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🍴 | The shops and nature are full of charm!Recommended morning spots in Kanagawa


The shops and nature are full of charm!Recommended morning spots in Kanagawa

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There are so many places that you can enjoy from the morning, but in the direction of Yokohama, on a sunny day, take a walk near Nihon Odori or Yamashita Park.

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Yamashita Park

Yamashita Park(Yatakoen)Kanagawa横 浜 市Naka-kuYamashitaIt is inpark(Scenic park).


Great Kanto EarthquakeWas a yardmaster of Yokohama City as a reconstruction projectToru NaraokaUsing the rubble in the cityæµ·Landfilled and created,1930(5)3/15Opening of the park.The area is 7.4ha.

At the time of opening, the current sinkingflower bedThe part isLodgingAnd the remnants of itHikawamaruSeen on a small bridge next to[1].

Reclaimed the sea surface in front of the park for 40 years after the park openedWharfAlthough a plan was submitted toYamashita Pierwas created.Currently, in the same sea level undergroundtunnelOf the structureRinko highwayIs planned[2][3].



Facilities in the park



It is often used in shooting dramas.

な ど

Peripheral facilities / areas


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外部 リンク

Near Nihon Odori


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