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🍺 | A little surprising?In fact, three sakes that are perfect for summer, which are delicious even if you drink them in rock


A little unexpected? In fact, 3 sakes that are perfect for summer, delicious even on rock

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(3) When the rough heat is removed, pour it into a glass containing rock ice and mix gently to finish!

Many people think of shochu and whiskey when they think of "on the rocks" by pouring sake into a glass of ice. → Continue reading

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Rock ice

Rock iceIt is,Kokubo ice refrigeration(head office·ChibaYachiyo) Manufactured byCracked iceThat氷The shape and original manufacturing method were developed and produced by the company ahead of the ice and snow industry. Of the various products manufactured by the company, some of the products packed in bags and in cup containers areRock iceIs manufactured with a unique trade name. In addition,Rock iceIs a unique product name and is also owned by the companyRegistered trademarkBut also. However, it is also sometimes found in recipe books as if it were used as if it were an ordinary name for cracked ice.

Current,Rock iceIs the top of the companybrandNationwide as a productconvenience store,supermarketIn addition,HotelsYou can also buy it, etc., and it is usually sold in bags of about 1 kg. In addition, we are also working to expand overseas, ahead of the industry,Kingdom of Thailand,People's Republic of ChinaBut it is sold. Rock iceIs mainlySoft drink,Alcoholic beveragesIs used to cool theCocktails,Distilled liquor Ofon the rocksIt is useful when drinking in style.

At the companyRock iceSame quality asæ°·Processed into a size that is easy to hold in your mouthPET bottlesWe also manufacture a product called Handy Rock Ice.

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