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🍴 | Thick castella that is sold out every day!4 latest exquisite gourmet foods in Kansai


Thick castella that is sold out every day! 4 of Kansai's newest gourmet foods

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For the first time in Japan, it is the adult-only ice cream "SAKEICE" (set of 4 from 6 yen-tax included) with an alcohol content of over 3,700%.

A popular gourmet with unique ideas such as new textures and innovative combinations.Meni is a hot topic that is starting to catch fire ... → Continue reading


"Lifestyle magazine to enjoy Kansai more" of Yomiuri TV. Every day, we will provide you with useful information from Osaka, Hyogo, Kyoto, Shiga, Nara, and Wakayama, where women in the Kansai region would want to talk to someone, “Ah!

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Alcohol degree

Alcohol degree(Alcohol by volume, ABV) isAlcoholic beverageAgainstethanol OfVolume concentrationThepercentage(percent, %)Proportion.Alcohol(Alcohol) Good, manyCountryIt is used as standard in.XX degree,XX%Or × ×% ABV It is expressed as.JapanThen, "1 degree" = "1%".

France OfChemist-Gay-LussacBy the way,Gay-Lussac frequencySome countries call it.

An alcohol content meter (such as a liquor meter) is used to measure the alcohol content. In addition, to measure the volume concentration exactly,temperatureHave to decide. JapaneseLiquor tax lawThen 15℃I have decided.


English-speaking countriesIn addition to frequency, proof is also used.USProof is twice the frequency,UKThe proof is about 1.75 times the frequency. For example, 4% alcohol has the same ethanol concentration as the 8 US proof and almost the same ethanol concentration as the 7 UK proof.

However, in the United StatesFederal Rulebook (Code of Federal Regulations; CFR) requires the display of frequency. Both can be written. Britain alsoEUstandardInternational legal metrology institutein accordance with,1980Since then, it has switched to frequency.

English-speaking countriesAnd the alcohol content is expressed exclusively in %, degree , ° Is used for proofing.

Typical examples of alcohol content (alcohol content)

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