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🍴 | Hot topic! The result of actually making "super fat burning soup" by cooking researcher Ryuji


The topic is boiling! The result of actually making "super fat burning soup" by cooking researcher Ryuji

If you write the contents roughly
Vegetables are the main dish, and seafood is high in protein and low in fat, so you can eat it without feeling guilty.

Summer is finally here.To be honest, it's pretty dangerous.Because I'm really hungry.I got fat on New Year's Day, and I'm back to normal ... → Continue reading

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Sense of guilt

Sense of guilt(Guilt,English: guilty) IscrimeI feel that I have committed[1].


Owncommunication skill・Regarding orientation and presence,crimeOrevilI feel like I'm doing somethingDislike Of感情That is. Be inherent in what you doNorm awarenessGuilt is born from feeling that it is against the (rule that is recognized as correct). Normative awareness includesA humanWas shown ashumaneThere is a maximum frame, but this is pan-socialcultureIt is a concept that can be applied regardless of. HowevermoralThen that person belongs to社会Differences can be seen depending on the situation, and the categories recognized as "crimes" will differ if the society to which they belong is different.

In addition, ReligiousTypicalCommandmentFeelings of guilt occur even if you turn away. There are various actions that can be taken as a result.キ リ ス ト 教And so onRepentance(Atonement).

PsychologyGuilt in感情Is treated as one of不安-Unlike anger and sadness, it is divided into self-conscious feelings such as confusion, pride, and shame. Self-conscious feeling is characterized by dependence on the opinions of others[2].. The essence of guilt isGroupIs an expression of a sense of instinctive life crisis that occurs when one feels the danger of being excluded from[3].. Even if the act is considered to be a crime or immorality in society, if the act can be justified within the group by the presence of an external authority or a sympathizer, the guilt can be reduced.Milgram experimentHas been revealed by[3].

Guilt and disease

Antisocial personality disorderWho do not feel guilty likeNarcissistic personality disorderSome people circumvent guilty elements like. There is no such valuePersonalityIn the case of, there is also a tendency that it becomes difficult to build a good relationship between the person concerned and society, including the problem of jeopardizing that social position.

vice versadepressionThen, in relation to self-denial,responsibilityYou may feel guilty even if there is nothing.

Guilt and social phenomena

Survivor's GuiltThe phenomenon called is reported.戦 争,ACCIDENT-disasterA person who survives an accidental incident such as the above may feel guilty about having survived even though some have lost their lives, and may feel their life negative. It can be said to be one of a kind of mental sequelae.

Child abuseThen, the abuser may feel guilty about his or her actions.ParentingAboutneurosisThen.Parenting stressThe biggest factor inattackIt is said that he will feel guilty about his actions after the fact[4].

War crimesAbout the guilt that comes fromNazi GermanyAnd how the two postwar nations faced their past in response to the actions of the Japanese during the Pacific WarIan BurmaIs widely known[5].


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