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🍺 | Urawa original beer 3rd, opened from September 9th!Bottled beer will be on sale from the 11nd


The third Urawa original beer will open on September 3th! Bottled beer will be on sale from the 9nd

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It is said that red perilla was sorted and processed by hand, and plums and lemons were added to make a type of beer that intentionally left brewer's yeast, which is said to be good for the intestinal environment.

Today, September 9th at the craft beer specialty store "BEER NOVA URAWA" at the east exit of Urawa Station ... → Continue reading


The local media “Urawacity.net” that sends useful information about Urawa is nicknamed “Urawa City Net”.

The information posted by the manager who lives in Urawa is mainly based on the information that he has actually seen, eaten, and experienced.

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