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🍴 | Yayoiken, summer classic "Hiyajiru" is back again this year!"Tori Nanban" with sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce is set

Photo "Miyazaki Hiyajiru and Tori Nanban Set Meal" (920 yen including tax)

Yayoiken, summer classic "Hiyajiru" is back again this year!"Tori Nanban" with sweet and sour sauce and tartar sauce is set

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In addition, you can change the miso soup of other set meals to cold soup for an additional 180 yen.

"Yayoiken" will sell "Miyazaki Hiyajiru and Tori Nanban Set Meal", which is perfect for summer, at stores nationwide from July 7th (Tuesday). → Continue reading

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Chilled juice

Chilled juice(Hiyajiru, Hiyajiru,Cold soupTomo) issoup stockとmisoSeasoned with coldSoupCuisine. mainlySummer: Eat in the field.Miyazaki (Basically called "Hiyajiru" in Miyazaki Prefecture),Saitama,Yamagataな どJapanIn various placeslocal cuisineAt the same time, there are dishes with the same name but different contents, and dishes with different names but similar.


Old timesKamakura PeriodYou can see the description of "Hiyajiru" in "Kamakura Kanrei Family Record"[1][2][3]..Miso called "cold soup" like thisSeasoningsAndCuisine MonkIt is said that it was disseminated all over the country due to such factors, and after that, it remained only in areas where the climate was suitable.[1].

At the samurai, the rice is sprinkled with soup, and at the monks, the cold soup is sprinkled.
—Kamakura Kanrei Record

For "Kamakura Kanrei Record", see "Kokusho SomokurokuThere is a doubt about the existence because there is no description in "", and it is necessary to pay attention to the above credibility.

Edo Period, Kanei 20 years (1643) Cookbook "Cooking story』Introduced" cold soup "in the" soup section "[4]..This is as an ingredientMozuku,Seaweed,Chestnut,Ginger,Myoga,Kamaboko,AsatsukiBoiled kan (Boiled down) A kind of tailoredMiso SoupMet.


Among the dishes currently called "Hiyajiru" (basically called "Hiyajiru" in Miyazaki Prefecture),MiyazakiHiyajiru is said to be the closest to the Hiyajiru in "Kamakura Kanrei Record"[1]..Originally called "farmer food" and "camp food"[5]..busyFarmerIt was a dish that was easy to cook and was intended to be eaten quickly.[5],Second World WarAfter that, each family devised and shifted to time-consuming cooking.[5]..Until the 40sMiyazaki PlainIt is a local dish centered onMiyazaki Prefecture North AreaWas hardly eaten in the western part of the prefecture[6]..With the expansion of food culture in recent years, it has become clear from the results of various surveys that food is being eaten over a wide area of ​​the prefecture.[7]..In some cases, it is also referred to as "chilled soup".[8].

You can replenish the nutrition with the ingredients of the cold soup itself, and cool the cold soup in the summer when you lose your appetite due to the heat.Cooked rice-Barley riceIt will be easier to eat by putting it on.Just coldMiso SoupUnlike, it takes time to cook as described later, but it is also a kind of so-called "miso soup bukkake rice".Hundred selections of local dishes in rural areasHas been selected as "Miyazaki Prefecture Cuisine".Healthy dietThe image as is also high,Summer bateIt is also eaten as a countermeasure[9].

As Miyazaki's popularity increased, restaurants began to carefully select ingredients and serve cold soup with devised cooking methods on the menu.JR KyushuLuxurySleeper train"Nana Star in KyushuIn addition to being used for in-car mealsMiyazaki AirportThen, "HiyajiruRamenThere is also a store that issues[10].

Eating out chain storeYayoi eavesIn the summer, it is offered as a local menu of Miyazaki prefecture, "Hiyajiru and Tori Nanban set meal".

FishNiboshi[5]It is common to use horse mackerel and horse mackerel, but any pale and habit-free fish can be used.Iriko may be roasted to dry, except for the head and belly.Hyuga City OfHososhimaIn the areaSweet breamThere is also Hiyajiru (also known as Misonamas) that uses Hiyajiru.Since it is originally a home-cooked dish, the method of making it differs depending on the region even within Miyazaki Prefecture.[5][11].


県西、県北、県央、秩父地域や、SaitamaOmiya districtAround[12]It is made as a summer home-cooked meal in various parts of the prefecture.The notation is "Hiyajiru" and the name is "Hiyajiru".KawashimaIn the area, it is sometimes called "sudden" or "tsutate".[13]..As a feature, there is no cold soupUdonIn the dish used as soup, "Cold soup udon],Hundred selections of local dishes in rural areasHas been selected[14]..The origin and origin of cold soup udon is the sliced ​​cucumber.sugar-salt・ Dishes mixed with foodSide dishIt is said that the way to eat it is to combine the surplus with udon.[14]..Besides udonRaw noodlesMay be used.

Once農民It is a dish that has been handed down as an easy-to-eat lifestyle wisdom for sufficient nutrition and recovery of physical strength even when there is no time or appetite when doing heavy labor in the summer.[13][15]..Although it has decreased in recent years, it is used in farmhouses and old houses.ObonWhen all my relatives met, I was often eaten at the end of the banquet.[14].

Restaurant industryCold soup udon as a menu ofKazo CityInKazo udonThe origin of the shop "Kogame"[16], The store that handles this menu is also the Kazo Udon storesummer全 般[17],Roadside Station Doyo no Furusato Otone OfRestaurantsAlthough it was only seen in2007More in Kawajima TownTown revitalization OfTourism resourcesA project to utilize cold soup udon (sutate) was launched as a sponsor of the town. restaurantIt is offered only in the summer[13][15].

In the summer of 2009,TokyoTachigui at the JR station inside (Hamamatsucho StationEtc.) was also provided.Also in 2010Golden weekinsideOmiya Sonic CityAt the "6th Saitama Class B Local Gourmet King Decision Battle" held in the vicinity, Kawajima Town exhibited it as "Sutate".WinWas won.

Yamagata prefecture cold soup

For seasonal boiled vegetables, several kindsDry matterAfter reconstitution and cooling the boiled food, soak a lot of ingredients with the juice.Yonezawa DomainIt is a dish that has been handed down for a long time, and it is said that cold soup was served to the warlords under his control at the start-up ceremony of the battle.New YearIt is also known as a dish, and in the New Year, snow vegetables are often used as vegetables.It may also be called in a form that incorporates the name of the main ingredient (eg, "Hiyajiru of Yukina").[3][18].

Hiyajiru in other regions ・ Dishes similar to Hiyajiru

Gunma,Tochigiな どNorth KantoButSaitama cold soupThere is a similar "Hiyajiru" dish[3][18]. Also,NiigataNagaokaTochio areaChuetsu region-Tokamachi-Sanjo City-Mitsuke CityHowever, there is "chilled soup (chilled soup)" similar to Saitama.[19][20].

KyusyuIn various places ofMiyazaki prefecture cold soupThere is a similar "Hiyajiru" dish,Kumamoto OfAsoAround[21],Kagoshima[22]And so onSummer: It is eaten as home-cooked food.OitaTsukumiEven in the vicinity, "Hiyajiru" made from grilled fish has been eaten for a long time.

"" Similar to Miyazaki Prefecture's HiyajiruSatsumaThe dish called "Oita,Okayama,Hiroshima,Ehime,KagawaExists in[3][23][24]. this isSatsumaIt originated from local farmers and fishermen's dishes and is called "Hiyajiru" here.[22], It is said that when the food was introduced, it came to be called after the place of origin.[3][24][25].

AichiShinojimaMade withNishi juiceThe main material isThais clavigeraAlthough it is limited to, the method of making is similar to that of Miyazaki Prefecture's Hiyajiru, such as using roasted small fish as a dashi stock, grinding it with the meat of Thais clavigera, and adding hot water.

ShizuokaOmaezakiIn the central area centered around, there is a fisherman's dish called "gawa".Originally a dish made on a fishing boat in operation, miso, ice, onions, cucumbers, bonito, horse mackerel, etc. were beaten in a pot, and Japanese ginger, green onions, perilla, etc. were added as condiments and mixed vigorously. It is a thing.Umeboshi may be added to eliminate the smell of fish.Eat it as cold miso soup, or over rice or somen noodles.The sound of ice hitting the pot is said to be the origin of the name of the dish.[26]


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