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🍽 | Osechi is handmade at my parents' house ... A story about making osechi, which was praised as a "nice relationship."

Photo from Toriko Mine's Twitter / Via Twitter: @minetoriko

Osechi is handmade at Yoshimitsu's house. A story about making osechi, which was praised as a "nice relationship."

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There is a heartwarming story about such New Year dishes, so I will introduce it!

Speaking of New Year, many people may have eaten New Year dishes.I also eat New Year dishes at my parents' house every year ... → Continue reading

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Chinese food

Chinese food(Osechi-ryori) isMeeting,Boy’s DayMade inCuisine[1][2].. The most important of the dayNew YearTherefore,New Year cuisineCame to point to (ginger change)[3].. simplyNew yearThat.



Old godDedicate toofferingThe dish is "Osechi". The etymology is that it was called "Osechi" because it means "offering for the day of the turning point".[4].

"New Year" is an abbreviation for "new year party" and "new year party"[1][5][6],ChugokuIt originates in the event of the Gosetsu festival, which was transmitted from[7].. The prototype isYayoi PeriodIt was made inNara periodToImperial courtAt the innerMeetingIt was performed as a "sechie," and the offering offered there was called "sechiku." It's not the current dishriceWas said to have been[8].

It is believed that the common ceremonies of the Gobunkai came to be offered by the general public.[9][Annotation 1].. Originally I mentioned all the five festival festival foods, but later came to refer to the most important New Year foods of the people's day[6].. New Year's foodEdo Period OfsamuraiIt is said that it was shaped mainly by manners[10].

Edo Period,KansaiThen, "Hoban decoration",EdoThen, "kutsumi",Kyusyu Of佐賀-NagasakiIn such cases, "Homandai / Hand-held"[11],Old godToThree sidesSuch as delicious foodTokonomaI also decorated it, acted on the guests who visited for the New Year's greetings, and ate with my family.

Transition to heavy packing

According to the "Short Road" (1853)TenmeiI had eaten until that time, but since then I have only decorated it, and the New Year's cuisine changes to heavy filling. The dishes served on the set and the dishes packed heavily were prepared. Of these, the dish served on the set was called "Osechi"[12].. Later "Tokyo customs" (MeijiAccording to (34), the simmered dishes served as a set are called "Obushi," and the heavy stuffed ones are called "Shokuzumi."[Annotation 2].

In a heavy boxHonzen cuisineFoods centered on simmered dyes, which were used to be, have come to be packed, and the fusion of food products and meals has progressed. CurrentlyHeavy boxThe New Year's food packed in is called Oshibushi[13].. The reason I started packing packed dishes in heavy boxesMeiji EraIt is said to be after that[12].

When was the time when the method of packing sushi in a heavy box completely established?Second World Warlater,Department storeIt is also said that this is due to the release of osechi dishes in heavy boxes that look good.[14].. Regarding the stuffing of New Year's cuisine in the Edo periodCulture/Bunsei YearThere is a theory that it is influenced by the food in the Japanese teahouse[10].


The basics of osechi cuisine are three kinds of appetizers (three appetizers,Lip),Boiled,Vinegared food, Pottery. The composition differs depending on the region. The contents of the three side dishes are in KantoBlack bean,Herring roe,Tazukuri(Tazukuri) 3 types[12][15], In Kansai, black soybeans, number of children,Seared burdockThere are 3 types of[12][15][16].

Each dish is cooked, dried, orvinegarThere are many things that will last for a long time, such as being pickled in water or having a strong taste.This regards the New Year's fire as a sacred thing, welcoming the old god and eating together.Eating with GodToZoniIt is said that boiled cooking using fire should be avoided as much as possibleCustombased on[10][17].. There is also a theory that there is an element to release women from housework[9].

In the Kansai area, it's called "glare sea bream"New year three dayIn between, there's a tail with no chopsticksRed snapperThere is a custom of heavy filling of baked goods[17].

Nowadays, Japanese food culture is diversified and food preservation technology is advanced,Raw,delicacyIn addition,Chinese cuisine,Western cuisineOften, a wide variety of dishes are packed in a heavy box and served.MarinatedSuch asHors d'oeuvre[18],roast beefAnd of beefHachimanmaki[19]Such asMeat dish,sushiIs proposed as a recipe by companies and lifestyle information sites.[20].

In addition to making goblin dishes at home, you can make reservations for over-the-counter or home delivery services at grocery stores,Department store,restaurant,インターネットThe number of people selling at the above stores and purchasing is increasing.[21].. Acceptance begins around September and most are delivered at the end of the year, but some department stores offer delivery from January 9nd to mid-January so that you can eat after your return home from the New Year holidays.[22].

Single item sales of dishes to combine as a New Year's food, "Osechi per person" to eat alone,parfaitWind osechi, and evenPetIs kept asdogDiversification is progressing[23].

December 2019, 12 Certification to deliver free food to people in needNPO corporation"Second Harvest Nagoya" was provided by a food manufacturerFood lossHave a plan to discardホ ー ム レ スIt was distributed to 13 groups including support groups and welfare groups. The activity is the seventh year. Most of the dishes left on December 7 are discarded because food manufacturers wholesale prepared dishes to supermarkets by December 12. Manufacturers make more than ordered, and some food products are discarded even though there is no problem with quality[24].

Dish nameimageCommentaryHistory
Black beanKuromame 001.jpgBoiled black beans sweetly to prevent wrinklesBlack isTaoismIs said to be the color of evasion in[15][25].. The one who wished for longevity and health (no illness and illness) by paying attention to work so much that he could work as an expert (bean) as he got a darker sunburn.[12][26][27][9][15][28][29][25].
Herring roeHerring roe.jpgHerring roeThe number of eggs has a large number of eggs, andHerringIs familiar with "two parents",Five grainsPrayers for good harvest and prosperity of descendants[12][26][9][15][28][30][25].
Rice field
(Come on)
Gomame.JPGAnchovyTheRice field OffertilizerAnd whereBalesthingRiceIs derived from the fact that[29][25].. "Gomame" is "XNUMX rice", and it is a prayer for good harvest along with the name of "rice making".[12][16][28][9][25].
Seared burdock
(Vinegar burdock)
Tataki-gobou 001.jpgSeared burdockRui bird(A symbol of a good year), a prayer for a good harvest and a disaster[15][25].. Black means to get rid of evil[15][25].. Burdock is used because it has deep roots in the ground. Also known as "open burdock", it also means "open luck."[25].
red and whiteKamaboko (steamed fish cake)Kamaboko 001.jpgSacred meal OfRed rice,White riceThe shape isFirst sunriseUsed because it resembles the shape of[29][15][25].. Red means amulet, white means clean[15][25].. The color of red and whiteOmenIs said to be good[29][25].
rolled omelet
rolled omeletIn wordsDate MasamuneIt's my turn.Fried eggs,Dashi roll"Date" is a word that expresses gorgeousness and flashiness, and there are various theories such as the name "Date roll" meaning gorgeous omelet, and Date Masamune prefers to eat grilled fish paste mixed with eggs. is there[25].Scroll(book) A lucky charm that hopes to have culture, learning, and education from a shape similar to[31][25].
Kuri-kinton 001.jpg"Kachi" chestnut is derived from "winning"[32][29].. What is "Kindan"GoldenIn the sense of a dumpling[12]It means gold and silver treasure, and wishes for good luck.[29][32][25].. However, it is believed that chestnuts were used after the Meiji era.[33].
Otafuku beansBroad beanA kind of boiled sweetly. Literally, I prayed that Fuku was not rich.
Grilled side dish
Grilled seafoodBuri-no-teriyaki 001.jpgYellowtailBornPray.Prosperous fishWhat was good to be[26][25].
Depending on the areasalmonSalting (See Note 2)
Grilled sea breamSparidae, sea bream DSCF1202.JPGRed snapperIs God"Medetai" word matching[26][30][25].
shrimpThe potteryspiny lobsterWas often used, but because it is expensive,PrawnsAre used.longevityA lucky charm[15][25](BeardIs longwaistOriginated from the appearance of bending[30][25]). Also, shrimpMoltingMeans to renew life from doing[15]Or, it is said that one wishes for success by repeating molting[30].. There is also a theory that it is used because the vermilion color of shrimp is radiant.[25].
Grilled eeleelSee also Most recent taste[25].Pray for success in eel climbing[25].
Vinegared food
Red and whiteKouhaku-namasu 001.jpgRadishとGinsengUsedMasturbate.Red and white used for celebrationMizuhikiAdmire[25].. Lucky items for peace and peace[25].
ChorogiChorogi and black beansPlant rootsPerillaDyeed red with vinegar. Often served with black beans.Hope for longevity by guessing joyful kanji such as "Elder tree", "Chiyo-rogi", "Chi-roki", and "Cho-ro"[27][25].
Vinegar lotus
Su-basu 001.jpglotus rootVinegared food.HasuneBuddhismIt is said to be in a pond in Paradise where the Buddha is located[25].. Hasune with many holes is an auspicious or next meaning of "the future is clear"[15][29][25].
TurnipI want tochrysanthemumRed and white vinegared garnished with flowers[25].Good luck for longevity[25].. In the samurai society, it is said that kabu has spread as an auspicious food that aims at the head because it leads to the head.[25].
Simmered dishes
Kelp roll
Kobumaki 001.jpgAlso used as a ingredient in boiled rice. Wrap fish such as herring lacking in kelp,Dried gourdTie in."Rejoice" word matching[26][29][25].. The kelp was also called "Hirome" or "Ebisume"[15].. "Hirome" isSpreadDerived from the shape of kelp[29].. Also, it is said that the word "kosei" was applied to "kelp" to pray for the prosperity of descendants.[15][25].. The kelp roll has a meaning similar to that of the Date roll, which is similar to a scroll (book) and symbolizes culture and learning.[31][25].
Jinka Shiitake
(Shiitake mushroom)
One of the ingredients for simmering. Jinka Shiitake mushrooms resemble a shiitake umbrella in Jinkasa.[34][25].Remnants of samurai society[34].. Shiitake mushrooms, which were prized as offerings to the gods, have a wish for vitality and health.[25].

One of the ingredients for simmering. Shield tofu is a tofu made by adding a grain to the tofu[34].Remnants of samurai society[34].. A prayer to protect the house[25].
Bridle konjac

Reins konjac.jpg

One of the ingredients for simmering. Rein konjac is konjacreinsSomething like[34].. Make a vertical cut on the thinly cut konjak and pass one end through it.Remnants of samurai society[34][25].. Means tightening and nourishing the heart[25].. The knot is round, and it is used as an auspicious tie that leads to good ties.[25].
Kuwai (before cooking)One of the ingredients for simmering. Boil with Kasuko and color.First of all, one big sprout came out, so it was called "Medetai"[30][25].. A thing that prayed for success because the buds appeared[25]Also, by coloring in yellow, it represents a good and prays for money and wealth.[25].. In the olden days, the hiragana "ka" was called "kuwa", so there is a theory that you can eat so that you can spend the whole year from wow = kai = pleasant.[25].
Lotus root
(lotus root)
One of the ingredients for simmering.As mentioned earlier, Hasune, which has many holes, is an auspicious or next meaning of "the future is clear".[15]. thisHoleThere is a meaning that the future is foreseen because of the vacancy, and that the lotus root has a meaning that it bears a fruit after the flower.[34].
Yane Hane
(lotus root)
One of the ingredients for simmering.Devil arrowResembling an arrow feather[34].
One of the ingredients for simmering. Yatsuto is a cultivar of taroHope to become a head because of a large root potato[15].. In addition, taro is said to be a prayer for a treasure because many potatoes grow on the potatoes.[30][25].
bambooshootOne of the ingredients for simmering.I want my child to grow up quickly because it grows fast[25].. I wanted to stand up because I would grow up to heaven[25].. There are various theories such as comparing the growth to the prosperity of the house.[25].
kumquat"N" means "luck" and is meant to increase luckMeans "gold crown" as a treasure[34].
Plum blossom carrot
Punched with a mold or cut into a pentagonal plum petal with a knifeplumIs a lucky charm because it always bears fruit when flowers bloom[25]. Also,carrotIt is also said that the red color represents life[25].


Use kumushige (a pair of heavy boxes) to stuff Chinese food. The meaning of packing in a heavy box is to have good luck in the sense of "overlapping" the auspiciousness.

It is official that the heavy box is painted black on the outside and red on the inside.[9][6].

It is said that the original weight was five-tiered.[10], The theory that this five-stage weight is official[35]There is also. However, recently, four-tiered stacks have become common.[10], The theory that makes this four-tiered formal[9][12][36]There is also.

It is said that four-tiered weight represents spring, summer, autumn, and winter.[9][6]It is also said that the intention is to add one more to the "three" that represents perfection.[12].

On the other hand, the weight of five in five-stage weight isFor earthIs said to represent[9].. However, there are various theories about the contents of Goju, and if you use Godanju, you will not actually pack Goju in the sense that you can fill the heavy box next year.[37]As a place to pack the fortune given by Toshigami, nothing is actually packed[38][39],Masturbate,Vinegared foodTo be heavy to pack[10], As "reserve weight", which is used to pack a lot of Chinese food or family favorite food[39][40]and so on.

Regarding the fourth stage of the group weight, XNUMX (shi) is associated with "death" and is called "Yonoju" because it is sinister and auspicious.[12][36](Four-characterSee also).

There are many more simplified ones such as three-tiered and two-tiered.[40].

Heavy packing

There are formats of heavy packing such as Ichimatsu, Cloisonne, Happo, Setup, Box packing, Sumitori.[9][15].. The number of items of one weight is odd[15].

In the Kanto area, it is packed without any gaps, whereas in the Kansai area, it is packed with soft white background while decorating with white background.[10]Later, it wasn't limited to that, but most of the Kansai-style and Kyoto-style festivals that were sold were tightly packed and sold without gaps.[41][42].

The general configuration of the triple layer is as follows.

The general structure of the four-tiered structure is as follows.

The general structure of the five-stage stack is as follows.

  • Celebration side dish[35][10][38].
  • Naughty[35][10].
  • Three-tiered bowl[35]Or seafood[35]Or pottery[10][38].
  • Yonojuni is a boiled rice (simmered mountain dish)[35][10][38].
  • Go no Shige (There are different opinions about Go no Shige in the case of XNUMX steps)

In addition to black beans, rice field making, and celebrating succulents, they may be placed in one container or placed in another container.[28].


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注 釈

Original foodNew Year's EveからNew YearOverNew Year'sWas supposed to be eaten in[9].Hokkaido-TohokuIn some areas, the custom of eating on New Year's Eve remains as a year-end ceremony.[14].

  1. ^ The event of the Five FestivalsMeiji6 years(1873/)ofProclamationAs a result, it was abolished as a court event. The day of the five verseslunar calendarIt was January 1th,New yearIt was decided that it would be accelerated by about one month by the adoption. 『NHKToday's dishes Origin of "New Year dishes" "New Year dishes" Kazunari Yanagihara p121.
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