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☕ | Chocolate is “Tararin” Cute tiramisu ♡ “I really want to keep it secret” Latest cafe (Minami-ku, Fukuoka)


Cute tiramisu with chocolate "Tararin"♡ "I really want to keep it secret" The latest cafe (Minami-ku, Fukuoka)

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In addition to coffee, you can choose from 550 types of ``Italian soda'' (15 yen) that has colorful cute colors!

Hello. This is ayu.latte.This time, I would like to introduce a cafe that just opened in June 2020 ... → Continue reading


Curated media “ARNE” from Fukuoka launched by FBS Fukuoka Broadcasting

Not only Fukuoka's gourmet and outing information, but also contents linked to TV programs and daily informative information delivered by familiar influencers and experts!

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