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🍴 | Cool Nagashi Somen at the shop [Miwa Somen Nagashi | Sakurai City]


Cool nagashi somen at the shop [Miwa somen nagashi | Sakurai City]

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“I wanted to use products from Nara Prefecture as much as possible, so I developed this product.

Cool nagashi somen at a shop [Miwa somen nagashi | Sakurai City] Speaking of Sakurai City, Nara Prefecture, "Omiwa Shrine" and "Hase-dera Temple"... → Continue reading


This website is provided by NI Planning, which has published the town information "Purple" in Nara Prefecture for over 20 years, with the concept of "making Nara more fun and profitable".We deliver the latest information on local areas such as gourmet, events, sports, outings, and life, as well as user-participation-type projects!

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