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🍴 | Kiwi "Almond Tofu" & "Cider Jelly" – A refreshing dessert of "salt x kiwi" that can also be used as a countermeasure against heat stroke...


Kiwi “Almond Tofu” & “Cider Jelly” – A refreshing dessert of “Salt x Kiwi” that can also be used as a countermeasure against heatstroke…

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So this time, I will introduce two dessert recipes using "kiwi x salt" devised by registered dietitian Chie Annaka.

Kiwi is sweet and sour and refreshing.It's a fruit that can be eaten all year round, but you'll want to eat it even more during the hot summer months... → Continue reading

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Ms. Chie Annaka

    Registered dietitian

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      Registered dietitian(Kanri Eiyoshi,British: registered dietitian) IsDietitians Act(Showa 2212/29lawNo. 245)Qualifications/LicensesThat.1962It was established at the time of the partial revision of the Dietitians Act (Showa 37).

      National Examination for Management NutritionistsPass and get.

      Qualification details

      Registered dietitianIsMinister of Health, Labour and Welfare OflicenseIn response, using the name of a registered dietitian,

      • Necessary for medical treatment for the injuredNutritionGuidance
      • Highly specialized according to the physical condition, nutritional status, etc. of the individualknowledgeas well as the TechnologyRequiresHealthNutritional guidance for retention and promotion
      • Special consideration is required according to the physical condition, nutritional status, usage status, etc. of the user in the facility that continuously supplies meals to a specific number of people.LunchGuidance necessary for management and nutrition improvement for these facilities, etc.

      (Article 1, Paragraph 2 of the Dietitians Act).

      • NutritionistIt is,Prefectural governorA person who is engaged in nutritional guidance using the name of a dietitian with the license of (Article 1, Paragraph 1 of the same law).

      In addition, a registered dietitian has been designated.Medical fee,Nursing care rewardIt is a qualification to be able to perform professional work that can apply for.It is not against the law for a dietitian to perform exactly the same work as a registered dietitian, but they cannot apply for and obtain these remunerations (because they are not occupational licenses but name monopoly qualifications).

      Acquisition method

      A registered dietitian's license is given by a person who has a dietitian's license.National Examination for Management NutritionistsReceive and get.

      • A dietitian's license isDietitian training facility(There are two-year system, three-year system, and four-year system.Junior college,Vocational schools,UniversityFor those who have acquired the necessary knowledge and skills as a dietitian for more than 2 yearsPrefectural governor(Formerly Minister of Health and Welfare) gives.
      • A registered dietitian's license is a person who has been engaged in nutritional guidance for a certain period of time after obtaining a dietitian's license (the total of enrollment period + work experience of a dietitian training facility is 5 years), orManagement nutritionist training facilityThose who have completed the above and obtained a dietitian license (4 year university or vocational school. Since no practical experience is required, when you are in the 4th grade, you will be treated as if you are expected to obtain both a dietitian license and a registered dietitian national exam qualification. Possible), butMinistry of Health, Labor and WelfareFor those who have passed the national registered dietitian examination conducted byMinister of Health, Labour and WelfareGives.

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