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📝 | Easy arrangement of frozen dumplings Hannya Kawashima's exquisite "sour and hot water dumplings" recipe

Photo By putting it in the soup, the gyoza tastes different (the image is a screenshot

Easy Arrangement of Stored Frozen Dumplings Hannya Kawashima's Superb "Hot and Sour Dumplings" Recipe

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Even gyoza that are basically made with the intention of being “baked” will have a different taste if you turn them into boiled gyoza.

Gyoza dumplings are popular as a stamina food regardless of the season.There are many households who always have refrigerated dumplings on hand, but you can always just bake them... → Continue reading


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Gyoza(Gyoza, Gyoza,pinyin: jiǎozi) IsWheat flourWith the skin made frommeat-shrimp-VegetablesMade withBean pasteWrap,boil-Bake-Steam-FryIt is food cooked by such methods.Depending on the difference in the cooking method after molding,Water (boiled) dumplings-Grilled dumplings-Steamed dumplings-fried gyozaAnd so on.


HistoryIs old and of mainland ChinaSpring and autumn era Of6th century BCAround the presentShandongIs said to have been born in[1].. Traces of dumplings being eaten at that time have been found in the ruins.Dunhuang OfTeenagerTombThen,Burial goodsAsVaseThe dumplings in the box have been found dry.

Greater China dumplings

In Chinaboiled gyozaIn other words, the mainstream is boiled and drained.GrilledThe number of dumplings is much smaller than that of water dumplings[Note 1] .. Also in China, dumplingsStaple foodIt is generally eaten as, like in Japan (White riceof)"Side dishI don't eat it.

In ChinaMandarin ChineseWith the pronunciation of "Jaozu, Chaoz (Pin sound : jiǎozi) ”, EspeciallyNortheastern ChinaWater dumplings (boiled dumplings, in Manchuria)Manchu: Hoho efen) is often eaten.ManchurianbyQing DynastyWidely after establishmentNorth ChinaPopular throughout the areaChinese cuisineBecame one of the representative dishes of[1].. Apart from thatSouth ChinaDeveloped in点心There are steamed dumplings that can be eaten as.

Dumplings as a staple food
North China dumplings can be eaten a lot at once as a staple food[Note 2], Water dumplings (water dumplings,shuǐ jiǎo) Is the mainstream.This dumpling has a thick skin, boiled in hot water, and floats on the surface of the water.ColanderRaise it to the top, drain it, and eat it.If you want to express it in Japanese,Boiled dumplings". The shape is also rounded and close to a perfect circle, compared to Japanese dumplings that are long and thin and close to an ellipse. Water dumplings in JapanSoupDumplings (hot water dumplings,tāng jiǎo), But in China, when you think of water dumplings, you mean boiled dumplings.[Note 3]..Cooled into solid dumplingsbeef tallowMay be inserted.It melts with heat and is juicy, but the thick skin makes it difficult for beef tallow to leak out.
Nabe paste (a type of Chinese grilled dumplings)
"Paste in a pot" (Guotier,guōtiēThere is also a baked dumpling called). EspeciallyTaiwanThere are many chain stores with hot pots, and there are other stores that sell breakfast.A stallBut it is placed as a menu and is very common. However, like China, water dumplings are the mainstream in Taiwan,点心It is also eaten as It is said that ``Nabetsuki'' was originally baked to eat ``leftover'' gyoza deliciously, but the grilled gyoza currently sold as a ``dish'' in stores is not the reuse of leftovers.
There are roughly two types, and the basic ones are thin and long thin skins such as those called "stick dumplings" and "tetsunabe dumplings" in Japan, which are different from water dumplings in the way they are made. Also, like the dumplings, the round shape is baked and sometimes called pot paste.
Currently, Taiwanese pot sticking chains (eg(Chinese version) Has expanded into China and is being deployed.The reason why grilled dumplings are not mainstream in China is that they have a round bottom.WokIt is also possible that this is because the flat-bottomed pot that originated in Manchuria did not become popular.
Roasted dumplings (a type of Chinese grilled dumplings)
Besides the pot paste, dumplings (jiān jiǎo).ChineseShanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang ProvinceMainlyBreakfast,Light mealThe grilled dumplings, which are small and have a thin skin like Japanese dumplings, can be eaten likeA stallIt is sold at.It is a grilled dumpling that feels the juiciness of minced pork.In the northern region of China, gyoza itself means fried dumplings in a large scale, and fried dumplings as reuse of water dumplings are rather called here.At specialty stores in North China, only water dumplings are used, but since food stalls do not use a large amount of water, grilled dumplings are often used in the menu.Also, like Japanese gyoza, it is steamed and uses water.
Garlic and cabbage
Greater ChinaThen, as an ingredient for dumplings and potsgarlic,cabbageThere is no habit of putting in.As a role of garlicLeekAs a cabbageChinese cabbageHowever, these are not always included, and it depends on each household and store.Miso seasoning mixed with garlic and vinegar, raw garlic pieces may be placed on the table, and garlic may be eaten while biting according to the taste of the eater.
Steamed dumplings (dim sum), fried dumplings
East ChinaSteamed dumplings are often seen as a type of dim sum in South China.There are also examples of serving fried dumplings.中国で点心として食べられる蒸し餃子には皮や具や形に工夫を凝らし、皮に小麦粉ではなくSteamed dumplings, which can be eaten as dim sum in China, have been devised in terms of skin, ingredients and shape, and instead of flour on the skin.rice flourThere are various variations such as using.ShaanxiXi'anFor example, "Gyoza Feast", which is called "Gyoza Feast", which is a gyoza that has different shapes and different heating methods and ingredients.Full courseThere is. In South China, centered on Guangdong Province,shrimpMade fromShrimp(Steamed shrimp dumplings) are widely eaten.
As a lucky charm
Dumplings have the same pronunciation as gyoza (gyoza)clearTeenagersilverBy resembling the shape ofOmenAlso prized as a good food[2]..In addition, "community" also means "continue, forever",Chinese New YearWishing for longevityNew Year's Eve(Over the years,guò nián)New Year'sDumplings (renewal dumplings,gèng suì jiǎo zǐ)I eat the[1]. Also,emperorWith the dynastySoil and grainIt is said that he ate dumplings only during the Chinese New Year, praying for the permanence of.ただこれは元来は北部の習慣であるHowever, this is originally a northern custom[Note 4].New YearThere is also an area where dumplings are eaten while praying for a good harvest to the spirit, and it is also established as a ritual food.[1].. Depending on the area, it is also eaten at weddings and memorial services, and at weddings it is often eaten by boiling half-moon-shaped dumplings.[1].
Japanese style dumplings
Japanese-style dumplings with thin skin have been introduced in recent years.Japanese-styleThere is also a restaurant called "Gyoza" (mainly Japanese restaurants in areas where there are many Japanese people.Japanese cuisineAs). However, the Japanese style that is being accepted in ChinaRamenUnlike Japanese style dumplings and dumplings with thin skinFried rice,Fried chickenThe way of eating that treats is not accepted at all, coupled with the recognition that it originated in Japan.Entered China in 2005 with Japanese dumplings in the foregroundDumpling kingAnnounced withdrawal in 2014[3].

Gyoza ingredients

In China豚 肉,Chinese cabbageFor example, the following tools are used in addition to the general ones using[1].. Ingredients vary greatly depending on the region[1].

Japanese dumplings

Japanese dumplings have evolved independently in Japan (“Japanification”), and grilled dumplings are the mainstream.[Note 5](In China, dumplings = boiled dumplings are the mainstream).The ingredients and cooking methods used are also different from those used in mainstream in China.[1].

In the past, it was often made from materials at home, including the skin, but commercially available skin is used.supermarketThe number of households that buy them at such places, make ingredients, and wrap them is increasing. It has not been verified since when, but the ingredients are wrapped in skinFrozen food・ Many types of chilled products are on the market.It is widely used as a side menu for various restaurants, and some stores sell baked dumplings and raw dumplings before cooking for take-out.


Japanese dumplings use thin skin,Dream PorkMinced meat,cabbage,garlic,LeekIt is popular to put. Western dumplings except northeastern China are not cabbageChinese cabbageIt differs in that it does not contain garlic. Pigs are difficult to grow in northeastern China (Manchuria)LambHowever, when dumplings were introduced to Japan, lamb was used instead of pork in the Manchurian manufacturing method (there is a theory that garlic was used to remove the odor of lamb). Even after pork became the main ingredient, garlic, which has a good flavor, went well with dumplings, so it continues to be used today.

Moreover, in Japan, there is a uniqueness in serving the finished dumplings on a plate with the grilled side facing up (however, this is a recent story ["Dumpling kingThere is a theory that ” was started to show off the fragrant brown color to customers].In China, the top and bottom of gyoza is considered to be the side where the skins are attached to each other.Chinese peopleWhen I look at Japanese dumplings, it looks like they are "upside down").

Mostly grilled dumplings,fried gyozaEtc. are also preferred.Spring rollIn a form similar toTeppanyakiWhat you didStick dumplings(Bou Gyoza) or grilled stick dumplings (Yakibo Gyoza), especially dumplings baked in an iron pot popular in JapanIron pot dumplingsThere is a store called (Tetsunabe Gyoza). Alsochicken OfChicken wingsThe fried food that is stuffed with ingredientsChicken wings dumplingsCall.
Cooking method (gyoza)
At the store, gyoza-specific tools (tools not found in China) that have a flat and rectangular baking surface are used. Dumplings are lined up on it, water is added (from the tap with special tools), and in the first half of the processlidFirst, it is put into a "steamed" state. The lid was opened in the second half,water vaporWhile skipping, make a firm burn.
Cooking at home is almost the same, and generally (because there are no special tools like stores), the bottom is flat and circular.A frying panPlace the dumplings in a bowl, add an appropriate amount of water, cover it, make it "steamed" properly, then remove the lid.water vapor(Frozen foods have recently appeared with the selling point of ``no need to add water when baking (and with wings)'').By the way, the origin of "Hanetsuki gyoza" is relativelythe 1980s OfTokyo-Kamata.
How to eat and sauce
in JapanCooked riceGyoza as a staple foodSide dish(In China, dumplings are eaten as a staple food, so it is not possible to eat white rice as a side dish. If you compare it to the Japanese sense, "I eat rice without side dishes." It feels very strange.)TypicallySauceToSoy sauce,vinegar,Chili OilUse a mixture of.In addition, some sauces arranged according to taste, such as those using miso instead of soy sauce and eating with salt and pepper in vinegar, are also preferred.

History / Situation

The first person to eat dumplings in JapanEdo Period OfTokugawa MitsukuniIt is said thatQing dynasty firstTo Japan due to the turmoil ofexileWasZhu ShunshuiSaid that.Meiji EraThere are Chinese restaurants that serve dumplings, and the cookbook also introduces how to make them.As an example1909Gyoza is published in the published "Four Seasons Knife Japanese and Western Amateur Cooking Method", but the furigana of "Gyoza" is "Kauzura".[4][5].. "Home chicken chicken egg dish, Chinese dish" (Akabori Minekichi,1924,Okura Bookstore) Lists chicken dumplings as "boiled chicken buns"[6].

In the Chinese cooking world in Japan at that time, he was a person who can be called a leading person in both knowledge and practical skills, but he wrote "Chinese food that can be done by amateurs" (1926,Fujin no Tomosha) Lists three types of dumplings: water dumplings, steamed dumplings, and hot pot dumplings (gyoza).[7]..Also, at this time, the distinction between dumplings and shumai is ambiguous, and dishes that look like steamed dumplings are often introduced as shumai in recipe books.[6].

In Utsunomiya, Fukushima, Hamamatsu, etc., "Gyoza isSecond World Warlater,Kanto Army,Mangung PioneerSuch asRepatriatorThere is also a document saying that it was devised by ", but as mentioned above, grilled dumplings themselves have existed in Japan since before the war, and even though water dumplings and steamed dumplings are the mainstream in mainland China, grilled dumplings. Is also eaten[8].

Also, during World War II, in the pre-war recipe book, the ratio of how to make skin: how to make bean paste: how to wrap it is about 6: 2: 1, and it is said that dumpling making was skin making. And this trend will continue for some time after the war[9].

It is thought that the reason why grilled dumplings became mainstream in Japan is that they have changed according to the dietary style of rice, which is the staple food of Japan.[8]..In mainland China, thick-skinned dumplings were preferred because of the mixed dietary form of staple food and side dish.[8]..On the other hand, in Japan, thin-skinned dumplings were preferred as a side dish for rice, which is the staple food.[8]..In addition, since water dumplings are boiled in plain hot water instead of dashi soup, they are not suitable for soup in Japanese meals, and it is thought that they are more suitable for side dishes than grilled dumplings.[8].

Since then, popular Chinese restaurants for Japanese peopleRamenStores, gyoza specialty stores,supermarket,Department store OfSide dishWidely used in corners, etc., it has become established as a convenient side dish at home.

It was the first time in Japan to sell raw dumplings made at the factoryKibun Foods Inc... Currently, many food companies and dumpling shops sell various dumplings as chilled foods and frozen foods.

In the share of frozen dumplings,2012At timeAjinomoto Frozen FoodHas been the number one market share for nine consecutive years, with a domestic domestic market share of 9% (based on the over-the-counter market), which is an overwhelming "winning alone" state. At that time, the second largest market share was "Osaka Ohsho". LaunchedEat andMade by the company[10]..After that, Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, which ranked first, further increased its market share and exceeded 1%. In 50, the frozen dumpling market increased by 2014% from the previous year to 8.4 billion yen.Eat & Co., which ranks second in market share, also increased its market share to slightly over 388% by introducing "Hanetsuki dumplings" and increasing recognition.[11].

2002Dumplings theme in JulyFood theme park"Ikebukuro Gyoza StadiumIs open. Dumplings have become a popular food in postwar JapanShowa 30'sIt features a production style in the park and a management style where you can taste dumplings from all over Japan, including Utsunomiya dumplings.Tokyo-Ikebukuro OfNamco NamjatownIt is inside.Utsunomiya dumplingsIn addition to Utsunomiya City, Tochigi PrefectureShizuokaHamamatsu city,FukuokaKitakyushuHachiman East WardAnd so on, dumplingsLocal gourmetPR asRegional revitalizationIt is carried out.

Depending on the region,light truckYou can also see people stacking special iron plates and selling them. When selling around, it is standard to call out with a unique tune such as "Gyoza Gyoza".

The names "Gyoza" and "Gyoza" areShandongdialectIn addition to the theory that it is derived from the pronunciation "giaozi"Manchu(Manchu language) giyose,KoreanThe theory that it is derived from 교자 (gyoja)[12]and so on. Shandong discourse isYantaiAroundVoiceless gum hard palate affricateJ ([tɕ]) Is for JapaneseMoth lineSounds likeSilent hard palate pop([c]), But around this Yantai, "Old candy(Guja) "is more common, and the pronunciation" giaoda "or" giaora "when calling it" dumplings "is the theory that these are the slogans. In the dialects of other major Chinese citiesAnhui ProvinceHefeiIt is relatively close to pronounce "Gioza".ChaozhouThen with dumplingsWontonAre collectively called "gyoza" (giou), but the suffix "ko" is not attached, and it cannot be regarded as the origin of Japanese gyoza.
Chinese food before World War II (at that timeChinaIn the description of the book (called cooking), the reading of "gyoza" is sometimes given the Japanese cooking name instead of "gyoza".For example, the 1927 "Delicious Chinese Cuisine at Home" is "Gyoza" (Chaotsu,Meriken powderWrapped in)[13],1935"Chinese cuisine" is "water dumplings" (suikyozu, boiled meat wrap)[14], 1940's "How to make Chinese food and Chinese sweets with one pot" is called "Gyoza" (Chaotsu)[15].

Japanese dumpling ingredients

Japanese dumpling shop

The main restaurant chains are "Dumpling king"Osaka Ohsho"珉 珉"White dumpling shop"Gyoza Manchuria"Red tiger dumplings"and so on.

For example,HokkaidoChain store "Miyoshino"Is a store that cooks and serves chilled dumplings instead of ordinary dough (skin). "Koko" declares that dumplings are made based on domestic ingredients.

About dumplingsFood theme parkalso exists, and Ikebukuro's "Nanja Gyoza Stadium" (Namco Namjatowninside), and once in Osaka and UmedaNamcoThere was "Naniwa Gyoza Stadium" by[16](Closed January 2010).

Since around 2020, unmanned stores selling frozen dumplings have been increasing the number of stores. "Dumplings snow pine”Opens stores nationwide, and“ Fukuchan Gyoza ”(Daito City, Osaka Prefecture)[17], "Yawata Gyoza" (Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture) and other small chains are opening one after another.[18].

Gyoza town


FukushimaFukushimaIt is said that the dumplings were first brought in and provided by a repatriator from Manchuria after the war.Currently, there are more than a dozen gyoza specialty stores.The mainstream is "disk dumplings" with a unique shape, and the dumplings are arranged in a frying pan in a disk shape, baked, and then transferred to a plate as they are.Because it is small and has a thick skin and many vegetables, the taste is light, and many stores use garlic as a condiment without adding it to the ingredients.The "Fukushima Gyoza no Kai" has been formed around gyoza specialty stores, and has begun tourism promotion activities as a gyoza town.As a feature, many shops add a large amount of oil and water and steam and fry in a deep frying pan.

Utsunomiya City

TochigiDumplings in Utsunomiya City will be replenished by Utsunomiya Phloem during the war.Imperial Japanese Army14th DivisionBut,1940(Showa15 years) After AugustManchuriaTheGuard areaWhen military personnel and migrants from Utsunomiya and the surrounding area withdrew from Manchuria after the war,ManchuriaIt started with bringing in and spreading the method of making dumplings.

Currently, there are about 300 gyoza specialty stores and gyoza restaurants in Utsunomiya City.[19], The general selling price is as low as 1-200 yen per person, and students cansnackIt is a price range that you can eat instead.It is sometimes said that the sauce is eaten only with vinegar, but there are various styles of eating depending on the store, such as water dumplings, fried dumplings, grilled dumplings, and soup dumplings.

1990(Heisei2 years), occurred in the previous yearOtani stoneThe number of tourists decreased sharply due to the cave-in accident at the quarry, and a staff member of the Utsunomiya City Tourism Division was looking for a keyword that could lead to the development of a town in place of Otani.General Affairs AgencyStatistics Bureauof"Household surveyIn "Annual Report"1987Since the start of the survey (62), the city has always been ranked high in terms of "gyoza purchase amount".[Note 6]Focusing on that, I proposed to promote the town with dumplings, which led me to sightseeing.PRHas been focusing on[20].

1991In (3), the "Utsunomiya Gyoza Association" was established as a trade association, and it was successful to work on various projects in cooperation with the government and the private sector.sunlight-Kinugawa Onsen"NasuUtsunomiya, which was a passing point to, succeeded in obtaining a large tourist resource called dumplings.The Utsunomiya Gyozakai, which was established as a voluntary organization,2001(13)CooperativeAnd,Registered trademarkWe also manage "Utsunomiya dumplings" and 3 stores (2 stores in Utsunomiya, 1 store in Tokyo) directly managed by the union, and in 2019 (Reiwa(First year) Currently, the number of union member stores exceeds 90[19][Note 7].. Some of these gyoza specialty stores in the city have branches outside the city, and the gyoza boom is spreading not only in Utsunomiya city but also in various parts of Tochigi prefecture.

またJR Utsunomiya StationIn the east exit square,1993With the cityTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. OfKuniko YamadaModerator program "Random! Yamada Shokai"WhenTie-upIt was designed by contemporary artist Koji Nishimatsu and produced free of charge by a locally produced Oya stone trader during the PR operation.object"Gyoza statueWas installed.VenusIt is a unique thing that expresses the appearance of being wrapped in dumpling skin, and it is a popular shooting spot for tourists.For maintenance work in front of the east exit station2008On the morning of October 10th, during the work of temporarily relocating to the west exit bus terminal of the station, I accidentally fell and my legs and body were broken.[21].. Between the broken stones at the expense of the dropping contractorboltThroughceramicbondPerform repair work such as gluing with, and scrape the entire surface thinly.mossShaped up the body that grew up. The restored dumpling statue was relocated and installed in front of the west exit bus terminal by the end of the same month, and Kuniko Yamada also appeared at the ceremony.

at the same time,National railwayIn the history of the station premises sales organization, "Utsunomiya StationEkibenThe "Utsunomiya Gyoza Ekiben" was planned because it was the birthplace, and is still sold in limited quantities by local vendors. Also on the Utsunomiya station platformStanding soba shop"Noshu Soba" had a menu called Gyoza Soba.2005It was abolished in March (17), and the following day2006It was closed in the same month of (18)Utsunomiya RacecourseThere was a crown race called "Utsunomiya Gyoza Chairman's Award" (just before the abolition, "Utsunomiya Gyoza Chairman's Award Leading Jockey Award", the purpose of supporting the racetrack that was in the red).

In autumn, the "Utsunomiya Gyoza Festival", a citizen-made event centered on the Utsunomiya Gyoza Association, has become a regular event. Sponsored dumpling shops (Minmin, Shinfu, Aogen, etc.) open stalls in the city, and dumplings for 1 yen per plate are served, and UtsunomiyajazzIs also the city of[22]Therefore, jazz performances are performed on the same day at the special venue on the street corner, where the general public and tourists eat dumplings. The "Utsunomiya Gyoza Festival" is held every year on Saturdays and Sundays in early November.

the 2000sLate,ShizuokaHamamatsu cityWas reported as "the largest city in Japan for dumpling consumption" based on the results of its own survey.2007(19) Hamamatsu City in AprilGovernment-designated cityAs a result of being surveyed by the Statistics Bureau of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Annual Report of Household Survey"2009In the same survey (21), the annual dumpling consumption in Utsunomiya City and Hamamatsu City was by far the largest among other cities with prefectural offices and cities designated by government ordinances, and the results were almost the same (Utsunomiya City 4,187 yen). , Hamamatsu City 4,137 yen. Below,Kagoshima2,764 yen,Chiba2,673 yen,Kyoto City2,662 yen,Maebashi2,635 yen etc.The average for municipalities nationwide is 2,055 yen. ).2011In the minute survey,Great East Japan EarthquakeWas overtaken by Hamamatsu City and fell to 2nd place.

2018In (Heisei 30), the streets of the city where 5 dumpling shops gatherGyoza streetWe are trying to promote tourism.[23][24][25].

Miyashiro Town

SaitamaMinami Saitama DistrictMiyashiro TownThen, Miyashiro Town Chamber of Commerce[26]However, because many vegetables used for dumplings are produced in the town and there are many stores that offer dumplings in the town, "Miyashiro Gyoza" was launched as a town brand.

Kitamoto City

SaitamaKitamoto CityUntil the early Showa periodTomatoSince it was a famous production area, we commercialized fried dumplings using tomatoes as "Tomato Runrun fried dumplings".[27]..Using tomatoes, baron potatoes, and domestic pork from Kitamoto, the amount of flour skin is defined as 45%.[27].

Kamata, Ota-ku

TokyoOtaKamataIs the owner who inherited the cooking method from Manchuria1982"Gyoza with original feathers" for sale[28]It is reported on TV etc. as a dumpling town centering on 3 stores dealing with[29].

Kawasaki City

KanagawaKawasaki CitySince Chinese food for eating out is the number one in Japan, 1 dumpling shops in Kawasaki gathered to form the "Kawasaki Gyoza Shop Association" and started PR as a dumpling town.[30].. Dedicated to go with dumplingsmiso"Kawasaki dumpling miso" was also released.

Susono City

ShizuokaSusono CityThen, since the number of gyoza dealers per 4.45 citizens is 6.04, which exceeds XNUMX in Utsunomiya City, through gyoza, "the best gyoza-loving town in Japan"[31]AsMachiokoshiStarted. Launched "Gyoza Club", a specialty of member storesMoroheiya"Suzunomizu GyozaIs provided.

Shizuoka City

Shizuoka CityIs a "gyoza town", and the amount of gyoza consumed is much higher than the national average, and in one year it surpassed Utsunomiya City, the kingdom of gyoza, to become the number one in Japan (7 "Annual Report of Household Survey").最近でもEven recently2009In the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications household survey (21), the average annual consumption of "Gyoza" was 2,055 yen, while that of Shizuoka City was 2,500 yen (among the 51 prefectures and ordinance-designated cities nationwide). 10th place) and maintains a high level.the 1960sFrom the latter half, several noodle makers in Shizuoka City manufacture and sell packs of gyoza ingredients and skins for home use.

Hamamatsu city

ShizuokaHamamatsu cityThere are about 80 gyoza specialty stores, and more than 300 including restaurants that serve gyoza as a menu. It features a sweetness with plenty of cabbage, and is lightly boiled with a light salty taste.Bean sproutsHas a unique style to accompany.This is because the predecessor of Ishimatsu dumplings (currently the second generation) used a household frying pan to add boiled bean sprouts to the central space created when the dumplings were arranged in a circle and baked. Is.Adding bean sprouts reduces the greasiness and makes it possible to eat a lot of dumplings.

Currently in the second generation Ishimatsu dumplingsfeedTowheatWas mixed and raisedEnshuWe are particular about the ingredients, such as using wheat pigs and changing the supplier of cabbage depending on the season.[32].. In addition, there are many stores that are particular about sauce. After the end of the war, Ishimatsu dumplings (predecessorIshimatsu in the forestIs said to be the hometown ofMori TownFrom), but near Hamamatsu stationStore stallsAt that time, I learned how to make dumplings in Manchuria, etc.Demobilized soldiersTold me that I wanted to eat dumplingsRecipesIt is said that Hamamatsu dumplings were made while listening to the above, but in fact, the history of grilled dumplings in the city is old, and Chinese people in the city have already offered grilled dumplings as a dish of Chinese food since before the war. I know that it was[33].. Due to this history, gyoza specialty stores in Hamamatsu City use boiled bean sprouts as mentioned above, use secret sauce for each store instead of vinegar and soy sauce, and keep the menu other than gyoza to a minimum.[Note 8]Is common, but there are exceptions. In addition to the restaurant that is said to have originated, Fukumitsu, Kiyori, Youzu Saikan and other gyoza specialty restaurants or Chinese restaurants are known locally. Hamamatsu citizens often eat one meal with dumplings, and often only dozens of dumplings are needed for one meal.

At that time, Hamamatsu City was not subject to statistical publication in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications' Annual Report on Household Budgets.[Note 9], The annual expenditure of dumplings per household was unknown. Although the survey method is different from the "Annual Report of Household Survey",2006(18)Hamamatsu City HallAccording to the survey, the annual consumption of dumplings per household was about four times that of Utsunomiya City, Tochigi Prefecture, and the annual consumption amount was 4 yen.[34].. After that, it became a government-designated city and officially became a target city for the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications household survey.2010In (22), it was found that the result was almost the same as the consumption amount of Utsunomiya City.Has "" as a mascot character.2011In the expenditure survey, it surpassed Utsunomiya City in terms of Gyoza expenditure and became the top of the year, but due to the impact of the drop in consumption in Utsunomiya City due to the Great East Japan Earthquake, it was not happy to let go.[35].

Tsu City

MieTsu CityThen,TsugyozaLarge fried dumplings called are offered. The definition is that the bean paste is wrapped in a large skin with a diameter of 15 cm and fried in oil. Origin isSchool lunchAnd1985It was devised around that time and is still available today.2008"Tsu Gyoza Local Gourmet Project"[36]Was launched, restaurant,EventsIt came to be sold at.2010"Tsu Gyoza Association" was established in Tsu, and it has become one of the specialties of Tsu City.[36].. In addition, although one serving of general fried dumplings is composed of multiple pieces,TsugyozaBecause they are large, most of them are sold as a single serving.

Kobe City

HyogoKobe CityThere are also many specialty stores whose menu is only dumplings and drinks. The dumpling shop in the cityChinatownMany dumplings are seen mainly inJR Kobe LineThere are many grilled dumpling shops along the road, which is a characteristic of Kobe's grilled dumplings.misoOne example is eating with a sauce.

Kitakyushu City Hachiman Higashi Ward

FukuokaKitakyushuHachiman East WardOnceYawata WorksWorkers who work in Japan are very physically tired, such as garlic.staminaGyoza culture permeated because I liked the ingredients and ate them. Gyoza specialty store,Ramen shopAt more than 20 stores in Yahatahigashi Ward,Hachiman GyozaCan be eaten. There are various types such as iron pan dumplings, hitokuchi dumplings, garlic-filled stamina dumplings, and soup dumplings. In northern Kyushu, the condiment of dumplings is "Yuzu pepperMay be used. Currently, volunteers are gathering to set up the Yawata Gyosa Council (Yawata Food Brand Executive Committee), and events are also held in the shopping district.


KumamotoLocated in the south ofHitoyoshi TheHitoyoshi CastleFamous for tracesJapanese heritageCertified city. Vegetables such as cabbage and leeks are the main ingredients, and the ones with crispy lenticels stand out. There are also stores that are well-known nationwide, and specialty stores that have only dumplings and drinks on the menu.

Miyazaki City

Miyazaki CityThen, the 3rd of every month is designated as "Gyoza Day".Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications "Household Survey"2020In the first half of the year, the purchase price per household was 1 yen, which was the first place, surpassing Hamamatsu City and Utsunomiya City.[37].. In the 2022 household budget survey released by the ministry on February 2, 8, it became clear that the annual expenditure of dumplings was 2021 yen, which was the first time to overtake Utsunomiya City and Hamamatsu City.[38][39]..Where take-out food including dumplings was originally popular,New coronavirus infectionIt seems that the reason is that the self-restraint of eating out has pushed up the amount of money.[37]..Miyazaki City has been ranked within the third place so far, and in 3, the "Miyazaki City Gyoza Council" was established to utilize it for tourism.[40].

The city of dumplings that once existed

Kanuma City

ManchuriaThe Kashibuchi family who repatriated fromShowaIn the 30sTochigiKanuma CityFounded in "Ryuran(Ryuran) ”has become a popular store.Opened the main store in Kamitamachi, Kanuma City, and the 1st and 2nd branches.NikkoAlso had a Nikko branch.In addition, it was sold by car by packing it in a hard-to-cool box with aluminum paper inside a paper box, which was rare at that time.Gyoza skins and ingredients were manufactured at the factory on the premises of the founder's house in Nishikanumamachi and sent directly to various places.After that, Ryuran was transferred to expand the business.However, the store was closed on behalf of the successor owner, and the famous dumpling store disappeared from history.

The taste is not inherited, but it is located in Sakatayama, Kanuma City.Sichuan cuisine"Ryuhoen(Ryuhoen) "is a shop named by the founder of Ryuran.

There are other places in Kanuma cityRepatriatorThere were Chinese restaurants and dumpling shops, but many of them were closed due to problems such as a shortage of successors.


Poland,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euSuch asCentral EuropeCountries,Ukraine,リトアニア,Belarus,Georgia,Russia,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euOld such asSoviet UnionMember countries orItalySuch asSouthern EuropeAlso has a dumpling culture that is very similar to that of China.

In Poland and Slovakia, "PierkIs called.Polish,SlovakThen, there is another name for small things to put in soup.

Ukrainian folk food "Vareniki"Is almost the same as Chinese style dumplings. There is a wide variety of ingredients,jam,cheese, Fruits are also included and eaten as a staple food.

In Lithuania, "Virtignai, In BelarusCarduni", In Georgia"KhinkaliIs called. In Russia "PelmeniThis is called "in Japan"Russian foodIt is often served in stores, so it is a comparatively familiar name for Japanese people who like Russian food.モルドバでは名称は中国北部のIn Moldova the name is in northern ChinaMantiDerived fromMantiyaHowever, it is basically the same as Varenyky.

These European dumplings tend to have thicker skin than Chinese dumplings.

Very thin skins are found in Poland in recent years, but this is "Pierk Japonski(Pural form is Pierogi Yaponskie) ", which means" Japanese-style pierc ", and the shape, ingredients, and cooking method are basically the same as standard Japanese dumplings. HoweverSoy saucevinegarChili OilAlthough it is known how to eat with sauce, it is generally known.PolishMany of them are not good at spicy sauce, so Japanese-style sauce has not been established yet, and it is scorched.baconThe sauce is unique to Poland, and it is seasoned with a slightly darker taste.mushroom OfCream sauceAnd so onソ ー スOrSaladVarious fordressingAnd eat it.

ItalianravioliIs based on oriental dumplings, and has been changed to suit the local taste after entering Italy.Japanese-style roasted dumplings are called "ravioli giapponesi (plural)".

GermanySouthernSwabianSimilar to ravioli in rural areasMaurtacheThere is a dish called, which is served like soup dumplings.

FranceThen JapanesechefGyoza specialty store produced by Gyoza is open as "Gyoza Bar"[41].

North America

Very many Polish immigrants and their descendantsNorth AmericaThen the plural of Pierk "Pierogi”, And in North America pierogiEnglish"The wind screamed"PelogieIs commonly called. "Pierogi" was originally a slogan of the plural "Pierogi" of "Pieróg", but in English "Pierogi" (also referred to as "Pierogi" or "Perogi" or "Pirogi") is recognized as a singular form. "Pirogies(Pierogies) "is used as a plural form. "Oxford English Dictionary』Also generalized so that" Pierogi / Pierogies "is listed as a formal English word.Basically, it is boiled like dumplings, but it also uses various heating methods such as baking in a frying pan and frying in oil.In some cities in North America, Chinese-style dumplings are called Dumpling (original meaning is boiled dumplings) or Pot sticker and are sold at supermarkets.

Due to the particularly large number of Polish immigrants and their descendants in Canada, peelogies have long been widespread and establishedNational foodIt is one of. Offering dumplings under the name of "peelogie"CafeteriaIs of Polish descentEur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euIn many cases, it is run by Ukrainian people in addition to Central European people such as people of descent, where "pelogy" is served as "Ukrainian cuisine". Originally in UkraineVarenikiIt is called (plural is Valenuki),English-speaking countriesSo this name is not common. It is usually called a "Pot sticker".


BrazilIt is called fried dumplingsパ ス テ ル(OrPastel).


Turkish foodMenu that looks a lot like dumplingsMantuThere is.Boiled mantu seasoned with garlic and flavor oilYogurtIt is served by multiplying.Besides Mantu, similar to thisKhinkalIs also widely eaten.

Kingdom of ThailandThen fried dumplings are popular. In addition to restaurants, it is also sold at food stalls.

NepalToMomo (cooking)There is a gyoza derivative dish called, and in generalTomatoEat with sauce.

MongoliaThen.BoseSteamed dumplings,KhuushuurThe fried dumplings are often eaten.The ingredients are generally mutton or beef, and pork is not commonly used.

Korean Peninsula

As a dish very similar to dumplingsMandu(만두, bun) exists. Kunmandu (군만두) is similar to Chinese pot paste and Japanese grilled dumplings, and Murmandu (물만두) is boiled like water dumplings. For ingredientsJapanese radish, Pork, leek,Kimchi,tofu,(I.e.Etc. are used[42].

Types of dumplings

Grilled dumplings

"Chinese dumplings""Japanese dumplings"reference

Grilled dumplings are mainlyManchurian(Second World WarAfterPeople's Republic of ChinaIt is called Manchu), and it is the most widespread in Japan today. This is because the Japanese repatriated from Manchuria spread after World War II. However, the ingredients used for grilled dumplings are different between Japan and China.
  • When making at homeA frying pan,Wok, Specialty stores use iron plates. Add a small amount of oil and water to the dumplings lined up in a frying pan, cover and steam. When the water evaporates, remove the lid and heat to brown. Some people say that it is wrong to bake it in oil, brown it, and then add water to make it steamed.
  • For water when steamingpotato starchOr a small amount of flour may be added. After baking, a crispy thin skin is formed, which is called feather dumplings (gyoza with feathers).
  • Even in China, hot pot paste and gyoza are well-established menus, and like Japanese gyoza, they are steamed from the raw state. The cooking method of steaming with this water isBunIt is also found in (water roasted package,shuǐ jiān bāo).
  • In China, some dumplings are once boiled (or steamed) and leftovers are reused.
  • Since Chinese dumplings and grilled dumplings made from steamed dumplings are baked with plenty of oil, the bottom may be similar to fried dumplings, but as mentioned above, steamed dumplings and dumplings with water etc. Is the same finish as Japanese dumplings.
boiled gyoza
In China, it is called "water dumplings" and is the most common way to eat in China.Dumplings made of thicker skin than grilled dumplings boiled in hot water.Expressed in Japanese style, boiled dumplings.Eat with sauce.If the quality of the skin and the closed eyes are not strong, the ingredients inside will fall apart and be ruined when boiling, making it difficult to make.
Most of the gyoza skins for home use that are distributed in Japan are made to have the optimum texture when made with grilled gyoza, so many of them are not suitable for boiled gyoza. When making boiled dumplings or water dumplings as the following soup dumplings at home, it is safer to use products that are clearly marked as "thick" or "for water dumplings".
Soup dumplings
Boiled dumplings are served in soup with other ingredients such as vegetables, and are called "hot dumplings" in China.In Japan, this is also often called water dumplings.これに近い料理にはFor dishes close to thisWontonsoup,Korean Peninsula OfMandukku,Russia OfPelmeniand so on.
Steamed dumplings
Also in ChinaCentral China,South ChinaThe most common way to eat dim sum. The taste does not escape to the water and you can enjoy the texture of the skin. You can add sauce, but in China it is seasoned so that you can eat it as it is. This type of gyoza is also common. When rice flour skin is used, the steamed skin becomes translucent, so the ingredients inside are transparent and beautiful.
fried gyoza
Like fried dumplings, it is familiar in Japan, but there are not many opportunities to see it in China. However, cooking by this cooking method also exists in China, and it is not clear whether it was introduced to Japan or developed independently in Japan.
Weird dumplings
Goldfish,Rabbit,Chinese cabbageThose made with dumplings, such astriangleDumplings wrapped in a flower-like shape. It is often steamed and heated to maintain its shape and color on the skin.
Hitokuchi dumplings
"Hitokuchi dumplingsSee

Related dishes

Stick dumplings
In China, it is not called "gyoza", but generally the above-mentioned "pot paste" and some "gyoza"褡 褳 燒(Darren Huo Xiao,dālián huǒ shāo)"It is called.褡 褳 燒Is a name that means pottery that resembles the cuffs of a kimono.Beijing OfDowntown OfLight mealIt was rarely eaten at restaurants, but in recent years, some restaurants have opened.
In addition, it is sometimes called simply "Gyoza" as a general term for grilled dumplings.
Shrimp dumplings
It is commonly seen as one of the dim sum in China, but in Japan, pork dumplings are the mainstream, soshrimpSuch asseafoodOften distinguished are those that use.Central China,North ChinaWith ordinary flour rind as seen inCantonese cuisineAs seen inFloating powderstarchThere is a translucent leather object using. In CantoneseShrimpIs called.
Pink fruit
Chaozhou cuisineA kind of dim sumrice flour(New powder) Wrapped in ingredients such as vegetables and meat chopped in skin and steamed. Finished translucently.
Steamed tofu
In Chinese, "brewed tofu (Nyandoufu,)niàng dò ufu) ”, And moved to South ChinaHakkaIt is said that it was made by adding meat to tofu with cuts instead of the flour skin that was difficult to obtain.Hakka cuisineA staple of Toe cuisine.
Egg dumplings
In Chinese, "Danjaozu,dàn jiǎozi) ”, Instead of flour rind,Lightly roasted eggWhat used[43]..It is sold as a frozen food in China and is widely used as an ingredient in hot pot cooking.
Dumpling roll
OdenA kind of ingredients. Dumplings of fishSurimiRolled and fried.
Chicken wings dumplings
chickenThe chicken wings are boned, made into a bag, stuffed with ingredients, and fried.
Chicken skin dumplings
Fried chicken skin wrapped in ingredients.
Sugar dumplings
In some cases, the word "sugar squeezing" is used. "Gyoza" is added to the name, but the flour dough is stretched or twisted and fried in oil.sugarChinese style sprinkled withdonutKind of.
Dessert dumplings
Recently, there are dessert dumplings in which fruits and sweets are used as dumpling seeds or toppings.[44].
Dumpling hot pot
Dumplings were used as the main ingredientcasserole[45].2010It has become a hot menu in the hot pot market in the winter season.[46][47][48].. If you stew regular dumplings for a long time, the skin may tear or melt.[46][48][49], Gyoza for pots with improved skin durability has been developed restaurantUsed in[46].. It is commercially available when making dumpling pots at homeFor grillingIf you use the dumplings in a pot, the above-mentioned problems may occur depending on the condition of the skin, so as a countermeasure, use dumplingspotato starchA method has been devised to increase the durability of the skin by sprinkling it with[48].
Dumpling bread
BreadWrap dumplings in dough and bakeSide dish bread.Okinawa OfOkikoEtc. are manufactured and sold.

Chinese food wrapped in flour skin like dumplings

Cases related to dumplings

in Japan,Processed FoodsThe following incidents occurred in the dumplings as.

Works related to dumplings

Reference books


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  • Paradise Yamamoto --The best dumpling enthusiast in the entertainment world opens a full membership dumpling specialty store "Tsugi Gyozaen" in Tokyo.
  • Izumi Kitta - Voice actorHowever, he is also active as a dumpling critic. In particular, he has a deep knowledge of Utsunomiya dumplings, and serves as a Utsunomiya pleasant citizen and a PR special ambassador for Utsunomiya dumplings.
  • Special Gyoza BAND-A band that plays only gyoza songs, the official band of the National Gyoza Summit Council.
  • Chaos Minowa --A professional boxer from Utsunomiya City. The ring name is derived from the Chinese reading of dumplings.
  1. ^ hamamatu-gyouza (January 2021, 1). “Hamamatsu dumplings are delicious because they have "bean sprouts"!Bean sprouts sitting in the middle of the disk dumplings”(Japanese). HAMAP-Hamamatsu Information MAP. April 2022, 3Browse.



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