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📝 | Make a box with cedar boards.

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Make a box out of cedar planks.

If you write the contents roughly
When assembling, I think it is a sure and easy way to assemble using a jig so that the pillar and the horizontal plate are at right angles.

Make a box out of cedar planks.Overview of recipe Cost: 2000 yen Required time: XNUMX days → Continue reading

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    The horizontal plate


    jig/Jig(English : jig) IsmachiningAt that timeparts,toolA general term for equipment used to indicate and guide the working position of. Called "jig"JapaneseIs a Chinese character applied to the synonymous English word "jig".

    According to the "Machine Glossary" published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, it is explained as follows.


    The jig is an Ateji.A device that fixes a workpiece and controls and guides cutting tools.Mainly used for machining, welding, etc.This is one by oneScriberIt saves time and effort, makes processing easier, and standardizes the finished dimensions, increasing work efficiency and making it suitable for mass production.
    —"Machine Glossary" published by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun

    Besides this, the word jig is used in various fields.for exampleplatingEquipment for soaking in chemicals in the industry, equipment for preventing uneven baking in the heat treatment industry, wooden molds for assembling chemical products, etc. can be mentioned.But what it means best is, as the dictionary says, "the equipment needed to cut metal."

    There is also the term fixture, which has a similar meaning to a jig.


    A device that attaches to a machine so that a workpiece can be machined when processing parts.In practice, it is often mixed with jigs.
    —Excerpt from the dictionary

    The merit of introducing jigs is that if the products have the same shape, the variation of the products can be minimized and quickly without using advanced skill.mass productionIt is in the point that it is possible to do.On the other hand, a large number of jigs are required for high-mix low-volume production, and there are cases where the disadvantages due to the production cost of the jigs themselves outweigh the advantages.Nowadays, it is widely used for positioning instruments and tools themselves, including fields other than metal processing, and the definition is spreading.

    Origin and notation of words

    "Jig" isEnglishof"jig"Derived from (jig)Japanese alphabetIs[1]..Whereas the English word "jig" means only "tool alignment / guidance mechanism", "jig" is a tool for positioning and tightening on the workpiece side in addition to tool alignment. / The two are different in that they also include parts. The "mounting tool" is for positioning and tightening and fixing on the workpiece side, and does not include the tool alignment / guidance mechanism, so the Japanese "fixing tool" and the English "jig" are added together. Can be called a "jig"[2].

    Main example

    The main jigs are shown below.


    1. ^ There are many mistakes in the word "jig". "Ji" is "melting metal, casting"(stomach)It means "ru", and the reading is "ya".Reading aloudThere is only. (To read "blacksmith" as "kaji"LessonsHowever, "forging" is not read as "ka" and "ji" is not read as "ji". The on-yomi reading of "blacksmith" is "tanya". )
    2. ^ a b Kuniaki Unno "Jigs / Fixtures Basic Kiso" Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, December 2008, 12 First edition, first edition.ISBN 9784526061738. 

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