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🍴 | [Opening] [Café Kowan] OPEN at Funaoka Bamboo Forest Park!Thomas plate perfect for ride lovers ...


[Opening] [Café Kowan] OPEN in Funaoka Bamboo Forest Park!Thomas plate perfect for ride lovers ...

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This time, four family members had green curry, Mexican taco rice, Thomas plate, and meat-wrapped rice sticks.

I went to "Café Kowan" which opened in April 2022 at Funaoka Bamboo Forest Park in Yazu Town.Children's menu ... → Continue reading

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    Meat-wrapped rice stick

    Green curry

    Green curry(แกง เขียวหวาน Thai pronunciation: [kɛ ξːŋ.kʰǐaw.wǎːn] Kane Kia Owan / Gane Kao Wan / Gane Kyo Wan) is in JapanThai curryと 呼 ば れ るタ イ 料理.. To be exactCurry foodNot Thai foodCaneAmong the various soups called, spicy dishes are called curry for foreigners for convenience.In Thai, Kiao is "green" and Warn is "sweet", which literally means "sweet green soup" as a whole.


    Like many other ganes,Spices,HerbsMashedPasteStir fryCoconut milk,Nampula,sugarBecome a ingredientVegetables(,,Redgreen pepperSuch),meat,shrimp,FishAdd and boil to make.coriander(Pakchi)Pepper PepperA kind ofPrick Key NooIs harvested when immature blue and added greenHerbsIt is green because it uses a kind. Unripe red pepper also has a spicy taste, so even if it looks green, it has a spicy taste.

    ThailandReady-made pastes from domestic food companiesRetort foodIt has been commercialized in the form of, has been exported overseas, and is well known outside Thailand.

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