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🍴 | Donki puts "do" on fashionable packages and is surprised at the quality of the contents


Donki puts "do" on fashionable packages and is surprised at the quality of the contents

If you write the contents roughly
If you keep it in the freezer, you can enjoy it with a little reward, such as "I wonder if I should make black coffee and chocolate cake today" or "I wonder if it's tea and crumble cheesecake today".

[The hidden masterpiece "Frozen Cake" from Don Quijote's Passion Price Series.There is more satisfaction than the price ...Don Quijote = ... → Continue reading


"Making'tell'intelligible" The news site "Sirabee" is a medium that combines survey data with news to convey information in an easy-to-understand manner.

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    Reward mood

    black coffee

    "black coffee] (Original title: Black Coffee) IsUnited KingdomThe novelistAgatha Christie OfDrama.Hercule PouloIt is a detective story of things.1930/Once upon a timeUKPremiered at the Embassy Theater in Swiss Cottage in the northwest, the following year in the same cityWest EndPerformance at. The drama of Christie's work1928/ToKilled acroidThere is "Alibi" based on "Alibi", but this is the first play written by Christie himself.1997/It was made into a novel by. As of 2008, the Japanese versionHayakawa PublishingBoth the drama version and the novel version have been published by.


    Sir Claude Amory, a scientist, said he had called the detective Hercule Poirot home in front of his family. He was studying newatomOf the explosionequationSaid he was stolen and advised him to return the envelope containing the equation while keeping the room pitch black. After that, the lights turned on and the envelope was on the desk, but Claude was dead and the envelope was empty.


    Hercule Poulo[1]
    BelgianProminent private detective.
    Arthur HastingsCaptain[1]
    Poirot's friend (so-called Watson).
    Sir Claude Amory
    Nuclear scientist. A man about 60 years old. Leader in the modern scientific community[2]At the same time, he is an inventor and holds a patent for a special lock.
    Richard Amory
    Claude's son. An English gentleman with a good feeling.
    Lucia Amory
    Richard's wife. A beautiful woman about 25 years old, half Italian and half British.
    Caroline Amory
    Claude's sister. An old-fashioned but kind middle-aged woman.
    Barbara Amory
    Claude's niece. A modern 21 year old woman.
    Edward Reiner
    Claude's secretary. This is a 28-year-old man with no characteristics.
    Butler of the Amory family.
    Dr. Carelli
    A guest of the Amory family. Italian man.
    Claude's family doctor.
    Inspector Japp[1]
    Inspector of Scotland Yard.
    Detective Johnson
    A police officer brought by Inspector Japp.


    A three-act structure set in the reading room of Sir Claude Amory's residence. Amory House is about 3 from LondonMilesLocated in a remote Abbott Clave.

    • Act 1-8:30 pm
    • Act 2-The next morning
    • Act 3-15 minutes later

    Bibliographic information

    Only the Japanese translation version is listed.

    Drama version

    • Translated by "Black Coffee", Hayakawa Publishing (Christy Bunko),2004/Published in January, ISBN-4 15-130065-1 etc.

    Novel version


    1. ^ a b c It is a character that appears in many other works of Christie.
    2. ^ Quoted from Richard's line in Act 1.


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