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🍴 | Limited release of "Summer Potato and Amakusa Lemon" collaboration flavor on potato chips


Limited release of "Summer Potato and Amakusa Lemon" collaboration flavor for potato chips

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Chef Mikuni, who has been a food adviser for a long time since the time of the cooking variety show, consulted with Mr. Koyama from Kyushu and was introduced to Amakusa Lemon.

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    Seizo Mikuni

    Kiyomi Mikuni(Mikuni Kiyomi,19548/10 -) isJapan OfFrench cuisinechef.HokkaidoRumoi branch officeJurisdictionMashike TownBackground[1]..Born as the third son of seven siblings (two older brothers, two older sisters, two younger brothers, and a younger sister) between his father, Tadashi (rowing fisherman), and mother, Ryoko (farmer).My parents' house is half farming and half fishing.CurrentlyTokyoYotsuyaOwners of "Hotel de Mikuni" etc.chef.. Representative director of "Societe Mikuni".Representative of Japan-French Cuisine Technology Association.title(Honorary degree) IsHonorary Doctor of Gastronomy(BuddhaTours University)[2].Hokkaido Food Ambassador,Hokkaido Shiraoi Ainu Food Culture Ambassador..Received the Order of Agricultural Merit of France.InstituteAll Japan Food AssociationActing Chairman[3]In addition, he is a member and director of the government and various incorporated associations.


    1969After graduating from junior high school, while living and working at a rice shop in Minami 16-jo, Sapporo, at nightCook schoolGo to[4].. When I was 16 years old, I was impressed by the hamburger steak I ate without meals and decided to become a cook who makes hamburgers.[4]..A woman from a rice shop said, "Speaking of hamburger steakSapporo Grand HotelI participated in a table manners class held at the hotel, where I started training as a cook with the permission of the cooking section chief Yasunori Aoki.[4].. Half a year laterJunior high school graduateWhilePermanentbecome.1971, I asked Keiichi Saito, the head chef of Sapporo Grand Hotel, to write a letter of introduction.Imperial HotelGet a job[4]..I was not hired as an employee due to the oil crisis.[4][5].

    1973, 20 years old at the Imperial HotelNobuo MurakamiAt the recommendation of the chefSwitzerland-GenevaAppointed as the chef of the Japanese Embassy (Delegation of Japan to the Armed Forces)[4][6]..While working at the embassy,FranceOf the famous "Girarde" in the culinary worldFredy Girarde,Troisgros Brothers,Alain ChapelStudied under[1][7].1978, Leaved the embassy and continued to study under Fredy Girarde.

    1980, Three-star restaurants "Troisgro", "Auberge de Lill", "Roazis", "Alain ChapelRepeated training at.1982Return to Japan,IchigayaWelcomed as a chef at "Bistro Sakanaza".1985, Opened "Hotel de Mikuni" in Yotsuya, Tokyo and became the owner chef[1]..Alain Chapel who came to the store sent the word "Japonize"[1].

    1989,ニ ュ ー ヨ ー クRestaurant "The Quilted Giraffe",Hong KongHeld "Mikuni Festival" at the hotel "Peninsula Hong Kong".1990,ThailandHeld "Mikuni Festival" at "The Oriental Bangkok" Hotel.

    1991,Relais & ChâteauxJoined "Association" and "Tradition e Karite"[8].(I.e.Participated in the event as one of the chefs in 7 countries around the world with Alain Ducasse and others at "Hôtel de Paris".Held the second "Mikuni Festival" at the "The Oriental Bangkok" hotel in Thailand.1992, Held the third "Mikuni Festival" at "The Oriental Bangkok" Hotel in Thailand.Served as the second Asian representative judge at the "World Cooking Contest" of "FOOD & HOTEL ASIA '3" in Singapore.Promotion is held at "Mupata Lodge" in Kenya, Africa.France"Hôtel de CrillonHeld "Mikuni Festival" at.

    1993, Japan representative judge chairman of "BOCUSE D'OR cooking contest" in Lyon, France.Held "Mikuni Festival" at the hotel "The Berkeley" in London.Queen Elizabeth visits.1994Received the Order of the Knights of Bontang in the Medoc Graves district for his contribution to the spread of Bordeaux wine in France.A feast of "Michel Troisgros and Kiyomi Mikuni's Memorial Gala Dinner" to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the opening of the Sapporo Grand Hotel. Held a charity Mikuni festival of "Vaccines for children around the world" at the "Tokyo Bay Hilton" hotel.

    1995, Chef of "Premier Grand Cru Classe" VIN EXPO'95 Grand Supper in Saint-Emilion, France.Tokyo Seishin Cooking Academy 25th Anniversary Special Workshop will be held. The second "Vaccine for Children around the World" Charity Mikuni Festival will be held at the "Tokyo Bay Hilton" Hotel.The World Charity Mikuni Festival of "Vaccines for Children around the World" will be held at the "Shanghai Hilton" Hotel in China.Itogiku Gakuen, Nagoya Training School of Commercial Cookery, 2th Anniversary Special Lecture.

    1996, Thailand will hold the 120th "Mikuni Festival" to commemorate the 4th anniversary of the opening of "The Oriental Bangkok".Received the "Bonlac Great Chefs of Asia Award", a contest to determine the 12 best chefs from 12 Asian countries, as the best chef representing Japan.Held "Mikuni Festival" at "Raffles Hotel" in Singapore.

    1997, Held "Mikuni Festival" at "Lailai Sheraton Hotel" in Taiwan.Appointed as Hokkaido Food Ambassador by Governor Hori of Hokkaido.

    1998, Selected as one of the "60 Top Chefs in the World" by the Relais & Châteaux Association, and feasted in Los Angeles.

    1999, Held the first volunteer fair as a foreign chef at the US Navy base in Okinawa.Selected as one of the top five chefs on five continents in the world by Relais & Châteaux in Beaujolais, France[9].. "Santi SANTAMARIA" (Michelin 3 stars: Spain), "Patrick O'CONNELL" (USA 2 stars: Washington), "Thomas KELLER" (USA 2 stars: Los Angeles), "Luisa VALLAZA" (Michelin 3 stars: Italy) ), "Nadia SANTINI" (3 Michelin stars: Italy), "Seizo Mikuni" (Japan).Became the first Japanese to join the "Chambre Syndicate de la Haute Cuisine Francaise" (French luxury culinary association), a association centered on French fine restaurant cooks.[8]..Established Japan-French Cooking Technology Association (an organization in which France and Japan cooperate with each other to engage in negotiations with the government, public relations activities, training of cooks, and taste education for children).

    2000Received a letter of appreciation from the Marine Corps of the US Base in Okinawa for the contribution of the Volunteer Fair in March 1999.Served as the head chef of the Kyushu-Okinawa Summit Fukuoka Finance Ministers' Meeting[1].

    2001, Produced "Tokyo Shokudo Central Mikuni's" at Tokyo Station.A fair will be held at the world's best resort hotel in St. Moritz, Switzerland.Japan representative of the judge of "BOCUSE D'OR Cooking Contest" in Lyon, France.The 125th "Mikuni Festival" will be held to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the opening of "The Oriental Bangkok" in Thailand. Held an Escofier dinner fair with the US Navy at the "New Sanno Hotel" (Tokyo) US Army Center. Donated $ 4,900 to UNICEF. Released "Mikuni BOX" produced by JR Hokkaido "Mikuni Chef" (foie gras donburi bento).

    2002, Produced "AZ Cafe Mikuni Kaihin Makuhari" at Kaihin Makuhari Station on the JR Keiyo Line.World cooking competition held in Italy.Demonstration.To commemorate the joint holding of the Soccer World Cup with South Korea, an exchange gourmet fair between the two countries was held.Held a food event with Pierre Gagne (10 star chef in Paris) in Moscow.As the world's best chef of the year in Turin, Italy, he will serve as a banquet hosted by the Italian Slow Food Church. Supervised the dinner menu at the "Make-A-Wish of Japan" 2002th Anniversary Charity Party.Received the XNUMX Food Industry Technology Achievement Award "Special Award" for the achievements of food education activities for children by the Japan-French Cooking Technology Association.

    2003Chiyoda Public Health Center said that 34 guests who attended the wedding reception developed food poisoning symptoms such as diarrhea and nausea at the Marunouchi restaurant "Mikuni Marunouchi" operated by the company "Societe Mikuni" whose president is Mikuni. Closed for a week from the 3st of the month[10].

    2003,Tokyo·ShiodomeProduced "Grand Cafe Shimbashi Mikuni" in the "Old Shimbashi Station" that reproduced the station building at the time of the opening of the former Japanese National Railways, and opened "Mikuni Sapporo" at the south exit of Sapporo Station.Became an officer of the Hokkaido Slow Food Association / Branch.Received the Order of Agricultural Merit "Chevalier" from the Republic of France.French cheeseAppraisal KnightElected as a member of the Japan Chapter Chevalier.

    2004, Selected as a Certified Honorary Member of the Greek Chef Association.Elected as a member of the government's "Standing up farming, mountain and fishing village" expert council. Selected as one of the "2004 Japanese People Respected by the World" in the October 10, 20 issue of "Newsweek Japan"[9].. "Hotel de Mikuni" received the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare Award as an excellent food hygiene facility.Appointed by the Prime Minister as a member of the "Intellectual Property Strategy Headquarters Content Expert Committee".Received the title of "Hokkaido Shiraoi Ainu Food Culture Ambassador" from the Hokkaido Utari Association.

    2005, Attended the "Food Education Promotion Council" sponsored by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries and the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.Lecturer of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology "Study Group for Thinking about the Creation of New Japan".Became a director of the All Japan Kitchen Association.Lecture and cooking class as a lecturer of "Great Chefs Series" at the cooking school "Culinary Institute of America".Appointed as a member of the "Home, Technology / Home, Information Specialization Subcommittee" of the Elementary and Secondary Education Process Division of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

    2006, The XNUMXst Mikuni Spring Festival is held.same year7/5, Hitting a male employee (46 years old at that time) who works for a company he runs, etc.暴行On suspicion ofDocument inspectionBe done[11].

    2007,TakamatsuTakamatsu Marugamemachi Shopping Street Redevelopment BuildingTakamatsu Marugamemachi Ichiban-gaiOpened sister store "Mikuni Takamatsu".Mikuni himself visits the store several times a year and holds the "Mikuni Fair".Awarded as a "modern master craftsman" by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as an outstanding technician[7].

    2008, The restaurant "Auberge Mashike" supervised by himself5/1Open to[12].

    2010Received the Order of Agricultural Merit of France[7][13].TakamatsuOpened the second store, Patisserie Mikuni.Takamatsu Marugamemachi Ichiban-gaiThe sweets offered in the corner of the general store on the 2nd floor were well received and opened as an independent store with a cafe bar.At night, it has its own development, such as offering a 392 yen menu.

    201311/7Received an honorary doctorate in "Gourmet Studies" from the University of Tours, France[1][2].

    2015,FranceLegion of HonorReceived Chevalier[1][9][14].

    2020Received the "Gourmand World Cookbook Award 2020" for the world's only cookbook in his book "JAPONISÉE", and this book was described as a "masterpiece".[1].


    "Mikuni-kun volunteered for the Imperial Hotel from the Sapporo Grand Hotel when I was the head chef. There was no regular employee quota, and I hired him as a part-time worker, but he was a motivated and well-aware man. But I worked hard and had a good sense of "greed".When Mr. Ogiso, who had been assigned to the ambassador to Switzerland, asked, "Is there a good person for the exclusive cook?", I chose Mikuni from the several candidates that came to my mind.At that time, Mikuni was a 20-year-old young man, and he was an apprentice to wash pots and dishes at the Imperial Hotel, so he had never cooked.So why did I recommend Mikuni?He had a very good point and taste in one pot wash.He does chores one after another in a battlefield-like kitchen, prepares, helps serve, and steals the taste.Even for a little chore, he identifies the chef's work setup and supports him at the right time.Also, what I admitted was how to sprinkle salt.In the kitchen, it is commonly called "salt pretend 3 years", but he was skillfully sprinkling salt according to the material.Even if you don't actually cook it, you can see how good he is. "(Nobuo MurakamiAuthor "Imperial Hotel Kitchen Story" (Nikkei Business People Bunko)[Page number required]).

    The food we make is based on French cuisine,miso,Rice,Bonito,Herring roeWe are producing dishes that are not bound by general stereotypes, such as incorporatingToday's dishesIntroduced inKombu and natto tartar Rishiri sea urchinSome of them do not use any Western-style ingredients as ingredients).Also, when using Western-style dishes, we have devised ways to incorporate local products as ingredients (such as menus using Hokkaido potatoes and beef).


    • "I'm on the plate" (not for sale)
      (1986 Kiyomi Mikuni Shibata Shoten)
    • "My delicious new taste"
      (1986 Kiyomi Mikuni Pan Research Co., Ltd.)
    • "C'est Mikuni-My deliciousness. 』\
      (1996 Kiyomi Mikuni and Noboru Morikawa Cooking communication)
    • "Cooking you want to make for your child"
      (2002 Hiromitsu Nozaki, Kazunori Otowa, Kiyomi Mikuni Shibata Shoten)
    • "Cooking Philosophy Three-Star Esprit Learned from Five Gods"
      (2003 Kiyomi Mikuni Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd.)
    • "Hone your taste"
      (2006 Yukio Hattori, Kiyomi Mikuni Kadokawa Shoten)
    • "Recipe for healthy food that is too delicious for restaurant Mikuni Minceur in the clinic"
      (2013 Kiyomi Mikuni Takarajimasha)
    • "Basic recipes taught by top French at home"
      (2017 Kiyomi Mikuni Natsumesha)
      (2019 Kiyomi Mikuni Tokyo Art)

    TV appearance

    • "Young genius chef Kiyomi Mikuni" (Nippon TV, December 1986)
    • "Food Aya Roman (Fantasy Tengai! Kazunoko French)" (March 2004 Introducing dishes using NHK Kazunoko)
    • "Great Mother Story" (February 2004 TV Asahi)
    • "Serious teenage chat room" (February 10 NHK Educational TV)
    • "Royal Palace of Solomon" (April 2004 TV TOKYO)
    • "The Fragrance of Travel (Kyoto Special in Winter)" (February 2005 TV Asahi)
    • "Produced by Mikuni-From Hokkaido to the World-" (April 2009, Sapporo Television Broadcasting)
    • "Genius TV-kun MAX(2010 NHK Educational TV)

    Many others


    • "Professional Tips / Western Food 1" (2005 NHK Today's Menu, Kiyomi Mikuni, Masaharu Yamaoka)
    • "Health Video Series Super Gourmet <Diabetes>"


    Hotel de Mikuni Official HP[15]Than.

    Directly managed store

    Produce store

    Related books

    • "Fashionable Tongue-The Trajectory of Super Chef Seizo Mikuni" (2000 Naoya Matsuki Fudosha)
    • "Tradition of the Soul-Disciples of Alan Chapel" (2003 Author: Tamio Takaku, Fuga Books)
    • "Taste Class of Chef Mikuni Seizo, KIDS Chef" (2004 Author: Yukiko Honda Shogakukan)
    • "Mikuni's Miracle" (2003 Author: Naoya Matsuki Shinchosha (Additional version of "Fashionable Tongue"))
    • "Nurturing the Taste of Children-All about the Puisa Method" (2004: Jacques Puisais, Original: Jacques Puisais, Translation: Kinuko Tottori, Kiyomi Mikuni)


    • Kiyomi Mikuni Selection Mikuni Red and White Wine
    • MIKUNI's PREMIUM Raw Dressing Hot Wine (Yamadai food)
    • Hokkaido gem handmade camembert cheese
    • Cafe Patisserie Mikuni Shin-Shimizu / French


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