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🍴 | The soup is black even though it is salt ramen⁉ A local gourmet that utilizes the “sea troublesome person” is born in Miyagi

Photo Shichigahama Black (from a tweet from Dashiro (@ dashirou1))

The soup is black even though it is salt ramen⁉ A local gourmet that utilizes "the troublesome person of the sea" is born in Miyagi

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Named "Shichigahama Black" because the soup is black, this ramen is sold as bag noodles and can be purchased from the 21st of this month at the Fisheries Cooperative, Environmental Association, and even on the Internet.

[OH! Bandes-Miyagi Television] Developed in Shichigahama Town, Miyagi Prefecture at the corner on May 2022, 5, ... → Continue reading

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Bag noodles

Bag noodlesWhat is (fukuromen)?PlasticInstantly sold in a bag-shaped packagenoodlesRefers toCup NoodleAfter appearanceRetro Nim.

Instant noodleProducts are the mainstream,Fried noodles-Udon-Japanese buckwheat noodlesIt is a name that includes other instant noodles.

Cup NoodleIs different fromkitchenwareIt was used調理When,MealTo doTablewareIs required.In many casespotでBoilCook by things.


Fukuromen is the earliest product of instant noodlesChicken Ramen(1958/8/25This is the form that was taken (launched), but it is called this way with the intention of distinguishing it from cup noodles after the development of cup noodles later.In chicken ramen, the noodles themselves are seasoned to become soup when hot water is poured, but in later productsSoupIt is common to attach a pouch of.In addition, chicken ramen can be eaten by putting a chunk of noodles in a bowl and pouring hot water into it, but in general, bag noodles are mainly cooked in a pot or the like as described later.

For ramen, udon, soba, etc.potBoil about 500cc of hot water, put the dried noodles in the package into it, boil it for about 3 minutes, and add the attached seasonings such as soup and liquid seasonings to eat.For yakisoba,A frying panBoil an appropriate amount of hot water, put the dried noodles in it, boil it for a while, and when the noodles come loose, remove the water.Stir fry, Finish and stir-fry while mixing powdered soup, liquid seasoning, sprinkle and other attached seasonings.The specific cooking method depends on the product, but it is usually stated on the package.Usually before eatingBowl of riceEtc.TablewareServe in.It is also possible to add ingredients as appropriate during this cooking and arrange them according to the taste of the consumer.also,the 2000sInmicrowaveThere are also products that combine cooking utensils and tableware that use[1]It is easy to cook in a microwave oven as long as you have a large heat-resistant container without a dedicated cooker.[2].

Ingredients to be addedegg,When,Ham-KashakiMeat, such asSeaweed,Wakame,RawVegetablesThere are a wide variety of vegetables such as (added before boiling and boiled together), boiled vegetables and stir-fried vegetables (placed after serving), and there are no particular restrictions on what to put on as long as the consumer's taste is met.

Many cheap products cost less than 50 yen per meal at the actual selling price in Japan, but on the other hand, expensive ingredients are used.retortYou can also see products that have a high-class feel as a selling point.

In Japan, in the case of a cooking method product in which powdered soup is put in hot water in a pot, it is recommended to boil the noodles and ingredients and turn off the heat before putting them in so as not to lose the aroma and flavor.[3], South KoreaThen the top shareHot ramen・ Long-sellingSanyo RamenHowever, the package says that noodles and powdered soup should be boiled at the same time, which is different from Japan.

In other countries, "Chicken RamenPerhaps because of the strong image of "", it is said that there is a custom to take it out of the bag and pour hot water as it is, or put hot water in a bowl, put noodles in it and stir with a fork, and do not boil either. ..

Consumption trends

It requires a pot and a bowl to cook and eat, and many of them are more time-consuming than cup noodles.1989/In November, production fell below this,Instant FoodThe market that occupies is declining.

However, the mass production manufacturing technology itself has been completed for a long time, and since the storage period is also dried, it is relatively easy to handle with 6 months (normal temperature storage).Easy to packageGarbageLess is.Also, since there is plenty of room for cooking with meat and vegetables in each household, some consumers prefer this, and new products are appearing every year.As a special sale product, it is often sold in bulk in units of 5 meals, and it is widely sold mainly in the Asian region.MassesIt is popular as a food.

2011 yearsToyo SuisanSince the hit of "Maruchan Seimen", products with the same quality as raw noodles have appeared, creating a new significance of bag noodles for cup noodles.[4].


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