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🍴 | Kobe Motomachi "Kannonya", which is famous for its warm and warm "cheesecake". Actually, the food is full of cheese!

Photo "Kannonya Motomachi Main Store" (Photo: Radio Kansai)

Kobe Motomachi "Kannonya" is famous for its warm and warm "cheesecake". In fact, the food is full of cheese!

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Creamy and rich cheese goes great with minced meat sauce!

"Kannonya Motomachi Main Store" (hereinafter referred to as "Kannonya") is about a 2-minute walk from JR Hanshin Motomachi Station. Exit the JR west ticket gate and walk southward ... → Continue reading

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meat sauce

meat sauceIt is,Bolognese(Ragout alla bolognese,Italian: Bolognese sauce,Bolognadialect: ragò a la bulgnà isa) Similar toJapan OfWestern foodInpastaソ ー スKind of.

Of the pasta in JapanspaghettiOften put on, "NeapolitanIt is a menu that has become one of the familiar items.

Bolognese in Italy

American and Japanese meat sauce

In Japan, minced meat sauce has become the standard for spaghetti sauce (genuine Bolognese noodles areTagliatelleOften used).

Bolognese is the meat sauceAmericaAfter crossing over, it refers to something that changed to American style there.Bolognese uses tomato paste, while American meat saucetomato ketchupUsingsugar,Worcestershire sauceBy adding sweetness with such as, it will be finished sweeter than Bolognese.The finished sauce looks quite different and the soup is alsoSoboroBolognese is simmered until it is completely dry.[1].

The Japanese style is to "yosou" (put it on top) on top of the boiled pasta, rather than mixing it until it is completely mixed.Alternatively, the noodles may be fried like Napolitan.

eggplant,green pepper,mushroomIt is also common to add such as to the ingredients.Beef or beef / pork meat is popular as the sauce.


1881 years(MeijiOpened in 14 years)NiigataNiigataRestaurant "Italia Ken" (laterHotel Italia Ken) Is the first provider of spaghetti meat sauce in Japan[2]However, it is not clear when it was sold.In response to this theoryTokyo-Ginzaof"BokuteiThe owner is at the latestTaishoIt is revealed that this is added to the menu in the times.

Pacific Warrear,HyogoTakarazukaThere is also a theory that Orazio Avera (1913-1974), the first owner of the Italian restaurant "Amore Avera", launched it as "spaghetti meat sauce" in Japan for the first time.[3]However, there is also a document that this is "the first in Kansai"[4].

After that, what was introduced to Japan with the U.S. Army was a ketchup-flavored meat sauce that was not the Italian style until then, but was close to the current one.[5]..Affected by thisKewpieIn 1959,canReleased meat sauce with meat[6]..The hit of this canned product laid the groundwork for the spread of minced meat sauce in the home.Following this, each company started selling spaghetti sauce, and in recent yearsRetort foodIs the mainstream.


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