the business format is changed to SSM,2019/(First year of Reiwa)May 6"Maxvalu Kaita storeWas opened (as a steel-framed two-story building, with a parking lot and bicycle parking on the first floor, and the second floor as a sales floorPilotiIt will be a store)[147].
  • Onomichi store(Hiroshima PrefectureOnomichiTenma Town,1979/(Showa 54) Opening March 5-Closing May 8 2019 (Heisei 31)
    Toyo Fiber (currentlyTosco) Opened as a Nichii Onomichi store on the site of the Onomichi factory, became Onomichi Sati in June 1994, and renamed Aeon Onomichi store in March 6[13][148].. Due to the aging of the store, the store was temporarily closed.
    After the store closed, the store was rebuilt, and on September 2020, 2 (Reiwa 9), "AEON STYLE OnomichiWas restarted as[149](Similar to Aeon Style Okayama Aoe, which will be described later, it will be a one-story building). In addition, there is a home improvement store on the premises.DCM DaikiThe Onomichi store will also open, and the parking lot and bicycle parking lot will be shared by two stores.[150].
  • Yasuoka store (Yamaguchi ShimonosekiKajiguri Town[151],1989/(Heisei XNUMX)May 9Opening[151] -Closed on February 2013, 25[152])
    It is a reinforced concrete two-story building with a total sales floor area of ​​2m.2(Direct sales floor area 4,573m2)[151]
    After closing, the same group company Maxvalu West Japan inherited the store and converted to a discount store, and on November 2013, 25 (Heisei 11)The Big YasuokaWas reopened as[152]However, the store will close on September 2020, 2 (Reiwa 9). Closed in May 30 (the first year of Reiwa)Mr.MaxMoved to the site of "Ayaragi Shopping Center" and opened "The Big Ayaragi Store" on October 2020, 10.[153][154].

Shikoku area

  • Kawanoe store (EhimeShikokuchuo City, Opened November 1999, 11 (Closed September 11, 18 (Reiwa 2019))
    Opened as "JUSCO Kawanoe Shopping Center" (the anchor store is Jusco Kawanoe store). The anchor store became the Aeon Kawanoe store on March 2011, 3, and the name of the shopping center changed to Aeon Town Kawanoe on September 1, 9.
    Due to the renewal of Aeon Town Kawanoe, the store will be closed in 2019 with the business closed.In addition, Aeon Town Kawanoe has an annex consisting of specialty stores along the prefectural road, Mishima Kawanoe Line, and the annex continued to be open even during the Aeon closure.[155].
    Reopened on September 2, 2021 after a two-year holiday[156]..The anchor store will be a food supermarket, and Fuji Co., Ltd. (currently:) will be the first store to open in the Aeon Group shopping center.Fuji Retailing) Became the Fuji Shikoku Chuo store.In addition, the first store in Shikoku was opened in Aeon Town Kawanoe.Welcia PharmacyThere are various specialty stores such as.

Kyushu area

  • Nishi new store(FukuokaFukuoka CitySawara WardOpened on April 1967, 42 (Showa 9)-Closed March 14, 2016[157])
    The Maruei Nishi new store, which opened as the first Maruei store in September 1958 (Showa 33), was the predecessor and was reopened with a five-story renovation. At the beginning of the business, it opened as a "UNID Nishishin store", and in the late 9sdiscount storeof"ToposThe format was changed to "Nishishin store", but in 2006 it was reconverted to "Daiei Nishishin store" to reorganize the store brand.As mentioned above, it became "Aeon Nishishinten" in September 2015.The reason why the building is closed due to aging[158].
    The site isWest Japan RailwayAcquired and became the pay nursing home "Sankarna Nishijin" operated by the company, and AEON Kyushu moved to the first floor and opened the small supermarket "Maxvalu Express Nishijin" specializing in food and liquor. Prior to that, it opened on April 1, 2021 (3rd year of Reiwa).[159].
  • Jono Store (Fukuoka PrefectureKitakyushuOgura Minami WardFujimi 1-chome, opened on February 1981, 56 (Showa 2)-closed on January 27, 2017 (Heisei 29)[160])
    When it first opened, it was operating as a "Daiei Shirono store", and as mentioned above, it became "AEON Shirono store" in September 2015. The reason for closing the store is due to changes in the environment surrounding the store and deterioration of the building.
    In addition, there is "Maxvalu Express Jono store" operated by AEON Kyushu in Jono 3-chome in the ward (this store is the same AEON group).Red cabbageHowever, in March 2020, the operation was transferred to Maxvalu Kyushu while retaining the store brand, and in June of the same year, the store name was changed to "Maxvalu Express".The operation was transferred to AEON Kyushu again due to the merger in September of the same year).
  • Mizumaki store(Fukuoka PrefectureOnga-gunMizumaki TownOpened on April 1983, 58 (Showa 4)-Closed March 29, 2017[161])
    At the beginning of businessUnidoIt operates as "Mizumaki Apiros" and was renamed "Daiei Mizumaki Store" when Uneed merged with Daiei in April 1994.As mentioned above, it became "Aeon Mizumaki Store" in September 4.The reason for the store closure was that it was unable to adequately respond to changes in the environment surrounding the store, user needs, and expected services.
    The site isDaiwa House IndustryDaiwa Royal, an affiliated company, redeveloped it and opened the shopping center "Life Garden Mizumaki" on October 2019, 10 (Reiwa 10).[162].
    In addition, there is "Maxvalu Mizumaki store" operated by AEON Kyushu in Korosuekita 4-chome around the town.
  • Tokuri shop(Kogura Minami Ward, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka PrefectureMoritsune2-chome,1979/(Showa 54)May 10Opening[163] -Closed on February 2017, 29[164])
    1979/(Showa 54) In October, opened as Nichii Tokoriki Store.Mycal KyushuWas run by the company, but merged with the company from August 2007, 8AEON KyushuThe name of the store was changed from "Dokuriki Sati" on March 2011, 3 due to the unification of store brands. The reason for the closing of the building is the deterioration of the building.
    The site isSun ribRedeveloped the product on December 2019, 12 (Reiwa 3st year)Marushok"Marushok Shinmori-Hen Shopping Center" with "New Moritsune-Shop" as its core store opened.[165].
    In addition, there is a "Maxvalu Express Tokuri store" operated by Aeon Kyushu in the Tokuri housing complex in the ward (similar to the Maxvalu Express Shirono store, it was a store of Red Cabbage, which is the same Aeon group, but the store brand was changed in March 2020. The operation was transferred to Maxvalu Kyushu while holding it, and the store name was changed to "Maxvalu Express" in June of the same year. The operation was transferred to Aeon Kyushu again due to the merger in September of the same year).
  • Fukushige store(Fukuoka City, Fukuoka PrefectureNishi-wardOpened on April 1983, 58 (Showa 11)-Closed March 23, 2018[166])
    At the beginning of operation, it operated as "Fukushige Apiros" operated by UNIDE, and when UNIDE merged with Daiei in April 1994, it was renamed "Daie Fukushige store". As mentioned above, it became the “AEON Fukushige store” in September 4. The reason for closing the store is that we could not fully respond to user needs and expected services.
    The site isPan Pacific International HoldingsUnder the umbrellaNagasakiyaOpened, and the "MEGA Don Quijote Fukuoka Fukushige Store" opened on June 2019, 6[167][168].
  • Hara store (Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture)Sawara WardOpened on April 1976, 51 (Showa 10)-Closed March 27, 2019[169])
    Opened as "Daiei Hara store (first generation)".Later, it closed once in 2 after going through "Uneed Daiei Hara Store" → "Daiei Hara Store (2005nd generation)", but reopened as "Hara Sati" on March 2007, 3 by Mycal Kyushu management, and 8 2011 The name was changed to "AEON Hara" on the 3st of March.The reason for closing the store is the expiration of the lease contract period.
    The store will be rebuilt and will be built by Daiwa Royal as "(tentative name) Hara Shopping Center", but on December 2019, 12 (the first year of Reiwa), it will be announced that it will open in the same SC.[170].. On November 2020, 2 (Reiwa 11), the store name that was the core store name at that time was taken over.Aeon Hara storeWas restarted as[171].
  • Shimodari store(Fukuoka PrefectureOnojo CityOpened on April 1987, 62 (Showa 4)-Closed March 11, 2019[172])
    "Daiei Shimodairi Store" opened as a core tenant of "Shimodairi Ebisu Shopping Center Pure" jointly developed by Uneed and a local capital cooperative at that time.After several renovations, it became "Aeon Shimodairi" in September 2015, as mentioned above.Due to the aging of the building, the store will be closed once.[173].
    "MJR The Garden Shimoori", a residential / commercial mixed-use development consisting of a total of 303 condominiums and commercial facilities, was built on the site of the store.[174], Aeon Kyushu2022/(4nd year of Reiwa)May 3On the same site as a food supermarket "MaxvaluOpened "Shimodairi store" (unlike the old store, it will be a one-story building)[175].
  • Nakama store(Fukuoka PrefectureMiddle cityOpened November 1978, 53 (Showa 9)-Closed February 28, 2021 (Reiwa 3 years)[176])
    Initially, it was opened as the "Daiei Nakama Store", which is the current East Building. The shopping center "Shopper's Mall Nakama" was formed.As mentioned above, it became "Aeon Nakama Store" in September 1993.The East Building was closed along with some specialty stores due to rebuilding due to the deterioration of store equipment. It is scheduled to be renewed by the fall of 1998.The West Building and the Mall Building, which had been renovated before the East Building, were opened as "Plaza Mall Nakama" on April 21, the same year, and the anchor stores are now available.Trial companyBecame a discount store "Mega Center Trial Intermediate Store" operated by[177].
  • Kamimine store (SagaSanyo-gunKamimine,1995/(Heisei 7) Opened March 3-Closed February 18, 2019 (Heisei 31)[178])
    At the beginning of its opening, it was operated by Mycal Kyushu under the name “Kamimine Satoshi”, but like the Tokuri store and Hara store, it will be operated by AEON Kyushu following the merger on August 2007, 8. The name was changed to "AEON Kamimine" on the 21st of March. The reason for closing the store is that we could not fully respond to user needs and expected services and that the building was aged. Prior to the closing of the store, on January 2011, 3, it was announced that AEON Kyushu will participate in the downtown area revitalization project of Kamifune Town and that it has agreed to utilize the Kamehine store as a business site. Are[179].
  • Doza store(NagasakiNagasakiOpened on April 1969, 44 (Showa 11)-Closed March 13, 2017[180])
    Initially opened as "Maruei Nagasaki store" and later renamed "Unido Nagasaki store". When Unid enters Daiei,ShoppersIt was renamed to "Nagasaki". When Unid merged with Daiei in April 1994, the Daiei Nagasaki store (currentAEON Nagasaki store)” to avoid duplication of store name. As mentioned above, it became the “AEON Douza store” in September 2015. The reason for the closing of the building is the deterioration of the building.
    The store was dismantled and the site was rebuiltDaiwa House IndustryGot.HotelThe building was maintained as March 2020th, 2 (3nd year of Reiwa)Candeo Hospitality Management"Candeo Hotels Nagasaki Shinchi Chinatown" operated by[181].
  • Shimabara store(Nagasaki PrefectureShimabaraOpened November 1973, 48 (Showa 7)-Closed February 20, 2020 (Reiwa 2 years)[182])
    Shimabara RailwayOpened as a "Unido Shimabara store" in a shopping center constructed by, and changed to "Daie Shimabara store" when Unido merged with Daiei in April 1994. As mentioned above, it became the “AEON Shimabara store” in September 4.
    Due to rebuilding due to the redevelopment plan, the store will be closed once[183].
    It was reopened for the first time in about 2022 year and 4 months as the core store of "AEON Shimabara Shopping Center" on March 3, 18 (unlike the old store, the directly managed zone and the specialty store zone are continuous. It will be a one-story store located in)[184].
  • Sasebo store(Nagasaki PrefectureSaseboOpened November 1974, 49 (Showa 6)-Closed February 20, 2022 (Reiwa 4 years)[185])
    イオン九州の前身となる福岡ジャスコの1号店として「ジャスコ佐世保店」が開店。地下1階・地上8階建てのペンシルビルスタイルの店舗で、イオン九州が元来から運営する店舗としては最古の店舗であり(旧ダイエー店舗を含めるとShoppers Fukuoka storeが最古)、先述の東山二条店閉店後は全国の旧ジャスコ店舗においても現存最古の店舗になっていた[186]。2011年3月1日付で「イオン佐世保店」へ改称するととともに、ショッピングセンター全体を指す「イオン佐世保ショッピングセンター」の名称もつけられた。名称変更後も丸11年営業を続けてきたが、開店から47年以上が経ち、建物の老朽化に伴い閉店となった。
    It was dismantled after the store closed, and a local developer, Land Ark, built a complex building that integrates commercial facilities and condominiums. It has announced that it will reopen at stores of different formats.On the other hand, after announcing the closure of the store in November 2025 (Reiwa 7), we received requests and opinions from customers, and we also operate the fashion building "Aruba Nishizawa" opposite our store.Nishizawa Main StoreFrom "Yokkamachi Shopping StreetAnnounced the opening of a store in "Aruba Nishizawa" on February 2022, 4 (Reiwa 2), just before the store closed, because there was an offer not to turn off the Aeon light.[187]..On April 4, the same year, "Aeon Sasebo Yokkamachi storeWas opened.Our store is clothing (ladies' gentlemen's casual clothing, sportswear,underwear-Socks・ Nightwear),Pet foodIt will be a small store specializing in (including pet supplies) and daily miscellaneous goods (including hair care products and hygiene products), and will not handle groceries.[188].
    Items not handled at the Sasebo Yokkamachi store (basics such as face wash)CosmeticsKind・文 房 具-OTC drugsEtc.) at the nearby Sasebo Shiratake storeDaito storeIn addition to the nearby AEON stores, the food supermarkets "Maxvalu Umeda Store" and "Maxvalu Shiratake Store" operated by the same AEON Kyushu will also support food products.
  • Kikuyo store(KumamotoKikuchiKikuyoOpened November 1987, 62 (Showa 3)-Closed February 27, 2020 (Reiwa 2 years)[189])
    Originally Kotobukiya (currentlyCarino Facilities) And the local Chamber of Commerce and Industry jointly funded the opening of the Suntory Kikuyo Kotoya, which is the core store of the Sunry Kikuyo Kotoya. In 1996 (Heisei 8), the floor was renewed as the flagship store of the Lalala Group at that time, but due to the collapse of Kotobukiya, which was a nuclear store on December 2001, 13, 12 (19) Closed on February 2002. On May 14 of the same year, Kyushu Jusco (currently Aeon Kyushu) took over the operation of "Jusco Kikuyo Store" and resumed business at "Jusco Kikuyo Store". It was renamed to the current "AEON Kikuyo store" on March 2, 1.
    32 years have passed since it opened, and due to the aging of buildings and equipment, it is no longer possible to fully meet user needs and expected services in the future.
    After closing, the bicycle section will be openOtsu TownIt is inAEON Otsu storeMoved in, and on March 2020, 2 (Reiwa 3 years),Ion bikeOtsu storeOpened as[190]On March 3th of the same year, Maxvalu Kyushu (currently Aeon Kyushu) operated "Avan Mall Kikuyo" in the shopping mall near the town.The Big KikuyoIs open[191].. These two stores will be the actual successors to the Kikuyo store.[192].
    On the other hand, the store site was completely renewed at Carino, which owns the facility, and on March 2021, 3 (Reiwa 3), the name of the shopping center was changed to "Sanri Carino Kikuyo" and the 25st stage opened (1st stage). Opened), the anchor storeIzumiGroup companyYume Mart KumamotoSupermarket operated byDream MartIt became "Kikuyo"[193][194][195]..On October 10st of the same year, the 1nd stage opening (second opening), which was announced at the time of the 1st stage opening, was celebrated, and Yamada Denki (Techland Kikuyo store), a consumer electronics mass retailer, moved into a large tenant on the 2nd floor, and a new product sales store was also opened. Moved in[196].
  • Kagoshima Taniyama store(KagoshimaKagoshimaOpened November 1996, 8 (Heisei 3)-Closed February 1, 2017 (Heisei 29)[197])
    At the beginning of operation, it operated as "Hypermart Kagoshima Taniyama store" as the third hypermart store in Kyushu area, and converted to "Daiei Kagoshima Taniyama store" on September 3, 2002. As mentioned above, in September 9 it became the “AEON Kagoshima Taniyama store”. The reason for closing the store was that it could not fully respond to changes in the environment surrounding the store, user needs, and expected services.
    The site was acquired by Kagoshima Tokushukai Hospital as a relocation site.[198], 2021 (Reiwa 3) was opened as a new hospital with 12 floors above ground due to new construction relocation on December 1st.[199].

Store moved

In this section, we will describe the stores that are relocated after being rebranded to "AEON" and are operating under the same store name as the old store. The new stores of Kisarazu store and Okayama store, which will be described below, are one of the above-mentioned new store categories, which is a family format.AEON style storeThe store name has been changed to "AEON STYLE Kisarazu" and "AEON STYLE Okayama" from 2015.The Eucalyptus Gaoka store and Rifu store have been renamed from "AEON" to "AEON STYLE" at the same time as the move.

Tohoku area

  • (Old) Rifu store (MiyagiMiyagi-gunRifu TownRifu character,2000/(12) Opened on April 4- 2021/(Reiwa 3rd year) Closed on January 1st)
    "Jasco Rifu Store" opens as a core store in the east wing of AEON Rifu Shopping Center (renamed to "AEON MALL Rifu" on November 2011, 23).
    Due to the renewal of the entire building of "AEON MALL Rifu", it was temporarily closed on January 2021, 3 (Reiwa 1).[200].
    In the existing building (currently "AEON MALL Shinrifu North Building")Prefectural Road No. 8 Sendai Matsushima Line (Rifu Kaido)Opened on March 2021, 3 (Reiwa 3) on the south side of the "AEON MALL Shin-Rifu Relocated and opened as the core store of "South Building", "Aeon Style Shin RifuWas renamed to[21]..Aeon Style Shin-Rifu is operated by both Aeon Retail and Aeon Tohoku, and is the first "Aeon" and "Aeon Style" store to be jointly operated by multiple operating companies (the store manager is also from both companies). 1 people, 2 person each)[201].
    The old store was completely renovated and reopened as "AEON MALL Shinrifu North Building" on July 2021, 3 (Reiwa 7), and the anchor store is a group company.Maxvalu South TohokuDiscount store operated byThe Big Shin Rifu store”Has become a form of opening a store[202].
    With the full opening of the South Building and North Building, AEON MALL Shinrifu has become a commercial facility boasting the largest store area as a shopping center in the Tohoku region.[203]..It is the third largest AEON MALL in Japan.[204].

Kanto area

  • (Old) Kisarazu store (ChibaKisarazuAsahi,1982/(Showa 57)May 11(Opening-Closing August 2014, 26)
    oldOugiyaOne of the stores that has been operating since the Jusco era, Kisarazu Green City Shopping Center (currentlyAEON Town Kisarazu Asahi) Was operating as a nuclear store.
    It opened in the city of Tsukiji on October 2014, 10.AEON MALL KisarazuRelocated and opened as a core store of. A part of the old store remains of a group companyKasumiAnd was opened as a supermarket "Food Square Kasumi ion town Kisarazu store" on November 11 of the same year. On September 14, 2015, the civil department, welfare department, finance department, city maintenance department, education department, etc. moved to the second floor of the old store as the temporary office building accompanying the construction of the new government office of Kisarazu City Hall, and ``Asahi Government Building'' Was opened.
  • (Old) Eucalyptus Hill Store (Chiba Prefecture佐 倉 市Eucalyptus hill4-chome,1992/(Heisei 4) store opened on March 3-closed on June 6, 2016 (Heisei 28)
    Initially, it opened as "Eucaligaoka Saty" and was renamed "AEON Yukarigaoka Store" due to the store brand integration in March 2011.
    Relocated and opened as a core store of "AEON TOWN Eucalyptus Hill" which opened on June 2016, 6 at 10th street of Eucalyptus Hill in the city.AEON STYLE Eucalyptus HillWas renamed to[205].
    After the move, the old store remainsEucalyptus hillIs also the administrator ofYamamanIt became the operation of, and the name was changed to "". On November 2017, 11OkayThe supermarket "OK Store" operated by the company has moved in, and the first floor has been reopened in advance (some stores opened in December 1). The 2017nd to 12th floors have been renovated since January 2, and clinics and general sports clubs have moved in.[206].

China area

  • (Old) Okayama store (OkayamaOkayama CityKitaAoe,1976/(Showa 51)May 12(Opening-Closing August 2014, 26)
    There was no elevator in the three-story reinforced concrete store, and it was characterized by a slope connecting from the first floor to the rooftop parking lot on the R floor.
    It has been 38 years since the opening of the former Aeon Okayama store.2014/Opened in front of Okayama station, 12-chome Shimoishii on December 5AEON MALL OkayamaMoved and opened as one of the core stores of.
    The old store was temporarily used as a temporary parking lot and shuttle bus base for AEON MALL Okayama, and then demolished and rebuilt in 2017 (Heisei 29)[207], July 2019, 7 (Reiwa 26)AEON STYLE Okayama AoeWas reopened as "(it will be a one-storey store like "AEON STYLE Mitoshita City")[208].

Kyushu area

  • (Old) Aira store (KagoshimaAiraHigashimochida,1988/(Showa 63)May 11(Opening-Closing August 2016, 28)
    Originally oldAira TownWith Ebisya (later Mycar Minamikyushu), which operates a supermarket based inMycal KyushuThe predecessor was the three-story reinforced concrete "Sun City Libre," which was jointly opened by the company, and the "Shopping Department Store Ebisya" was located in the nuclear store. In 3, the name of Aira Sati was changed due to the integration of Mycal Minami Kyushu and Mycal Kyushu, and since 2000 it is operated by Aeon Kyushu, which merged with Mycal Kyushu. In March 2007, the nuclear store was renamed to “AEON Aira Store” and the SC name became “AEON Aira Shopping Center”.
    Opened in Nishi Mochida on the west side of the old store on March 2016, 3Aeon Town AiraRelocated and opened as a core store of. The old store was dismantled, and on April 2017, 4, a civic service center, a daycare facility on site,Cinema complex, Grand opening of the east block, which is composed of specialty stores. As a result, it has developed into the largest shopping center in Aeon Town for leased area.[209].



The following AEON Group companiesFukuiIt operates in 46 prefectures (excluding Jusco Sati Daiei, which used to open stores, but later withdrew. There is no old Jusco store.YamanashiAbout the old Sati storeIsawa storeWas incorporated,Kofu Showa storeThe Otsuki store was added due to the reorganization of the Daiei store network in March 2016, and in July of the same year, the Kofu Kokori store, a food supermarket format, opened. There were no stores in Tokushima Prefecture for a while after the brand was unified, but AEON STYLE Tokushima opened in April 3 in the form of opening the site of the former Jusco store).MaxvaluUnlike the above-mentioned AEON STYLE Shin-Rifu, the operating areas are clearly separated.

In addition to "AEON", operating companies other than AEON Retail include "Maxvalu" and "Maxvalu".The big(Hokkaido and Kyushu respectively)Maxvalu HokkaidoとMaxvalu KyushuSuccession due to absorption-type merger, TohokuMaxvalu TohokuIs because of its predecessor).

  • AEON HokkaidoLtd.
    • Business area:Hokkaido
    • TV commercials for "Tuesday Market", "Customer Appreciation Day", and "Customer Waku Waku Day" are different from Aeon Retail.
  • AEON TohokuLtd.
    • Sales area: Tohoku area
    • Maxvalu Tohoku has more business than AEON RETAIL in the AEON and AEON STYLE businesses in the Tohoku region (food and daily convenience businesses and some storesDeveloperBusiness) was succeeded and the trade name was changed. On September 2021, 9, the Tohoku Business Headquarters of AEON Retail was integrated, and the general supermarket business in the Tohoku area was also succeeded.
    • In addition to the operation of “AEON EXPRESS” in Miyagi Prefecture mentioned above,AEON Super CenterIntenantThe operation of the liquor store, which has been opened at, has also been succeeded.
  • AEON retailLtd.
    • Business area: Tohoku (Shinrifu only) / Kanto / Chubu / Kinki / Chugoku-Shikoku area
    • At the same time as rebranding, "Saty" was being developedMycalMerged withVIVRE'' was taken over, but in March 2016, ``ForusWith"OPAWas transferred to).
    • DaieiSome of the stores converted fromAEON retail storeThere is also a base that is outsourced to a stock company (receipt of directly managed sales floor, not AEON Retail Co., Ltd., but displayed under the company name).
    • In addition to operating the aforementioned food supermarket format "AEON (including AEON Style LoveLa Bandai and AEON Style Nakajo)", it also operates AEON Style Shin-Rifu in collaboration with AEON Tohoku.
  • AEON KyushuLtd.
    • Business area: Kyushu area (OkinawaDoes not include)
    • Stores converted from Daiei (including AEON STYLE Sasaoka)AEON store KyushuThere was also a base that was outsourced by a corporation (on the receipt of the directly managed sales floor, it is displayed under the name of the company, not Aeon Kyushu Co., Ltd.) (Aeon Store on September 2020, 9) Kyushu merged with Aeon Kyushu).
    • "Tuesday Market" in the Kyushu areaMaxvalu Kyushuでは実施されていなかった(代替で「木よう市」を実施する)ため、同社では「スーパー火曜市」として独自のTVCMを放映していたが、2012å¹´11月20日よりマックスバリュ九州でも「火曜市」がスタートされたため、同年11月19日より共通のTVCMに差し替えとなっていた(マックスバリュ九州独自の「木よう市」は現在も並行開催されているため、CMの途中に「九州のマックスバリュでは木曜市も開催」のテロップが入る)。2014å¹´6月30日からは再び九州地区限定の「火曜市」のTVCMが放映されている(当初は2012å¹´11月以前のCMと同様だったが、後に複数回変更されている)。
  • Aeon RyukyuCo., Ltd. (formerly Ryukyu Jusco Co., Ltd.)
    • Business area:Okinawa
    • The original sale of “Wednesday market”, “Saturday and Sunday market”, and “Ichariba festival” have been continuously rebranded to AEON.

Outside Japan

Chugoku,MalaysiaIn Japan, the brand name of “JUSCO” was continued even after the store brands were integrated in Japan, but the brand name was gradually changed to “AEON”, which is the same as in Japan. In 2014 (Heisei 26)Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu,CambodiaIn addition to gradually expanding toJiangsu,Hubei ProvinceOverseas, the store network is expanding, such as expanding to.

Aeon storesHong KongIs also developing a food supermarket format under the name "AEON SUPERMARKET".


Number of stores (as of February 2015)-2 stores (AEON stores)Hong Kong13 stores, AEONEast China1 stores, AEONHubei1 stores, AEONSouth China11 stores,Beijing5 AEON stores,Canton17 AEON stores,QingdaoAeon Totai 10 stores)

GMS format-45 stores (AEON stores Hong Kong 8 stores, AEON Huadong 1 store, AEON Hubei 1 store, AEON Hua Nan 9 stores, Beijing AEON 5 stores, Guangdong AEON 12 stores, Qingdao AEON Totai 9 stores)
SM format-13 stores (AEON stores Hong Kong 5 stores, AEON South China 2 stores, Guangdong AEON 5 stores, Qingdao AEON Totai 1 store)
  • AEON STYLE STORE (Hong Kong) Limited-AEON Stores Hong Kong
    • Business area: Hong Kong (Ancient castle,Beni)
    • At AEON Stores Hong Kong, the brand name is “AEON” from the new Tsuen Wan store that was relocated and opened on November 2012, 11 from the former Jusco Tsuen Wan store.
    • Sales area: Jiangsu
    • Established June 2013, 5[210].. AEON Suzhou Wuzhong store opened as the core store of AEON MALL Suzhou Wuzhong on April 2014, 4[211].
    • Sales area: Hubei
    • Established June 2013, 3[210].. AEON Wuhan Jinyintan store opened on December 2014, 12 as the core store of AEON MALL Wuhan Jinyintan[212].
  • AEON South China Co., Ltd.-AEON South China Co., Ltd.
    • Business area: Guangdong (Shenzhen City, Huizhou City Huicheng District, Foshan City Shunde District)
    • At AEON Huanan, the shop name has changed to “AEON” from the Keiyo store that opened on March 2013, 3.
  • Beijing AEON Co., Ltd.-Beijing Aeon
    • Business area: Beijing/Tianjin
  • Guangdong Aeon Teem Co., Ltd.-Guangdong Aeon
    • Business area: Guangdong (excluding areas operated by AEON Hunan)
    • At Guangdong Aeon, the store name has changed to “AEON” from the supermarket Haikou Castle store opened on January 2013, 1, and all existing stores were changed to “AEON” on March 2, the same year. Changed the trade name from Guangdong JUSCO Teem Stores Co., Ltd.[213].
  • Qingdao AEON Dongtai Co., Ltd.-Qingdao AEON Dongtai Co., Ltd.
    • Sales area: Shandong

ASEAN countries

Number of stores (as of February 2015)-2 stores (32 stores of Aeon Malaysia, 29 store of Aeon Cambodia, 1 stores of Aeon Vietnam)

  • AEON Co. (M) Bhd. (AEON Malaysia)
    • Sales area: Malaysia
    • In AEON Malaysia, the brand name is “AEON” from 2012 Ipoh Station stores that opened on April 22, 4 (Heisei 14), and the existing stores have been gradually renamed to “AEON”.
  • AEON (CAMBODIA) Co., Ltd. (AEON Cambodia)
    • Sales area: Cambodia
    • Established on August 2012, 24. AEON MALL on June 8, 3Phnom PenhAEON Phnom Penh store opened as the core store of[214].
    • Sales area: Vietnam
    • Established on October 2011, 23. AEON Tan Fu Celadon store opened as the core store of AEON MALL Tan Phu Celadon on January 10, 7[215]Next, on November 11st of the same year, the AEON MALL Bin's on Canary store was opened as the core store of AEON MALL Bin's on Canary[216].

POS system

Since 2018,Japan NCR(Hereinafter, NCR) system was usedTouch panelA complete renewal of the new POS system that will be completed by the operation at[217]With thatKeyboardExistsToshiba Tech(Hereafter, TEC) POS terminalTeraoka Seiko(Hereafter, Teraoka) POS terminals are still valid, but are out of service except for some (numbers, "clear", "subtotal", "total", etc. The same applies below).Introduced after the same yearFujitsu FrontechSince the POS terminal made by (Fujitsu) is supposed to be operated by the new POS system from the beginning, there is no keyboard from the beginning except for the food manned cash register.

The TEC POS terminal (checker screen size 12.1 type) has been gradually replaced by the Fujitsu POS terminal (15 type).

Food manned cash register

  • TEC WILLPOS-Unity M-8000 / LS-790T (old terminal)
  • Fujitsu TeamPoS7000 M series (new terminal)
The only Fujitsu POS terminal has a limited keyboard.

Manned cash register other than food manned cash register

  • TEC WILLPOS-Unity M-6800 or M-8000 / Customer display type (old terminal)
  • Fujitsu Frontech TeamPoS7000 A series (new terminal)

Semi self checkout (payment self checkout)

The TEC registration machines are being replaced by the same Teraoka registration machines as the payment machines, but Fujitsu's registration machines and payment machines may be installed as a set at newly introduced stores.

  • TEC registration machine (old terminal) + Teraoka payment machine (new terminal)
  • Teraoka Speed ​​Self (new terminal)
  • Fujitsu TeamPoS / SP (new terminal)
Even at the food register, there is no keyboard for the registration machine.

The "Regigo" checkout machine has been introduced by Fujitsu.

Self checkout

Fujitsu terminals have been gradually replaced by NCR terminals, but some stores had introduced NCR terminals from the beginning.

  • Made by Fujitsu[218] TeamPoS / SR (old terminal)
Morley fantasyThe operation screen was based on, but there was no function to read out the amount.
  • Made by NCR[219] NCR SelfServ Checkout (new terminal)
There is a function to read out the amount of money, and the unit price is read out every time you scan. Finally, when you tap the "Payment" button corresponding to the "Subtotal" key, the total amount is read out as "○○○○ yen."

WAONIC card reader/writer including

at firstJREMManufactured R/W was introduced, but nowPanasonicMade ofCCT(JT-R700CR[Note 29]) Has been updated. After March 2020, the WAON POINT card/AEON Owner's Card reading and credit card payments are also being processed by the same machine. Functioning as a numeric keypad), and the PIN input is being entered.


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