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🍴 | [Fukuoka specialty gourmet] "Fukuoka soul food list 50 selections" to read before sightseeing and returning home


[Fukuoka Specialty Gourmet] Must Read Before Sightseeing/Homecoming "Fukuoka Soul Food List 50 Selections"

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It is a long-established store that was founded in Hakata Nakasu for half a century to spread eel steamed.

“@Fukuin Stafu~do” is a gourmet account with 5 Instagram followers, and various Fukuoka area… → Continue reading


■ Fukuripa-Fukuoka's present and future-
Information WEB media of the leap forward city Fukuoka.
FUKUOKA = Abbreviation for "FUKUOKA leap up".
The new values ​​and creative thinking gained here will give you hints to enrich your life.
You will be the power to leap forward.
We are aiming for such a site.

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