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🍽 | Chinese Dining Chinmin ~ A Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy a wide range of dishes, mainly Sichuan cuisine.Special ...


Chinese Dining Chinmin-A Chinese restaurant where you can enjoy a wide range of dishes, mainly Sichuan cuisine.Special ...

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On the contrary, we definitely want you to eat mapo tofu and shark fin.

When you hear the word "Chinese restaurant", why not imagine a popular Chinese restaurant in the city?However, sometimes it's a little luxurious inside ... → Continue reading

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Mabo tofu

Mabo tofu(Marbo Dofu)Chinese cuisine(Sichuan cuisine) One.Minced meatとRed peppers-Zanthoxylum bungeanum(Hua Jiao,Japanese pepperOf the same genus)Pea soy sauce(Toubanjan, soy sauce),Tempeh(Tempeh) Etc.,chicken bonesSoupIt was placedtofuBoiled food.


Red peppersThe "spicy taste" (Rahway), which is the spiciness ofZanthoxylum bungeanumIt is characterized by the numbing spiciness of "hemp" (marway).In Sichuan Province, in addition to adding the pepper in grains, sprinkle a large amount of powdered pepper on the surface as the surface becomes blacker.

In the case of Japan, in the past, there were few shops that pulled out Japanese pepper or sprinkled Japanese pepper to the extent that the tongue was numb, because it was difficult to obtain the ingredients, but in recent years it has been extremely hot. Authentic due to boom and gourmet boomSichuan ProvinceShops made with almost the same recipe have also appeared. There are also shops where you can choose between authentic flavors and seasonings that are common in Japan.

"Mapo" is a pockmark on the face (smallpoxbyScar) Means that Mr. Liu, who will be described later, was a pockmark. "Mapo"ChineseThe pronunciation of is not muddyPau(Mapo) However, in Japan, this is called mabo.In Japan, it is seasoned in the same way as mapo tofu.Mapo eggplant,Mabo vermicelliIs treated like a derivative dish and is widespread, but originally eachGyoza eggplant"(Yushiantiez) and "Frog ant tree"(Maei Shansh), another flavor, cooking methodSichuan cuisineSo, the fish scented eggplant and the ant climbing a tree itself have nothing to do with mapo tofu, and the word "mapo" itself has no meaning to refer to a specific seasoning or cooking method.

It is said that the feature of this product is to pay attention to hemp, ra, tan, sue, nen, shen, and cyan. ..Also, similar to grilling (Xiao, stewed oil and soup), it is a cooking method called "fire poison" (poison to fire hen, don) in the Sichuan dialect, which draws out the water content of the ingredients with a small amount of soup.[1][2].

"Mala" and "Mala" are the same as mentioned above, and how to use spices that are characteristic of Sichuan cuisine.In the process of first frying the minced meat and heating it to the extent that the surroundings are burnt, the fishy smell of the meat disappears and it becomes crispy and fragrant.This is called "so".Tofu is not so hard that it has an edge, but the soft texture that has been boiled so that it does not crumble is called "å«©". "Tan" is a strong heat.The umami of the soup stock is called "fresh", and the high aroma is called "scent".


clear OfEmperor TongzhiReign of (1874/Later),成都It is said that Mr. Liu, the wife of Chen Moritomi, who runs Chen Xing Sheng Iipo in Manfuku Bridge in the northern suburbs of Japan, made it for visitors (workers) with the materials available in the shortage of materials.Since Mr. Chen Liu had a pockmark on his face, he was called "Chen Mapo", so her specialty tofu dish was also called "Chen Mapo Tofu".

The original mapo tofu was firstWokでrapeseed oilAfter heating, add the pepper powder to make it spicy and fragrant, then add the optional beef and douchi, add tofu and a small amount of water, mix, steam and let the taste absorb, and finally add the pepper powder. It is said that it was added.

According to Qing Zhou, "There is a person named Chen Mapo outside the north gate, who cooks tofu well. The price of a bowl is eight sentences, including the tofu fee, seasoning and cooking fee." . Sake and rice are also sold, and if you want to add pork or beef, you can bring it with you or have it prepared for you. Although not many people know the name of the restaurant, Chen Speaking of Mapo, there is no one who doesn't know.in(2KilometersThere are too many), but those who go to eat don't care even if they are far away. "

Later, the name of the store also became known as "Chen Mapo Tofu Store".People's Republic of ChinaAfter its establishment, it became a state-owned enterprise owned by Chengdu Food and Beverage Co., Ltd., and since it became a trademark, there are also private stores in Chengdu that have obtained national permission.In recent years, it has opened a store in Japan with the approval of Chengdu Food and Beverage Co., Ltd.Mainland ChinaThen.Cultural RevolutionAfter that, "to break the old convention" ((Chinese version)) And the origin of the taste (as above)Red peppersWith the "Hatsu" of the systemZanthoxylum bungeanumIt has been proposed to change the name to "Maji tofu" because of the two types of hemp that are used in the linen "spicy taste", but at present, it is more common to call it "mabo tofu".


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