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🍴 | Cardi's "Omar Shrimp Mentsuyu" is the best Egg-cooked rice is shockingly delicious


Kaldi's "Lobster Mentsuyu" is the best Egg-cooked rice is shockingly delicious

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Made with Canadian lobster extract and flavored with tomato and tarragon.

[The shrimp smells amazing...I ate somen with Kaldi's "Lobster Mentsuyu".It will be very active in the summer... → Continue reading


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    lobster(British: Lobster) Is narrowly defined as Shrimp (Decapoda), Astacidea, Metanephrops (Nephrops),Lobster (Homarus) Refers to two types of crustaceans.

    Crayfish infraorder, and by extensionshrimpIt is one of the largest in size,Western cuisineThen it is treated as a high-class food.As an ingredient name, "Omar"(Buddha: Lobster[† 1]), "Omar shrimp, "Omar Lobster", "Sea crabAlso called.

    "Lobster" in a broad sense isLobster,Red shrimpA general term for large walking shrimp, including freshwater products.crayfishKind ofMaronAlso includes those that are bred for viewing.By the way, spiny lobstersEnglishIt is called "Spiny lobster" (lobster with spiny lobster).


    AfricaSimilar species on the south bankCape lobster Homarinus capensis (Herbst, 1792) Is distributed, which may also be distributed as "lobster", but it is said that the amount on the market is small and the taste is inferior.This species was once also classified in the genus Lobster,1995The genus Homarinus was set in one genus.Tristan da CunhaSpecialty Tristan Rock Lobster (Tristan rock lobsterBecause it belongs to the genus Panulirus, it is sometimes referred to as "Ise lobster from Tristan" in Japan.


    Individuals up to 50 cm in length and 120 cm in length may be caught.

    Like the crayfish, the first step is powerfulScissors legsIt has become.French name Homard,GermanAll the names Hummer (accented with u) are "hammerIt comes from the fact that the scissors legs look like a hammer.However, this scissors legIntimidationIt is used only for excavation of living holes and foraging, and a small maxillipede at the mouth is used.

    Several on the joints of the scissors legsthornHowever, the body has few spines and the body surface is relatively smooth. 2 pairsAntennaeOf these, the second antenna is longer than the body length.Body colorIt varies from dark red, gray to pale yellow, and is said to be related to the rocky environment in which it inhabits.There are also blue-purple individuals with beautiful whole bodies.

    Live alone by digging holes in shallow sea reefs and gravel bottoms.It has an extremely long lifespan, and some are estimated to be about 100 years old. On January 2009, 1, a 9-kilogram lobster obtained by Keith Valenti, who runs the restaurant "City Club and Seafood" in New York, was returned to the sea.According to Valenti, the age of a lobster can be estimated from its weight, which estimates that the lobster is about 9 years old.

    Since the activity of telomerase is active, the telomere length does not shrink to a certain length or less, and the internal organs are replaced with new ones every time the molt is removed, so that it does not age.Therefore, it can be said to be immortal unless factors such as molting failure and eclipse are taken into consideration.


    It is caught by basket fishing.Lobsters are ferocious and it is not uncommon for them to hurt each other, so landed lobsters are immediately marketed with their scissors fixed with rubber bands.

    eggWithOvary ThecoralBecause of its color, it is called Corail in French and Coral in English.Cooks especially want pre-spawning females because the ovaries produce delicious soup stock.Lobster ovaries that lay eggs and hold eggs in their abdomen are small and shrunken, making them hard to see.crabSuch asMisoCorresponds toMidgut glandIs also appreciated.

    The meat is whiteLobsterMore elastic, ratherKing crabIt has a texture close to.For Western dishes, boil or steamLemonJuice and meltバ タ ーIn addition to eating with, divide it vertically in halfgrill or RoastedIs done.bisqueTo saySoupSometimes.From the end of the 20th century when the distribution network developedJapanAlso輸入Has been done.

    Movement to regulate cooking methods

    2019,British labor partyIt is,Animal protection"Prohibition of cooking method to boil lobster alive" was set as one of the pledges from the viewpoint of[1].


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