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🍴 | It's cool just to look at it!I went to "Glass Bottle and Shuwashwa City" where local ciders from all over the country gathered

Photo A row of cider in glass bottles!

It's cool just looking at it!I went to "Glass Bottle and Shuwashwa City" where local ciders from all over the country gathered

If you write the contents roughly
When I asked Shinjuku Nakamuraya about the top sellers, it was summer, and citrus, yuzu, grape, and muscat varieties were doing well.

It's hot, it's too hot - some readers may scream like that every time they go outside. 2022 is also full-scale... → Continue reading

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      Nakamuraya Co., Ltd.(Nakamuraya,British: NAKAMURAYA CO.,LTD.[3]) IsTokyoShinjukuHeadquartered inFood maker.


      It is generally known as 'Shinjuku Nakamuraya'.Japanese sweets,Western confectionery,Sweet bread,Chinese food,retort-canning OfcurryIn addition to manufacturing and selling such asDepartment store basement,Shopping centeretc. with confectionery stores (15 directly managed stores),Restaurants(10 directly managed stores).again,KantoSold atChinese foodoccupies the top share of[4],convenience storeForCommercial foodalso have products.2019(HeiseiThe sales ratio for the fiscal year ended March 31, 3 was 76% for the confectionery business, 22.5% for the food business, and 1.5% for the rental business.[5].


      eaten in Japan todayChinese foodIt is,1925(TaishoFrom 14 years)1927(Showa2nd year) It was improved until the release date and was devised to suit the tastes of Japanese people.[6][7]. Also,Cream breadis sold for the first time in Japan.[8],Curry breadfamous with[9].


      • 1901(Meiji34) December - presentBunkyoHongo OfTokyo UniversityNakamuraya, a bread shop in front of the main gateSoma Aizou-goodcouple bought[10],Individual managementStart a business.Since the couple both attended school,StudentIt prospered as a bakery[11].
      • 1909(Meiji 42) September - Moved to Shinjuku (current head office)[10]Started production and sales of various sweets and canned foods.
      • 1923(Taisho12) April-Reorganized into a stock company[12].
      • 1927(Showa2nd year) June-Established a coffee shop, with curry riceBorschtput up for sale[13].
      • 1948(23)
        • August - Absorbed Tamagawa Foods Co., Ltd.
        • December - Established Kuroko Confectionery Co., Ltd., a dedicated Japanese confectionery factory.
      • 1951(Showa 26) June- ShibuyaSasazukaEstablished Sasazuka Factory (later renamed Tokyo Factory, now Tokyo Office)[13].
      • 1957(Showa 32) July 3- Tokyo Stock ExchangeListing[1][13].
      • 1959(Showa 34) October - Capital participation in Ace Foods Co., Ltd. and changed the trade name to Nakamuraya Foods Co., Ltd.
      • 1968(Showa 43) June- KanagawaEbinaEstablished Kanagawa factory in[13].
      • 1973(Showa 48) September - Kokuko Confectionery Co., Ltd. becomes a subsidiary[13].
      • 1977(Showa 52) October - Acquisition of Happymore Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary[13].
      • 1989(HeiseiFirst year) September- SaitamaMinami Saitama DistrictIris townEstablished Saitama Factory in[14].
      • 1991(3) December - Acquired NAC Co., Ltd. as a subsidiary[14].
      • 1993(5) February-NACSasazuka NA BuildingCompletion.
      • 1997(9) April-Nakamuraya Foods and Happymore merged.
      • 1998(10)
        • May - NC changed its name to NC System Co., Ltd.
        • 10 month - IbarakiUshikuEstablished Nitsukuba factory[14].
      • 2001(13) September - Finished production at the Tokyo factory[14].Changed to Tokyo office.
      • 2005(17) October - NC System changed its trade name to NC Building Co., Ltd. and transferred the business to the newly established NC System Co., Ltd.NC Building merged with Nakamuraya.
      • 2011(23) October-Head office closed for reconstruction work[14].next month, adjacentShinjuku TakanoOpened a temporary store in the head office.
      • 2014(26)
        • April - Dissolved Happymore and took over all business[14].
        • October - Head office reopened after renovation[14][15].
      • 2016(28) October 10 -In order to increase production capacity,SaitamaIruma-shi OfOtsuma Women's UniversityAnnounced acquisition of the site of Sayamadai Campus[16].
      • 2017(29)
        • Jan - Sold Sasazuka NA Building[17][Note 1].
        • April - Dissolved Kuroko Confectionery and took over all business[14].
      • 2018(30) July - Established Musashi Factory in Iruma City, Saitama Prefecture[14][19].
      • 2019(31)
        • January - Opened the Chukaman Museum, Japan's first permanent facility for viewing a Chinese steamed bun factory, in the Musashi Factory.[14][20].
        • February - NAC System Co., Ltd.Nissin SugarTransfer to[21].
      • 2020(Reiwa2 years)
        • March - Sold 3% of Kanagawa factory land.Leased landcontinue to operate as[22].
        • July - Sold the site of the former Kuroko confectionery factory in Atsugi City, Kanagawa Prefecture.[23].

      Aizo Soma (Founder)

      Since its founding in 1901 (Meiji 34), my wife'sSoma KuromitsuTogether, he continued to make creative bread and food products.1904(Meiji 37)Cream puffIt is still a popular sweet bread with a hint ofCream breadDevised[8].1927(Showa 2) is the currentChinese foodReleased the original Tenkaippin Chinese Manju[6]..One theory isThis is said to be the beginning of modern Chinese buns.[Source required].

      1918(Taisho 7) my daughterIndiaIndependence ofSportsman OfRash Behari BosemarriageIn the wake of this, Bose gave rice (white rice) and birds (Game chicken), a full-fledgedCurrylearn to cook1927(2)6/12We sell pure Indian curry, which was rare in Japan at the time.Only this curry menu has a special existence because the president's approval is required when changing the ingredients.[25].Curry's catchphrase "A taste of love and revolution" was born from here and has been passed down.In addition, Nakamuraya has designated June 6, the day of the launch of the product, as "Koi to Kakumei no Indian Curry Day."[26].

      French breadwas first released in Japan in KyotoShinshindoFounder andYamazaki BreadFounder'sIijima Tojuroalso worked under Soma.

      Many intellectuals who were attracted to the personality of Ryo Aizo visited the main store in Shinjuku.in itRussiafairy tale writerVasili EroshenkoMoori, heRecipesToldBorschtAlong with the above-mentioned curry, it has been a popular menu since the opening of the main restaurant.However, this borschtTable beatIt uses tomatoes instead.Also, the RussianEthnic clothesRubashikaAlso, because of its functionality, the clerkuniformHas been adopted as.


      Shuji Terayama ThePlayboyWhen I was in charge of the life consultation column in the magazine, I responded to the postcard of a suicidal young man, "Have you ever eaten curry from Shinjuku Nakamuraya? If not, please eat and talk again."[Source required]

      Scandals / labor issues

      On December 2021, 3, Nakamuraya and the chief of the company's Saitama factory management sectionImmigration Refugee LawDocuments were forwarded by the Metropolitan Police Department on suspicion of violation (promoting illegal employment).Metropolitan Police Department Organized Crime Countermeasures Division 1According to Saitama City, the suspectedTemporary staffing company6 Nepalese dispatched from Japan were recognized as activities outside the qualification, but they were made to work as workers at the Saitama factory for about two and a half years from November 2018 (Heisei 30).At least 11 people, including VietnameseIllegal workThere are also suspicions thatRegarding this situation, President Tatsuya Suzuki indicated in a voluntary investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department that he would review the business system and organizational response, saying that it was "naive."[27][28][29][30][31].


      • Shinjuku Nakamuraya Building
        • Manna - Restaurant & Cafe
        • Bonna - Sweets & Delica
        • Granna - Casual Dining
      • Olive House - 8 Southern European restaurants
      • Western restaurant Shinjuku Nakamuraya
      • Love and Spice Shinjuku Nakamuraya
      • Dealers - Tokyo: 7 stores, Kanagawa: 4 stores, Saitama: 1 store, Chiba: 1 store

      (As of October 2020, 2)


      • Shinjuku Nakamuraya Building
        • "Nakamuraya Salon Museum(Building 3F) - A museum named after the literary salon "Nakamuraya Salon" that Kuromitsu Soma once hosted.

      Main offices

      • Head office
        • Located at the East Exit of Shinjuku Station.In addition to selling products, the main store has a restaurant serving Indian curry, French, and Chinese cuisine.Adjacent from November 2011, 23 (Heisei 11) to 10 (Heisei 2014) due to rebuildingShinjuku Takanooperated at a temporary store in the head office building.
      • Tokyo office (TokyoShibuyaSasazuka) -Demolition work began in January 2022, closing the curtain on the 1-year history since the start of operation.
      • Kanagawa Factory (KanagawaEbina
      • Saitama Factory (SaitamaKuki
      • Tsukuba Factory (IbarakiUshiku
      • Musashi Factory (Saitama Prefecture)Iruma-shi


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      注 釈

      1. ^ After that, on September 2020, 9, Sasazuka NA BuildingDaiwa Sasazuka TowerWas renamed[18]


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      • "Piroshki and Chocolate-Shinjuku Nakamuraya Confectioner's Story" Intelfin Shobo,1994, 257.

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