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As part of creating a store that is easy for as many customers as possible to use at Sushiro, we have introduced self-registration at all stores, and even for electronic payments where the usage rate is increasing, various QR code payments such as "PayPay" and credit card payments We are actively promoting the introduction of (JCB, Visa, Mastercard, Amex, etc.).

Akindo Sushiro will be available from Softbank and PayPay for Softbank smartphone users during the period of February ... → Continue reading

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Cash register

Cash register(British: cash register) Is mainlyShopCalculate and record the sales amount of the product inmachine.JapaneseThen, "money registration machine", as an abbreviation for everyday terms, "cash register'[2]Called.

With the main bodycash(Sales andChange,Cash voucher,CouponAnd otherSecuritiesThere is a drawer integrated type in which drawers called drawers that store) are paired, and a drawer separated type that is not.

1879/ToJames RittyInvented.


Basic functions

When you hit the sales amount of the product, it will be recordedjournalPrint and insidecomputerThe amount is recorded in, and the sales amount for a certain period is totaled and printed. It also has a function to reset sales to zero for any period and a function to register negatively.

The cashier term "registration" literally comes from "registering" a sales (return) record in a register.

Additional functions

With the times, the following functions have been added.

Sales statement issuance function for customers
Sales statement (receipt) Is issued by using a special roll paper (cash register paper, cash register sheet) with a long and narrow width.
Multiple product registration function
By having two calculators inside the register, one for daily sales aggregation and one for one transaction aggregation, when multiple products are purchased, the total amount of each transaction in the register can be calculated as total sales. Ability to calculate at the same time as the amount.
Department management function
By incorporating multiple calculators inside the register, products can be grouped, the number of products sold in which group can be aggregated, and a report can be printed.
Single item management function
A function that further strengthens the department management function, aggregates sales for each product, and outputs a report.In addition, it also has a function to register the unit price for each product in the register in advance and display the price of the product simply by entering the product number.
Change calculation function
changeA function that has a built-in calculator for calculation, and when you press the deposit amount, the change amount is calculated and printed on the receipt and transaction record.Reduced troubles caused by mistakes in change calculation.
Automatic change function
Not only does it calculate the amount of change, but it also automatically comes out after the change machine counts the amount of money put in.Although it has the effect of eliminating calculation errors and fraudulent cashiers, it is often slower than manpower and has been criticized for discouraging the aspirations of highly skilled employees.[3] .
Extra / discount function
A function to calculate premiums / discounts for each item or at a fixed rate from the total amount.consumption taxAt the beginning of the introduction, this function could be used to calculate the consumption tax.
Currently, the standard model is one that can automatically calculate the consumption tax and print and report the tax amount.
In the past, the ability to automatically reconfigure McDonald's order menus to the cheapest price (currently not available, settled at the customer's order price) seems to be one of these.
Network function
When installing multiple registers such as supermarkets, a function that allows multiple slave units to be connected to one master unit.Normally, the sales of each register and the unit price of individual item management can all be managed by the master unit.
POS function
Single item management function andnetworkBy utilizing the functions, it has become possible to grasp changes in product unit prices and sales of individual products in real time. POS (abbreviation for Point Of Sales)Point of saleIt is called a system) and has come to be actively used in store sales strategies.
Credit card,Electronic moneyProcessing function
Credit card and electronic money processing equipment (→Credit reference terminal) Is built into the cash register.Since the settlement amount is within the range of the product subtotal amount, there is no input error, the sales history of credit card and electronic money is automatically reflected in the cash register summary report, and the credit inquiry communication with the store computer It uses the same dedicated line and has merits such as quick response.In addition, the cashier did not have a built-in payment function and was externally attached.Credit reference terminalThere is also a package in which (CAT) is linked with the cash register operation to suppress mistakes in entering the amount.
Customer management function
A function that distributes cards to customers, reads the contents, and aggregates and reports the sales of each customer group and customer group of the store.Accompanyingly, depending on the sales amountPointCan be redeemed for merchandise when a certain number of points are accumulated.Point CardIt also develops into a system.
Electronic journal function
Record sales instead of paperMO diskSuch asElectronic mediumAbility to record in. It saves storage space and paper resources.Commercial lawIt became possible by the revision of.
Person in charge recording function
A function to record and print the name of the cashier or the number or symbol of the cashier. Some have a transaction aggregation function for each person in charge.
Enrichment of printed contents of receipt journal
It has been improved from printing only the amount of money to the automatic store name stamp printing function, the katakana printing function, and the kanji printing function.
Receipt auto cut
A function that automatically cuts the receipt with a cutter with a built-in register for each transaction without having to tear it by hand.At the time of its appearance, there were some models in which the issued receipts were scattered, but nowadays, the "partial cut" method is the mainstream, in which the corners are intentionally left uncut to prevent scattering (connected at the edges).
Authentication printing function
A function that allows authentication printing on slips separately from journals and receipts.
Registration data recording function for computer import
A function that records data in a computer-readable format, separate from the journal, to facilitate aggregate analysis.Punch tape, For data recordingcassette tapeBecause of such things, nowSD memory cardIt has evolved into semiconductor memory such as. In addition, NCR has developed a font that can be read directly by a device connected to a computer in a mechanical register, and some models have adopted it for journals.

Additional functions that are different from the original purpose of the cash register

Receipt issuing function
When paying the price, a receipt is usually issued from the cashier itself, but for corporate purchases, etc.receiptA function that automatically issues receipts that meet the receipt requirements of the Commercial Code in order to save the trouble of writing handwritten receipts.Some stores require receipts of a certain amount or moreStamp taxConsiderableRevenue stampInstead of pasting, the fact that the stamp tax return payment has been approved is printed, and the stamp is not pasted.
Advertisement display printing function
Ability to display and print advertisements on receipts and customer displays.
Attendance and attendance management function
Manage employee attendancetime RecorderThose with functions. The special screen is called, and the person is registered by entering his / her ID number and pressing the buttons assigned to each type of going to work, entering / leaving a break, and leaving work.
Customer interaction
Adult confirmation at the time of sale of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, etc., final confirmation of collection and cash ticket sales were directed to the customer sideTouch panelFunctions to be performed in.

Technological evolution

Drive part
It has evolved from a manual type such as handle operation to an electric type that combines an electric motor and a mechanical calculator, and an electronic type that uses a semiconductor computer.computerSome use a general-purpose computer such as a tablet terminal or a tablet terminal for internal control.Windows,iOSSuch asOSModels equipped with cash register software are also widely used for POS systems.
Printing part
From the long printDot impact printerIt is now possible to print department names, product names, and information in alphanumeric characters and katakana.Thermal paperUsedThermal line printerHas evolved into. Thermal line printers are often used in countries that use complex characters such as Chinese characters in Japan, but use English.The United States of AmericaIn some countries, dot impact printers are still widely used.
Initially, journal printing also served as a display. After that, the one equipped with a mechanical display appeared, and in the electronic cash registerNixie tubeFormula, 7-digit digital display formula (plasma formula,Photocellformula,liquid crystalIt has evolved into a wide variety of formulas). Some models can display katakana and kanji, and some models are equipped with a liquid crystal display. Some are equipped with a display that allows the customer to check the amount. Many electronic types are equipped with a display that can freely adjust the angle. In the electronic type, it is displayed on the operator's display, but it is not displayed unnecessarily on the customer side, and it is easy to understand and measures are taken to prevent information leakage.

Arrangement configuration at retail stores

checkout counter

supermarket,Volume storePlaces where several registers are centrally installed (such ascounter) Is called a cashier counter.


A bagger for packing products after payment is called a bagger.

Cash register side products

Since customers waiting for checkout stay around the cash register for a long time, it is an important place to place products that are easy to pick up, and the products to be displayed next to the cash register are displayed.Cash register side productsThat.

September 2020, 9, CaliforniaBerkeleyThe city council has passed a draft ordinance banning the sale of junk food next to cashiers to promote a healthy diet.[4].

Cash register according to industry

There is an example where a special cash register is introduced according to the type of industry.

Handy register
A small terminal equipped with a register function.boutiqueAs a result, the clerk will not have to go back and forth between the cashier and the customer many times.again,In-car salesThere are also examples of introduction in live event product sales.
Cash register for restaurants
If you use a sheet key and press the sheet key with the menu name written on it, the product name and price will be registered with a single touch.
As an advanced form, if you register the ordered products for each table number and slip number in advance, there is also a register that allows you to calculate the total just by entering the table number and slip number at the time of accounting, and it also works with the ordering system. , Some products are automatically registered at the cash register.
Medical institutionRegister for
Medical feeWith pointsHealth insuranceA cash register where you can calculate the examination fee by typing the type of key. Due to the revision of the lawMedical feeSince medical institutions are obliged to issue receipts containing the details of the above, registers that can issue these details as receipts are also on sale.note thatReceipt computerMany hospitals and clinics have introduced the system, but some hospitals and clinics also use a general-purpose cash register as a money collection registration machine.
Cash register with hourly charge calculation function
Parking Lot,Cyber cafeA cash register for hourly rate facilities.When you enter the usage start time, etc., the charge is automatically calculated based on the usage time, usage time zone and conditions (vehicle type for parking lots, booth type for Internet cafes, etc.).There is also a function to issue a reception ticket that describes the usage start time.For parking lots, there is also a model that can read a parking ticket with a magnetic stripe and calculate the charge without entering the warehousing time.In the parking lot cash register market in Japan, a major parking lot management systemAmano(In the past, the product name "Time Registration" was used)Mitsubishi PrecisionShare is high.
More informations
A cash register with a ticket issuing function such as meal tickets
Station checkout ticket issuing machine Although it is a register type terminal, it has features such as no drawer. You can issue a receipt-type payment ticket. Shinko Electric (currentlySinfonia Technology) Had released a dedicated machine, but some stations use general-purpose cash registers.

Labor saving in cash register operations

Past cash register operations

1973/,Chain storeMajor union neutral meetings, general alliances, etc.supermarketLabor union representatives have filed a petition with the Ministry of Labor, summarizing a unified request, including improving the treatment of cashiers.At that time, most of the cashiers, who are estimated to have more than 2 people nationwide, were in an environment where they could hit foreign-made cashiers who had the power to press keys for four to five hours.TenosynovitisIn some cases, it developed. From this, the Ministry of Labor at that time decidedKey puncherRequested treatment according to the protection measures of[5].

Self-checkout / self-checkout system

At supermarkets, convenience stores, and stationsKioskThen, the customer himself registers the product and performs the settlement process. For supermarketsJapan NCR"Self-checkout system"Toshiba TechProduct names such as "self-checkout" (so-called "self-checkout"フ ルIt is sold at "self-checkout"), but in recent years, product registration (scanning) is done by a checker (cashier), and then customers pay with a nearby automatic checkout machine to reduce the trouble of cash management and checkout time.CicadaThe introduction of self-checkout is on the rise[6].

Self-operatedgas stationIt can be said that the checkout equipment operated by the customer is also a kind of register.

Rental video store OfTSUTAYA,GeoThen,DVD,CD-ComicWe have introduced a self-checkout system that allows customers to process their own rentals.

Part oflibraryHas installed a self-lending machine (automatic lending machine) that allows users to carry out book lending procedures by themselves to save labor for library staff.[7](There is no exchange of money).

TablewareIC tagThere is also a self-checkout for cafeterias where the total amount is calculated simply by reading the tray and placing it on the sensor.For payment at employee cafeterias, etc.Electronic money,prepaid cardThere are many things that are completely self-made by using such things. There are restrictions such as some discounts not being calculated.

2019/4/11MINI STOPHas announced that it will introduce self-registration at all approximately 2020 stores nationwide by the end of February 2.LawsonBy the end of September 2019,Seven-ElevenAlso announced plans to introduce it to all stores by the end of 2019.FamilyMartAlso plans to introduce 2020 new units by the end of February 2.[8].

But on the other hand, he abused self-registrationShopliftingDamage is occurring frequently at supermarkets and convenience stores around the world.By taking advantage of the lack of "human eyes" due to the introduction of self-checkout, you can cover the barcode of the product with your hand, pretend to be through the checkout and put it in an eco-bag, or it is expensive under the cart. There are some tricks such as placing products and leaving without paying, and the store side is busy with measures such as installing a camera that shows the customer's hand at the cash register.[9].

System that abolished cash register settlement

United StatesAmazon.comIn 2016, a convenience store that does not require cash register paymentAmazon Go"announced[10].. Amazon Go has check-in and check-out lanes, and customers can use the dedicated app on their smartphones.QR codeIs recognized in the check-in lane, and when you enter the store and exit the check-out lane, payment is automatically made.[10].. Amazon Go officially opened on the first floor of its headquarters building in Seattle, Washington in January 2018 after a trial sales of the store for employees only.[10].

LawsonDoes not go through the cash registerSmartphoneWe plan to expand the number of Lawson smartphone stores, which are settled at, to 2019 stores by the end of September 9.[8].

Self-checkouts that are not attended by clerk and systems that do not require checkout are sometimes collectively referred to as "unmanned checkouts".[2].

Major manufacturers

Japanese domestic manufacturer
Other manufacturers


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