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🍴 | McDonald's, Happy Meal "Pokemon Outdoor" for a limited time sale


McDonald's Happy Set "Pokemon Outdoor" for a limited time

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The company commented that it would like to take this opportunity to enjoy playing with friends and family through Pokemon toys, touching nature and satisfying children's curiosity.

McDonald's Japan will hold a happy set "Pokemon Outdoor" for a limited time from June 6th at McDonald's nationwide ... → Continue reading

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好奇心What is (Kokishin)?物事Primitive to seek outHeart..VoluntaryResearch-Learning,物事 Of本質TheResearchIs the source of intellectual activities such as感情Say

Human capitalIncluding, relativelyIntelligenceIs highAnimalBut it seems that many species have itcommunication skillCan be seen (Laterreference).


If you want to know the reason or meaning of something you don't understand,Human capital(A humanSeems to be the fundamental desire of).In that sense,Wide showentertainerTrying to sneak around your life (cf. Wild horse)When,Elementary particlesIt seems that there is no difference in trying to unravel the behavior of.For the time being, the latterIntellectual curiosityAlthough there is a judgment that the former is a popular behavior while the latter is respected,ObjectivityMay be scarce.

Other emotions that come about when you encounter something new恐怖Can be mentioned.When a human hits something new, firstAstonishmentComes first, then either curiosity or fear.

In essence, curiosity is the act or spiritual work of something unknown.wordIt leads to seeking information on the natural environment and surrounding events and related things.In addition, unfamiliar names instill curiosity in people, so they are also named to attract attention.

Sexual curiosity

Animal curiosity

AnimalWhether or not they are curious is just as difficult as whether or not they have a heart. (The fact is that we have not been able to define exactly what the concept of "mind" means in the first place).But of higher animalsResearcherOften thinks it is.For example, manymammalian,birdsWhen those individuals place themselves in a place they have never experienced in the past, they first take action to confirm the surrounding situation.thisExploratory behaviorHowever, it is possible to see this as a form of curiosity.Also, if you see something you haven't seen in front of the animal, you will run away first, but if you decide that it is not dangerous, you will come closer to investigate it.monkey ThePetRelatively difficult to do, but for one thing they are too fiercemischiefBecauseA humanBecause it becomes impossible to maintain the living and indoor space ofIntelligenceIs because he is excellent and curious.Konrad LorenzSays.

AntelopeIs very cautious, but also very curious, saying that once a decoy human looks strange when he is away from the antelope, he aims at the place where the antelope has stopped.huntingThere was a way[Where?].


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