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🧁 | Mania is a demon lipi! [Convenience exquisite sweets] Seven, Lawson, FamilyMart 3 selections


Mania is a demon lipi! [Convenience exquisite sweets] Seven, Lawson, FamilyMart 3 selections

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However, I often hear people say that XNUMX-Eleven's frozen foods are not lost.

Great for the coming season!Frozen sweets Speaking of the best-selling products at convenience stores, after all sweets!Recently, it's cold ... → Continue reading

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    Seven & i Holdings > Seven-Eleven Japan

    Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.[Note 1]Is Japaneseconvenience storechain.Seven & i Holdings OfWholly owned subsidiarySo, it is the largest convenience store in Japan.Chain storeEven so, it has the largest number of stores in the world.


    1973 year 11 month,Ito-YokadoOperates Seven-Eleven in the United StatesSouthland CompanyEstablished York Seven Co., Ltd. by concluding a license agreement with May 1974, 5,TokyoKotoToyosuThe first "Toyosu store" was opened in Japan.Sunglasses were the first to sell. This is the first time that the first store has opened in Toyosu.FranchiseI applied for was running in the same areaLiquor storeIt was because he was the owner of "Yamamoto Shigeru Shoten".His shopkeeper dropped out of college because his predecessor died of illness[4]I applied for the Seven-Eleven franchise because I was skeptical about the future of the liquor store.[5]..In June of the same year, the first directly managed store was opened.Sagamihara CityTo open a store in. June 1975- FukushimaKoriyamaOpened 24 hours for the first time at the Toramaru store in Toramarumachi[6].

    In May 1976, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 5.In September of the same year, vendor consolidation and joint delivery began.In March of the following year, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 100, and in September, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 9.

    1978 year 1 month,Company nameChanged to Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.[Note 1]. July of the same year,HokkaidoAdvance toSapporoKitaOpened Sapporo Kita 33jo store in[7][8]. In 1979K-martNo. 1 in the convenience store industry for the first time[what?]Become[9].

    In November 1980, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 11. In August 1,000, the designation was changed to the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange. October 1981,POSIntroduced the system and started ordering by EOB (Electronic Ordering Ledger). In February 1984, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 2.Two-way in August of the following yearcash registerTo start the introduction. In April 1987, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 4.

    February 1987- TEPCOCharge storage agency businessStart handling.March of the following year,Tokyo GasStarted handling charge collection agency business. February 1989- First lifeStarted handling insurance premium storage agency business, in June of the same yearNHKBroadcastReception fee"Continuous transfer" (Payment method using receipt fee payment form)[10]Started handling storage agency business.November of the same year prepaid card"Seven-Eleven CardStarted handling[11].

    In December 1989, transferred the Hawaii Division from Southland Corporation. In June 12, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 1990.

    In March 1991, Southland Corporation, which had filed for bankruptcy, invested $ 3 million jointly with Ito-Yokado, acquired about 4% of the shares, and went out of bankruptcy.[12].

    In February 1993, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 2.In November of the same year, the "Seven-Eleven Green Fund" was established. Berkeley Vouchers (now) as a dietary aid to employees in DecemberEden red) Common meal ticket system "ticket restaurant"[13]Started handling[15].

    February 2000- ECEstablished Sevendream.com Co., Ltd., which operates a business, and started the service in July.In August of the same year, Seven Meal Service Co., Ltd. was established to provide meal delivery services.In September of the same year, Seven and Y (currentlySeven net shopping) The service has started.In April of the following year, with a joint investment with Ito-Yokado, Iwai Bank Co., Ltd. (currently)Seven Bank) Was established.

    In August 2003, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 8.

    In January 2004, Seven-Eleven Beijing Co., Ltd. was established as a joint venture with a Chinese company, and in April of the same year.北京市Opened the first store in[16].

    July 8st of the same year,Seven & i HoldingsPrior to the establishment ofDelisted.. Aug. 9,Ito-Yokado,Denny's Japan3 companies,Stock transferByHolding companySeven & i HoldingsTo establish.In November of the same year, through a wholly owned subsidiary, IYG Holdings,Seven-Eleven Inc.Made a wholly owned subsidiary by making a tender offer.

    Seven and Y Co., Ltd. (currently) through the acquisition of shares in February 2006Seven net shopping) Made a subsidiary. April 2007,Electronic money"nanacoIntroduced at each store.same year7/11, The number of stores in the world reached 3 as of March of the same year, so far.Chain storeWas the biggestMcDonald'sAnnounced that it has become the number one store in the world.

    In October 2007, the restriction on "close-out sales" to discount unsold items to FC member stores was announced.Antitrust lawFor suspected violations (abuse of superiority)Fair Trade CommissionI had an on-site inspection.In June of the following year, he received a cease and desist order from the Japan Fair Trade Commission for violating the Antimonopoly Act.

    August 2009, 9,Keikyu CorporationFormed a business alliance withKeikyu Station CommerceStation operated byStandAnnounced to convert all to Seven-Eleven[17].

    June 2010, at all storesCredit card(Ai card,JCB) Started to be introduced[18]..In July of the same year, at all storesMobile walletcreditiDStart using

    [19], In August of the same yearVISA card,master Card,American Expresscard,DinersStarted handling club cards[20][21].

    2011 year 3 month,JRIn each company area and along the Keihin Electric Express RailwayPrepaid Transportation CardsbyElectronic moneyIntroduced the service.

    November 2010, 11- Hokkaido KioskFormed a business alliance withJR HokkaidoConvenience stores operated at stations in the Sapporo area within the jurisdiction have been converted to "Seven-Eleven STATION by Kiosk"[22].. April 2013,Shin-Keisei Electric RailwayFormed a business alliance withStasion ServisAnnounced that it will convert the shops at each station operated by Shin-Keisei Line to Seven-Eleven[23].. April 2014,JR West Japan Daily Service Net(JRDSN) and its parent companyJR West JapanAn existing shop in the JR West jurisdiction operated by JRDSN through a business alliance withKiosk,Heart inandDaily InnAnnounced that it plans to convert (about 500 stores) to "Seven-Eleven Kiosk" and "Seven-Eleven Heart / in" in five years.[24].. April 2014,JR ShikokuShikoku KioskAnnounced that it plans to convert existing stores in the JR Shikoku area (3 stores in total, Kiosk and Big Kiosk) to "Seven-Eleven Kiosk" within three years.[25].. April 2018, Odakyu Electric RailwayOdakyu CorporationAnnounced that it will convert the convenience store "Odakyu OX MART", which was operated at stations, to "Seven-Eleven" through a business alliance with[26].. April 2021,-Keio StoreFormed a business alliance withKeio Electric RailwayAnnounced that it will convert "A LoT, K-SHOP" etc. at shops and convenience stores in the station yard to Seven-Eleven.[27].

    2016 year 4 month,Toshifumi SuzukiChairman andChief executive officer(CEO) announces retirement[28].Honorary AdvisorWas appointed to.

    In January 2018, the number of stores opened in Japan reached 1 for the first time in the Japanese retail industry.[29][30][Note 2].. Opened for the first time in Okinawa Prefecture in July 2019, and achieved store openings in all 7 prefectures.[31][32].

    2019 year 7 month,Smartphone paymentservice"7PayAlthough it started, it was abolished in September of the same year due to the discovery of unauthorized use three days after the start.[33].

    2021 year 9 month,New coronavirus infection OfPCR test-Antigen testOf the kitprepaid cardWas released at 2 stores nationwide excluding Okinawa Prefecture.The handling of prepaid PCR test / antigen test service was the first in the domestic convenience store industry.[34].

    2022 year 7 month,Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare-Digital AgencyandLocal Government Information Systems OrganizationIn collaboration with, from August 8th at stores nationwideMulti-copy machineIt was used"New corona vaccineInoculation certificateAnnounced to start a service to issue[35].

    Successive presidents

    President of York Seven
    NameInaugurationOther positionsRank, honors, etc.
    First generationMasatoshi Ito1973-1978Ito-YokadoHonorary Chairman (Founder),Denny's JapanFounder
    President of Seven-Eleven Japan
    NameInaugurationOther positionsRank, honors, etc.
    First generationMasatoshi Ito1978-1978Ibid.
    2nd generationToshifumi Suzuki
    1978-1992Chuo UniversityChairman,Japan Business FederationVice-president,Ito-YokadoChairman,Japan Chain Store AssociationChairman,Japan Franchise AssociationPresidentIsamu Rui Hosho
    3nd generationHiroo Kurita1992-1997Japan Ground Self-Defense Forcegeneral(11th DivisionLong)XNUMXth place
    4nd generationKen Kudo1997-2002
    5nd generationToshiro Yamaguchi2002-2009Vice Chairman of Japan Franchise Association
    6nd generationRyuichi Isaka2009-2016Bank of Japanparticipate
    7nd generationKazuki Furuya2016-2019Vice Chairman of Japan Franchise Association
    8nd generationFumihiko Nagamatsu2019-IncumbentVice Chairman of Japan Franchise Association

    Management method

    Minimize opportunity loss

    Customer needsnetworkBy building a system to quickly detect and order products to be sold at stores from manufacturers and business partners, we have thoroughly ensured that we do not miss sales opportunities and do not lose customers' purchasing opportunities without worrying about waste loss. It is said that they are practicing store management.Seven-Eleven aims to minimize the opportunity loss rather than the disposal loss, with the idea that "it is okay if it is left unsold, so do not sell out the item."[36].

    Deployment in Japan


    Ito-YokadoSubsidiary of York Seven (currently Seven-Eleven Japan) from Southland Corporation (currently 7-Eleven, Inc.) in the United StateslicenseAnd started business in Japan.At that time, inside Ito-YokadoConvenience store business in JapanI was skeptical about the future of the game, but I promoted it.Toshifumi SuzukiIs the owner of Ito-Yokado on the condition that he will fill in the stocks of Ito-Yokado he owns when he fails.Masatoshi ItoI got the understanding.

    After that, the business with the United StatesCustomBecause of differences in eating habits and eating habitsMarketToLocalizationIt began to.rice ball,Box lunchSale of,POS systemIntroduction, development of original products in cooperation with manufacturers, composition of residents around the store, weather of the day,EventsDevelop demand, such as by creating a detailed sales floor structure that suits such factors.distributionWe strive to improve efficiency and maintain high profitability.

    In this way, the Seven-Eleven format, which was originally born in the United States, has achieved its own development in the Japanese market.1991(HeiseiIn 3 years), Ito-Yokado and Seven-Eleven Japan, conversely to the licensed Southland company that was stalled at that time,Acquisition-subsidiaryTurned into After a miracle recovery in a short period of time, it became a big topic in the United States.

    7/11Is Seven-Eleven day. It is the day for Seven-Eleven store owners, employees, and headquarters employees to clean up around the stores all over the country. By the way11/7We also carry out cleaning activities twice a year.

    2005(17) Paul from NovemberSignboardBut like Ito-YokadoSeven & i Holdings Ofsymbol markWas changed to.

    Also, the design of the symbol mark is slightly different between Japan and overseas.Overseas ones are surrounded by green on all sides, but Japanese ones do not have a green part in the upper part.

    Store development

    Seven-Eleven is a pioneer of Japanese convenience store chains.2019(31) As of the end of March, it has 3 stores nationwide, the largest number of stores in Japan.Also, among the major convenience store chains, the sales amount per store is the largest.Furthermore, as part of sales promotion measures, we may cooperate with each manufacturer to sell "Seven-Eleven limited products" and pre-sale new products.

    Dominant strategyAlthough the number of stores is the largest in Japan (in particularthe 2000s(Until the beginning) There are quite a lot of areas that have not opened stores compared to the number of stores, soThree major metropolitan areasone ofNagoyaEven21st centuryThere is no store opening until entering (AichiThe first store in2002(14) July 7),OsakaTo open a store1991(3) It was relatively late in March.Regarding this "dominant strategy," Toshifumi Suzuki, chairman and CEO, has even boasted that "if the competitiveness of Seven-Eleven is pursued, it will end up in a dominant strategy."

    On the other hand, since the late 2000s (especiallyHokuriku 3 prefecturesDeployment to the district has started2009(Since then), the number of stores in the urban area has been saturated, and the expansion to unopened areas is being actively pursued. actually,ChukyoBefore opening a store in the district200113 prefectures as of June (6), 18 prefectures as of January 3 (2009) before opening stores in 21 prefectures of Hokuriku, unopened areas (Prefectures) Is2015(27) As of OctoberOkinawaIt became only.

    About Okinawa2016(28) On June 6, it was reported that the company intends to open a store within a few years.further2017On June 29, 6,2019An official announcement was made that the store will be opened around the time, and on October 10, the same year, the store was opened.NahaEstablished a local subsidiary of our subsidiary, "Seven-Eleven Okinawa".Then in 2019 (ReiwaOn the 7th of July, the first store in Okinawa opened at the same time.Lawson(1997 years),FamilyMartFollowing (2006), it became a convenience store with stores in all 47 prefectures.

    Expansion to unopened areas since the end of the 2000s

    Tohoku region

    AkitaAomori2 prefectures were unopened areas,the 2010sSince entering, we have opened stores in each prefecture. First in Akita Prefecture2012(24) March 5,Yokote CityMisato TownWe opened a total of 3 stores and started store development.Iwate-Miyagi-Fukushima・Because Niigata Prefecture supplies products, the store was opened from the southern district of the prefecture, but on March 2013, 25 (Heisei 3)Akita Cityに5店舗出店したのを皮切りに、県央地区への出店も開始した。2012年の出店開始当初は2015年(平成27年)2月末までに秋田県内で100店舗(12年度20店舗、13年度40店舗、14年度40店舗)の展開を目指すとしていたが、商品供給網の都合により県北地区への出店は予定されていなかった(ただし、将来的に秋田県内に専用工場が建設されれば、同県北部への出店の可能性もあり得るとしていた)。しかし、後述の岩手県Kitakami CityAfter the completion of the new factory ofTohoku ExpresswayClose toOdate City,KazunoThe store has also started to open, and as of July 2019Noshiro CityIt is making progress in the northern part of the prefecture except for the above. In addition, at the time of opening the store in Akita Prefecture mentioned above,AomoriThe opening of the store is blank."[37]But,2014At a press conference on October 26, 10, we will open a store in Aomori Prefecture with the opportunity to start operation of the exclusive partner factory in Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture, in May 31 (2015). Also touches the Iwate Prefectural border from the same summerHachinohe CityIt was announced to start from the surrounding area. Construction of the plant began in July 2014, and at that time, Kazuki Furuya, vice president of Seven-Eleven (at that time), said, "We are aiming to develop 7 stores in Iwate prefecture and 300 stores in Akita prefecture by improving the delivery system." Stated[38].. After that, the factory was completed and started operation on May 2015, 5. We determined that it is possible to deliver products to Aomori Prefecture, and started store development starting from the opening of a total of 25 stores in 6 cities and 12 town in the prefecture on June 5, the same year.[39][40].. The prefecture aims to expand approximately 2017 stores around 29 (Heisei 100)[40].

    Hokuriku region

    2009(21) February 1ToyamaFukuiOn December 12thIshikawaOpened in[41].. For the three Hokuriku prefectures as a whole, we are aiming to develop approximately 3 stores in three years. Prior to opening a store in IshikawaBaishan CityBecome a delivery base atChildrenThe Tokai Hokuriku factory started operation from December 12. Until the operation of the factory, Fukui stores are in Aichi prefecture's distribution network and Toyama prefecture's stores areNiigataUsed the respective distribution networks.

    San'in district

    In May 2009Shimane Has opened a store. Adjacent at the beginning of expansionHiroshimaSince the goods are delivered from the distribution network ofHamada-Jiangjin City) Only opened (mainly managed by the Hiroshima district office), but with the advance to Tottori prefecture described later, Matsue district office was set up,2015(27) February 10MatsueEastern prefecture[Note 3]Also advanced to. AlsoTottoriAbout the news, it was announced at a press conference on April 2015, 4 that it will start opening stores in October of the same year.[42], The store opened on October 10th. Products in the eastern Shimane prefecture and western Tottori prefecture, which are managed by the Matsue district office, are adjacentOkayama·Hiroshima Prefecture·Kagawa-HyogoDelivered from2020Approximately 2 stores in Shimane prefecture (70nd year of Reiwa)[43]Aims to open approximately 50 stores in Tottori prefecture[44].. Tottori Prefecture was initially in the midwestern part of the prefecture (Yonago~Kotoura Town) Only opened, but in the eastern part of the prefectureTottori CityAt2017(29) The first owner information session was held in May[45][46], The store opened on November 11 of the same year[47](Thus Okinawa was excluded at this point.Prefectural office locationAchieved a foray into). In addition, products in stores in the eastern part of the prefecture (also managed by the Matsue district office) are located in the adjacent Hyogo prefecture.Osaka-Kyoto-Shiga-Delivery from Okayama Prefecture.

    Shikoku region

    For a long time, the store was not opened due to the small size of the market, but it was announced on September 2012, 24 that it will expand into the Shikoku region in the future.[48].. And on March 2013, 25 (Heisei 3),Takamatsu-Sakaide-Naoshima Town8 stores in total, Tokushima PrefectureTokushimaStarting with the opening of 6 stores inthanksWas a brand area franchisorThanks and Associates Higashishikoku(Thanks Higashi Shikoku, present:Isle Partners) Switched to Seven-Eleven and converted 2013 stores from March to May 3[49][50][Note 4](Prior to this, Seven-Eleven Japan signed a franchise agreement with Sunkus Higashi Shikoku on February 2013, 2.[51]). In addition, other companies in the same industry do not open stores in the conversion from Sunkus Higashi ShikokuShodoshima,NaoshimaStores are also included. In parallel with this, we are also promoting the establishment of our own stores in the two remaining prefectures, and on March 2, 2014 (Heisei 26),Matsuyama City-Niihama3 stores in total, Kochi Prefecture on March 2015, 27 (Heisei 3)KochiWe opened 3 stores in and started store development in both prefectures.2018(30) Aiming to develop approximately 4 stores in 590 prefectures in Shikoku[52].. Also, until the factory started operation in Shikoku, products were delivered from Okayama prefecture, Hyogo prefecture, etc.[53]However, the waragawa and Kansai Kagawa factories in Sakaide City, Kagawa Prefecture, started operation on December 2013, 12.[54], In Niihama City, Ehime PrefecturePrime DelicaNiihama factory of the plant started operation from April 2014, 4.

    Kyushu region

    The only one that didn't openKagoshimaIt is,2011(23) February 3KirishimaZuo cityStarting with the opening of a total of 4 stores on June 6,KagoshimaThere are also 3 stores open within. We are aiming to develop about 3 stores in three years. For product delivery,KumamotoandMiyazakiWas utilizing the factory and distribution center of2013(25) end of June,AiraA factory and distribution center (Delica Friends Kagoshima Factory) was completed in Kajiki-cho, and started operation on August 8, the same year.[55].. Logistics, Miyazaki PrefectureKushima CityStore opened after expanding into Kagoshima prefecture.Regarding opening a store in the prefectureSouthern farm products the 1990sIn the latter half, we were looking for a convenience store business as Seven-Eleven, but the Seven-Eleven side at that time showed a cautious attitude, and finally Nankushoku products and Sunkus and Associates (then)Joint ventureSouth Kyushu Thanks(The company transferred its business to a wholly owned subsidiary of Lawson in 2013)[56].. It also belongs to the Kyushu regionOkinawaAs mentioned above,2019(7st year of the Reiwa) Start of expansion in July (This has achieved expansion to all prefectures)[31].

    Unopened area

    As mentioned above, as of July 2019, we have expanded into all prefectures of Japan, but on the other hand, we have not opened stores due to the dominant strategy (including the status of the distribution network).市町村There are a certain number.

    Alliances and collaborations with railway companies

    Station NakaAs a business,2009(21) February 9Keikyu CorporationWith a virtual franchise through a business alliance withKeikyu Station CommerceKeikyu Line operated bystation OfStandAnnounced that it will convert all of these to Seven-Eleven. further2013(25) October 10thShin-Keisei Electric RailwayWe also formed a business alliance withStasion ServisAnnounces the conversion of shops at each station operated by Shin-Keisei Line. However, there are some stations on the Shin-Keisei line that have closed stores, and it is not mentioned whether they will open at that station as well.[Note 14].. In small and mediumEnoshima Electric Railway OfKamakura StationThere is a "Mini Seven-Eleven" on the premises, and the business hours are irregular from 7:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX. As electronic money for transportation,PASMOWill be introduced. (From March 2013, 3, each IC boarding card compatible with "nationwide mutual use service" can be used. Details will be described later). Also,2010(22) From April 10Hokkaido KioskFormed a business alliance with the company and operated in Sapporo areaHokkaido passenger railway(JR Hokkaido) andSapporo City Transportation BureauThe convenience store at major stations has been converted to Seven-Eleven.

    2014From (26),West Japan Railway Company(JR West) By the alliance with the group, shops at the main stations of the company (Kiosk) To “Seven-Eleven Kiosk” and a convenience store type store in the main station (Heart inandDaily InnEtc.) will be replaced with “Seven-Eleven Heart in”, and the renewal of about 500 stores will be progressing sequentially over 5 years.[63].. further2015From (27),Shikoku Passenger RailwayThrough the alliance with the (JR Shikoku) Group, the station premises stores (36 stores in total, Kiosk and Big Kiosk, part of the Daily In) are being gradually replaced with "Seven-Eleven Kiosk".[64].


    Gift certificate/point card payment

    • 2003(15) As a service started in August,SeicomartIn opposition to club cardsHokkaidoOnly in the districtPoint CardWas doing the service. For 100 yen (excluding tax), 1 point can be used for 1 point = 1 yen. However, the points were reflected after 7:XNUMX am on the next day. Newspapers and magazines were excluded points.
      • In addition, this point card will be described laterElectronic money-nanacoWith the introduction of2007(19) Canceled new subscription as of March 3, same year5/15The point addition has ended.
      • 2006(18) From March 3st2007(19) Points added up to February 22008Until February 20, 22007(19) Points added from March 3st to May 1th are2009(21) Can be returned and used until February 2th.
    • 2005(17)12/1A new new IY Group gift certificate that could not be used in Seven-Eleven until nowGift certificatesWe will issue a "Seven & i Common Gift Certificate", which will also be available at Seven-Eleven.
      • Along with this2005Issuance of "IY Group Gift Certificates" was suspended on November 17, 11, but Ito-Yokado,Espa,Famille,Denny's,York mart,York-Benimaru,Robinson department store,Mary Anne, Steps, Oshmans and Goody House Harajuku.
      • However, in Seven-Eleven2005(17) "IY Group Gift Certificates" cannot be used after December 12st.
      • In addition, "Seven & i Common Gift Certificates" will not be sold at Seven-Eleven.
    • 2016(28)10/6ToHXNUMXO RetailingCapital and business alliance with[65]Along with this, the Hankyu Hanshin Group's point system "S Point" was introduced on May 2, 4 only in the Kansai area (2018 prefectures and 5 prefectures).[66]..The accumulated S points could be used not only at stores in the Kansai area but also at stores and companies that support S points nationwide, but due to the partnership with Lawson of Hankyu Hanshin Holdings, it is scheduled to end on June 2022, 6.

    Electronic money payment

    2013(25) Available at all stores as of March 3Electronic money TheFeliCaThe following 5 series that adopted the method. Both are card type and mobile type (Mobile wallet) Both available.

    Seven & i Group's original prepaid e-commerce.It is linked with the point service.In addition to over-the-counter payments, it can be widely used in stores such as multi-copy machine payments and charges at Seven Bank ATMs.
    Technological developmentJCB, The issuer isSeven card service.
    Mobile Payment Promotion CouncilPost-pay type electronic money led by (MOPPA).2008(20) Available from April 4 (Use of QUICPay with nanaco card2008(April 20, 4).
    Rakuten Edy
    Prepaid electronic money developed by Rakuten Edy Co., Ltd. (name changed from BitWallet on June 2012, 6).2009(21) Available from October 10th[67].
    NTT DoCoMoPost-pay type electronic money led by.2010(22) On July 7, introduced in all stores of the company.
    Suica-Kitaca-TOICA-ICOCA-SUGOCA-PASMO-nimoca-Hayakaken-sense of
    Keikyu Corporation OfStation NakaPASMO was previously introduced in the store,2011JR electronic money was introduced nationwide on March 23, 3, andTransportation IC card nationwide mutual use serviceThe range of mutual use has expanded at the start.
    PASMO is the franchise where PASMO member railway operators are franchisees, and the JR (JR)JR Hokkaido-JR East-JR Tokai-JR West Japan-JR KyushuThe main introduction cards are classified according to the conventional line area of ​​() (ICOCA is mainly introduced when Seven-Eleven expands to Shikoku), and manaca, nimoca Nine types of IC cards including Yakaken are available at all stores. The receipt describes the type of card actually used. In addition, there are cases where the charges are not accepted at stores operated by railway companies.
    About manaca before mutual use startsNagoya Municipal SubwaySakuradori Line OfTokushige Station-Nonami StationIt was available only at stores on the premises.The reader uses something different from electronic money other than transportation, and since it is not linked to the cash register, it is not possible to charge in the store (only the charge is linked after the start of mutual use nationwide), and the receipt and manaca handling slip Customer copy There are two of them.Even now, under the contract with the Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya, the same support is applied to other transportation-related electronic money (including stores that opened after the start of mutual use nationwide).Meitetsu's Muster Points are only available at the Meitetsu Iwakura Station East Exit Store and the Nagoya Shibata Ekimae Store. doing).

    In addition to this, the following transportation electronic money can be used, although only at designated stores.

    PiTaPa, which participates in the mutual use service of IC boarding cards, has not participated in mutual use of electronic money because it is the only post-pay type, but Kansai International Airport Terminal 2 store introduced at the entire airport terminal building[68]And Osaka Honmachi Station Central Store opened on August 2013, 8[69]Opened sequentially from June 2015, 6Kobe Electric RailwayStores at each station, andOsaka High Speed ​​RailAvailable only at each "Seven-Eleven Monowell" store on the station premises of (Osaka Monorail). No plans have been announced so far for all stores in the Kansai area, such as FamilyMart (including Circle K Sunkus before integration).
    Sapporo Municipal SubwayOdori Station,Makomanai StationandAso StationAvailable at stores on the premises.The reader uses something different from other electronic commerce, and when it was first introduced, there was only one installation register for each.Charging is not possible. SAPICA points are not covered by the service.
    Available at some (11 stores) of stores in Kagawa prefecture (converted from Sunkus) operated by Isle Partners.Again, the reader uses something different from other e-commerce.Unlike other local transportation electronic commerce, it is also available in places other than stations and airports.
    IC card
    • Available only at Iyotetsu Furumachi Station and Iyotetsu Matsuyamashi Station. Since the system used before the Seven-Eleven conversion was used, the payment is not made using the reader attached to the POS at the time of payment, but it is paid by reading with the handy reader dedicated to the IC card.

    Credit card transaction

    Until May 2010, 5,Tokyo Midtownshop·Kobe UniversityExcluding engineering department stores[Source required],Credit cardThe payment was not supported. However, from June 6st of the same year, at all storesAi card(Both JCB and VISA), andJCBIt is now possible to use two types of cards from each brand (including affiliated cards, excluding some cards).

    From September 9 of the same yearVISA card,master Card,American Expresscard,DinersClub cards can now be used (excluding some cards)[20].

    Although it was not possible to use overseas issued cards, it became possible to use overseas issued credit (debit) cards from 2012:12 am on December 17, 10.

    Bar code payment

    The introduction of bar code payments at Seven-Eleven was significantly delayed compared to other companies in the same industry, but since July 2019, 7Bar code paymentservice"7pay"AndPayPay,Merpay,LINE Pay,Alipay,WeChat PayAnnounced that it will support 5 types of domestic and overseas barcode settlement[70].. However, on July 7, two days after the start of "2pay", a large-scale unauthorized use of "7pay" was discovered, and service restrictions started. Suspend all charges on July 3[71][72].. On July 7, reset all 30iD passwords for all users at once[73]Etc., but finally decided to abolish the "9pay" service on September 30th[74].

    From January 2019, 10d payment,au PAY,Rakuten Pay,Yucho PayAlso supports[75].

    Original products and services

    Original product

    2011As of April (23), many brands except "Paradu" have been abolished and gradually switched to the "Seven Premium Seven Premium Gold" series.

    From March 2014, so farLawson,FamilyMartWe have launched the "West Japan Project" to strengthen the ground in West Japan, which has been said to be weaker than in Japan, and we are developing some products in Osaka. The aforementioned alliance with JR West will be part of strengthening the ground in West Japan.


    • Seven Premium
      • Seven Premium Gold
      • Seven Premium Lifestyle
      • Seven Premium Fresh
    • Paradu- cosmeticsbrand. Competing brandsMakeup planet.
      • 2013(25) Freshly brewed from Januarycoffeebrand. Unlike other stores, you can purchase only cups at the cash register and use self-serviceCoffee machine(Fuji ElectricJoint development with[76]) Is a system to operate. Designs include coffee makers, cups and muddlersKashiwa SatoAsked to[77]..We also hold free tasting sessions using the "Seven Cafe Car" for advertising and sales promotion.Furthermore, from the end of October 2014, "Seven Cafe Donuts" will be launched in the Kansai region.Manufactured in a dedicated factory, delivered to stores within 10 hours, displayed in a cool case and sold. From 3, it is planned to expand to 2015 stores nationwide.
      • At the time of establishment, I was pouring pre-made coffee into a cup[Note 15]However, after becoming self-contained drip coffee, it did not offer self-contained coffee for a while from the 1990s until the appearance of Seven Cafe.
      • Some Seven-Eleven stores may not sell Seven Cafe.You can check the presence or absence of sales from the store list.


    • Town candy store- ConfectionerySeries[78].19961Launched.20033In addition to the 105 yen tax-included products up to that point, we launched a high-quality series with a focus on raw materials and the “small confectionery shop” series with a small content amount, expanding the price range. The usual notation is "Town candy storeHowever, for small pouch products such as those mentioned above,Small candy store", And for some products that exceed 105 yen including tax and products that are packaged in a stick shape,"Candy store in townCan be seen.The design and color scheme of the package are changed irregularly.In the past, products with a common design but without the "town candy store" notation based on green were also sold, but now the colors are unified. For one year from 2007 to 2008, "Town Candy Shop Story" that tells the concept of the series is serialized on the Seven-Eleven mobile site.
    • 7iro cafe-Western confectionery brand.
    • Nanairo Chaya-Japanese sweets brand.
    • Freshly baked direct mail-Bread brand.
    • Cup Noodle
      • Famous Ramen Store Series- 2000Start from (12). In the past with a tie-up with a famous ramen shop whose name is known nationwideDragon Shanghai(Yamagata),Ippudo(Hakata),Yamato Fire(Asahikawa), Katsumaru (Tokyo),The hexagonal family(Yokohama), Sumire (Sapporo), Ide Shoten (Wakayama),Mongolian Tanmen Nakamoto(Tokyo) is commercialized.
      • Local famous series- 2005Start from (17).Akeboshi foodJoint development with. While the famous ramen shop series is released nationwide, here is the principle that "the taste of popular shops in the area is limitedly sold only in that area" (However, if you use online shopping, you can purchase it nationwide Yes).
    • Some of the original products use local special products.Local productionIt is often entangled and developed. In addition,2008(20) in Okayama Prefecture,2009(21) is Chiba prefecture,2010In 22, a comprehensive agreement has been signed with Aichi Prefecture, and original products using special products and specialty products of the prefecture are being developed.
    • Craftsman Katagi- 200211Confectionery series on sale from[79]..For some time, the company has been a confectionery series, "Town candy store"The series was on sale, but as convenience store users have shifted to a wide range of age groups, including the elderly, in addition to the younger ones," making sweets that will please older people. " It was released under the concept of.Many of the products are rice crackers because they target older people.The catchphrase is "The craftsman's commitment, skill, and spirit.This phrase is also printed on the product packaging.The price range is set with a range according to the quantity.There are several types of packaging, such as direct encapsulation for small bag-sized products, direct encapsulation for large bag-sized products, subdivided encapsulation with several pieces, and individual encapsulation with individual encapsulation.In addition, some large bag-sized items are equipped with a moisture-proof zipper, which allows them to be resealed even after they have been opened.The difference depending on the packaging size is also seen in the design, and the curtain, which is the background of the letters "Craftsman Katagi" written in white on the top of the package, is blue for the small bag size and red for the large bag size.

    Among many original products,Monde SelectionThere is an "excellent hitch" that won the award.

    • 2006 Special Gold Award, Finest One Piece Series, Financier
    • 2006 Gold Medal/Superior Hitokuchi Series 3 Product Winners Extra bitter chocolate, fluffy baumkuchen, butter cookies

    Original services / equipment

    Copy machine

    The color that the company introduced for the first time in the convenience store industryCopy machineAt the timeMinoltaIt was made.After that, after several changes, from October 2009FUJIFILM Business InnovationIntroduced the third-generation multi-copy machine, introduced by all stores by March 3.

    The third generationnanacoYou can now settle with.Also, from July 2011, 7nanaco pointAlso, 100 point for 1 yen excluding tax (accumulated monthly, will be added on the 5th day of the following month). However, the ticketPlay guide・Administrative services will not be granted[80].

    The 4th generation is compatible with QR code readers, shuffle prints, and 2L size photos. The introduction will start in October 2021 and will be introduced in all stores by September 10.[81].

    Net print
    It is a service that allows you to print document files (PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, JPEG, TIFF format, etc.) registered via the Internet at Seven-Eleven stores nationwide.[82].. Media from the 3rd generation machine (CD-ROM,USB) Can now be used for file printing.
    Issuance of resident's card/seal registration certificate
    Participation in advance with 3rd generation machines at some storesLocal government OfBasic Resident Register card,Personal number cardUsingResident cardWith a copy ofSeal registration certificateIs now available.
    チケット OfPlay guideFeatures
    Entertainment Plus(E +) andTicket PiaTickets for various events can be purchased online in partnership with.

    Convenience store ATM

    Convenience store ATM TheSeven Bank OfTMJIs installed in almost all stores.Seven-Eleven is new, while other convenience store chains operate ATMs by ATM management contractors.banksubsidiaryEstablished thatBranch officeATM is installed in the form.City bank-Credit union-Japan Post Bank-RokinandKagoshima Bankexcept formanyLocal bankAnd so onnanaco,Rakuten EdySuch asElectronic moneyWe also cooperate with Seven-Eleven services such as handling charges,Banking lawBecause of this, the clerk cannot handle ATMs.

    Great East Japan EarthquakeAlong with this, in Seven-Eleven, as a new trial, "Seven Bank ATM Mobile Vehicle" was introduced in 2011.5/21からMiyagiWill be deployed in some areas of.


    201212/1FromPublic wireless LANConnection service "Seven Spot"Tokyo WardThe nationwide expansion was started from.

    At Seven Spot,Broadband internet connectionYou canWeb browserFrom now on, it will take up to 1 minutes each time, and you can connect up to 60 times a day, but you can connect unlimitedly from the official app.You need to register 1iD to connect.

    20223/31With, the offer was discontinued.[83][84].

    International development

    2018(30) Currently, Seven-Eleven has 16 countries and regions[85]Is an international group that operates a convenience store chain. The number of stores around the world2017(29) Over 3 stores as of the end of March[86],Chain storeHas the largest number of stores in the world[87].

    North America

    The Japanese corporation made the American corporation a subsidiary.Details are described below.

    1991In (3), Southland Co., which had been developing Seven-Eleven in the original United States, got stuck in management. Therefore, Ito-Yokado and Seven-Eleven Japan made Southland a subsidiary (name changed to 7-Eleven, Inc.) to support it, and re-established management by introducing a Japanese-style convenience store product management system.

    Holding companyChanged to2005(17) In September, 9-Eleven, Inc.subsidiaryDecided to make. Seven-Eleven Japan, a wholly owned subsidiary of IYG Holding Co.Delaware(Corporation)Takeover bid (TOB) will be implemented from September 9th. Since the management of 6-Eleven, Inc. did not get the consent, it was said that the purchase conditions were insufficient and forced to raise the TOB price by 7% and extend the period, but on November 15th TOB ended and acquired 11% stake. It became a direct wholly-owned subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan through a short-form merger (delivery of money to remaining shareholders) under Texas law.

    After that, Seven-Eleven Japan became a wholly owned subsidiary (USDelawareAs a corporation), two holding companies, SEJ Service LLC and SEJ Finance LLC, were established to hold 2% and 60% of the shares of IYG Holding Co., respectively.



    Republic of China(Taiwan) In April 1978Unified companyIs 1 millionTaiwanese yuanTo establish a unified super-class store[88]In April 1979Taipei,Kaohsiung City,Tainan CityOpened 14 stores at the same time.

    7年連続で赤字を出すなど不振もあり、1987年に統一超商として再建された。1994年7月に1,000店舗、1999年に2,000店舗を突破し、2000年4月20日にUS Seven-ElevenAnd a permanent license agreement. Since then, 2019 stores are operating as of the end of March 3.

    From 2004, the original prepaid card (contact type IC card)icashIs issued, and then contactless "icashYu card'[89]And "icash 2.0", "Yu Yu Card", "One cardIt corresponds to "(described later). Similar to Japan, linked with copierMultimedia terminal"Ibon"[90]Has been introduced since 2006, in addition to copying and printing, taxes, mobile phone and online auction payments, in some areasTaxiIt is also possible to call. Further performance tickets,High ironRailroads and high-speed buses, including the above, are also purchased directly or tickets are issued after reservation.Many are completed or issued by bringing the printed paper from ibon to the cashier and paying (only the fee if paid by credit card).Also, Kanto boiled (oden) andBaked potatoMany stores also sell cooking foods and drinks at coffee machines (CITY CAFE).

    As a mascotOPEN-chanThere is. This is also used in the unified enterprise group companies other than Seven-Eleven, and Seven-Eleven in various places where the unified super commerce has advanced.

    Wikimedia CommonsTaiwan Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.

    Hong Kong

    Hong Kong"Nanko",CantoneseIt is called "Trifling", or "1981", which becomes Seven. On April 4, 3Dilly FarmWas licensed and opened, and in September 2004, it opened up to 9 million yen.Hong Kong dollarAcquired the Nanhua Early News Group, and acquired 3 daily stops with the third largest market share. As of December 87, 2009 stores are open. No. 12 storesOK convenient storeHas 289 stores and boasts an overwhelming market share.OctopusBecause it is discounted if you pay with, it is the largest destination other than transportation.

    Wikimedia CommonsHong Kong Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.

    South Korea

    South KoreaThen in 1988Korea SevenWas established in 1989Seoul Special CitySongpaThe first store has opened as the first convenience store in Korea in the Olympic Village Village Apartment Shopping Street. Obtained by Lotte Shopping in 1994. From Lotte Shopping in 1997LotteriaAbsorbed by a Korean corporation, became independent from Lotteria in 1999Lotte GroupBecame a subsidiary of Korea Seven. In 2010, we acquired mid-sized convenience store BuyTheWay. HoweverCU(OriginalFamilyMart),GS groupOf seriesGS25Pushed by, it has not gained a market share like Japan and Taiwan. As of the end of March 2019, 3 stores are open.

    Wikimedia CommonsKorean Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.


    People's Republic of ChinaThen it is called "2004-4". Seven-Eleven Beijing Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd., April 15, XNUMX北京市On September 2009, 9天津市XNUMX-Eleven Chengdu Co., Ltd.ChengduIt is expanding to.In other areasCantonThen, Dairy Farm, which operates in Hong Kong,ShanghaiThen, the president chain store that develops in Taiwan is developing.In total, 2019 stores are open as of the end of March 3.

    Wikimedia CommonsChinese Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.


    ThailandThen,CP ALL Public Company LimitedIs franchising. As of the end of March 2019, there were 3 stores, the second largest number of stores after Japan.

    Wikimedia CommonsThai Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.


    Singapore, The Daily Farm in Hong Kong. June 1983ChangiSince opening on the road, 2019 stores are open as of the end of March 3.EC linkYou can pay by Most cooked foods like sandwiches are made in Malaysia.

    Wikimedia CommonsSeven-Eleven in SingaporeThere is a category about.


    MalaysiaThen,Berjaya GroupIt is operated by 7-Eleven Malaysia Sdn. Bhd, an affiliated company. In October 1984Kuala LumpurOpened at Jalan Bukit Bintang, the first 2008 stores to commemorate in October 10SelangorOpened on Bandar Sunway. As of the end of March 2019, 3 stores are open.

    Wikimedia CommonsMalaysia Seven-ElevenThere is a category about.


    IndiaIn 2019, it signed a franchise agreement with Future Retail and was expanding stores in the country, but said that it became difficult to achieve the opening target and pay the franchise fee, October 2021, 10 The alliance with the company was dissolved.After that, on the 5th of the same month, he is known as the richest man in Asia.Mukesh AmbaniLed byReliance IndustriesConcluded a franchise agreement with and on the 9th of the same monthMumbaiThe first store opened in the suburbs[91][92].


    NorwayOf a large distribution company group headquartered in(English editionIn 1986Norway OfOsloStarting with the opening of the first store inDenmark,Sweden OfNordicIt is also being deployed in countries. NorwegianTromsoIs the northernmost Seven-Eleven store in the world. Also, for the three Scandinavian countriesShell oilService stations andDanish National RailwaysIt is also mentioned that it is affiliated with[93].

    Payment means

    • icash
      • An original electronic money service that was introduced in Taiwan before Japan. Later, the point card function was added as in the case of nanaco in Japan. We often issue various commemorative cards such as original cards (mainly created by companies for the purpose of advertising and distribution) and anime patterns, and their collection purpose is stronger than their intended use. In addition to icash,Yu cardCan also be used. In 2010, the icash Yuyu card, which offers special treatment at Seven-Eleven, was released. In 2014, we started selling non-contact type icash 2.0, replacing the conventional contact type IC card icash. In addition, affiliated stores other than Seven-ElevenPublic transportationBut you can use it.
    • T moneycard
      • Although it is an IC transportation card issued in the Seoul metropolitan area, it can be used nationwide.You can also use other transportation cards that are compatible with T-money.
    • Credit card
      • America,CanadaAvailable fully in Seven-Eleven, Korea, Japan.
        • American stores have partnerships in Japan with regard to infrastructure such as Seven Card and nanacoJCBIs a non-member. However, since 2006, JCB has partnered with a member store.DISCOVER cardIs a member of, and can use the JCB card as a member store of DISCOVER.
      • Handling pharmaceuticals and cosmetics in Thailand (pharmacistLimited to stores with only a related product, 300 ThaiBahtIt can be used when making the above payments.
      • In Taiwan, you cannot use the credit card itself,China Trust BankAttach to issued credit cardElectronic money functionIt is possible to indirectly use credit card payment using "icash wave (Q-PAY)".Apple Pay,Google Pay,Samsung Payな どMIFAREIt supports payment using (NFC Type A), and you can use credit cards that can make payments with these mobile phones or contactless payments (VISA, MasterCard, JCB only support American Express contactless payments) Not done).
    • Value card
      • An electronic money service originally introduced in Thailand.

    Example store

    • Present northernmost store: Bifukanishi 1jo store (Nakagawa-gun, Hokkaido)Bifuka Town
    • The current easternmost store: Nemuro Koyocho store (Hokkaido)Nemuro
    • Currently the westernmost and southernmost stores: Maito Itoman East Store (Okinawa Prefecture)Itoman


    Initially, unlike other convenience stores, on the highwayservice area-Parking areaWe are not actively opening stores,Shuto Expressway No. 6 Misato LineYashio parking area,Shinmeishin ExpresswayTsuchiyama Service AreaAlthough there were some cases of (upper and lower common store),West Japan Expressway(NEXCO West Japan)Lawson,FamilyMart,MINI STOP(West Japan Expressway Service HoldingsIs not under the jurisdiction ofYuasa Gobo RoadKibi Yuasa parking area-Takamatsu ExpresswayTsuda no Matsubara Service Area20 stores, including (not applicable), were completely renovated after the contract period expired at the end of March 2018, and opened as Seven-Eleven from April 3, 2018.[94].. In the latest branch,20174/28Opened inJoshinetsu ExpresswayChikuma River Sakaki Parking AreaThere is one store at the top and one store at the top.

    Inside the railway station, the following railway operators are partnering with affiliated distributors to develop station stand alternatives.

    Airport terminal buildingAt the ferry terminal,Haneda airportTerminal 1 buildingKitakyushu Airport,Yonago Kitaro AirportThere is an example of opening a store.

    Stores in government offices

    • Hokkaido Government Annexshop(HokkaidoSapporoChuo-ku) -The lighting of the signboardNeon signIt has become.
    • Parliament Houseshop(TokyoChiyodaNagata Town)- 2010Opened at the same time as the New Assembly Hall in July.Masses-ReferenceLocated on the first basement floor of each parliament building. It can be used by the general public,Obi certificate・ It exists in a place where you cannot enter the store unless an admission card is issued.liqueur-tobaccoThe House of Councilors' House of Councilors also sells "Souvenirs of the Diet, Diet goods, and books related to politics". Not open 24 hours, business hours国会Open and closed, open only on weekdays.The stores of the Members' Office Building of the House of Councilors were directly managed stores until March 2020, but after April of the same year.Seven & i Food SystemsOperated by.
    • Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building XNUMXStore (TokyoShinjukuNishi-Shinjuku)-Japan's first convenience store in the prefectural government building, with a store on the north side of the 1st floor. Year 20051/25Opening.
    • Ministry of DefenseStore (Ichigayahonmura-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo) -Operated by Seven & i Food Systems.
    • Yokohama City HallStore, Yokohama City Hall 11F Store-The Yokohama City Hall store is located on the 1st floor of the "Laxis Front" of the city hall and is open daily, but not 24 hours a day. Opened on June 2020, 6.On the other hand, the 29th floor of the city hall is located on the administrative floor of the city hall, where you have to go through the gate.Also, since it is a store on the administrative floor, it is open only on weekdays. Opened June 11, 2020.

    In-house store

    • KDDIHead office 20th floor store (TokyoChiyodaIidabashi) -KDDI Head Office BuildingGarden air towerLocated on the 20th floor. Only the company's employees and related people can enter the building and cannot use it. There is also a KDDI head office building store, but this is an adjacent buildingI garden airIt's inside, and anyone can use it.
    • DaimaruSapporo store (SapporoChuo) -Located in the employee facility of Daimaru Sapporo.Business days and hours are the same as the store.It does not handle alcoholic beverages and can only be used by employees and related parties of the store.
    • IwakiAlpineHead office (FukushimaIwaki)- Iwaki-Koma Core Industrial Park, Alpine Electronics Co., Ltd. Iwaki Headquarters Building No. 2 2nd floor.Business days are the same as Alpine Iwaki Headquarters.Home delivery-Mail service・ We do not handle alcoholic beverages.Only available to Alpine employees and related parties, and Alpine visitors.
    • Hitachi AstemoTochigi office store (TochigiShioyaTakanezawa Town)-Soft Research Park Information Forest Tochigi,Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd.Inside the Tochigi office cafeteria.Business hours are from 8:20 to XNUMX:XNUMX, and business days are the same as Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd. Tochigi Office.It cannot be used by anyone other than workers and visitors at Hitachi Astemo Co., Ltd. Tochigi Office.
    • Recruit HoldingsSouth Tower store (TokyoChiyodaMarunouchi)- Grant Tokyo South TowerThere is a store on the 33rd floor.It exists in a place where only recruit employees or visitors with an admission card can enter the store.
    • MitsuiHeadquarters building store (TokyoChiyoda)-On the signLED lightingThere are two entrances and exits, one for visitors only to the Mitsui & Co. head office building and the other for non-entrants.Management by.
    • TBS Broadcast Centershop(TokyoMinato-kuAkasaka) -TBS Broadcasting Center 12th floor. Only available to TBS Group employees, related parties, and visitors.TBS GlaudiaManagement by.
    • 7FSTV Asahisha BuildingStore (Minato-ku, Tokyo)Roppongi) -Inside the TV Asahi Building.Only available to TV Asahi Group employees, related parties, and visitors.Seven & i Food SystemsOperated by.
    • Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Headquarters store (Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo)- Sumitomo Real Estate Roppongi Grand Tower11th floor. Only available to TV TOKYO group employees, related persons, and visitors. Operated by TV TOKYO Business Service.
    • Yokohama Minatomirai Fujifilm B store (Kanagawa横 浜 市Nishi-ward)- FUJIFILM Business Innovation Inside the Yokohama Minatomirai Office.It cannot be used by anyone other than workers and visitors.
    • Kyoto Research ParkStore (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) -Kyoto Research Park Bldg. 4 1F.
    • Research Park Building No. 9 (Ukyo-ku, Kyoto City, Kyoto Prefecture) -9F, Kyoto Research Park Building No. 1.
      • Both stores can be used by ordinary customers. The building in Building 9 is adjacent to TSUTAYA and the exterior is different from the building in Building 4. open 24 hours.
    • Grand Front OsakaFloor Nine Store (Kita-ku, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture) -Grand Front Osaka North Building 9F.Since it is located outside the security gate, it can be used by the general public, but it is closed on Sundays and public holidays.By the way, Grand Front Osaka also has a store (Grand Front Osaka store) in the basement.
    • Heart inLuqua8th floor store (Kita-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) -Located on the 8th floor of LUCUA. Only available to JR West and Tennoji SC development employees, related parties, and visitors.
    • Yomiuri TelevisionStore (Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi, Osaka) -Yomiuri TV Headquarters 1F.The company's mascot character "Shinobi] Always selling goods[95].. Available to general customers.
    • Micron memoryBuilding C (HiroshimaHigashihiroshima City)-Building C of Micron Memory Japan. Although it is open 24 hours a day, it does not handle alcoholic beverages and can only be used by the company's employees and related parties.
    • Fukuoka Nagahama 1-chome store (FukuokaFukuoka CityChuo-ku)- Kyushu Asahi BroadcastingHeadquarters 1F.Available to the general public.

    Landscape ordinance-compliant stores

    In addition,Kyoto CityIt exists all over the country including inside.


    • Sapporo Central Wholesale Marketshop(SapporoChuo) -Small store.Business hours are from 3:17 to XNUMX:XNUMX.
    • Sapporo Maruyama ZooStore (Chuo-ku, Sapporo) -First convenience storeZooOpening a store inside.At the beginning of the store, it was open 24 hours a day and was available from inside and outside the park, but later changed from 7 to 19 o'clock.2021(3nd year of Reiwa)9/30Closed in.To commemorate the advance to the zoonanacoI named it "Nanako" with the same name asGiraffeWas donated, but died in the summer of 2015.
    • Hokkaido ST Asahikawa store (Asahikawa)- JR Asahikawa StationConcourseIn addition to a store (near the east ticket gate), there is an unmanned store (vending machine) on Platforms 3 and 4.
    • Niseko store (HokkaidoNiseko Town) -The largest store in Japan with an area of ​​250 square meters.We also handle products for resort customers and fresh food.
    • Ito-Yokado Kawaguchi store (SaitamaKawaguchi city)- Ario Kawaguchi1st floor. We do not handle general merchandise, but only offer various charge storage and multi-copy machine services.2005(17)11/29Opening.
    • Toyosu store (TokyoKotoToyosu)- Seven-Eleven first storeLocated as.However, the two-story store-cum-house building at the time of opening was rebuilt into a commercial building in May 2, and is not exactly the same store building as when it opened.
    • Naraha Shigekobana Temporary store (FukushimaFutabaNaraha Town)- Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentIn the area for preparing to cancel evacuation instructions byFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantThe Narahashita Kohanawa store, which was suspended due to the accident, was reopened and installed. The first convenience store opened in the evacuation order area. Open from 6 am to 20 pm for the time being. Opened on August 2013, 25[96][97].
    • Matsuyama Kitaimon 2-chome store (EhimeMatsuyama City)- Akiya BookstoreAttached to the Ishii store. It is the nation's first store with a bookstore chain, and is one of the first stores in Ehime. Opened March 2014, 26 (Heisei 3).
    • Fukuoka Airportshop(FukuokaFukuoka City) -Fukuoka Airport No. 3Passenger terminal buildingLocated in. The store appearancePassenger planeHas become a model of[98].
    • DR Tokyo Ariake Daiwa Roynet Hotel Store (Koto-ku, Tokyo) -Annexed to the hotel.It is also the longest-running XNUMX-Eleven store in Japan.
    • Fukuoka Center Building Store (Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City) -The store is divided into three.Two of them are stores and the other is an eat-in space.
    • Yokohama Mutsuura Station South Store (Kanazawa-ku, Yokohama) -The store is divided into two. One is the sales floor, and the other on the left is the ATM and multi-copy machine corner.
    • Nagasaki Orandabashi Store (Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture) -FormerBest electric appliancesI live in the former site of the Computer Un Nagasaki store.Seven-Eleven has a rooftop advertising tower because the rooftop advertising tower of the Best Denki era has not been removed.


    CM performer




    the 2010sWith the Seven & i sound logoThe Timersof"Day Dream BelieverAre using[Note 16].. From January 2016 during the winterSara TakanashiA support commercial will also be aired.In Okinawa, in the store opening notice CM broadcast in 2018Namie Amuroof"NEVER ENDIs adopted[100]After that, in the Okinawa limited CMHero"Is adopted.Some of the commercials that use the aforementioned "Daydream Believer" in the national version will also be replaced with "Hero" in Okinawa and will be OA.The program provided by the XNUMX-Eleven commercial isSeven & i HoldingsIt is provided under the name and broadcasts XNUMX-Eleven commercials.

    From January 2021, the original anime commercial "Tokimeki wa Immediately Beside" has been broadcast under the concept of "Unexpected encounters and joy in your daily life."DirectorHiroshi Kawamata, Animation productionAnswer Studio, Character draftKaruho Shiina, NarrationHaruka Fukuhara, Cover singing of "Daydream Believer"yamaAre in charge of each[101].

    The catchphrases are "I'm glad I met you! (Until the 1980s)", "It's delicious, Seven-Eleven (1980s, food only)", "Seven-Eleven, I feel good! (Until the 2000s)", etc. It was.In addition, there were multiple variations of the "Seven-Eleven, good mood!" Sound logo.Currently, I am using "close and convenient".

    Offer program


    tv set

    NTV series

    TV Asahi series

    TBS series

    TV Tokyo series

    Fuji TV series

    And many others



    tv set

    NTV series

    TV Asahi series

    TBS series

    TV Tokyo series

    Fuji TV series



    • All Night Nippon
    • SUPER ☆ GiRLS Transcendental Party * Provided by Seven-Eleven, Seven Net Shopping, Sogo & Seibu (formerly Ito-Yokado) at the end of the program.


    Former Seven-Eleven provided



    • Seven-Eleven Okinawa Co., Ltd.[102] -Established prior to opening a store in Okinawa Prefecture.
    • 7-Eleven, Inc. --Opened a store in the continental United States. As of the end of September 2011, there are 9 stores.
    • Seven-Eleven Hawaii, Inc.-- USAHawaiiOpen a store in. As of the end of September 2011, there are 9 stores.
    • Seven-Eleven Beijing Co., Ltd.-Opens stores mainly in Beijing and Tianjin, China. As of the end of September 2011, there are 9 stores.
    • Seven-Eleven China Co., Ltd.-Management of trademarks and intellectual property in China and promotion of store development.
    • Seven-Eleven Chengdu Co., Ltd.-Opens stores mainly in Chengdu, China. As of the end of April 2011, there are 4 stores.
    • Seven Meal Service Co., Ltd.-Food distribution service
    • SE Capital Co., Ltd.
    • Ltd.Seven & i Net Media

    The past subsidiaries are as follows.


    Major affiliated companies



    Loss charge trial

    Loss charge is an arrangement in which the gross profit is calculated so that the purchasing cost member store will bear the full amount based on the contract for the products discarded after the expiration date, and the member store pays royalties based on this gross profit. be.The member store sued the Seven-Eleven headquarters, saying that this was an unjustified claim that was a fraud.However, the complaints on the part of the member stores have been rejected because the member stores purchase the products at their own risk.

    Although such a calculation was not made according to the general account standards, or the case was a trial that made an irrelevant claim that it was not stated in the contract on the headquarters side, it became a point of contention and the Supreme Court disputed whether there was an explanation. However, the loss of the member store was confirmed when it could be recognized in the contract and prior explanation.

    In the 20 years since the establishment of the Seven-Eleven headquarters, at least 30 cases have been filed. All of them won the XNUMX-Eleven headquarters without any appealDistrict courtIt ends with. To a small partHigh CourtIn some cases, the Seven-Eleven headquarters won the case. It was also pointed out that it is difficult for the member stores to adjust the order quantity due to strong guidance from the staff on the headquarters side regarding the order quantity of the products.2005(February 17) On February 2, the member store won the first case in the Tokyo High Court, but this case was decided by the Supreme Court.2007(19) A verdict was issued in June and the victory was canceled.

    Close-up sales antitrust law violation case and damages lawsuit

    Seven-Eleven Japan restricts franchise stores from discounting unsold bento etc.Antitrust lawviolation(Unfair trading method) Is suspected,2008(20) From October,Fair Trade CommissionWas conducting a survey2009It was discovered in February (21). The surveyAbuse of dominant position"Is there any?", But since the February report, several owners who have begun to cut prices say that waste has decreased and profits have increased.[103].. In May 2009, it was reported that the Fair Trade Commission decided to issue a cease and desist order, saying that using such a dominant bargaining position to impose such close-out sales restrictions violates antitrust law.[104].

    2009On June 21, 6, the Fair Trade Commission issued an exemption order to Seven-Eleven Japan.[105][106]..According to the order of the Japan Fair Trade Commission, the sales of the member stores that "closed out" such as lunch boxes were restricted because the person in charge at the headquarters could not renew the contract. It was found to be an "abuse of dominant bargaining position".If the cost of disposal cannot be discounted by the accounting method borne by the member store, the burden on the member store will increase, and the average annual amount of bento boxes, etc. to be discarded has reached about 1 million yen per store. He also pointed out that the FTC is asking Seven to create a manual for close-out sales.[107].. This waste amount is 600 billion yen a year at all stores[108].. In addition, it is said that multiple other chain owners have reported to the JFTC because there are discount restrictions other than Seven-Eleven.[103].

    On June 6, the day after receiving the cease and desist order, Seven-Eleven Japan announced that its headquarters would bear 23% of the loss on disposal of unsold lunch boxes and other items.[109].

    However, regarding this case, the owner in Fukushima Prefecture filed a lawsuit in August in which the damage caused by the unreasonable close-up sales restriction was set at 3,000 million yen and the head office was asked for compensation.[110]..In addition, the headquarters will notify multiple shop owners who have been selling discounts since July, for reasons such as cooperation with the media that causes distrust in accounting and the headquarters, fraudulent acts using discounts, etc. Suggesting the cancellation, some shop owners are repelling "retaliation for discount sales"[111].

    He said that the headquarters put pressure on the sale of bento boxes and other items at a discount, such as flickering contract cancellations.2010(22)9/15ToFukuoka District CourtAcknowledged the action of the former store manager of the member store,Antitrust lawHe sentenced him to compensation for the violation.This was the first time in Japan that the restrictions on discounts were clearly recognized as a violation of antitrust law.[112].

    In October 2014 (Heisei 26), a lawsuit seeking damages by the member store was filed in the Tokyo High Court in 10 (2009), after the appeal by the Supreme Court of the trial The ruling of the first instance was decided that the company ordered the member store to pay 21 million yen, saying that the obstruction was a violation of the Antimonopoly Act[113].

    Seven-Eleven Japan Co., Ltd.Black company awardAward 2015[114].

    Invoice delivery claim case "Pinhane alleged case"

    This is a problem in which member stores are requesting Seven Headquarters to disclose their purchase prices.

    "The Seven-Eleven Headquarters only handles the purchasing agency business of member stores, and the cost slips purchased from the suppliers are originally managed by the member stores, and the Seven-Eleven Headquarters manages the purchasing slips. The member store owner and the former member store owner have filed a lawsuit requesting disclosure from the Seven-Eleven Headquarters, saying that it is an abnormal condition that pinning can be done without disclosing it to the owner of the member store.

    On the other hand, the first and second trials rejected the request. However, the Supreme Court's second small court (Yuki Furuta)2008On July 20, 7, the decision was made that "there is an obligation to report the contents of the purchase price payment", and the second trial and Tokyo High Court decision that "there is no obligation to report" was abolished. I sent it back to the Tokyo High Court to hear what I was obliged to report[115].. Receiving this,2009On August 21 (8), the Tokyo High Court issued a judgment ordering disclosure.

    Unreasonable reduction for subcontractors

    The 76 companies that had been entrusted with the production of private-brand bento and processed foods were made to compensate for part of the discount amount at the time of new store opening and renovation opening in the name of "catalog of new store sponsorship" , From September 2015 to August next year, it was said that the total amount of 9 million yen was unfairly reduced from the subcontracting payment,20177/21ToFair Trade CommissionからSubcontract payment delay prevention lawI received a recommendation to prevent recurrence due to a violation[116].

    Fukui Gosetsu forced business continuation issue

    20182 of the monthFukui GoyukiAnd was hit by heavy snowFukuiA man who runs a 50-Eleven store in the north requested the headquarters to take a leave of absence, but the headquarters did not approve it and demanded that the business continue.The man was forced to continue his business for fear of canceling the contract, and as a result he was forced to work for about XNUMX hours.Convenience store member UnionReport to[117].. After that, a person in charge of the headquarters visited the store and apologized[118].

    Contract cancellation and penalty claim problem for shortened sales

    OsakaHigashi Osaka CityMan running a XNUMX-Eleven store in Japan because of lack of manpower2019From February, when the company decided to shorten sales by 2 hours a day, the headquarters canceled the contract and charged a penalty of about 1 million yen.[119](Later, contract cancellation and penalty claims were withdrawn[120]).Taking this opportunity, the pros and cons of 24-hour convenience stores were highlighted, and convenience store companies such as Seven-Eleven started short-time sales experiments.[121]To strengthen support support for[122]Etc.

    On December 2019, 12, the headquarters told the owner of the store that “there were many unusual customer complaints about the store” (total of 20 cases between April 2012 and October 4).twitterWe continue to slander the above seven, and the situation where the credit quality is significantly deteriorated continues.” Therefore, we announced that we will cancel the franchise contract on December 12 unless we improve customer service etc. The documents didn't mention working hours and New Year's holidays. On the other hand, the owner admitted that he had an argument with the customer,Customer harassmentThere were many complaints like[123].. The owner announced on December 12 that same year it will file a lawsuit to confirm the status if the contract is canceled[124].

    It was closed on December 12st and January 31st, 2020, and reopened on January 1nd.Although after the contract was canceled, the signboards, equipment and POP of Seven-Eleven were not removed, and the uniforms were worn by Seven-Eleven and continued to operate.[125][126]..After that, the owner asked for invalidation of the cancellation, and the headquarters asked for the delivery of the building.Osaka District CourtToRestitution for DamagesLawsuitHowever, on May 2021, 5, during the trial, the headquarters side resumed operations at a temporary store built in the parking lot.It was an unusual situation where two stores stood on the premises with a partition.The construction cost of about 4 million yen will be added to the damages sought from the owner in the proceedings.[127].. On June 2022, 6, the Osaka District Court dismissed the owner's request, decided that the cancellation was valid, and ordered the owner to surrender the store.[128].

    Unauthorized ordering by Seven Headquarters

    An employee of the Seven-Eleven Japan headquarters visited the store under the name of advice in August 2019, ordered Oden using the terminal of the office without permission, and the owner noticed that the order was canceled. At a store in Kyoto prefecture, headquarters employees placed an order without permission for a total of 8 yen worth of products such as alcohol and nutritional drinks. Another owner said that he ordered a large number of seasonal products without permission, aiming for his absence. As a result, on September 15 of the same year, five Miyano, Chiba, Tokyo, Kyoto, and Osaka five store owners in five prefectures allegedly violated the Antimonopoly Act, and filed a lawsuit with the Fair Trade Commission. According to Seven Headquarters, "the owner has authority to place orders"[129], Unauthorized ordering by Seven-Eleven employees is a violation subject to disciplinary action.Seven-Eleven acknowledged the fact of ordering without permission in November of the same year, and announced that it would discipline two employees of the headquarters and investigate all stores for similar cases including the past.[130][131].

    Proceedings over collective bargaining rights

    "Seven-Eleven and store owners who have a franchise agreement join"Convenience store member Union", As the shopkeepers are placed in strict working conditions, etc.2009To the companyCollective bargaining rightThe company offered to negotiate based on the above, but the company said, "The shop owner became independent.Business ownerAnd with the companyLabor relationsThe union did not respond because it did not respond.OkayamaLabor CommitteePetitioned for relief.The prefectural labor committee2014"The owner isLabor union lawThe refusal of collective bargaining is the above workerUnfair labor practicesI ordered the company to accept the negotiations, but the company said.Central Labor CommitteeComplained to the Central Labor Relations Commission20193"The business characteristics of the shop owners who have signed a franchise agreement are remarkable, and they became independent.Retail companyHe pointed out that "it cannot be said that it is incorporated into (the company's) business organization, and it does not correspond to a worker under the Trade Union Law," and canceled the judgment of the Prefectural Labor Commission.The union, which could not accept this, was released in September of the same year.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfareProceeds against the Central Labor Relations Commission to revoke the orderTokyo District CourtI woke up.20226/6The district court sentenced the union to dismiss the complaint.[132].

    Trouble caused by FC store owner

    Abuse of personal information

    A woman in her twenties living in the Greater Tokyo Area201510At stores located in the Greater Tokyo Areahome deliveryAt that time, a man in his 40s who runs the storeSlipI called a woman by stealing such things, guessed the address, and requested cash and sexual relations.This owner is in the caseBlackmailattemptedIn addition to the charges, to another womanrapeEven on suspicionProsecutionDoneImprisonmentIt's been 6 years.Although the woman negotiated with Seven-Eleven, she refused to say, "I'm not the employer of this owner." As "is in"20166/23Seeking damagesTokyo District CourtHas filed a proceeding with the lawsuit, and is currently in dispute as of 2016.[133].

    Obscene acts on customers

    2018,TochigiAshikagaFranchise store owners for female customersobscenePut your hands in your pantspenisIt was discovered that he had repeatedly performed abnormal acts such as pulling out his hand from the chuck part and issuing a hand sign that was said to be obscene, and escorting to the parking lot after leaving the store.Victim woman shoots a video through a friend and posts it on the internet site on September 9th[134]That made the situation clear.The headquarters acknowledged the facts, apologized, and canceled the contract on September 9st.A spokeswoman for Seven & i Holdings knows why the owner was so obscene to his guests, but he refrained from revealing details. It was.This store manager's unusual behavior has become a hot topic in the neighborhood, and it was called "Hentai Seven".[135][136].

    High-value sales of masks

    At a member store with XNUMX-Eleven (the location and store name are not disclosed), the owner of the store purchased it online.MASKSWas sold at 1 yen, which is a price that deviates from the conventional wisdom,20203Turned out.New coronavirusIt seems that they were selling masks that were sold online at a high price without changing the price, taking advantage of the shortage of masks due to the influence of Made an offer to do[137].

    Selling expired oden

    XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DayYouTuber OfKorekoreIn the video delivered byHokkaidoSeven-Eleven clerk handles at the same convenience storeOdenAlready at the direction of the store managerExpiration SoonA video of the evidence was also live-streamed, saying that there was an accusation that it was selling something that was out of stock.[138]..Later, the viewer who saw this video reported to Seven & i Holdings, so he grasped the situation.Seven-Eleven JapanSapporo cityWhen I checked with the store owner, I admitted that it was a fact, so I stopped selling oden andSapporo City Public Health CenterClarified and apologized for reporting to[138][139][140].

    Trouble caused by employees

    Outflow of uniforms

    January 2021TwitterAbove, the Seven-Eleven uniformrecycle shopIt was reported that it was sold at.Lawyer dot comAccording to an interview with a member store, the Seven-Eleven headquarters stipulates in the manual for member stores that uniforms should be returned when staff members retire, but according to the owner of a member store, they have uniforms as a memorial. There are cases where uniforms cannot be collected due to "back-up retirement" where the staff suddenly stops coming one day, and some member stores are not strictly managed.[141].

    Also, according to the Seven-Eleven headquarters, uniformsInternet auctionThere are also cases where the listing is put up on the site, and it is said that the listing is deleted after notifying the operating company about this.[141].


    • logoThere is the following theory as the reason why the "N" of "ELEVEN" was designed in lowercase (wind).[142].. However, it is said that Seven-Eleven is not well understood because it has been a while since it was created.
      • The roundness is given to the squared logo by making it lowercase, and it becomes familiar
      • Since a simple enumeration of numbers (numerals) was not accepted under the US trademark registration standards at that time, the name was intentionally not a number (incorrect as a grammatical number notation), so the end was "n" as a design. registered
    • At the time of opening the first store (Toyosu store), Suzuki proposes to conclude a franchise contract, but Ito-Yokado officials disagree that "It is better to run the first store directly after experimenting" was there. However, the existing liquor store has the idea that it wants to change its direction to a convenience store, and it is said that the store has been franchised from the viewpoint of coexistence and mutual prosperity.[143]..The first directly managed store opened by Seven-Eleven was the Aioi store (Sagamihara City), which opened the month after the Toyosu store opened.
    • Initially, the Toyosu store was selling well, but there was a problem with product management. Since we basically purchase in large lots, unsold items became defective stock, and hot selling items were soon out of stock. Therefore, we proposed small-lot delivery that reduces the purchasing unit. To further develop stores, we will concentrate stores in Koto Ward, where Toyosu stores are located.Dominant strategyIt was proposed to promote community-based management by[143].
    • In 1980 (Showa 55),milk,BeverageSince the delivery of products such asTraffic jamIt was in a state that could invite. Therefore, we have adopted a mechanism for collective delivery in a batch regardless of the manufacturer. Until then, when the maker's person in charge came to deliver, first the products of other companies such as company B were moved afterwards, and then the products of company A (in-house) were displayed in front. By arranging the products of other manufacturers so that they can be seen, an attempt was made to "rearrange" so that customers could freely select products, and it was a great success.[143].
    • Named after "Seven-Eleven," there are also stores that have a sign saying "711m from here."
    • The "Seven-Eleven App" service started in June 2018.
      • This application has a function that allows you to acquire virtual "badges" according to points based on purchase history, etc., in order to promote usage.One of the badges, "Prefectural Conquest", has the highest "Platinum Badge" acquisition condition of "1 points" (use of one or more stores in each prefecture in Japan), which is the first in Okinawa Prefecture. It was unattainable until 47, when the store opened.


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    Food supplier
    Sponsorship of sports
    Each home stadium (Sapporo Dome,Rakuten Life Park Miyagi,Tokyo Dome,Meiji Jingu Stadium,Yokohama Stadium,Hanshin Koshien Stadium,MAZDA Zoom-Zoom Stadium Hiroshima,Saitama Stadium 2002,NACK5 Stadium Omiya,Todoroki Athletics Stadium,Nagano U Stadium,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu-Paloma Mizuho Stadium,Panasonic Stadium Suita,Edion Stadium Hiroshima) Has a seat with a naming right with Seven-Eleven Japan.
    What is Tigers2013 Climax Set 1st StageSponsored the title of the game.
    • United Lions -The parent company is a unified group, such as the unified super commerce that has expanded 2008-Eleven in Taiwan and Shanghai, China. Since 2016, the team name has been changed to “Unified Seven-Eleven Lions”, and until XNUMX it was the chest logo of the visitor uniform.
    • Sara Takanashi(Ski ski jumpers)-Sign a sponsored contract. Takanashi's parents' family runs Seven-Eleven.
    • Rice bowl - American FootballJapanChampionship.2018At the 71st event, the company co-sponsored the event by posting an ad saying, "Seven-Eleven supports the 71st rice bowl."
    • Nogizaka46 --Official sponsor.

    外部 リンク



    Outside Japan

    Frozen food

    Frozen foodWhat is (Rei Toshokuhin)?Long-term storageFor the purposefrozenManufactured/Distributed/Sold in the stateFoodSay.


    調理Not donePreparationIt’s already done and the consumer’s hassleUnzip・Only heating. Because it helps save labor in cooking, restaurantTo general家庭Is widely used.From the manufacturing plantFrozen carIt will be shipped at the store, displayed on the frozen product shelves at the store, and after purchase, it will be kept frozen until just before eating by taking it home with dry ice and storing it in the freezer.In addition, consideration is given to maintaining the freshness of food by quick freezing at the time of freezing, and it is possible to enjoy the fresh state at any time for a long period of time.The expiration date is often long, and it can be eaten just by heating it, so it can be used as an emergency food in case of emergency.ice creamFoods that are eaten frozen, such as, are not treated as frozen foods, but include those that are naturally thawed (mainly for lunch boxes) and eaten at room temperature.

    Frozen foods are classified as follows[1].

    • Unheated food
      • Raw food (seafood Ofsashimi(Prepared products such as Ya)
      • Cooked and cooked food (boiled octopus, boiled crab, frozen cake, etc.)
    • Food consumed after heating
      • Semi-cooked food (croquette, fries, etc.)
      • Cooked food (such as Shumai and eel cabay)

    Some frozen foods are thawed at room temperature or in a refrigerator, and if thawed correctly, they may be indistinguishable from non-frozen foods and dishes. As a productVegetables-fruitBesides,fly-Udon-pilaf-pizzaThere are many variations, such as dishes that have already been cooked and are simply served. In addition, with the spread of microwave ovens in recent years, there are many frozen foods that are already served and have a dedicated container, and these are useful in a busy modern world.

    The countries that consume the most frozen foodsThe United States of AmericaIs. In the countryLight mealThere are many products that meet various needs such as for lunch and dinner, and if you put a plastic tray with various frozen ingredients in the microwave and heat it for the specified time, it will become one tray.steak,potato salad,BreadToDessertThere is even a product where the menu for one meal up to is completed as a set.

    Pre-packaged meal (Prepackaged meals)” in the packagePlasticMade offorkknifeSince it comes with a microwave oven, you can eat without having to prepare not only food ingredients but also tableware as long as you have a freezer for storage and a microwave oven for heating ( The mainstream was the one in which frozen food was placed in a tray shaped aluminum foil and heated in an oven).

    These frozen foods are commonly referred to as "TV dinnerIs called, and this colloquial name is1954For the first time in the United States, we succeeded in selling this type of food and making it a big hit product,SwansonCompany's frozen food brand, “swanson TV DinnerIt is derived from



    refrigeratorBefore the invention ofFood preservationThere were attempts to freeze the food by placing it outside for freezing.HokkaidoInRuibeIn addition to known foods that freeze seafood in the open air, Russian aristocratic women of the 19th century,Ekaterina DashkovaIn his memoir, when he was banished from public office and headed to the territory for a few days from the capital, his subordinates were frozen.Shchi(Cabbage soup) is said to have been made, and it was written that the frozen chichi was cracked in the road and thawed over the fire to eat.[2].

    Dissemination and evolution

    Frozen foodthe 1900sToThe United States of AmericaI don't have much shelf lifejamFor processingStrawberryIt is said to be frozen because it is suitable for transportation. Of course at that time, there was no home refrigerator and refrigerator,Freezer refrigeratorBegan to spreadthe 1920s(in Japanthe 1930sAfter that, it was originally for storing fruits and the like.the 1950sFrozen foods are touted as "future foods" in the United States and specialize in frozen foodsRestaurantsIt was said that it was.

    Frozen foods became widespread in earnestthe 1960s(in Japan1965) After that, at hometv setThis is largely due to the increase in entertainment such as, and the enrichment of eating habits and the wide acceptance of various dishes. At this time in JapanFrozen tangerines stationNowadays, it is accepted as a new taste to eat with a slightly frozen texture in the summer, which is the opposite of the season.

    Initially, it was often shunned when it was crunchy or tasteless due to problems with freezing technology and lack of proper thawing methods.[Note 1]. But,Clarence Birdseye(en) By (en) Technology was developed, and there were technical improvements such as freezing marine products on board, which improved the taste.

    Nowadays, the technology for storing and transporting fresh foods while keeping them fresh is improving, so the need for freezing is decreasing, but even foods such as vegetables whose prices are rising due to bad weather are abundant. By storing it in a freezer at the time of acquisition, it can be less affected by the price, so in some cases it is cheaper than fresh products, and there are many advantages such as stable supply.

    History in Japan

    The beginning of the frozen food business in Japan was1920(Taisho9 years)HokkaidoMori TownAtInuhei KuzuharaIs full-scaleRefrigerated warehouseIs Japan's first forest refrigeration plant (laterKuzuhara cold storageAnd nowNichirei) Due to the construction[3].

    Frozen foods marketed in Japan for the first time1930(Showa 5)Tobata cold storage"Strawberry Shark" (frozen strawberries) released by[4]..Unlike the American one, which was intended to be processed into jam, it was marketed as a product that tastes the strawberry itself.

    After the war1964 OfTokyo OlympicsThe thawing and cooking methods suitable for frozen foods were studied withRestaurant industryUtilization has begun in the field.the 1970sFor small to large refrigerationRefrigerator ,microwaveThe spread ofCentral kitchenSchemefamily restaurantchainDue to the expansion of the business, it has come to show a large growth in both commercial and commercial use.

    またthe 1980sAfter thatmicrowaveIt has become popular with households due to lower prices, and at the same time, frozen foods for household use have become widely accepted. Especiallythe 1990sFrom that, since the defrosting technology that can even burn like a microwave oven has been developed, conventionallyMicrowave ovenPizza that was said to be delicious unless defrosted atgratinPottery dishes such as diversified.

    21st centuryProgress has continued even after entering the market, and further advances in quick freezing in manufacturing have improved the taste.[5].

    With the improvement of technology, types tend to diversify, and today,A coffee shopSuch as the morning setcake(There are usually hotcakes, cheesecakes, and even shortcakes. Of these, frozen shortcakes are called frozen cakes and are thawed naturally.ice creamSo-called cake-shapedIce cakeDifferent from),Whipped creamThere are alsoFrozen food for businessIs distributed as.

    Also, bones removed in advance or high pressure cooked frozenGrilled fish Hospital food,School lunchThere is also a movement to be incorporated in the menu of, and products that are not used in the past as food ingredients are beginning to appear. InsideBox lunchThere was also a product that can be put in a frozen state, put into a thawed state just before lunch, and can serve as a cold insulator without much effort.

    Recently, famousHotelHigh-quality frozen foods that have been frozen with the taste as they are, with the names of famous restaurants and cooks including.

    But on the other hand, in a saturated market,2002ToChugokuMore of ChinesespinachRemains fromPesticideHas been detected, distrust of the same type of food has occurred, and the state is slightly decreasing. Also,2007ToAkafuku MochiThere are also cases of misuse of preservation technology, such as the discovery of manufacturing date disguise by frozen storage.

    Frozen foods that have been cooked to a certain stage may cause distrust in relation to the safety issues of raw materials and the country of production. According to the Japan Frozen Foods Association, Japan's cooked imported frozen foods in 2006 are in a rapidly growing market that exceeds 100% of the previous year.[6]However, this means that imported cooked frozen foods have gained a considerable position in Japan's domestic food demand,Safety of Chinese foodIn connection with such problems, there is a turmoil that problematic products are collected after distribution, and frozen products made in China that were sold in various parts of Japan at the end of January 2008.GyozaThere is also a turmoil in which poisonous substances are detected and addicts are detected. As a result of the frozen dumpling case, the sales of frozen dumplings dropped sharply.

    With regard to this matter, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government is able to make reliable and appropriate choices when purchasing frozen frozen foods from Tokyo, and also as a means for businesses to properly grasp the raw materials of foods that they manufacture and process. It is obligatory to label the origin of raw materials for cooked frozen foods sold to consumers in Tokyo.[7].


    Storage characteristics

    WedMinutesgreaseBy making it so low that it freezes and solidifiesmicroorganismFor a long time (Japan Frozen Food Association[8]According to minus 18The feature is that it can be stored for about 1 year after production).

    In addition, the storage temperature of "minus 18Is 0℉ (Fahrenheit0 degree: Fahrenheit degree 0 is derived from Celsius degree-18). If the temperature is further lowered, it will parasitize the fishAnisakislikeParasiteYou can also kill.

    For vegetables and fruits with high water content, to prevent rupture due to freezing and deterioration and discoloration due to oxidases,BlanchingIs processed[9].

    Frozen foods such as peeled shrimp, squid and shellfish are treated to form a thin ice film (glaze, glaze) to prevent surface drying and oxidation.[9].

    Frozen food precautions

    • Store at low temperature (minus -18℃).
    • Expiration SoonProtect.grease OfOxidationEtc.品質 OfdeteriorationProgress does not stop completely, even if it slows down. If you store it for too long,Sublimationdo it(I.e.It's done (frozen), and it's dry even when thawed. Also, the moisture in the packageRecrystallizationConversion (FrostThen, it becomes partially messy.
    • Try to avoid melting as much as possible during transportation. If you buy it at home, buy it at the end of shopping and put it in the freezer at home early.dry iceIf you buy it at a store that offers such services, it is advisable to ask for dry ice.
    • Once melted, do not refreeze and use up early. If the water melts or the drip refreezesFlavorAnd the freshness is significantly reduced.
    • During handlingfrostbiteBe careful.
    • CondensationWhen frozen frozen foods are fried, the water content increases rapidly.Vaporization(Steam explosion), hot oil spatters,scaldBe careful as it may cause fire or fire.

    Domestic share

    It is an oligopoly market with the top five companies accounting for about 75% of the market share.

    Major frozen food manufacturing companies



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    注 釈

    1. ^ Especially for vegetables, fruits, and seafood, since the cells are destroyed by the expansion of water contained in foods, their types and uses were limited.


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