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🧁 | [Canele] Popular sweets with plenty of American cherries are on sale for a limited time ♡


[Canele] Popular sweets with plenty of American cherries are on sale for a limited time ♡

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It has jam made with American cherries and mellow custard cream.

TREE by NAKED yoyogi park, arranged with American cherries, very popular ... → Continue reading


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custard cream

custard > custard cream

custard cream(British: pastry cream,Buddha: custard) IscustardUsedcream.


MainlyWestern confectioneryIt is a light yellow, trolley sweet cream used in.

egg yolkとsugarMix well,Wheat flour(CornstarchBut the flavor is inferior) and warmedmilkIt is completed by adding little by little and stretching it, and heating it until it becomes fatty tuna.[1].

Whipped creamUnlike, it does not deteriorate even when heated, and it is often used because it is inexpensive. However, it does not last for a long time due to its high water content.[2].. Therefore, as a countermeasureBrandylikeWineAlcohol content is often added, which also serves as a seasoning.

Usage example


Crème saint-honoré
For custard creammeringue(Frozen hardEgg white) Is mixed.Claim chiboust Also known as (crème chiboust, crème chibouste). Detail isChiboustSee.
Creme anglaise (crème an glaise)
The manufacturing method is similar to custard cream, but it does not contain flour, so it has less tortoise.Anglaise sauceAlso called.
Crème diplomate
A mixture of custard cream and whipped cream. It is often added to cream puffs instead of custard cream to improve its richness and texture.
Marsala wine,SherryCustard cream flavored with such as.


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American cherry

In JapanAmerican cherryIs mainlyUnited States West CoastCan be taken withCherryPoint to.The representative variety is Bing, which accounts for 9% of the import volume to Japan.[1].

The wood American cherry isUwamizuzakuraNeighboring species of(English edition)(Black cherry)Prunus serotineAnd another種Is.This article describes a type of cherry.


Of the plant種Is the same as Sato Nishiki in JapanSweet cherry Prunus avium.


Bing is located on the northern west coast of North AmericaOregon,State of Washington, And in CanadaBritish columbiaCultivation in Japan is popular.Also not on the west coast,WisconsinBut it is actively cultivated[2].

Most of the raw fruits in the United States are bing.The bing is large, dark in color, and the fruit is tight.It is durable and suitable for transportation by ship, but it is easily cracked if it rains after harvesting.9% of American cherries entering Japan are bing.From the dark skin color, "Dark cherryAlso called[1].

China with gardener Seth Lewelling and chief of work in Milwaukie, Oregon in the 1870sManchu tribeDeveloped by Ah Bing.Bing's name is based on the name of this chief of work.Bing, who was involved in the development, had temporarily returned to China in 1889, but was revised in 1892.Chinese exclusionCould not return to the United States again due to the enforcement of[3].


(English edition)Has a yellowish cream color.Susceptible to temperature, wind and rain.Also, one-third of the ripe fruit is eaten by birds.Therefore, the price is a little high, $ 3 per pound (1 g) in the United States and $ 1 in the United Kingdom and Japan.The flesh is soft and looks goodSato NishikiIt is similar to Bing and has a very strong sweetness, so it is preferred by Japanese people over Bing.[1].

1952 years,Washington State UniversityDeveloped by Harold Fogle, a combination of Bing and Van Cherry.

More informations

It is said that there are more than 1000 varieties such as Brooks, Tulare, Garnet, King, Lambert, Van and Chelan.Napoleon and Takasago, which are familiar in Japan, are also a type of American cherry that was introduced in the olden days.


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