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🍴 Eat choku | [5th anniversary of eating choku] Win Matsuzaka beef and coupons!Membership registration campaign For this campaign, eat choku official account on 8/24 (Wednesday) ...

[Eating choku 5th anniversary] Matsuzaka beef and coupons hit!Member registration campaign

About this campaign, the official eating choku on 8/24 (Wednesday) ...

[Eating choku 5th anniversary 🎊] Win Matsuzaka beef and coupons!Member registration campaign 🎉

We will inform you about this campaign from the official Tabechoku account (@tabechoku) ( on 8/24 (Wednesday), so please follow us and wait!
▼Matsuzaka Beef and Coupons Win!Member registration campaign
Matsuzaka beef will be presented to 2 people by lottery among those who have registered as a new member of Tabechoku during the application period 🍖✨
In addition, we will send a 2,000 yen coupon that can be used for eating choku to up to 500 people by lottery 🙌
*The number of Matsuzaka beef winners is one each in the first and second rounds...
→See more in detail in the "Eat Choku" recommended article where selected vegetables arrive directly from producer