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🍽 | Nozomi Tsuji "Chicken rice with sausage" The classic omelet rice cooking video looks delicious! "I'm going to eat vegetables at all ...


Nozomi Tsuji "Chicken rice with sausage" The classic omelet rice cooking video looks delicious! "I'm going to eat vegetables at all ...

If you write the contents roughly
By the time you reach the age of three, your sense of taste, smell, and commitment will ease, and more and more children will be able to eat vegetables.

Nozomi Tsuji, a talented and four-child mom, shows how she makes omelet rice for dinner. While making omelet rice for 6 people, she said "... → Continue reading

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A trouble-solving information site for working moms operated by My Navi Co., Ltd. We deliver articles with the concept of "solving mom's worries." We provide reliable information that has been supervised by doctors, focusing on infertility, pregnancy, childbirth, and childcare, which are often worried. In addition, we also publish seasonal articles such as money, human relations, fashion, recipes, etc. in a wide variety.

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3-year-old series

3-year-old series(Sansai series) is an individualWeb pageThe authorG-STYLE(Gee Style) is a series of pictures of the daily lives of one's children and familyFLASHIt is a general term for works.3 years old FLASHIt is also called (Sansai Flash).


OnceBlack FlashG-STYLE, who was making the song, was invited by his son at an event called "Ura Kouhaku 2003".Nursery rhymeThe song of "Genkotsuyamanotanuki-san" and the drawing of the bridecrayonWhen he made and released a Flash work with a picture, it became popular, and at a later date, the sequel Flash "3-year-old FLASH", which was established by everyday stories, was released one after another, and the family group caught fire and became popular.

He also makes guest appearances in other works (G-STYLE, Ha-kun, Chibi), and makes characters from other works appear as guests in his own work.Recently, GP riderTaro SekiguchiWorking on player-related Flash[2][3], We are raising funds to support the children in the facility.2007/Since my second son turned 3 years old, I started to focus on my second son instead of focusing on my eldest son (currently Flash production has stopped since 2009).

Recently, I've been working on parodies for other works.[4],[5],[6].


2004/In 11 monthShishoboIt was made into a book as a mook attached to a DVD.[1]..However, the FLASH BGM released on HP isnorth koreaOrchestraFutenba Electronic OrchestraTo play"Furrari" ("The appearance of Korea" by Mansudae Art Troupe)A delicate song selection that uses the song as it is on HP[2]Because of this, the DVD that comes with the book is open to the public for BGM.Call yourself the Electronic Fleet PotemkinSpy masterpiece"Kichubi Chuchu", which was in charge of, became the BGM of the DVD recording version.After that, the BGM of FLASH released on HP was also changed to "Kichubi Chuchu" (however,FLASH with "Victory Parade" as BGMAlso exists[3]).

The second book was published by Shishobo in January 2007.[4].

Goods other than books

Besides making it into a book,liqueur-juice-jam・ T-shirt[5]-Bags-Bib-Mouse pad[6]Is on sale.


Known as "Dad".It is the protagonist of this FLASH.She usually only appears in the back, but sometimes she appears in the front.She speaks in the only red HG semi-old stamp in her family.Her blog often ends with "(straw". Her blood type isType BSo it's awkward and annoying, but my favorite is the type that is elaborate. He is the person who taught Kichubi at the age of three.His hobbies are making FLASH, playing with watches, and originalMugProduction.
In recent years, it is often the case that Chinese products are improved or game consoles are repaired.What i likebeerAnd knob (it seems to have been reduced after gout).A typical dialogue is "Hajime Ryu", which has become a mess.When I propose to my bride, I slip on the first shot. FLASH updategoutIt was interrupted at, but it seems that the gout has healed, so it has revived, but now the flash activity has stopped.
2010/May 8Early in the morning, while the family except G-STA went to stay at Himeji's sister-in-law's houseMyocardial infarctionThe blood vessel of the coronary artery was occluded, and he was admitted to the hospital and discharged at the end of the month.The person himself is reallyCardiac catheterI was shocked to receive it, but I was shocked by the amount of catheters and hospitalized treatment costs.[7]..There was no problem after the following year, and 2011 was announced on the blog as "1st anniversary of dying".[8]
I regret seeing the eldest son and the second son often inviting girls to their homes.1971/1 month 7 day born2015/Currently 45 years old.
G-STYLE's wife.She is commonly known as "Mother".She has a strict personality.She loves Tarepanda, has a good style and is beautiful.Her typical line is "I don't do it because my mom is an idol." She was born on January 1971, 1 and is 12 years old as of 2015 (she calls herself "Hatachi").She still has a toilet because she's an idol (she calls herself)PeeEven ifStoolI don't seem to do it.
As the sons grew up, the design became shorter than the two sons from 2013.[9].
3 years old → 11 years old
The eldest son of G-STYLE. "Haruto".He is commonly known as "Ha-kun" and "Interesting kindergarten child".He is a kindergarten child whose personality is not suitable for his age.Capsule toyとMinicar,ConfectioneryI love kind.She likes and dislikes food very much.Initial D(The sound effect when playing with a miniature car is not "boo-boo" but squealing sound when drifting), and in the futureStreet racingI want to be.Is it because of my brother's influence?Electric train(Plarail) Was also interested.Her favorite game isSalgetsch,Mario series,Taiko no Tatsujin..Taiko no Tatsujin seems to be inferior to Chibi, but he hated to lose and quickly caught up.
Typical lines are "Maryu Maryu", "Hyapyon", "Kichubi", "Gashapon", "Busaiko", and "3-year-old Furusu".The first word she learned was Gengoro. She entered elementary school in April 2007.She seems to be a girl unexpectedly, and she gets a lot of chocolates on Valentine's Day. She was born on July 4, 2000 and is 7 years old as of 21.
0 years old → 8 years old
The second son of G-STYLE. "Hayato".He is commonly known as "Chibi" and "interesting kindergarten child".He has a crybaby personality and is often tampered with by his brother.His typical lines are "Ah", "Ah", "Yo", and "Oh". He has grown remarkably since he was about one year old, and his words have become clearer.The first word he learned was Gengoro, the same as his brother.The current dialogue is "Achiike".Unlike his brother, he doesn't seem to like or dislike, so he eats anything.He eats too much, probably because he has a strong appetite, and he can get hungry.Due to the influence of his older brother, he has recently become longing for a runner.He seems to like Plarail now.His habits are getting worse these days, and he can throw his brother's miniature car and hit people, hit opponents with things, and play with things at home as much as he wants.Pythagora switchIs my favorite.Her favorite games are Ape Escape, Mario Series, and Taiko no Tatsujin, the same as his brother.He blames others (especially G-STYLE) as soon as he does something wrong or is inconvenient. He entered elementary school in April 2010.Like her brother, she seems to be a girl. Born February 4, 2004 As of 2, he is 23 years old.
Daughter-in-law's mother.Very sweet to her grandchildren.
Daughter-in-law's sister.She has flashy makeup.She is sticking her foot into the slightly loser.
Company senior
People who have a lot of drift videos (videos behind the car).
Juniors of the company
Win an in-house bowling tournament for kids,WiiI got it, but I managed to protect the Wii by handing over the strap of Ha-kun and Chibi who were sent by G-STYLE.
A kindergarten girl that Ha-kun attends.She chewed Ha-kun.
A kindergarten girl that Ha-kun attends.She confesses next to Yuri-chan.She chews with Ha-kun.
A kindergarten girl that Ha-kun attends.She is Ha-kun's favorite girl.
A kindergarten boy that Ha-kun attends.Ha-kun seems to like him. "Homo Dachika" is a G-star talk.


  • "200 Million People Homepage Championship 2004"- Grand Prix
    interQ MEMBERS ・infoseek is web・ A contest co-sponsored by COOL ONLINE.In both the first and second semesters, the number of votes obtained was much higher than the number of votes cast by other HPs.


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