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🍴 | King & Prince Yuta Kishi "loves"!What is the menu you always ask for at Marugame Seimen?Arashi, the choice of Sexy Zone ...


King & Prince Yuta Kishi "loves"!What is the menu you always ask for at Marugame Seimen?Arashi, the choice of Sexy Zone ...

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Of course, it's delicious to eat as it is, but Mr. Kishi also says, "I'll mess up the green onions and tenkasu," which you can topping for free.

Sanuki udon specialty store in the variety show "VS Damashii Gradation" (Fuji TV series) broadcast on May 2022, 5 ... → Continue reading

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Tenkasu(Ten-kasu,Tenkasu,TenkasuAlso written)tempuraTheFrySometimes friedLend(Tempura dregs).Food wasteWhile being discarded asFried foodSince it has the same flavor, richness of oil, and texture as above, it may be used as an adjunct or ingredient in other dishes.

Fried ball(Raidama), But there are small differences between tenkasu and fried balls (see below for the differences).


When making tempura, I put it on the tempura seedsFlourLiquid consisting of beaten egg and waterclothesOut ofoilThe leftovers that are separated from the seeds when they are put into the bowl are "tenkasu".When frying tempura repeatedly, if you leave the tenkasu in the oil, it will burn.Wire meshScoop up using etc.At the tempura shop, a large amount of this fried residue is produced, and this tenkasu is made of oil.OxidationBecause it is easy to proceed and is not suitable for storageFood wasteIt is often discarded as.

On the other hand, it takes time and effort to make fried balls as an ingredient in cooking for use in cooking.As a result, there is a certain amount of demand, such as Tenfuraya.Soba restaurantSuch as restaurant,supermarket,Side dishFried balls may be manufactured and sold as products at stores.Small to improve the tasteshrimpThere are also products made using fine ingredients such as.Fried balls made exclusively for these ingredientsKake soba and kake udonBy putting it onTanuki Soba / Tanuki Udon(MainlyCapital Area..It depends on the area.KinkiThen, the name will change to "yes to udon", "yes to soba", etc.).

At soba and udon restaurants, the tenkasu generated when frying tempura is not used as a seed, butKinki, Some udon restaurants, mainly in Kagawa prefecture (Sanuki region), sometimes offer fried tempura dregs for free, which is cheaper than loading tempura seeds.

"Tenkasu" and "Fried ball"

2003年度ToNHK Broadcasting Culture Research InstituteAccording to a survey conducted by the company, 68% of people call it tenkasu, 29% of fried balls, and 16% of fried food.Tokai regionincludingWest JapanThen, more people call it "tenkasu" than the national average,East Japan(Tohoku regionThe result is that there are more people who call it "fried balls" than the national average.[1].

EdoJapanese buckwheat noodlesIt became popular and spread all over Japan because it was offered free of charge at the shop.In Edo after that, this will be charged, and for that reason it is small.shrimpI broke itsquidIt was also made by putting in, and the name was changed to "fried ball".For that reason, it is called "fried ball" in many parts of the Kanto region.Nationwide, both "fried ball" and "tenkasu" refer to the same item, but the one that is intentionally made for use as an ingredient is called "fried ball", and the one that is accidentally made as a by-product is distinguished from "tenkasu".・ There is also a theory.In addition, due to differences in the manufacturing method, the tempura produced as a by-product of tempura is often irregular, whereas the products manufactured and sold at factories are generally uniform and round.

Some soba restaurants in the Kanto region sell fried balls as "tanuki".[2] .

Tenkasu fire

When a large amount of tenkasu with residual heat is solidified in one place and left in a trash can, etc.Spontaneous combustionIt may happen.If the surroundings are unmanned, it will directly lead to a fire, which will be a heaven火災Known as.Tenkasu has a large surface area that comes into contact with air (oxygen) and is made of oil.OxidationThe reaction progresses quickly, and againreactionSince the heat does not easily escape from the inside of the agglomerated tenkasu, the heat that is trapped further accelerates the reaction, and the temperature of the oil is high.ignition pointIt ignites when it exceeds.In addition, a large amount of hot tenkasu may be spread in a flat container, etc., and cooled sufficiently by sprinkling water before disposal.[3].

Cooking using fried balls as ingredients

  • Tanuki Udon / Tanuki Soba (Including chilled and bukkake. Depending on the area, there are "tanuki udon and soba" that do not contain tenkasu or fried balls.)
  • Don ("TanukidonIt is called "high color bowl".Fried ballseggThere are also stores that close it)[4]
  • Fried noodles,stir-fried udon
  • Takoyaki
  • Okonomiyaki
  • rice ball(For seasoning, it is often sprinkled with mentsuyu and mixed with rice. It is sometimes called "", following soba and udon noodles.)
  • Ramen(Tohoku,SetouchiWait)
  • Miso SoupIt may also be used as an ingredient.In this case, it is often used in the form of adding tenkasu to ingredients such as wakame seaweed and tofu.


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