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🍽 | How to peel potatoes & 5 easy recipes


How to peel potatoes & 5 easy recipes

If you write the contents roughly
From here, we will introduce points for harvesting and storing potatoes in the home garden.

Do you know the correct preparation method for potatoes that are active in various dishes?This time, is it the correct preservation / cooking method? → Continue reading

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Kitchen garden

Kitchen garden(Kaitei Saen) means at home orMunicipal farmVegetables,fruitSuch asCultivationPerformHobbiesone of. English kitchen garden, FrenchPotagerSuch as vegetables andHerbsMolded with etc.gardenTherefore, it has not only practical use but also aesthetics.

Kitchen garden(French: vegetable garden Vegetable garden) Offers a once stately kitchenfruitVegetablesThe name of the garden.They areGarden farmHowever, the leisure garden was used for recreation.The kitchen garden中 世 OfMonastery gardenTraditionalGardeningAccording to knowledge, majestic cooks, confectioners, andpharmacistVegetables, fruits, herbs, andMedicinal plantProvide.


Homegarden,Vacant,Veranda(Planter, container) andMunicipal farmBorrowVegetables,fruitSuch asCultivationPerform.SavingSometimes it is done for.

It is done for commercial purposesVegetablesSuch asCultivationIs generallyAgriculture:Called.

Kitchen garden or potager

Traditional Western vegetable gardens, also known as potters, are seasonal spaces that are separate from other—ornamental plants and lawns—and these gardens are usually square. Or old rectangularFamily businessSeems to be a miniature version of the farm, but the vegetable garden differs not only in its history but also in its design.

The kitchen garden can be a central feature of the ornamental all-season landscapelandscapeBut it's more than a humble vegetable plot. In the sleeveHerbs,Vegetables,fruitAndflowerAlso structured garden space at the source of, repetitiveGeometric patternIt is a design based on.

The kitchen garden has a visual appeal all year round and is permanent.Perennialplant,Annual plantAround (or between) wood planting can be incorporated.

Mansion field

JapanThe cultivated land that produces crops for self-consumption at home is called a mansion field.[1]..Depending on the region, it is called by various names such as "Senzaibata", "Saemba", and "Kadonohatake".A mansionIn a corner of the land that is continuous with the land,Cash cropAn empty space next to the fields and rice fields that make upRiverbedIt is often done in a crevice land away from the mansion, such as in a corner of the house.[1].FarmerNot onlyfishing villageIt is also done as a secondary work.

The origin of the mansion fieldYayoi PeriodCan be traced back toEdo PeriodThere was a field not only in the peasant but also in the samurai-class mansion[1].Kunio YanagitaIn his "Kite Story", he introduced the mansion field as the most primitive arable land attached to the house.Tsuneichi MiyamotoIt is,Annual tributeThe paddy field to make is "public feeling"Cultivated landOn the other hand, he points out that the mansion field is a land with a stronger personal idea of ​​ownership.[1].

Municipal farm

Mainly in urban areasCitizen レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ンFor private consumptionVegetables,flower,RiceProduction cultivation, etc.Senior citizensSmall-scale cultivation for various purposes such as creating a purpose of lifeFarmlandWhen,Farmer,Municipalities-Agricultural cooperativeEtc. are idle farmlandLand ownerThere is a farm type that borrows from the farm, develops rest areas, farm tool houses, etc. and lends it, and a type that mainly consists of farmland divided into a certain area.

WildFarmlandIn order to prevent resale and diversion of, the establishment of farms has been regulated for a long time,Special zone for structural reformAnd the nationwide expansion since 2004, the farmers themselves andNPOCorporations have also been recognized as founders. It should be noted that the crops in the community farm are for personal consumption and should not be for commercial purposes such as sales.

25,Ministry of AgricultureAims to "stop the decline of farmland in urban areas", "meet the needs of urban residents for living with" farming "", and "secure evacuation shelters in the event of a disaster"Municipal farmEstablished an expansion policy for.As a policy target, it was 23 plots in 15Municipal farmIt is said that it will be expanded to 29 blocks in 20.


The historically famous Alotment was in the first half of the 19th centuryUnited KingdomProvided inMunicipal farmIs[2]..Created as a self-sufficient means for low-income groups in times of food shortageSecond World WarSometimes the government says "Dig for victory" as an effective use of land.Wartime farmI also urged[3]. afterwards,Pesticide,Chemical fertilizerThe use of people who dislike farming methods that use farming has increased, and it has come to be used not only by low-income people but also by various people.[3].

JapanToMunicipal farmWas providedMeiji EraIt was the first time that a seedling dealer opened in Takinogawa, Tokyo at the end of the period.afterwards,京都, Was set up on the border.Pacific WarFor the purpose of food self-sufficiency, some potatoes, cereals, etc. are cultivated, and even after the warFood shortageContinued for food self-sufficiency. As it is nowHobbiesIt became popular asShowaAround the latter half of 30 years,Farmland law OfRegulationWas used while protecting. afterwardsShowaAround 50 years,Ministry of AgricultureAccording to the notice, the establishment of recreational farms was approved, and it spread nationwide as a municipal farm by local governments.

In France, for examplePalace of Versailles OfKing's vegetable garden(Potaserie du Rois) in 1678ArtworkThe numerous gardens designed by Jean-Baptiste de la Quintigny are bordered by baroque parterre and embroideries, borders and fountain basins at garden crossings.Quintini is one of the first seasonal fruits to be harvested, with hundreds of varieties of figs already in mid-June and strawberries in March. Lettuce was harvested in January.

In England, the idea was revived in the Great Victorian Gardens.The gardens at West Dean in Sussex are a fine example of a restored Victorian potager.

Potagers have become increasingly popular in recent years, for example, in the United Kingdom.Royal gardening association Chelsea Flower ShowHave been introduced in[4].. Baroness de Lawrence Bosmelet wins gold medal in 2007 for "Ciel Anark" Potaja at the Chelsea Flower Show[5].

In Germany, Linden kitchen gardens areHanoverIn ReineschlossKarembergGuelphAs a pleasure and kitchen garden for the inhabitants since the ruler's 1637 residenceDuke of George WilhelmEstablished in 1652 by. This feature was 1866In Hanover KingdomIt was maintained until the end. He then built a freight yard and built a house on the site (which was in the area between the current roads Fössestraße, Dieckbornstraße and Davenstedter Straße). today,HanoverSquare in the rural LindenmitteAmkuchengartenOnly reminds us of its previous use, but this is a home garden cabaret theater.

Berggarten of Herrenhausen in 1666Duke of Johann Friedrichestablished as a home garden. From 1750 the Linden kitchen garden took over this task completely and the BerggartenBotanical gardenbecome.

GeraThe kitchen garden was planted in the 17th century to supply Osterstein Castle, the former residence of the young Prince Royce, and was redesigned into a Baroque paradise for the 2007 Federal Garden Show.

SchwerinThe home garden ofSchwerin castleA home garden and was one of seven gardens at the 2009 Federal Horticultural Show.


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