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🍴 | Nakau "Unagi Gokaisei" is on sale!Luxury menu using one whole eel

Photo "Unagi Gorgeous" (1780 yen including tax)

Nakau "Unagi Gokaisei" is on sale!Luxury menu using one whole eel

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You can enjoy the juicy and greasy taste together with the original "Kyofu Sansho" from "Nakau".

"Nakau" will release the seasonal menu "Unagi Gokaisei" from Thursday, July 7th. ■ Four eels "No ... → Continue reading

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    Special Kyoto style sansho

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      Nakau Co., Ltd.(Nakau) isBowl of rice(Bowl)[Note 1],UdonIs the main productEating outChain store.. As of the end of December 2021, with directly managed storesFC store461 stores in Japan[1]Is unfolding.Ltd.Zensho Holdings OfConsolidated subsidiary.


      OyakodonBesides bowls such asUdonIt is also a feature that we are focusing on.

      Areas where there are no stores due to unopened or withdrawn stores as of October 2020Wakayama-Shimane -Tokushima-FukuokaOther thanKyushu region-Okinawa..Kyushu area in 2017Kumamoto-shiHigashi WardAfter the last complete withdrawal of the Nagamine store, in 2018Fukuoka CitySawara WardThe Kotabe store was opened in Japan and reopened.There used to be stores in Miyazaki and Kagoshima prefectures, but they have withdrawn.KochiWithdrew once, but re-entered in October 2008.IshikawaAfter withdrawing once, the store did not exist for a long time, but re-entered on February 2009, 2.AomoriThe store in the store was independently converted to "Ichiya" managed by a local operating company due to the cancellation of the area franchise contract, etc., but re-entered in June 2009 (managed separately from Daiichi Food Service). ..again,Chiba Marine Stadium,Heiwajima Boat RacetrackThere is also a store inside. As of October 2020, the plans to open stores in these unopened areas and reopen stores in those areas that have withdrawn are completely blank.

      Comic"KinnikumanSome of the beef bowls that appear in the book are modeled after Nakau.authorboiled eggAccording to OsakaSuminoeIt is said that it can be identified as Nakau from the fact that "Gyudon / Udon" is drawn on the store signboard and menu in the manga, referring to the store that was there.[2].

      The original song of "Nakau" played in the store is "Nakau" sung by.

      Although it has not supported cashless payment for a long time among Zensho systems, the automatic ticket vending machine has been refurbished so that QR code payment can be used from April 2020, and various credit cards and electronic money payments can be used from July 4. Became.[3]


      • 19662/4 - Tamabori Building Co., Ltd.Established as.
      • 1969
        • 6 month - Nakau Co., Ltd.Company name changed to.Changed the purpose of business to the restaurant business.
        • 10 month - OsakaIbaraki CityOpened the first store "Nakau Ibaraki Store" (handmade udon store).HankyuIbaraki City StationThe previous buildingSocioIt was open on the 1st basement floor of.All-you-can-eat chopped green onions and tempura.Also, the price was set cheaper than other stores.
      • 1974April-Opened the first beef bowl store "Nakau Umeda Store" in the Umeda underground shopping area in Osaka City.
      • 19888 month - Moss food serviceAnd capital and business alliance.
      • 198911 month - Kanto regionOpened the first store "Nakau Kamedo Store" in Koto-ku, Tokyo.
      • 1999August 12- stockThe over-the-counter registration market (currentlyJASDAQ) Published in the store.
      • 2001August-Following the price reduction competition of beef bowl chain companies, the price of beef bowl (normal) is reduced from 8 yen to 400 yen.[4](Until September 2004).
      • 200210 month - Nichimen(CurrentSojitz)byTakeover bid(TOB) was implemented and the companysubsidiaryBecomes
      • 2003October-with NichimenNissho IwaiWith the establishment of Nichimen Nissho Iwai Holdings (currently Sojitz) through the business integration of Nichimen, it will become a subsidiary of the company.
      • 20042/2 --Stop selling beef bowl.The earliest suspension of sales in major chains.
      • 2005
      • 20087/31 --With this dayJeff Gourmet CardEnd of payment by.
      • 2010
        • 3/24 --Zensho makes the Company a wholly owned subsidiary through a share exchange.
        • 5/12 ――The sale of beef bowl is finished at 10 am, and the sale of "Japanese style beef bowl" is started.
        • 8 --Headquarters moved to Minato-ku, Tokyo.
      • 20142/12 --Gyudon is no longer sold.Started selling "Beef Suki Don" as an alternative menu[5].
      • 2015
        • 3/11 --Resumed sales of Japanese-style beef bowl for the first time in about a year[6].
        • 3/19 --Discontinued beef bowl[7].
      • 2020
        • April --Started to support QR code payment.
        • 7/8 --Start supporting credit card and e-commerce payments[8].
        • 11/28 --Started selling roast beef bowl.


      20042/2,The United States of AmericaでBovine spongiform encephalopathy(BSE) occurs,American beefGyudon was the earliest in the major chains to stop selling because it was out of stock due to the ban on imports.

      2006Around JuneAmerican beefMany beef bowl chains have announced early resumption of use of US products since the time when imports were expected to resume.but,Parent company OfZenshoCommented that "U.S. beef cannot be returned unless safety is confirmed by our standards," and within the group that has a similar policy.SukiyaAt the same time, the posture is very different from other beef bowl chains.

      Store example


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      注 釈

      1. ^ Originally, one character of "donburi" is read as "donburi", but Nakau stores use the notation "donburi" for the appearance.


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      • Zensho Holdings --Nakau's parent company.
      • Sukiya --A beef bowl chain run by the Sukiya headquarters, which is the same Zensho group.
      • Wendy's --A hamburger chain developed by the same Zensho Group.
      • NMB48 --In 2014, "Ibiza GirlIs used for the campaign CM song.
      • Mizuki Nana ――Since 2015, he has been frequently appointed as a CM character and also sponsors a live tour.

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