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🍴 | Chicken McNuggets, the "surprise trick" that attracted attention If you actually try it...


Chicken McNuggets, the "surprise trick" that attracted a lot of attention If you actually try it...

If you write the contents roughly
Since it is not sold on the premise of frozen storage, it is better to buy it and eat it if possible, but it is a technique like a trick that you want to use when you have leftovers.

[McDonald's "Chicken McNugget 15 pieces" for 390 yen for a limited time. A trick that became a hot topic on SNS... → Continue reading


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    Freeze storage

    Freeze storage(Reito Hozon),Cryopreservation(Teionhozon) is細胞-組織And othermaterial0℃less thancoolingBy doingChemical reaction,TimeIt is a technology that protects against damage over time.


    Low enough to be used for freezingtemperatureSo, anything that damages the substance of interestEnzyme reaction,Chemical reactionCan be substantially stopped.Cryonics technology is formed in the process of reaching low temperatures氷Aim to prevent damage caused by.In conventional cryopreservation technology, the substance to be frozen is called "".分子I was trying to achieve this by covering it with.However, it is unique to many antifreezestoxicityTherefore, the development of a new method is in progress.the 2010sからiPS cellsな どRegenerative medicineIncreased attention toLiquefied nitrogenFrozen storage technology using a medium that can be cooled instantaneously has been developed.Cryonics technology in particularDisproofOf cells, unless there isConstruction,FeaturesShould be considered to change.

    Freezing in nature

    MicroMulticellular organismIsPlatypusIn the frozen stateWedTheTrehaloseBy replacing with waterCrystallizationbyCell membranePrevents damage to.Solute OfmixtureA similar effect can be obtained with.But,saltAs high asconcentrationSome solutes are toxic.

    Besides tardigrades,bloodAnd tissue freeze resistance.hibernationbeforeUreaAccumulates in tissues and as a response to ice formation in the bodyliver OfglycogenMany ofglucoseIs converted to.Urea and glucose become and suppress ice formation to reduce cell growth.These frogs can survive repeated freezing and thawing in winter unless more than 65% of the water freezes.


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