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🍴 | Seriously, you can eat endlessly.Tully's "luxury lunch" is an unforgettable horse once you eat it

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You can eat it infinitely.Tully's "luxury lunch" is an unforgettable horse once you eat it

If you write the contents roughly
Since it is meat, it is not greasy and matches basil.

I came to the cafe because I wasn't motivated today.It's important to change your mood.What should I drink ... → Continue reading

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chickenWhat is (Chicken, Keiniku)?Chicken OfmeatRefers to.


Chicken is the most representative家禽And simplyBird meatSpeaking of chicken, it often refers to chicken.beef,豚 肉,LambAlong with it, it is one of the meats that are eaten daily in the world.

Chubu regionPart ofKansai region,Kyushu regionThen "Wrinkles(Yellow chicken) ”. "Kashiwa" is originally a brown feather-colored chicken native to Japan, but it has come to be used as a general name for chicken (Swallow,Kashiwa udon).

On the contrary,Kagawa,Okayama,HyogoBanshu regionThen, the meat of old chickens (especially hens that have finished ovulation) is called "kashiwa meat" and is sold and eaten.

At the Japan Food and Bird Association,Every yearMay 10Is called "Domestic Chicken Meat Day"[1].. It was decided from 10 (too → tori), 2 (ni) 9 (ku) → flesh rhyme.

Unlike beef and pork, chickenFood tabooIt is also a meat that is rarely touched, and is widely consumed all over the world.However,Bird funeralEating chicken is generally avoided in areas where this is done.

Common kanjiIn the table, the kanji "chicken" isReading aloudIs "Kay",ReadingIs "chicken", so reading "chicken" as "chicken" is an out-of-line reading,Kanji table for newspaperThen, in 2001 (Heisei 13), the kun'yomi "chicken" was added to "chicken", so in the mass media, "chicken" may be read as "tori-niku".[2].


Japanese archipelagoThen.Yayoi PeriodToRice cultivationWith the start of farming家畜Was introduced from the continentpigと と も にChickenHas been introduced. In ancient times, the arrival of the morning was announced mainly by the bark."Time telling bird"It is believed that meat was eaten as a secondary use of abandoned chickens. "Japanese calligraphyAccording to, in JapanEmperor Tenmu5 years(675/)May 4So-calledMay 4からMay 9UntilfryProtection and five livestock (cow-A horse-Dog-Japanese macaque・ Chicken)CarnivoreWas banned.Edo PeriodIn the latter half, records of chicken food can be seen mainly in western Japan, mainlyCooked in waterIt is believed that it was eaten by.

The United States of AmericaOriginally, it was more valuable than beef,[3]Second World WarDue to a shortage of beef and pork inside, chicken consumption increased.Nutrition,AntibioticsAdvances in research have made mass breeding possible and reduced production costs.1950/In my teensKentucky Fried ChickenBegan to expand nationwide at about the same time.EuropeThen.BSEUnder the influence of1996/For the first time, chicken consumption is beefVealExceeded.

With AmericaCanadaThen "Chicken soupWhen you drinkcoldThere is a legend that "will be cured".In recent years, research results have been published showing that the nutrition of chicken soup has the effect of relieving the symptoms of colds.[4].

2017/In Japan, pork, which had been the number one consumer in Japan, was overtaken, and chicken became the number one consumer.[5].

Chicken type

Game chicken(Shamo)
Natural treasure.
Cow bone chicken(Ukokkei)
Natural monument.
A young chicken for meat, raised in a large poultry house.
Brand bird
A device that is different from the breeding method of broilers (feed content, shipping date, etc.).
Local chicken
Generally, there are conditions such as breed and breeding period to indicate that the chicken is a local chicken. (Nagoya Cochin, Tosa chicken,Hinai chicken,Satsuma chicken)


Breast meat

fatIt has a dry texture as a whole and tends to be shunned.It's cheaper than thigh meat and sells for around 100-40 yen per 60g.

Main of chicken (in 100g)fatty acidType of[8]
ItemQuantity (g)
saturated fatty acid4.366
14:0 (Myristic acid)0.099
16:0 (Palmitic acid)3.325
18:0 (stearic acid)0.844
Monounsaturated fatty acid6.619
16:1 (Palmitoleic acid)0.923
18:1 (oleic acid)5.543
Polyunsaturated fatty acid3.352
18:2 (Linoleic acid)2.987
18:3 (α-linolenic acid)0.155
20: 4 (unidentified)0.103


In the area close to the breast meatproteinHas a relatively high content and is less fat than breast meat.It has a dry texture and almost no "umami" brought about by fat.The shape isBamboo leafThe name given because it resembles. salad,Topping,SearedGood for. There is a hard streak in the center, which may be removed before sale. It is a relatively high price among each part.

Thigh meat

It is rich in fat and is used in various dishes. It is often cooked with bones together with shank.


The part corresponding to below the knee in humans. "Drumstick" (drum stick), And is used for fried chicken and stewed dishes with bones.


The part of the wing. There are the following three names.

Chicken wings
Little meat, manygelatinQuality and fat. For this reason, mainlyfried,Braised,soup stockUsed for.It corresponds to the part from the human wrist to the fingertip.
In chicken wings
There are many gelatinous parts along with meat. A part of the meat is separated from the bone and turned inside out, and the bone is held by hand to make it easier to eat.Tulip", And fried. The one that opens this is the chicken wing opening, and the one that sticks the chicken wings on a skewer is called a raft skewer. Furthermore, the chicken wings that are split in half are also called chicken ribs or chicken spare ribs. It corresponds to the part between the human elbow and wrist.
Nippon HamIs fried chicken ribs (divided in half in chicken wings) (processed meat / side dish)Tiki Tiki BoneIt is sold under the product name of "[9]..Also, Yamaguchi PrefectureNagato City(Fukagawa Chicken Agricultural Cooperative)[10]And Miyazaki PrefectureNichinan CityAt (Super Tomura), processed meat with chicken ribs (split in half in chicken wings) seasoned with spices is "Chicken heroIt is sold under the name of ", and it is a local food in each area.
Also known as "wing stick" (Wing Stick).It is close to regular meat because it has moderate bones, meat and skin, and it is also suitable for fried chicken and simmered dishes as an ingredient for other dishes.It corresponds to the part between the human elbow and shoulder.There are also tulips that use wings.


The following are not recognized as chicken parts,Yakitori-Grilled meat-Simmered dishesThen it is called like this.

  • Hold,hormone,Giblets...内 臓Generic term for meat
  • lever...liver
  • hearts,heart…心 臓
    • Hatsumoto: The root of the heart, the part where blood vessels are connected.
    • Hatsumi ... A collection of blood vessels that connect to Hatsmoto
  • Triggers ...Crop
  • Seni ... (Glandular stomach)
  • Sunagimo (gizzard) ... muscle stomach (Gizzard)
    • Engawa ... Muscles around the gizzard (intermediate muscles)
  • Sweetbread...Thymus.. Also known as Otafuku.
  • Azuki ...spleen.. Also called Megimo.
  • Segimo ...kidney
  • White ...Jejunum
  • Shirako (Shirako) ...Testes
  • Kinkan ... Unspawned
  • Skin, chick skin ... chicken skin
  • Bonjiri, triangle, bonpochi ... tail
  • Acupuncture points ... Uropygial glands (organs that secrete fat that birds apply to their wings)
  • Yagen (cartilage)… Xiphoid cartilage at the part of the scissors
  • Knee cartilage: Cartilage in the knee joint (generally used for lifting)
  • Harami ...Abs Although it is meat, it is treated according to the food trading standards of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries.
  • Neck ... Neck / neck muscles. Also called skipper or bonito (small meat).
  • Saezuri ... Esophagus / respiratory tract. Also known as juicy skippers and nodobue.
  • Eboshi (Eboshi) ... Tosaka
  • Maple…toes. The name comes from the shape.

(English edition)The part is near the base of the thigh (IliumIn the dorsal dent)FrenchThen Soliles (sot-l'y-laisse, "Leave only fools")[11].

The rest of the meat and internal organs (mostly bones) is called "chicken shavings".

Chicken and mapleChinese cuisine,Western cuisine,RamenIt is used to make soup stock. MomijiChinese cuisineThen "Chicken claws" (繁体字: Chicken claws,Simplified characters: Phoenix Claw,Cantonese: Fongjau) (en), Fried and stewed, processed into dishes that eat skin and cartilage. in JapanOitaHita CityLocal cuisine in the area (Maple (local cuisine)).


In areas where poultry farming is popular, there are often unique local chicken breeds, and chicken dishes are also popular.

Types of chicken dishes

It can also be used as an alternative to pork and beef dishes (fried food).Minced meatOr,TsukuneIt can also be used as a cooking ingredient.

Bacterial food poisoning

Chickensashimi,Seared,YukkeIt may be eaten raw.However, it exists as an indigenous bacterium in the intestinal tractCampylobacter( Campylobacter ),Salmonella( Salmonella ), Arcobactor ( Arcobacter ) And in the slaughter processE. coli,StaphylococcusMay be contaminated by, even fresh meat at a high rateFood poisoningContaminated with the causative bacteria[12]May cause food poisoning[13][14] .

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare "Food Poisoning Bacteria Contamination Survey in Food"[7]According to the report, the salmonella contamination rate in minced chicken meat is as high as follows.

Salmonella contamination rate of minced chicken
Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%

Furthermore, the Campylobacter contamination rate in minced chicken meat is as follows.

Campylobacter contamination rate of minced chicken
Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%Number of samplesPositive number%

Campylobacter is the leading cause of bacterial diarrheal disease in humans worldwide, with poultry meat products accounting for about 70% of cases.[15]..The number of reported cases of food poisoning due to Campylobacter in Japan has exceeded 2003 per year since 2000, making it an important food poisoning bacterium.[12].. In addition, other than humanLion,DoraThe reason why carnivorous animals such as these do not become food poisoning even if they eat raw meat is that they have strong resistance to Campylobacter.

Kagoshima,Miyazaki,OitaPart ofChicken sashimiIs eaten as a local dish, but Iwaya Amane[16]According to the past data, it is from Kagoshima citizens.CampylobacterThere are not many cases of food poisoning due to food poisoning, and there are reports that "all outbreaks are from residents from other prefectures."[17].. In the reported case, Campylobacter food poisoning suspected to be caused by chicken sting occurred in 5 out of 3 people who ate the same food, 3 of whom were from Fukuoka, Nagasaki, and Kumamoto, and the remaining 2 Originally from Kagoshima and Miyazaki, students in Kagoshima reported that Campylobacter was detected in their stools, but no symptoms occurred.[17].. "I don't know if it didn't occur because I had immunity, or if it was a problem with the intestinal flora, but it's an interesting case."[17].


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