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🍴 | [Actual food] I enjoyed a cute retro evening drink at Pronto's "Retro Fair"!


[Actual food] I enjoyed a cute retro evening drink at Pronto's "Retro Fair"!

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"Sakaba's pudding a la mode", which is luxurious with rich pudding and plenty of fruit, was a dish that was fully satisfying even if shared.

"Pronto", which is familiar at cafe & dining bar chains, will be "Retro Fair" for a limited time from May 5th ... → Continue reading

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Pudding mode

Pudding a la modeIs born in JapanWestern food(Western confectioneryKind of).Custard puddingA variety of sweets, centered on (so-called pudding)DessertAssortment of.


A coffee shop,family restaurantIt is known as a dessert menu of restaurants such as.

The following ingredients are displayed, centering on custard pudding.


"A la mode" (correctlyAla mode) Is taken from French, which means "latest fashion" and "sophisticated".Kanagawa横 浜 市Naka-kuIt is inHotel New GrandIt is said to be a dessert devised by "The Cafe"[1].Pacific Warrear,GhqNot only pudding, but keeping in mind that it will be provided to the wife of a senior U.S. military officer at the same hotel at the time of requisitioncanningIt started with garnished fruits and ice cream.[2].


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