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🍜 | Tsukemen made by gyoza shop!Kazu Kitaura "Maruko" meat soba was really delicious


Tsukemen made really by the dumplings! Kitaurawa "Maruko" meat soba was really delicious

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Although it is a gyoza specialty store, it says that it does not offer gyoza, as it devotes its energies to providing tasoba so delicious at lunchtime.

I heard that the lunchtime limited tsukemen at the dumpling specialty store "Maruko" in Kitaurawa is delicious, so I went to eat ... → Continue reading


The local media “Urawacity.net” that sends useful information about Urawa is nicknamed “Urawa City Net”.

The information posted by the manager who lives in Urawa is mainly based on the information that he has actually seen, eaten, and experienced.

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