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🍴 | Kura Sushi, Tuna Samadhi Fair held – The finest tuna products such as “hon tuna” and “minami tuna” are now available


Kura Sushi, Tuna Samadhi Fair-Highest quality tuna products such as "hon tuna" and "minami tuna" are now available

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You can enjoy as many as 1 types of sushi made with natural bluefin tuna and southern bluefin tuna in one plate.

The conveyor belt sushi chain "Kura Sushi" is a natural "book tuna" and "minami mug" known as the finest tuna. → Continue reading

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Southern bluefin tuna

Southern bluefin tuna(Southern bluefin, scientific name Thunnus maccoyii) Is a type of fish classified in the Perciformes Scombridae.As the Japanese nameSouthern hemisphereWidely distributed in mid-latitude watersTuna.

Indian OceanBecause it is caught a lot inJapanThen.Southern bluefin tuna[2]Also called.What is caught is edibleJapanTo many輸入Will be done.Although popular, it is also one of the most endangered types of tuna.


Adult fish can reach a maximum length of 245 cm and a weight of 260 kg.Among the 8 types of tunaBigeye,KihadaIt is a medium-sized species along withAtlantic bluefin tuna,Bluefin tunaIt is the second largest after.

The pectoral fin is relatively shorter than the bigeye and yellowfin tuna, and does not reach the second dorsal fin.The body surface is small except for the cuirassierscaleCovered in.Body color is dark on the backblue, The sides and ventral surface are silvery white.The first dorsal fin is yellowish gray, the second dorsal fin is reddish brown, the small dorsal fin is yellow, and the horizontal ridge (tail keel) at the base of the caudal fin is yellowish white.


The Pacific Ocean·Indian Ocean·大西洋It is distributed only in the Southern Hemisphere.It is mainly found in mid-latitude waters from 30 ° S to 60 ° S.Bigeye tuna in relatively warm watersAlbacoreAnd the distribution area overlaps.It is also a large fish of the Scombridae family that resembles tuna.GastroShows a distribution similar to that of southern bluefin tuna.

Inhabits the middle layer of the open ocean,FlockWide areaMigrationdo.Eating is carnivorous, other small fish, crustaceans, cephalopods,SalpPrey on a wide range of small animals.

AustraliaNorthwestJavaThe warm waters to the south are known as spawning grounds, and adult and juveniles that participate in breeding are found in surface waters with a water temperature of 20-30 ° C.

Relationship with humans

Southern bluefin tunaLongline, Etc., are caught in pelagic fisheries, and most of them are consumed in Japan.The annual catch has been around 1960 tons since the 5s and around 1980 tons since the latter half of the 2s.The body is rich in fat and is prized as a luxury item next to bluefin tuna in Japan.sashimi,sushiUsed for seeds.

However, as a result of the catch, it is said that the population has decreased by 50% in more than 92 years.IUCNOn the Red List of1994"CR" (Critically endangered), listed as one of the most endangered animals not only in tuna but also in wildlife.It is said that if the catch is continued as it is, the number of individuals will fall below 100 within 500 years.

Japan, Australia, which was a major fishing country in 1994New ZealandCCSBT-Commission for the Conservation of Southern Bluefin Tuna: HeadquartersCanberra) Was set up, and efforts for resource management began in earnest.afterwards South Korea,フィリピン,South Africa,EUEtc. have also announced their participation in CCSBT as member states or cooperative non-member states.

However, it was discovered that the catch exceeded the allotted catch (Japan, a total of over 1996 tons between 2005 and 10, which was halved by Japan's allotted catch quota at the 2006 Southern Bluefin Tuna Conservation Committee (3 tons /). It is said that it became the background of the year)[3].However,Fisheries AgencyDenies the disciplinary implications of this and states that it is a positive attitude towards resource management.[Source required]) Or Japan and Australia / New ZealandInternational court of lawConflict with (Southern Bluefin Tuna Case[4]), There are many issues such as continued fishing by non-member countries.

Also, for longlines aimed at southern bluefin tunaWandering albatrossThis is also a problem because albatrosses such as these are hung and drown.

When viewed as food, trace amounts contained in the body of southern bluefin tunamercuryYou need to be careful.Ministry of Health, Labor and WelfarePregnant womanLists the amount of food consumed as one of the fish and shellfish that should be noted. (Approximately 2005g per week) is a guide.[5].

Resource protection

in Japan,International Commission for the Conservation of Atlantic TunaWhen exporting or re-exporting southern bluefin tuna, etc., attach a fishing certificate, statistical certificate, export certificate or re-export certificate, etc.Certificate of originIs required to ensure[6].


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