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📝 | Plenty of ingredients!3 delicious "summer vegetable sandwiches" recipes


Plenty of ingredients!3 delicious "summer vegetable sandwiches" recipes

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If you get tired of your usual sandwiches, or if you have a lot of summer vegetables as a gift, please try it!

A lot of summer vegetables that are in season are lined up in the supermarket!Fresh and strong seasonal vegetables in the morning ... → Continue reading

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    Summer vegetable

    Summer vegetable(Natsuyasai) is a vegetable that matures in summer in Japan.cucumber,eggplant,Tomato,green pepper,Okra,corn,Leek,Pumpkin-zucchini-Bitter gourdIs included[1][2]..Many are native to the equator, which is closer to the equator than Japan, but there are exceptions.

    Many summer vegetables have a lot of water,potassium-calcium-鉄-zincSuch asmineralWhen,β-carotene-Folic acidSuch asvitamin,Dietary fiber,PolyphenolContains a large number of nutrients including[2].

    In August 2021, the price of summer vegetables soared in Japan due to the record heavy rain in Japan.[3][4][5].

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