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🍴 | "How to make salad chicken" taught by Zen-Noh is too surprising. Without boiling water in a pot ...


"How to make salad chicken" taught by Zen-Noh is too surprising. Without boiling water in a pot ...

If you write the contents roughly
It's a simple seasoning, but it's definitely better than the salad chicken that I usually make.

[A surprising way to make "salad chicken" taught by Zen-Noh.If you actually try it ...Low fat, high protein, refreshing ... → Continue reading


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    Salad chicken

    Salad chickenIschicken OfBreast meat,Scissors meat[1]It is a food that is steamed and lightly seasoned.


    Season steamed chicken breast with herbs, lemon, garlic, smoke, etc.vacuum pack officialSide dish[2].. Just tear it and put it on the vegetablessaladIt becomes the ingredient of. Because it uses breast meatLipid,calorieLess highProteinAnd is gaining popularity due to growing health consciousness[2].

    Not only used as an ingredient for salad[3], Arranged for various dishes other than salad[4][5]The applications are expanding.

    Also used in the abbreviation "Sarachiki"[6].


    IwateOfunato CityFood processing company of coffee shop chainsandwichProcessed chicken breast with herb flavor developed for ingredients for home use2001First commercialized as "salad chicken",supermarketSold at[7][1].. Initially it was sold with the skin on,2014It was said that it was broken because the skin was improved to remove skin and the calories were significantly reduced.[7].

    2013,Seven-ElevenとPrimaham convenience storeCollaboratively developed products for 11-Eleven, and started handling them at convenience stores for the first time in November of the same year.[3][8]..In the test sale, the planned amount for 2 months was sold out in 2 weeks[8].. Next year in 2014LawsonAlsoPrivate brandTo launch as[3]Other convenience store chains also followed suit. After that, the market is expanding,Fuji economyAccording to2017The market size of the market is expected to increase by 44.6% from the previous year to 269 billion yen, and is expected to grow steadily in the future.[9].. Each company has a wide variety of flavors[2]Further expansion of usage scenes by introducing stick type and cut-off type[10]I am trying to

    From 2019 year 8 month 1 dayPascoDecided to sell "Salad Chicken Bread", a side dish bread using salad chicken (Kanto, Chubu, Kansai, Chugoku, Shikoku area)[11].

    In addition, July 7st is called "Amatake Salad Chicken Day" because Amatake, the original salad chicken, commercialized the salad chicken.Japan Anniversary AssociationOfficially registered at[12].


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