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📝 | Survive the heat!Housewife's "myoga" recipe


Get over the heat! Housewife's "myoga" recipe

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If you eat it with yuzu pepper or onion dressing, you can get a refreshing vitamin.

"Myoga", which is in season in summer, is useful as a condiment for somen and cold noodles.But on the contrary, other uses ... → Continue reading

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Yuzu pepper

Yuzu pepper(Yuzu pepper, yuzu pepper) isRed peppersとYuzuAnd made fromseasoningKind of.


Roughly chop the red pepper and peel the yuzusaltIt is aged and aged.KyusyuIs used in many dishes as a general seasoning. In addition to Kyushu, it is a production center of yuzuTokushimaKizu Village(Current:Naga Town) AndKochiBut it is manufactured.

The name "pepper" means chili pepperKyushu dialect[1]So here is the generalpepperIt's not about chili peppers.Pepper is called "Pepper" to distinguish it.

Green peppers are generally used as chili peppers, but red peppers may also be used.Green pepper and green yuzu are finished in green, and red pepper and yellow yuzu are finished in vermilion yuzu pepper.Generally, green ones have a strong pungent taste, and red ones have a strong aroma.Locallycasserole,Miso Soup,sashimiSuch asCondimentHowever, since it became known to other areas, it has been used in more diverse ways. (See below)

The origin isOitaHita City(OldBungoHita-gunAmase TownEtc.)[2][3]Or the same as HitaToyokuniIsBuzen Country OfMt. HikosanTheories around[4]For example, there is a theory that the birthplace of Kyushu is[5].. In Hita City, Oita Prefecture, the Tsue area (formerlyMaetsu Village,Nakatsue Village,Kamitsue Village) Is the center of Yuzu cultivation, and it is said that Yuzu pepper has been made at home in the old Amaze-cho and Tsue areas for a long time.[2].. On the other hand, as a product,Tagawa-gunSoeda TownBy the company1950(Showa 25) There is an example[6].

Production example

  1. Peel the blue citron thinly and finely chop it. I will use the citron fruit later.
  2. Finely chop the green pepper from which the seeds have been removed.
  3. MortarThen, grind the skin of the chopped green pepper and citron. Use the flavor by not completely mashing.
  4. Add salt and add to taste. In addition, add an appropriate amount of fruit juice squeezed from the fruit of the citron.
  5. disinfectionTransfer to a bottle or airtight container and store in the refrigerator.
  • For red pepper, red pepper may be used instead of green pepper. Generally, when using red pepper, use blue yuzu peel, and when using red pepper, use yellow yuzu peel.

In the case of the above method, the shelf life depends on the saltiness. Usually, it is assumed that it will be made in small amounts and used up in about a week.


Japanese hot pot dishesSoup, Sashimi,tempura,Yakitori,tofu[7]Japanese cuisine such asCondimentOften used as. Also, because it has become easier to obtain in areas other than Kyushu, for example,Spaghetti,Salad dressing,Pork cutlet,Ramen,Fried riceIt has been used for various dishes such as.

In processed foods,chicken OfSmoked, Yuzu pepper added to charcoal grill, etc. are manufactured and sold mainly in Kyushu.

Also,Snacks,チ ョ コ レ ー トSweets are also on sale. Since it is necessary to reduce the water content of snacks, Yuzu powder and pepper powder are combined to give a flavor, and yuzu pepper is often not used.


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