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🍜 | "Domino's Pizza Urawa Ryoke Store" opens on October 10 along the industrial road


"Domino Pizza Urawa Ryoke store" opens along the industrial road on October 10

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The location is along the industrial road, which runs from the east exit of Kita-Urawa Station to the industrial road, passing the so-called "Urataka Street".

"Domino's Pizza Urawa Ryoke Store" will open on October 10th (Wednesday) in Kitaurawa.The place is an industrial road from the east exit of Kitaurawa Station ... → Continue reading


The local media “Urawacity.net” that sends useful information about Urawa is nicknamed “Urawa City Net”.

The information posted by the manager who lives in Urawa is mainly based on the information that he has actually seen, eaten, and experienced.

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Kitaurawa Station East Exit

Industrial road

Industrial road(Sankyo Doro) is mainly used for freight transportation.Japan Of道路 OfPopular name.


Industrial areaIt refers to the roads that pass through and the roads that were created for the purpose of connecting the wharf to the industrial park. The antonym isLife road.Tokyo Metropolitan Expressway/Kanagawa Prefectural Road 6 Tokyo Daishi Yokohama Line,National Route 55(Tokushima)Such,PrewarSome roads are more commonly referred to as industrial roads.

MainlyHigh economic growthDuring the period, local governments aim to attract companiesRoad lawThere are many routes that have been developed based on the[1]Many routes have been developed with the assistance of (established in 1964, revoked in 2003).





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