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🧁 | Saitama's exquisite & 8 crepes that can be lined up Recommended / Summary [Mochimochi dough]


8 selections of crepes that can make exquisite and line-ups in Saitama Recommended / Summary [Mochimochi dough]

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I personally think that its size, which surpasses others, is like a bouquet.

In this article, we will introduce 8 delicious "crepes" that you can eat in Saitama!You are crispy ... → Continue reading

 Eat saitama

Operates a blog where you can enjoy Saitama even more because of its deliciousness.
While enjoying the big size and all-you-can-eat, we will make encounters with the store with the latest information on the area.
Since the target range is wide, you can fly around ♪

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