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🍺 | Pink and yellow craft beer with "Amaou" extract is born "Earth-friendly" Fukuoka's new specialty


Pink and yellow craft beer with "Amaou" extract is born "Earth-friendly" Fukuoka's new specialty

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This craft beer is sold at "Miyazaki Liquor Store" in Tachiarai Town.

It's not just delicious.This summer, this kind of earth-friendly craft beer may become a specialty. ◆… → Continue reading

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Miyazaki liquor store

    Craft beer

    Craft beer (English: craft beers) IsEnglishso"CraftsmanIt is an expression that means “technical beer” and “handmade beer”, and is a concept that is used in comparison with beer produced by major beer companies in mass production.JapaneseThen.Craft beerIt is sometimes expressed as.Local beerAlso called.

    "Craft beer" in the United States

    The United States of AmericaSmall brewery in (Micro brewery) Industry group(English edition) (BA) isCraft brewery (craft brewery) is defined as "small, independent and traditional"[1][2][3].. Specifically, annual production is 600 millionbarrel(US beer barrels) (approximately 70 kiloliters) or less, less than 25% of the capital (equity) controlled by other liquor makers who are not craft brewers, raw materials and fermentation incorporating innovations in traditional methods Crafting is a condition of craft brewery[1].

    The definition of the Brewers Association is2011Until January, the annual production limit was set at 1 million barrels. It was the largest craft brewerySamuel AdamsTo manufacture(English edition)Standards were raised in response to the fact that[3].. Due to this cap increase, it was not considered a craft brewery on scale until then.InglingBecame the largest craft brewery[4].

    Craft beer produced by Craft Brewery is called craft beer.While traditional raw materials and methods are respected in their production, various flavors and the like are devised by the additives to be combined and various products are produced. Being born is also a characteristic of craft beer[1].

    The Brewers Association offers a tentative definition, but on the other hand, ``The Brewers Association doesn't define a definition of craft beer because it's up to the drinker to think what craft beer is, but beer. As long as brewing is the main business, there is no distinction between what type of beer a craft brewer brews (Since the Brewers Association doesn't define craft beer — that idea remains up to the beer drinker — the definition doesn't differentiate on what type of beer craft brewers brew, as long as the majority of what they make is beer.).[5].

    Krafty beer

    Even beers that fall outside the definition of the Brewers Association are sometimes referred to as craft beers. The term "crafty beer" is sometimes used to mean "crafty beer".[6][7].

    Examples of brands produced by major beer companies using methods similar to craft beer include (MillerCoors) Produced byblue Moon,Anheuser-Busch OfSiegenbock, Shock Top etc. An example of an originally independent brewery that came under the umbrella of a major beer company is Miller Coors.(English edition)Of Anheuser-BuschGoose Island BreweryThere are examples such as[7].Canada OfQuebecIs produced in(English edition)Originally, it was an independent brewery, but after that,Sapporo beerIt has been placed in the same position as it has become a member of[7].


    In the United States, regulatory approval is required to ship alcohol, including beer, out of the state. Also, the beer manufacturerUS TreasuryThere are restrictions on manufacturing and distribution, such as the need to obtain label certification from the Liquor Tobacco Tax Trade Control Bureau, and the burden on small-scale craft beer manufacturers increases.2018From the end2019For a long time until the beginningGovernment closureAt the time of the event, some craft beer manufacturing companies could not obtain government certification and could not ship.[8].

    Craft beer and craft beer in Japan

    As of 2018, there are 141 craft beer makers in Japan (Empire data bankInvestigation)[9].

    JapanThen,1994 OfLiquor tax lawWith the revision, the minimum beer production standard was reduced from 2,000 kiloliters to 60 kiloliters,Micro breweryA small brewery company equivalent toLocal beer", and once there were more than 300 craft beer companies[10][11].. The initial boom2003Around that time, the number of craft beer companies settled down to about 200,[10], Hereafter, instead of "local beer", "beer crafted by a beer craftsman in a small brewery", "beer crafted by hand crafted beer craftsmen with an emphasis on quality" "craft With the keyword "beer", efforts to bring small-scale beer producers to the market have expanded,Yahoo brewing 2004Started fromE-commerceThe craft beer market has begun to grow due to the successful scale expansion centered on[10].. Especiallythe 2010sIt is said that craft beer became even more popular once it entered the market, and depending on statistics, there was a year when it grew more than 10%.[12].

    In the Japanese context, there was a terminology to regard this as the same as "craft beer" from the early days when the name "brew beer" was dominant, and craft beer companies that included "craft beer" in the company name and brand name,[13],Tsukiyono Craft Beer[14]Such,the 1990sExisted from.Japan Breweries AssociationAlso had the official name in English as "The Japan Craft Beer Association (JCBA)" (later renamed "The Craft Beer Association").[15].. 『Shinmei Solution Japanese DictionaryIs1997From the 5th edition of "The Beer" is included as a vocabulary, but the explanation is "Beer produced in Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States, etc. for the purpose of satisfying the demand of the land (a relatively small production amount)." (In parentheses deleted in the 6th edition), etc., and supports the terminology that equates "brew beer" with "craft beer" by referring to cases from other countries.[16].. In addition, the Japan Brewers Association (JBA) said, "Beer of a maker that produces a small amount of unique beer is called "brew beer", but it is not a term specified by laws such as the Liquor Tax Law. .. Sometimes called craft beer, neither has a clear definition. Although these two terms may be interchanged with the same meaning, there is no “clear definition” in both terms, suggesting that there may be ambiguous deviations in meaning.[16].

    However, based on the shift from craft beer reflections to the decline of craft beer to craft beer with a focus on quality[11], Highlighting the difference between the two2004The difference in the bearers of the craft beer boom that followed may be emphasized.[17], As described further below2015The difference in players may be emphasized based on the fact that a major beer company entered the craft beer market in earnest from around that time.[18].

    The definition of the Brewers Association in the United States is believed not to apply to Japanese breweries as it is[3].. Not considered a craft brewery in JapanOrion beerWill meet the size criteria in the Brewers Association definition[19]. Also,Local beerInsideYellow cherry tree"Kyoto beer"[20],Kiuchi Breweryof"Hitachino Nest BeerExamples of products produced by large and small sake makers such as[21]There are quite a few cases in which sake makers and major beer companies have invested, and the capital independence of the business is not emphasized.

    In addition, in JapanLiquor tax lawHas several liquors with different tax rates depending on raw materials, and among craft beers, fruit beers are not beers under the tax law,Low-malt beerWas supposed to be[22].2017ToLiquor tax lawHas been amended to reduce the ratio of malt recognized as beer under tax law from 67% or more to 50% or more, and to use fruits and spices as auxiliary ingredients at a ratio of 5% or less to the weight of malt. Has been approved, and some craft beers that were previously classified as low-malt beer can now be officially called beer.[23].

    For taxation on craft beer,2003As a time-limited measure, a measure to exempt 20% of the original tax amount was taken from2010This incentive was reduced to 15% in principle[24].. This measure only applies to beer under tax law and does not apply to happoshu under tax law.[22].

    Entry of a major beer company

    On the other hand, major beer companies are interested in craft beer, and there are quite a few initiatives to partner with and acquire craft breweries in Japan and the United States, and to embark on in-house production.

    Asahi beerIt is,1994Established Sumida River Brewing Co., Ltd.1995From Blue PubSumidaAzumabashiIt's opened in and is called "the first craft beer sold in Tokyo".[25].

    Kirin Beer(Kirin beer)2014It announced the "Craft Beer Strategy" in July, and is the largest craft brewery in Japan during the same year.Yahoo brewingFormed a capital and business alliance with[26],2015Has a pub "Spring Valley Brewery" by a subsidiary companyDaikanyamaTo open[27][28],2016In the United StatesBrooklyn BreweryHas formed a business alliance with the company to acquire a 24.5% stake that does not violate the definition of the Brewers Association.[26][29].

    SuntoryIt is,2015Launched the "Craft Select" brand of canned beer as "for those who are interested in craft beer but are not familiar with it."2016からPale ale, Golden Ale and Weizen are supplied as year-round products.[30].

    Sapporo beerIs also a subsidiary of Japan Premium Brew,2015Has entered the craft beer market from[31], And as mentioned above,CanadaIs under the control of the capital. Controls the Sapporo GroupSapporo HoldingsAnnounces acquisition of Anchor Brewing, a US premium beer company, in August 2017[32]"Nippon Keizai Shimbun" reported, "Sapporo acquired US craft beer"[33].

    さ ら に,Orion beerAlso2015Began supplying seasonal products "Orion Craft Series" as "Orion Craft Beer"[34].. The second item, "Ryukyu White," is not beer because of the ingredients.Low-malt beerWas released as[35].

    Since the entry of major companies became popular, beer manufactured with emphasis on quality is made into craft beer regardless of the size of the producer,Micro breweryThere are also small businesses other than major companies that are equivalent to the above and their use as local beer[18].

    Examples of craft beers that are easily available in Japan

    The craft beers listed below are also sold in can packages that are easy to distribute, and it can be said that they are relatively easy to obtain at convenience stores and supermarkets.

    • Yona Yona Ale (Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Ltd.)[36]
    • Indian Blue Demon (Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Ltd.)
    • Wednesday cat (Yo-Ho Brewing Co., Ltd.)
    • White Ale (Kiuchi Brewery Joint Stock Company)
    • Wheat beer (Ginga Kogen Beer Co., Ltd.)

    YokohamaSeven-Eleven Hammerhead stores sell more craft beers around the world than regular convenience stores.[37]


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