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📝 | [Setsubun Recipe] Ehomaki without rolls ♪ Colorful thick rolls and children's rolls


[Setsubun recipe] Ehomaki without sushi rolls ♪ Colorful thick sushi rolls and children's sushi rolls

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[Materials (per bottle)] * Examples of ingredients: Datemaki, eel, shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, cucumber, large leaves, Koya tofu, Kanpyo, carrots, spinach, trefoil, ginger, takuan, seafood, meat, tuna, crab sticks, etc. ..

2022 Setsubun Ehomaki's tricks February 2rd is Setsubun. Ideas taught by SHUFU-3 members ... → Continue reading

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Frozen tofu(Koori Dofu), also known as Koya-tofuWhat is (Koyaidofu)?tofuFrozen, aged at low temperature and then driedPreserved food.. Lightly tightened in the dry statespongeThen, put it back in with water,Dashi soupAdd the seasoning by simmering in.


In general, frozen tofu is widely known as Koya tofu. The texture differs depending on the original tofu manufacturing method. Cotton tofu becomes sponge-like and silky tofu becomes yuba-like.

Frozen tofuThe difference between (Shimizudo) and Takano Tofu lies in the drying method.[2].

History/Name Origin

KoyasanでWood eatingThe manufacturing method was completed byFrozen tofu(Kori Dofu)Vegetarian foodAs one ofJapanIt is said that it has spread all over the country[3][4]. Also,Tohoku regionAlsoFrozen tofuThere is a preserved food of the same manufacturing method called (Shimidoufu), which isSengoku DaimyoDate MasamuneBut,Military resourcesThere is a legend that it was developed after research.ChugokuSince there are similar foods in China, it is highly possible that they came from China.In regions with severe cold, it is considered to be a food that has been found as a product of chance and has been produced universally, regardless of location.

What came to be called Koya Tofu wasEdo PeriodAt KoyasanSouvenirIt is also said that it was prized as.In the Edo period, the most distributed items sometimes bear the name of the place of sale or the place of the seller, which is one of them.

The name Koya Tofu is now widespread throughout the country, but originallyKansai areaThe name widely used inKoshinetsu district・Tohoku region・HokkaidoThen frozen tofu, frozen tofu, ice tofu[5]Was called. Frozen tofu of traditional method made in Koshinetsu, Tohoku, Hokkaido,strawI made it by hanging several tofu pieces in a row and hanging them at the eaves.RenfuAlso called.OsakaThen.Chihaya tofuThere is also the name. OldIce tofuIt was sometimes written as.

Historically, there were two types, "frozen tofu" and "Koya-dofu", which had different manufacturing methods.thisSecond World WarLater, as a unified name by the Frozen Tofu AssociationFrozen tofuMade the name of (Kori Dofu)[2].

More than 9% in modern timesNaganoIs produced in[6].


In 2020, the National Federation of Frozen Tofu Industry CooperativesMay 11Was established as "Koya Tofu Day".Frozen tofu (Takano tofu)Japanese"I want you to rediscover the tradition of Japanese food culture and its splendor" and "I want you to eat New Year's dishes and have a healthy New Year with your family".Culture DayThe anniversary was November 58, which is the remaining 11 days (Koya) of the year.

Manufacturing method

In the traditional method,

Frozen tofu
Thinly sliced ​​tofuRicestrawKnit with, hang it on the eaves, expose it to direct sunlight during the day to dissolve it, and repeatedly expose it to cold air at night to allow it to dry naturally.[2].
Expose to the cold in the night for a few days in the shade, then dehydrate and heat-dry to finish.[2].

Powdered Takano Tofu with bad shapePowdered tofuIt is used for cooking in Nagano prefecture etc.[7].

In the modern manufacturing process, sanitized indoor equipment freezes and dries to produce.[8][9].


The traditional method of making Takano Tofu is hard, it takes one night to reconstitute with water, and it is difficult to cook softly. For this reason, most of the Takano Tofu currently on the market is called a softener, as it shortens the time for reconstitution and makes it boil softly.Food additiveHas been added.


With the manufacturing method used in the past[2], Extremely water absorbentammoniaIt has the role of shortening the rehydration time of Koya-dofu by making the best use of its properties.Put the dried Koya tofu in the ammonia treatment room and fill it with ammonia gas.When the ammonia gas spreads to the inside of the sponge-shaped Koya-dofu and the ammonia is adsorbed on the whole, it is shipped in a sealed package.AmmoniaVolatilizationIf you do, it will be ineffective, so you must seal it when storing.It is recommended to rehydrate with boiling water instead of water to remove the odor of ammonia.After returning, it is necessary to change the water several times to completely remove the ammonia odor.Ammonia itself is harmful, and if ammonia volatilizes during storage, it will be ineffective.[2].

sodium hydrogen carbonate

proteinTo soften the ingredientssodium hydrogen carbonateUtilizing the properties of (baking soda), it has the role of softening Koya tofu. Raw tofu is frozen, soaked in water containing sodium hydrogen carbonate and thawed, then drained and dried. Since some of the protein has been destroyed, it can be rehydrated quickly and cooked softly. Until the later-described potassium carbonate production method was developed, most of the commercially available Takano tofu was treated with sodium hydrogen carbonate.

Unlike Takano Tofu, which is treated with ammonia, there is no need to keep it sealed. Also, there is no need to return with hot water.

Takano tofu treated with sodium hydrogen carbonate is very soft with a hardness of about 1/3-1/4 compared to the traditional method, and the texture is different to say that it is another food. Due to its softness, it easily collapses, and if cooked in the same way as traditional Takano Tofu, it will lose its shape. Since it will collapse when boiled in fresh water, boil it with a dashi stock containing salt from the beginning to tighten the tissue and prevent the boil. Also, the Takano tofu treated with sodium hydrogen carbonate can be made into a rice close to ordinary tofu by putting it in a rice cooker together with water and cooking.[10]

Potassium carbonate

The above-mentioned sodium hydrogen carbonate has long been used as a softening agent for Takano tofu, but in response to a growing tendency to reduce salt.Potassium carbonateThe manufacturing method was developed byPatentNo. 6556438).Compared to Koya-dofu treated with sodium hydrogen carbonate, the cooking characteristics are almost unchanged,High blood pressureSuch asLifestyle-related diseasesCause ofsodiumIn addition to being largely cut, the effect of potassium excretion of sodium can be expected. However,kidney failurePeople with impaired kidney function are restricted from taking potassium, so you should consult your doctor before taking it.


Koya TofuDry matterTherefore, to cook, it is necessary to add water back in, and in the case of Takano Tofu, it is necessary to soak it back in hot water to return it. However, in recent years,microwaveFoods that can be cooked at are also commercially available.


Since it is a dry matter, it is highly storable, but if the shelf life is long, the fat contentOxidationHowever, the quality deteriorates. The maximum period of eating without losing the taste is about 6 months. In addition, since it is porous and easily absorbs odor, care must be taken during storage. To prevent oxidation and transfer of odor, it is desirable to store in a sealed container in a cool dark place. Food Industry CenterMaterial library "About setting the expiration date of processed foodsIn ""Concept of setting the deadline display for frozen tofuThere is.

Health functionality

It has long been vaguely recognized that koya tofu is a healthy food, but recent research shows thatResistant proteinIs shown to contain a lot of[11], Scientifically and concretely the health functionality is becoming clear.

In human trials,LDLDecline[12],HDLRise[13], After mealNeutral fatRise control[14]な どLipid metabolismImprovement effect and chronicInflammationInactivation of the promoting gene[15]Has been reported.From thisLifestyle-related diseases,In particularstroke,Myocardial infarctionIt is thought to be effective in preventing such diseases. Also in 2016Diabetes mellitusArticles that are effective in preventing and improving[16]Was announced, and it was reported that it also had a positive effect on carbohydrate metabolism. Reported to be effective in suppressing postprandial hyperglycemia (so-called blood glucose spike) in 2020[17]It is considered to be one of the mechanisms for improving carbohydrate metabolism.further,ChewingUrge[18]An example of food that is used to improve the muscle strength and chewing ability of the elderly[19]AndPressure ulcerHealing (bed sores)[20]There are also animal test results that are effective for. 2021, derived from Koya tofuResistant proteinBy cell test usingImmunologyA treatise that has the effect of increasing power[21]Was announced.


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