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🍴 | Experience Naniwa's confectionery culture Osaka Museum of History "Japanese sweets, Itookashi" On Sundays and holidays, fresh sweets are also served at the cafe Until September 9th

Photo "Natsugidachi" (made by Tsuruya Hachiman) Currently being held at the Osaka Museum of History "Wagashi, Itookashi" exhibition

Experience Naniwa's confectionery culture Osaka Museum of History "Wagashi, Itookashi" Offer fresh sweets at the cafe on Sundays and holidays until September 9

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The confectionery illustrated book "Koseichou" handed down to Tsuruya Hachiman tells the inheritance.

The exhibition “Wagashi, Itookashi” will explore the culture of wagashi, which has been handed down in Osaka, through paintings, catalogs, and confectionery molds of the time. → Continue reading

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      Tsuruya Hachiman

      Tsuruya Hachiman Co., Ltd.(Tsuruya Hachiman,British: Tsuruya Hachiman Co., Ltd.) IsOsakaLong-established storeJapanese sweets店[1][2].

      Manufactured in our own factory, from sorting adzuki beans to making bean paste[2].


      1702(Genroku15 years)[Source required]Toraya Iori(Toraya Iori,The official name is Toraya Yamato Daijo Fujiwara Iori.[Source required]) is founded[1].Iori Toraya was the first to sell manju in Osaka, and it was well received.[1].Toraya Iori is a steamed bunstampIt is also known for issuing a gift certificate (a kind of gift certificate for handing over the manju to the bearer).[1].It was the beginning of product stamps in Osaka[1].

      Iori Toraya had built up a great deal of credibility both inside and outside of Osaka, but at the end of the Edo period, the ninth head of the family was sickly and had no biological children, and the business was at a standstill due to social unrest.[1].Osaka'sTea ceremonyAt the request of Iori Toraya, and with the support of Yahataya, who supplied raw materials to Iori Toraya, she worked as an apprentice to Iori Toraya for many years.Imanaka Ihachifollows all the manufacturing methods and raw materials of Toraya Iori,Bunkyu3 years(1863)Korai BridgeEstablished Tsuruya Hachiman in Toridon Pond[1][2].The trade name Tsuruya Hachiman was changed to 'Tsuruya Hata' in the sense of rewarding Hachimanya's kindness.[1].

      How "Tsuruya Hata" became "Tsuruya Hachiman" is unknown[1].

      1951In 26, he became the third president.Toyozo Imanaka ThePR magazinePublishes "Amakara" (later "Amakara Shunju")[1].Masajiro Kojima,Isamu Yoshii,Nobuko Yoshiya,Northern Great Northern JapanThanks to the contributions of the writing team, not only Tsuruya Hachiman but also Osaka culture itself has contributed to the publicity.[1]. "Amakara" was published up to the 200th issue.[1].

      • 1915(Taisho4 years)-Established Tsuruya Hachiman, a partnership company.
      • 1932(Showa7th year) - Ordered the crest confectionery (Chrysanthemum and Paulownia).
      • 1947(Showa 22)-Established Tsuruya Hachiman Co., Ltd.

      Main products

      Relationship with Osamu Tezuka

      Osamu TezukaOsaka Prefectural Kitano Junior High School (currentlyOsaka Prefectural Kitano High School) classmateHiroshi ImanakaThere is a person called, but he is one of the family who runs Tsuruya Hachiman.[3].Hiroshi Imanaka is his grandfatherHisayoshi ImanakaA caricature depictingHigeoyajiIt is a character draft of[3].


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