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☕ | Feel like a resort!Cute sweets Healing cafe surrounded by flowers and greenery <Iwate/Morioka City>


Resort mood UP!Cute sweets Healing cafe surrounded by flowers and greenery <Iwate/Morioka City>

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The mellow soy milk cream goes well with the flat linguine.

Bloomy's Morioka is a botanical café surrounded by flowers and greenery, where time flows slowly.Originally married... → Continue reading

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flat linguine

    Fuji Oil

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      Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.(Fujiseiyu,British: Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.) IsOsakaIzumisanoHeadquartered in Sumiyoshi-cho, ediblegreaseIt is a food material processing company such as. In this section, Fuji Oil (current trade name) before becoming a holding company Fuji Oil Group Headquarters) And Fuji Oil, which is a newly established operating company when it became a holding company.


      the 1990sSome of them have entered the health food market, and as a dedicated brand, "soyafarmThere is a brand (main products are made by the new clear manufacturing methodSoymilkProduct). Currently, it is expanding globally centered on the oil and fat business, confectionery / bakery material business, and soybean protein business.

      Highly functionalチ ョ コ レ ー トOils and fats for oil and fat are strong at home and abroad, and are highly unique in terms of technology. Also in the soybean businessSoy peptideThere are many unique products such as. In 2012USS manufacturing methodSeparated by (Ultra Soy Separation)Soy milk cream"When"Low fat soy milk"Announced.USS manufacturing methodBecame the world's first patented manufacturing method that divided soybeans into "lipotan white fraction (equivalent to egg yolk)" and "stored protein fraction (equivalent to egg white)".


      the 1980sToTiramisuDemand for the raw material has skyrocketedMascarponeWas expensive, had a poor shelf life, and had a limited import volume.[2].. To make this mass-produceable1988Pseudo as a substitute for mascarpone in Julycheese(Pure vegetable cream)MascaponeDeveloped[2].

      It is a soft cream and easy to process, the price is one-third that of mascarpone, and the storage period is more than doubled to 3 days, making it possible to mass-produce tiramisu easily and cheaply.[2].

      Soy renaissance

      Fuji OilsoyInitiatives listed in the business[3].. Due to the world's population growth and environmental changes, soybeans are plant-basedProteinBased on the idea that is a valuable food source, it is based on providing delicious products through technological innovation. With the theme of "returning the origin of soybeans and creating new value," we aim to expand the scale and domain of the soybean business through technological innovation and approaches to new markets. At the core of this initiative is the world's first new soymilk separation and fractionation technology.USS manufacturing method(Ultra soy separation manufacturing method) "[4].

      USS manufacturing method (Ultra Soy Separation manufacturing method)

      Fuji Oil is the world's first new soybean that was originally developed while pursuing the original taste of soybeans. It will be the core of the company's growth strategy "Soy Renaissance". Soybeansegg,milkBy separating like this, two ingredients, "low-fat soymilk" and "soymilk cream", can be obtained. (Patented in 2). "Low-fat soymilk"[5]Also"Soy milk cream'[5]Because it is derived from soybeans, it has lower calories than animal materials. Also, as a major feature, it is known that it goes well with vegetables, fruits, and Japanese-style soup stock.

      Low fat soy milk

      Egg whiteA new soybean material with features equivalent to "" in milk and milk.SoymilkNot only does it reduce calories, but it also reduces flavor deterioration caused by soybean lipids. It has excellent foaming properties, coagulation properties, film properties, etc.meringueCan be used as.

      Soy milk cream

      egg yolkAnd in milkFresh cream"Fresh soybean cream" with features equivalent to ". It is attracting attention as a new Japanese-style cream because it makes it possible to add mellowness and richness of soybeans to foods and has excellent emulsifying power. In addition, it is not found in fresh creamtasteIt has the property of enhancing dairy products, and is expected to develop unique applications that are not just substitutes for dairy products.

      Sea urchin cream

      Vegetable oilSea urchin substitute food "Uni Paste" made from soy milk cream has been developed[6].


      • 195010/9 -Founded
      • 196110 month - Osaka Stock ExchangePart 2 Listed on the market (Securities code2607)
      • 1973 --Redesignated as the first market of the exchange
      • 1978 - Tokyo Stock ExchangePart 1 Listed on the market
      • 1999February 2-Moved to the current office building in the Hannan Office (Izumisano City)
      • 20147/1 --Changed the registered head office from Osaka City to Hannan Office (Izumisano City).
      • 201510/1 --Transition to a holding company structure, (former) Fuji Oil Co., Ltd.New divisionAs a result, (new) Fuji Oil Co., Ltd. took over all business related to food manufacturing and sales and changed its trade name to Fuji Oil Group Headquarters Co., Ltd.[7]



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