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Excellent croissants! "Bourne Lingerie Burdigala" A calming adult cafe

Atre Urawa West Area Bakery cafe on the 2nd floor "Boulangerie Burdigala Atre Urawa ... → Continue reading


The local media “Urawacity.net” that sends useful information about Urawa is nicknamed “Urawa City Net”.

The information posted by the manager who lives in Urawa is mainly based on the information that he has actually seen, eaten, and experienced.

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Urawa Station

Urawa Station(Urawa-eki) isSaitamaSaitamaUrawa-kuTakasagoIt's on XNUMX-chome,East Japan Railway(JR East)Tohoku Main Line Ofstation.


Saitama Prefectural Government BuildingandSaitama City HallIt is the nearest station ofJTB publishing,Kotsu Shimbun(Excluding "Tokyo Timetable" which does not have the symbol of the prefecture representative station)TimetableIt is listed as the representative station of the prefecture/city in.Urawa areaIt is a station that plays a central role in.Omiya StationIs a transportation and commercial center, but this station isSaitama Prefectural Office,Saitama City Hall,Saitama District Court,Saitama Prefectural PoliceIt has a headquarters and is a political center.1883ToUeno StationKumagaya StationIt opened at the same time as the opening of the first railway in the prefecture that connects Saitama City, and at the same time it is the oldest station in Saitama city.Ageo Station,Konosu Station, It is one of the oldest stations along with Kumagaya station.The time required from this stationTokyo Station25 minutes at the shortestShinjuku StationThe shortest time is 21 minutes.

As the population around Urawa Station increasesKeihin Tohoku LineToKitaurawa Station(1936),Minami Urawa Station(1961) Is opened,1985ToSaikyo LineOpenedMusashi Urawa Station-Naka Urawa StationWas opened. Since there are 2 stations within 5 km of our station, the number of passengers commuting to and from Tokyo from the station is relatively dispersed, but as a representative station of prefectures and ordinance-designated cities, the population is almost the same. It is a representative station of the government-designated cityHiroshima Station,Sendai StationThe number of passengers is equal to or more than that.

The station is located at the timeUrawajukuIt is located on the eastern side of, and was built at the edge of the plateau, so there is a difference in elevation between east and west for one floor. Also, at the time of opening, there is no prefectural office street at present, and the current Sakura-Kusa-dori was opened as a stop line on the main street leading to the station, and buses and other services were in use. Following the redevelopment, the west exit main street leading to the station became prefectural office street. Currently as a four-lane road connecting east and west on the south side of the stationTajima Omaki LineConstruction is in progress.

Around the stationIsetan Urawa store,Urawa ParcoAs many commercial facilities are concentrated, as described belowAtreThe station building "JR Urawa Station West Exit Building", which will be the expanded floor area of ​​Urawa, has opened.

Away from the stationNational Route 17AlongSaitama Resona Bank,NTT East-KanshinetsuHead offices such asTokiwa(Bessho marshAround the park)Nakamachi,Kishimachi,Shinmei,NegishiIsLuxury residential areaKnown as.

Boarding line

The line you are using isTohoku Main LineIt is a single station (for details, see the route article and "Name of railway line)), but at this stationTrain lineRunKeihin Tohoku LineTrain andTrain lineRunUtsunomiya Line-Takasaki Line(Omiya StationMore branches),Tohoku Freight LineRunShonan Shinjuku LineTrain stops.Ueno StationIn addition to the departure and arrival system,Tokyo StationviaTokaido LineGo directly toUeno Tokyo LineThere is a lineage. In addition, at this stationURW] Three-letter code is attached.


Chronological Table

  • 1883(Meiji16 years)7/28: Opened.Japan RailwayUeno, which is part of the current Tohoku Line and Takasaki Line, was opened when Kumagai opened. The station at that timeUeno Station-Oji Station・Urawa Station・Ageo Station-Konosu Station-Kumagaya StationBy itself, this station is the oldest station on the Tohoku Main Line along with Ueno Station.
    • At this time, this station was not located at the center of the old Urawajuku, but on the southeast side of the post town near the Saitama prefectural government office (the center of the old post where the Honjin wasUrawa Century CityNear the intersection).
    • Shortly after it opened, it was a ground station with 2 lines and 3 lines (the photo was posted in the public relations about the redevelopment in front of Urawa station made by the former Urawa city).
  • 1890(Meiji 23) December: Tohoku Main LineAkabane Station - Omiya StationDouble-tracking.
  • 1906(39th year of Meiji)11/1 : Railway National LawNationalized by.
  • 1909(42th year of Meiji)10/12 : Track nameBecame a member of the Tohoku Main Line when enacted.
  • 1916(Taisho5 years) July:HatogayaShared bus to the area started operating (currently not operating).
  • 1921(Taisho 10) August:Shiki-DaimonThe bus to the area has started (it still operates).
  • 1930(Showa5 years)12/27: East Exit is opened.
  • 1931(6)12/1 : Tohoku Main LineWarabi Station - Yono StationTwo freight lines in between have been added to make a double track. The freight line did not set up a platform at this station.
    • Around this time, the station had wooden station buildings at the west and east exits, and an underground passageway connected between them. The stairs at the west exit were the site of the bookstore side platform at the time of opening, but the freight line running here had wooden fences because trains did not stop. Also, before the war, the so-called first railroad crossing connected the east and west, but it was abolished due to the increase in traffic volume after the war.
  • 1932(7)9/1 : Tohoku Main LineTrain (currentKeihin Tohoku Line) Has been extended to Omiya station and started operation in the section including this station. Until 1968, most of the Tohoku Main Line trains (including Takasaki Line trains) began to pass through this station. Keihin Tohoku Line trains and Tohoku Line medium- and long-distance trains are the same until the 1968 Tohoku Line 6railI was running above. In addition, a freight station was attached to the southwest of this station, and the wiring of the freight station extended to the west exit station building. This place is currently overpassed by the Tohoku Freight Line, and there is a track maintenance area under the guard. In 5, the number of passengers was the central station of the 17th national railway, so the Saitama Prefectural Assembly petitioned the Minister of Railways to stop.
  • 1960(35)1/15: Abolish cargo handling. As a remnant of the freight station, Urawa Post Office (currentlyUrawachu Post Office) Is located[Annotation 1].
  • 1967(Showa 42): West Exit in preparation for 6 lines between Akabane Station and Yono Station on the Tohoku Main LineStation buildingRenovated. The 2012-storey West Exit station building, which existed until 2, will be completed.
  • 1968(43)9/25: Tohoku Main Line Akabane Station-2 lines are added to the line between Yono and 6 lines. The Keihin Tohoku Line train and Tohoku Line train are separated for the first time. In the area around this station, where urbanization had been progressing from early on, it was not possible to secure land for two new lines. Since it passed through trains (including the Takasaki Line train), it became a situation of a train line running on the ground, a passenger line and a freight line running elevated behind the West Exit station building (so called "Commuting five-sided strategyPart of ").
  • 1968(43)10/1: New home on Tohoku Passenger Line. Medium-distance trains start only during morning and evening rush hours[1].
  • 1982(57)11/15: Starts mid-distance trains all day long.
  • 1987(62)4/1 : Privatization of the national railway divisionAs a result, it becomes the station of the East Japan Railway Company (JR East).
  • 2001(Heisei13 years)
  • 2003(15) April 4: Saitama CityGovernment-designated cityMoved to and located in Saitama CityUrawa-kuBecomes
  • 2004(16): Elevated construction started due to the fact that the city area was divided into east and west since opening, and the Shonan Shinjuku line, which could not be stopped due to its structure, was stopped. In order to pull out the stop platform of the Shonan Shinjuku line, a method was adopted to secure a site for elevated construction on the east side of the Keihin Tohoku line and shift it one line at a time to the east side. First, before the elevated construction, it was on the south side of the Tohoku train line platform.Track maintenanceFor machineryDetention lineWas removed, and the track and Keihin Tohoku Line platforms and tracks were relocated to the west to complete the eastern site. In the stationPointIt became a station where no one existed.
  • 2007(19)1/14: Build an elevated track and platform on the east side of the Keihin Tohoku Line, and relocate the Keihin Tohoku Line southbound (line 1) to the new elevated line[2].
  • 2008(20)5/18: Constructed an elevated line on the old Minami Line, and moved the Keihin Tohoku Line north line (Line 2) to the new elevated line. This completes the Keihin Tohoku Line elevated platform. It became the first fully elevated station on the Keihin Tohoku line in the prefecture.[3].
  • 2009(21)12/20: Build an elevated line and platform on the old Kitakyu Line, and move the Tohoku Passenger Line (Utsunomiya Line) up (3rd line) to the new elevated line[4].
  • 2011(23)3/6: Build an elevated line on the old up line and move the down line (4th line) to the new elevated line. This completed the Tohoku Passenger Line elevated platform[5].
  • 2012(24)
    • Spring: Start construction of platforms 5 and 6 on the Tohoku Freight Line (Shonan Shinjuku Line).
    • 7/8: Build an elevated line on the old down line, and move the Tohoku Freight Line southbound to the new elevated line[6].
  • 2013(25)
    • 3/16: A new platform was built on the Tohoku Freight Line following the completion of the elevated construction around the station. With the Shonan Shinjuku lineTobu RailwayDirect limited express"Nikko", "Kinugawa", "Spacia Kinugawa"[Press 2]In addition, the temporary "Omiya Station" will be operated at the beginning and end.Super View OdorikoWill stop. On the same day, in commemoration of this, Urawa station- Atami StationIn the meantime, the group temporary train "Shonan Shinjuku Line Urawa Station Stop Memorial"253 seriesWas driven by. Under the viaduct, an east-west free passage with a width of 25 m and a length of about 50 m was opened, the ticket gates in the east and west were concentrated in the center of the station, and the Nakamachi Underpass with a width of about 4 m was flattened to 10 m. In addition, two east-west free passages were newly established in the north and south, and three east-west free passages were opened. Cross the railway on the south side of the stationSaitama Prefecture Saitama Soka Line(City planning roadTajima Omaki Line), the width on the east side of the elevated was widened to 25m.
    • 7/20: Urawa Station before the 130th anniversary of its opening- Yokogawa StationIn the meantime, the group temporary train "Urawa Station 130th anniversary commemoration issue"485 seriesJoyful TrainNO.DO.KA.Be driven using.
    • 7/28: Commemorating the 130th anniversary of the opening of business, commemorative entrance tickets for Urawa station will be issued[Newspaper 1].
  • 2014(26) December: The construction of the east exit station front traffic plaza is completed.
  • 2015(27)11/25: Opened "Atre Urawa" (South Area/North Area) under the West Exit[Press 3].
  • 2017(29)
  • 2018(30)3/16: West Exit Station Building "Urawa Atre West Area" opens[Press 6][Press 7].Isetan Urawa storeUnderground passage "Nakanoshima underground passage of Urawa station" towards the direction is completed[Press 6][8].
  • 2019(ReiwaFirst year)11/30: Have this dayView PlazaClosed its business[9].

Station structure

Urawa station wiring diagram
6 54 32 1

POINTERg @ fqcd
Shonan Shinjuku Line
vSTR red
POINTERg @ fqcd
Utsunomiya Line(Ueno Tokyo Line
vSTR redvSTR saffron
POINTERg @ fqcd
Keihin Tohoku Line
vSTR redvSTR saffronvSTR azure
vSTR + BSm redvSTR + BSm saffronvSTR azure
vSTR + BSm redvSTR + BSm saffronvSTR + BSm azure
vSTR + BSm redvSTR + BSm saffronvSTR + BSm azure
vSTR redvSTR saffronvSTR azure

Akabane,(I.e.,Tokyo,Shinjuku,Yokohama,Big shipaspect

Island homeHave two lines on one sideElevated station.. Home of track 1 and 2Effective lengthIs a 10-car volume component, and lines 3, 4, 5 and 6 are 15-car volume components. Lines 5 and 6 are located one step higher than lines 1, 2, 3, and 4. It used to be a station where the horizontal platforms were lined up so that the freight line, which was originally elevated, would be pressed, but as a part of the station redevelopment project by Urawa City (currently Saitama City), even to the adjacent building edge Land expansion and new freight line platform (line 5 and 6) construction has been carried out on all sides, making it possible to make maximum use of the small land between the large and small commercial and business buildings in the surrounding area while making it compact. It has the appearance of an elevated station in the center of the city where homes are located. Transfer according to the elevated platformConcourseBetween and homeStairsIn addition toescalatorエ レ ベ ー タ ーWas installed. There is a transfer concourse under the platform, with a central ticket gate on the south side of the concourse, and on the north side of the concourse in November 2015.SuicaA dedicated atre north exit ticket gate was installed.

There is a 25m wide free passage connecting the east and west of the station outside the central ticket gate, and exit the ticket gate to fill the height difference between the west exit and the east exit, and an up staircase, an escalator, and an elevator are installed on the west exit side. There is. Next to the central ticket gate,Green WindowThere is. Until November 2019, 11View PlazaWas attached. 1 outside the ticket gate, 1 inside the ticket gate Convenience storeNewDaysIn addition to the establishment, there are restaurants and other shops on the concourse inside the ticket gate. It is a directly managed station and manages Kita Urawa Station as a management station.

As for the exterior of the station, the part of the station facing the plaza in front of the already completed station is emerald green and is entirely covered with glass. About the station west exit, 7 floorsStation buildingThe home is covered with a windbreak wall because it will be hidden in the "JR Urawa Station West Exit Building" (opened on March 2018, 3 as an expanded floor area of ​​Atre Urawa). To the south of the station buildingHotel Mets UrawaThere is, and it functions as a business hotel directly connected to the station.

Prior to the start of construction, this station has 2 lines on the island platform and 4 linesGround stationIt was (the freight line passed by an elevated line diagonally above the passenger line). The Tohoku Freight Line passes between the West Exit Station Building and the Tohoku Passenger Line at the height of the second floor above the ground, so it is difficult to build an overpass for transfer, which is unusual for a JR ground station, not an overpass. An underground passage connecting both station buildings was in contact with each platform. As a result, it was not easy to widen the transfer passages compared to overpasses, and as a result the station structure maintained in the 2s was maintained until the 1960s, making it difficult to meet increasing passenger demand and barrier-free demand. .. In addition, because the stairs leading from the West Exit station building to the underground passage are located directly under the freight line and due to narrow land conditions, it is not possible to build a new platform on the freight line, and until the timetable revision on March 2000, 2013, the Shonan Shinjuku line I was passing this station.

Bus stop

1JK Keihin Tohoku LineSouthboundMinami Urawa-(I.e.-Tokyoaspect
2North lineKita Urawa-Yono-Omiyaaspect
3JU Utsunomiya Line (Tohoku Line)/Takasaki LineGoing upAkabane·Tokyo·Yokohama-Big shipaspect
(Ueno Tokyo Line
4Going down(I.e.-Utsunomiya-Takasaki-Maebashiaspect
5JS Shonan Shinjuku LineSouthboundAkabaneShinjuku·Yokohama·Odawara-Zushiaspect
6North lineFor Omiya, Utsunomiya, Takasaki
(Saitama ShintoshinPass)

(Source:JR East: Station map

  • West exit is olderUrawajukuIt is close to, and there are many passengers getting on and off, but there is a historical background that the platform was added in order from the east side.
  • In addition, the direction of the line 2 of this station is unified to "Kita Urawa, Yono, Omiya area" even before the opening of Saitama Shintoshin station even after the overpass, and the Saitama Shintoshin station where the medium-distance train stops is from Yono station. Although there are many passengers getting on and off, it is not included in the direction.
  • The direction of Line 4 continues to be written as "Oyama, Utsunomiya, Takasaki, Maebashi" from the ground station era, and Omiya Station and Kumagaya Station are rarely mentioned in the Utsunomiya Line / Takasaki Line suburbs of Tokyo. On the other hand, on the Shonan Shinjuku Line No. 2013 platform, which was opened in 6, it is written as "Omiya/Utsunomiya/Takasaki area" and has not been unified with the No. 4 line. In addition, the direction notation such as Nikko and Kuroiso that were left on the enameled board that had been hung on the platform pillars until the station was elevated from the JNR era has disappeared.

Departure melody

Lines 1 and 2 are local melodies, and lines 3 and 4 areSakurai Music StudioMade, lines 5 and 6Toyo Media LinksMade melody is used. The melody of lines 1 and 2 has changed from "Amaririsu" etc. (until 1997) → "JR-SH1-1" (1997-2003) → (a) "City of Hope" (2003-2007) To the present[10].. The melody of (a) was also used on track 2013 in March-May 3. Platforms 5 and 5 were "ranch morning" and "hometown" until January 3.

1JK Keep On Rising[11][12]
2JK Town of hope 09 [13]
3JU Spring box
4JU Susukino Plateau V2
5JS Water Crown (Low)
6JS Verde Rayo "Green Ray" (bass emphasis)

Station building Atre Urawa

2013After the construction of the elevated railway in March, the site of the West Exit station building was renovated to enhance it as a commercial baseStation buildingIt was decided to build a commercial facility in a space of about 1.3 square meters under the elevated 2km north-south created by the elevated construction. Securing a material storage and a construction office for construction under the elevated railway station on the site of the West Exit Station2015Started earlier, and three years later (2018), a 7-storey building (1 floors, assuming the height in front of the west exit is the 6st floor), the JR Urawa Station West Exit Building was completed.

The commercial facility under the viaduct isAtreUrawa South Area-North AreaAs 201511/25Opened in, and moved the tourist information center and citizen's window on the west side[Press 3].. Of these, on the south side of the East-West free passageSouth AreaIsThe Garden Jiyugaoka,Seijo IshiiConsists of stores such as grocery stores (25 stores), Urawa Tourist Information Center has moved[Press 8].. Tourist information centerProntoIt takes the form of collaboration with. Also, on the north side of the station building,North AreaToSuicaA special "Atre North Exit Ticket Gate" is newly established and directly connected to the station. This area has restaurants andFamilyMartIn addition to the cafe, it will be the fifth store in Japan (first in the prefecture)ConciergeWithUrawa 茑屋书店”Opened in the storeStarbucksIs attached[Newspaper 4].. In addition, Urawa Station citizen's window has moved[Press 9]Established “Cocophane Nursery Urawa”, a licensed nursery school (2016It is open in April).

Besides this,Tajima Omaki LineThere is a parking lot (47 cars) on the south side and a bicycle parking lot (532 cars) on the south and north sides. Atre Club View Suica Card and Atre Card enrollment campaign started on November 11, prior to opening, and at the same time as the opening of the Atre Urawa information magazine ``U La La -Ura-Was launched by[Newspaper 5].. March 2018th, 3 Station Building (16st-1th floors are atre Urawa West Area・Fitness club on the 5th-7th floorJexer Fitness & Spa"Urawa") opened, "Atre Urawa" West Area"Saitama Resona Bank"The Saitama Resona Bank Premier Salon Urawa", a store for the wealthy, and the official store of Urawa RedsUrawa Reds Red VoltageEtc. opened[Press 6].. at the same timeIsetan Urawa storeUnderground access to the area "Urawa Station Nakanoshima underground passage" was established[Press 6].

In addition, there is a commercial facility on the 1st to 4th floors in front of Nishiguchi Station.Saitama Civic Center UrawaA redevelopment project to build a 27-story redevelopment building in which to move and expand the station squareUrawa Station West Exit Minami Takasago Area First Class Urban Redevelopment ProjectIs planned, and an increase in commercial facilities is expected.

Usage situation

2019(First year of Reiwa)Boardingpersonnel The95,865Is[Number of passengers 1].. At JR East StationOmori StationAfter 47th place at stations in Saitama prefectureOmiya StationIt is second only after. At a single station where there is no transfer line with other companiesMitaka Station,Akabane Station,Omori Station4th place (after Omori is very close)Omorikaigan Station, AkabaneAkabane Iwabuchi StationThere is).Shonan Shinjuku LineStop,Ueno Tokyo LineDue to the opening of the company, the number has increased by nearly 2012 from 2015 to 1. In the city area within 2km from Urawa stationKitaurawa Station,Minami Urawa Station,Musashi Urawa StationAnd there are three stations with about 5 passengers, and the passengers are dispersed.

It is the 5th stop at Utsunomiya and Takasaki lines, next to Tokyo, Omiya, Ueno and Akabane stations, and the 19th at Keihin Tohoku line (Negishi LineExcluding sections).

Daily average number of passengers by year (1-1981)

recent yearsBoardingThe number of personnel is shown in the table below. The number of passengers in the entire year is divided by 365 (366 in the year when leap days enter) to find the average daily number of passengers.Rounding downTherefore, the sum of non-regular items and regular items does not necessarily match the total.

Average daily number of passengers by year[Statistics 1][Statistics 2][Statistics 3]
年度Daily average
Boarding personnel
1981 year (Showa 56 year)66,537
1982 year (Showa 57 year)68,521
1983 year (Showa 58 year)70,089
1984 year (Showa 59 year)70,365
[Note 1] 1985 year (Showa 60 year)70,494
1986 year (Showa 61 year)67,113
1987 year (Showa 62 year)67,815
1988 year (Showa 63 year)63,616
1989 (first year of Heisei)70,101
1990 (Heisei02 years)72,372
1991 (Heisei03 years)74,102
1992 (Heisei04 years)73,682
1993 (Heisei05 years)74,879
1994 (Heisei06 years)74,455
1995 (Heisei07 years)74,509
1996 (Heisei08 years)75,637
1997 (Heisei09 years)74,967
1998 year (Heisei 10 year)74,597
1999 year (Heisei 11 year)[JR 1]74,159[*1]
2000 year (Heisei 12 year)[JR 2]73,995[*2]

Average daily number of passengers by year (since 1)

Average daily number of passengers by year[Statistics 1][Statistics 2][Statistics 3]
年度Daily average number of passengersSource
Out of termRegularTotal
2001 year (Heisei 13 year)[JR 3]73,676[*3]
2002 year (Heisei 14 year)[JR 4]74,070[*4]
2003 year (Heisei 15 year)[JR 5]74,293[*5]
2004 year (Heisei 16 year)[JR 6]73,747[*6]
2005 year (Heisei 17 year)[JR 7]73,633[*7]
2006 year (Heisei 18 year)[JR 8]75,193[*8]
2007 year (Heisei 19 year)[JR 9]78,708[*9]
2008 year (Heisei 20 year)[JR 10]79,791[*10]
2009 year (Heisei 21 year)[JR 11]79,376[*11]
2010 year (Heisei 22 year)[JR 12]79,113[*12]
2011 year (Heisei 23 year)[JR 13]78,807[*13]
[Note 2] 2012 year (Heisei 24 year)[JR 14]27,715[JR 14]52,554[JR 14]80,269[*14]
2013 year (Heisei 25 year)[JR 15]29,125[JR 15]55,104[JR 15]84,230[*15]
2014 year (Heisei 26 year)[JR 16]29,683[JR 16]55,042[JR 16]84,725[*16]
[Note 3] 2015 year (Heisei 27 year)[JR 17]30,715[JR 17]56,934[JR 17]87,650[*17]
2016 year (Heisei 28 year)[JR 18]31,286[JR 18]58,676[JR 18]89,963[*18]
2017 year (Heisei 29 year)[JR 19]32,420[JR 19]60,315[JR 19]92,735[*19]
2018 year (Heisei 30 year)[JR 20]33,079[JR 20]61,984[JR 20]95,064[*20]
2019 (first year of Reiwa)[JR 21]32,091[JR 21]63,774[JR 21]95,865
  1. ^ XNUM X Year X NUM X Month X NUM X DaySaikyo LineOpened.
  2. ^ With the timetable revision on March 2013, 3, it will be the station of the Shonan Shinjuku line.
  3. ^ The Ueno Tokyo line opened with the timetable revision on March 2015, 3.

Around the station

Even around this station, especially on the west side of the station, the Saitama Prefectural Government, Saitama Prefectural Government, where Saitama Prefecture's administrative agencies, Saitama branch of major political parties, and courts gather, is the center of Saitama City Government. Also, within such a walking distance from the stationDogFamous for Naruto KomareCho ShrineAndWeeping cherryFamous forTamazoinThe old shrines and temples are scattered around. Also oldNakasendoAlong the side of the station, some stores such as a long-established confectionery store also remain, telling the remnants of the post town since the early modern times.

On the west exit side, after the Urawa City Planning Street was decided in August 1963, in 8RedevelopmentEmbarked on a business[14].1981The redevelopment of the downtown area was completed in March,Isetan Urawa store,Urawa CorsoIn addition to the opening of a large commercial facility such as the same year, Sakurawa-dori, which has the Urawa Station West Exit Bus Terminal and the former Urawa Station Bus Stop Line,NakasendoThe area around Tamazoin Street is maintained. In addition, redevelopment at this time was also considering the enjoyment of walking on the road, for example, from the road on which Sakura-Kusa-dori is also used by automobiles to a pedestrian-only road.

after that1990 eraOld at the endNakasendoIt will be the first skyscraper around Urawa Station near the old Urawajuku Honjin, which is the intersection of the city hall and the city hall, and on the site of the former government building of Urawa City Hall (which was a parking lot after the relocation of Urawa City Hall).Urawa Century City(Urawa Royal Pines HotelEtc.) has been completed.

そ し て,2000 eraAfter entering, redevelopment work is proceeding at the east exit,Urawa Parco,Yaoko,United cinema(Cinema complex) And other commercial facilities,Saitama City Central Library, COMUNALE, underground publicParking LotComplex redevelopment building where public facilities such asStream buildingWas opened and the station square was also maintained. In the south area of ​​the West Exit, development on the south side of the Tajima Omaki Line, which crosses the south side of the station, has already been completed. In addition, as for the prime station area north of the road, which is scheduled to be completed in 2022 (Reiwa 4), we have expanded the station plaza and incorporated offices and commercial facilities, centering on public facilities that will be the symbol of the west exit. A 27-story super high-rise apartment is planned.

In May 2008, the oldUrawaIs a traditional industry ofOmiya Ofbonsai,Iwatsuki OfdollsTogether with Urawa's designated as a traditional industry of Saitama cityeelTo commemoratemanga artist OfTakashi YanaseBy the design ofUrawa Unako-chanA statue was installed at the station west exit. From the end of June 2016, it has been temporarily relocated near the bus stop for Corso and Isetanmae for construction of Nakanoshima underground passage (described later).[Press 10].

In addition, according to the "Ordinance on the street smoking and littering of empty cans, etc." established in 2007 (→ Ordinance to prohibit smoking on the street), smoking is performed in the area from the old Nakasendo on the west side to the Takasaka Nakamachi Line on the east side. Street smoking and throwing away empty cans outside the office are subject to crackdown.

On the plateau at the west exit of the station, there is a commercial district centered on the old Nakasendo that runs north and south and the prefectural office that crosses east and west, and Saitama is on the west side (Kashimadai) on the opposite side of the valley. Prefectural administrative facilities such as the prefectural office and the Saitama Prefectural Police Headquarters, and national administrative facilities such as the Saitama District Court and Saitama District Public Prosecutors Office are concentrated. National Route 17 runs along the western edge of the road, with Saitama City Hall, Saitama Chamber of Commerce, and various media bureaus centered along the road. Heading north on Route 17, Saitama Resona Bank Head Office (former:Saitama BankThe main store is located. To the northSaitama UniversityI used the site of the former campusKita Urawa ParkAppears,Kitaurawa StationConnects to the surrounding commercial district.

The quiet residential area from ancient times surrounds the area where the administrative and commercial functions are concentrated at the west exit of these stations.Capital AreaHowever, it is known as one of the leading high-class residential areas, and around the stationEducation cityThe condominium construction that sells is also one after another. Many of them are relatively high-rise, from 14 to 20 stories, and there are movements against the changes in the environment. EspeciallyKishimachiHas rapidly changed from a low-rise residential area to a high-rise apartment district in recent years. Further away from the southwest, the residential area descends from the hill, gradually moving to a new residential area,Bessho marsh,ShirahatanumaA park using lakes that conveys what Urawa used to look like now appears,Saikyo Line,Musashino LineA calm residential area spreads along the line.2018ToSumoIt ranked in 10th place in "Kanto version living town ranking".

West exit

Takasago,Nakamachi,Tokiwa,KishimachiSee also

Government office


Mass media
Political party branch
Public facilities/tower

Urawa Station West Exit Underpass/Urawa Station Nakanoshima Underground Passage (URAWA SOCCER STREET)

The Urawa Station West Exit Underpass is located in front of the Urawa Station West Exit.Nakanoshima) And the Urawa Corso/Isetan Urawa store on the first basement floor. In addition, there are stairs and elevators going to the ground just before the entrance to the basement floor of Corso/Isetan. In addition to the construction of the Nakanoshima underground passage, barrier-free work is being done on the entrance and exit of the 1st basement floor of Corso and Isetan.

Since there is no pedestrian crossing from the west exit to Nakanoshima, many users cross the rotary directly. Therefore, a signboard is installed to encourage the use of the underpass.2016Construction of the underground passage "Urawa Station Nakanoshima underground passage" that directly connects the east-west free passage and the west exit underground passage started in January[Press 11],2018It opened on March 3th. This underground passage was maintained in cooperation with Urawa Reds, and was set up with digital signage, etc., hoping that it will become a space that produces the history of Saitama soccer 16 years and the town of Urawa in soccer, nicknamedURAWA SOCCER STREETAnd[8].

East exit

Bus route

Bus lines departing from and arriving at this station areKokusai Kogyo BusTobu Bus WestIs operating. West Exit1981The current bus terminal has been completed and is connected to Urawa Station by an underpass. The East Exit Bus Terminal was provisionally completed on November 2007, 11, and was completely completed in November 1. From the 2014 seasonSaitama Stadium 2002,Komaba StadiumThe shuttle bus stop to was changed from the west exit to the east exit. However, the return route from the stadium will arrive at the West Exit as usual.

From December 2013, 12, at Urawa Station West ExitHaneda airportThe airport communication bus connecting the two has started operation.

West exit

Platform[17]系統Main transit pointdestinationOperatorConcern
1Takeura 10In front of the prefectural office-Musashi Urawa StationWest exitTajima housing complexKokusai Kogyo BusToda
Takeura 10-2Prefectural Office/Bessho XNUMX-chomeMusashi Urawa Station West Exit
Ura 51Otakubo-groundKitaurawa StationEast exitNishi Urawa
Ura 51-3Kitaurawa Terminal Building
2Ura 12TokiwaXNUMX-chomeMachiyaSakura Ward Office
Ura 12-2municipal officeIn front of Machiya
Ura 13Tokiwa XNUMX-chome/MachiyaOkubo water purification plant
Ura 13-2Shimookubo
Urasakura 13-3City Hall, Machiya, Sakura Ward OfficeOkubo water purification plant
3Ura 11Prefectural Office, Naka Urawa Station, MachiyaSakura Ward Office
4Ura 31Kitaurawa Station/Municipal ApartmentSaitama City HospitalTobu Bus WestAmanuma
Rock 04Kitaurawa Station/Mikura Kishiya-maeMiyashitaIwatsuki
Rock 05Kitaurawa StationHigashiarai housing complex
5Will 01In front of prefectural office, Naka Urawa station,MuneokaShiki StationEast exitKokusai Kogyo BusNishi Urawa
6Airport busMusashi Urawa StationHaneda airportKokusai Kogyo Bus
Tokyo airport traffic
7Ura 19-2In front of prefectural officeKitamachiXNUMX-chomeWarabi StationWest exitKokusai Kogyo BusToda
Ura 81Musashi Urawa Station/Beauty treeToda Garage
8Ura 11-2Prefectural Office/Naka Urawa StationNishiura Japanese GarageNishi Urawa

East exit

Platform[18][19]系統Main transit pointdestinationOperatorConcern
1Ura 01Kagetsu/Asamashita/DaimonHigashikawaguchi StationNorth exitKokusai Kogyo BusSaitama East
Ura 02Urawamisono StationEast exit
Ura 03Kagetsu/AsamashitaOsaki Garden Botanical Garden
Ura 06KagetsuMidori Ward government office entrance
Ura 09Kagetsu/AsamashitaHigashiurawa Station
Ura 90KagetsuAndSaitama East Sales Office
2Ura 08Municipal hospitalMinamidai
Ura 08-2Municipal hospital, MinamidaiSaitama East Sales Office
Beauty 01Bypass/Nakao OverpassUrawamisono Station West Exit
Ura 91Saitama East Sales Office
3Ura 04Otabo and AkikaHigashiurawa Station
Ura 04-2Otakubo/Meika/Higashiurawa StationBaba turnaround
Ura 04-2HMunicipal hospital
Ura 04-3Saitama East Sales Office
Ura 05OtakuboAkika
4Ura 50Otakubo, XNUMX nights, UitaniMinami Urawa StationWest exitToda
Ura 50-2Ohta Kubo/XNUMX nightsXNUMX nights Sakashita
5 · 6J01 (temporary)(Direct)Komaba Stadium[20]Saitama East
J03 (temporary)Saitama Stadium(North Gate)[20]
7Ura 51Otakubo GrandKitaurawa Station East ExitNishi Urawa
Ura 51-3Kitaurawa Terminal Building
8Ura 51/Ura 51-3Urawa Station West Exit


Station name with "Urawa"

All stations in the north, south, east, and west have the stations named after "Urawa" (Higashiurawa Station-Nishi Urawa Station-Minami Urawa Station-Kitaurawa Station).By the way, Urawa is the only railway station in Japan that has all four sides with a combination of directions and place names.

Urawa Station and Naka Urawa StationMusashi Urawa Station・Including Urawa Misono Station, there are 8 stations that bear the name of Urawa, but in the former Urawa city area, the stations that do not bear the name of UrawaYono StationIt is unique in that it has the same place name at 9 stations out of 8 stations.[Annotation 2].

All 8 stations with "Urawa" were in the old Urawa city, but only Urawa and Kita Urawa stations are in Urawa Ward after the establishment of Saitama City, and the other 6 stations are outside Urawa Ward. (Higashi Urawa Station and Urawa Misono StationGreen District, Nishi Urawa stationSakura ku, Minami Urawa Station/Naka Urawa Station/Musashi Urawa StationSouth ward).

Saitama Stadium 2002 access station

This station is the home of the J League Urawa RedsSaitama Stadium 2002Is one of the main access stations inSaitama City Komaba StadiumIt is also the nearest station of. These are Reds games andJapan national football teamA large number of passengers get on and off on the day of the match, and dozens of direct non-stop buses leave between the station and the stadium.[20]. In addition, even on the day when the game is held at Saitama Stadium including those other than Urawa Reds, a direct non-stop bus for Saitama Stadium will depart from this station.[20].

Next station

East Japan Railway (JR East)
JU Utsunomiya Line/Takasaki Line/Ueno Tokyo Line
Rapid "Rabbit" "Urban"Rapid commute
Akabane Station (JU 04)- Urawa Station (JU 05) - Omiya Station (JU 07)
Akabane Station (JU 04)- Urawa Station (JU 05) - Saitama Shintoshin Station (JU 06)
JS Shonan Shinjuku Line
Special rapidRapid·ordinary
Akabane Station (JS 22)- Urawa Station (JS 23) -Omiya Station (JS 24)
JK Keihin Tohoku Line
Rapid·Local train
Minami Urawa Station (JK 42)- Urawa Station (JK 43) - Kitaurawa Station (JK 44)


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