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🍽 | "Cookpad" is released Zero accidents during cooking


"Cookpad" is open to the public Zero accidents during cooking

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NITE (National Institute of Technology and Evaluation) and the cooking recipe site "Cookpad" will disclose the danger of accidents that may occur during cooking to Twitter etc. from the 5th, aiming to prevent cooking accidents.

Aim for zero accidents during cooking.A flame that rises violently from a frying pan.Add french fries to oil about 3mm deep ... → Continue reading

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    NITE (Product Evaluation Technology Infrastructure)

    Cook pad

    Cook pad(British: Cookpad) Is Cookpad Inc. (British: Cookpad Inc.[3]) By managementCooking recipes OfCommunity website.1998Opened in March[4].


    In October 2010St Valentine's DayAs a result, the number of monthly users reached a record high of 780 million (the record was updated the following month). In February, about 2% were male users, about 3% were female users, and by age group, both men and women were in their 7s, more than in other age groups, about 30% of male users and about 3% of female users. I was in my thirties[5].

    Previously, even free users could find some popular recipes by devising search words, but in 2014 the free search function was restricted.[6].

    As of December 2014, the survey result showed that 12 million monthly users were used by 5,042 to 20% of women in their 30s and 8s[7].. 2014 million monthly users as of November 11[8].. In February 2016, the number of monthly users reached 2 million, exceeding 6269 million. As of September 6000, 2016 million recipes have been posted.[9].


    Recipe search top monopoly

    Since the cookpad has a huge content of recipes mainly posted by an amateur user, when the recipe is searched, the recipe of the cookpad tends to be placed in the upper rank. There is an opinion that the rise of Cookpad has made it harder for companies to find reliable recipes from corporate sites and professionals on the web. Therefore, there are services that can be searched by excluding the cookpad.[10][11][12]

    Posting dangerous recipes

    There are criticisms that CookPad is a cobblestone mix and dangerous recipes are posted because users can freely post recipes. Agricultural material, not edibleEM bacteriaThere was also a recipe using. In 2017, a 6-month-old boyInfant botulismDied of but could be the causehoneyUsedBaby FoodHas been posted, and criticisms have been repeated as "posting recipes that may cause health damage."Netorabo,Lawyer dot comUses raw porkYukke"Or"Tartar steak"Egg-grilled rice, which has been cautioned by the Japan Egg Industry AssociationNot a rice ball, Etc. were posted. As of April 2017, 4, “pork yukke” and “pork tartar steak” were criticized and deleted, and “tamagokake rice rice ball” was posted. Cookpad replied to Netorabo's interview that "We have been alerting us about botulism in infants" and "Recipes posted by users are checked every time." Netorabo pointed out why dangerous recipes are posted on the pre-check, and there are recipes that continue to be posted even if there is criticism, and it is somewhat doubtful that the check function on the Cookpad side is working properly. If they remain, they are calling for self-defense to users.[13][14][15]

    Cookpad Co., Ltd.


    • February 1997- Keio UniversityI learned new era business at Faculty of Environment and Information StudiesYoko Sano KanagawaFujisawaEstablished Coin Co., Ltd. (currently Cookpad Co., Ltd.).
    • March 1998-Started cooking recipe search and posting internet service "kitchen@coin".
    • June 1999-Change service name from "kitchen@coin" to "Cookpad".
    • September 2004-Reorganization of Coins Co., Ltd. Coin Co.
    • September 2006-Mobile Internet service "Mobarepi" started.
    • July 2007-transition to a company with a committee.
    • July 2009-Tokyo Stock ExchangeMothersListed on.
    • March 2010-Established a subsidiary COOKPAD Inc. in California, USA.
    • May 2011-Established a subsidiary COOKPAD PTE. LTD. in Singapore.
    • 2011-Change the market to the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
    • February 2012- Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun,Nihon Keizai ShimbunIs ranked No. 50 in the "NEXT1 Listed Mid-ranking Companies Ranking" jointly conducted by Nikkei Research, which measures the competitiveness of companies based on their high capital efficiency and growth potential.[16].
    • February 2012- Yoko SanoRetired from the position of Director and Representative Executive Officer and became Director and Executive Officer. Successor is exKakaku.comPresident'sHouki Akita.. Sano announced that he will concentrate on global business in the future.
    • 2013- Coach united(Absorption and merger in January 2018), resolved to take over business of Spanish recipe service "Mis Recetas" and to acquire equity interest in "ALL THE COOKS, LLC", which operates the American recipe service "all the cooks"[17].
    • January 2014-COOKPAD Inc. through the US recipe service company ALLTHECOOKS, LLC (April 1 Cookpad Inc. merger merged) into a subsidiary company. Established a Spanish subsidiary and acquired recipe service "Mis Recatas".
    • May 2014-Launched "Cookpad bargain information", a service that enables you to search for recipes that match bargain information from local supermarket[18]
    • May 2014-Acquired a subsidiary of Indonesian recipe service company DAPUR MASAK PTE. LTD.
    • September 2014-Head office relocated from Shirokanedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo to Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
    • November 2014-Made Lebanese recipe service company Netsila SAL (now Cookpad MENA SAL) a great-grandchild company
    • February 2015- EBook Initiative Japan OfThird-party allotmentTo become the largest shareholder[19]
    • February 2015- TOBByEveryone's weddingBecame a consolidated subsidiary[20][21][22]
    • On March 2016nd, 3, Yoko Sano becomes a director after being dismissed from an executive officer.[23]However, he returned to the position of director and executive officer on the 24th. On the same day, Yoshiteru Akita retired from the position of President and Representative Executive Officer and became Director and Executive Officer. Successor is exSanwa Bank,McKinsey & Company OfRinhei IwataWas appointed[24][25].
    • March 2016-``Tokubai Co., Ltd.Established[26]
    • October 2016-The number of recipe posts for "Cookpad" exceeded 10 million.
    • December 2016-Resolution to end capital and business alliance with Everyone's Wedding[27].. With the resignation of Executive Officer Houki Akita (remaining director), everyone's wedding stock held by Yoshiki Akita is no longer included in the aggregate, and everyone's wedding is excluded from consolidation and becomes an equity-method affiliate.[28].. Positioned Cookpad International Ltd. (currently Cookpad Ltd.) in the United Kingdom as the second headquarters to control all overseas operations and reorganized overseas subsidiaries.

    Development Contest 24

    Cookpad Co., Ltd. develops services that make life more convenient.Hackathon"Development Contest 24" is held every year. Do "development to solve problems" within 24 hours after issue announcement[29].

    • 1st Development Contest 24 (April 2010-4, 23) Challenge: "To make the time from getting up in the morning to going to school or work more convenient"[30]
    • The 2nd Development Contest 24 (April 2011-4, 22) Challenge: "Solving troubles for people within a radius of 23m (in everyday life)"[31]
    • 3rd Development Contest 24 (May 2012th-5th, 12) Challenge: "What makes the end of the day fun"[32]
    • 4th Development Contest 24 (June 2013th-6th, 15) Challenge: "Aged service for myself"[33]
    • 5th Development Contest 24 (October 2014th to 10th, 18) Challenge: "A service to create a sparkling talk with someone"[34]

    Encourage short-distance commuting

    Cookpad Co., Ltd., the operator, shortens commuting timeCommuting rushWe encourage short-distance commuting in order to create an environment in which employees can be relieved of stress and work efficiently.In particular, we encourage employees to commute from within 1.5 km of the office.Housing allowanceIs paid monthly.

    In addition, employees who commute by bicycle from within 15 km of the office will receive a maximum of 1 yen.Bicycle commutingWe provide an allowance (excluding those who receive a housing allowance of up to 3 yen).Employees who use the short-distance commuting system have been well received, saying that it frees them from the stress of commuting and relieves their lack of exercise.[35]

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