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☕ | Introducing the latest spots in Maruyama!There is also a cafe where you can enjoy a new sense of limited parfait ♡


Introducing the latest spots in Maruyama!There is also a cafe where you can enjoy a new sense of limited parfait ♡

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According to Yumiko Toda of Okurayama Tukimisou Coffee, it's a coffee shop, so I made it with a coffee cup!

This time, UHB's Anna Shibata and Rei Maruyama, a mimicking talent from Kitami City, visited the latest spots in Maruyama, Sapporo ... → Continue reading


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Okurayama Tukimisou Coffee

Coffee cup

Coffee cup(British: coffee cup) IscoffeeUsed when drinkingBowlThat[1].. "coffeebowlOr "coffee bowl"[2].


A Western-style bowl with a handle that has a (relatively) small opening on the top side.[1].

Generally larger than a teacup in the United States[3], Smaller than a teacup in the UK[3].

With a handle[2](With handle / with handle), with legs[2], With limbs with both of these[2]There is. In some cases, the container body and legs (holders) are separated.[2](Insert cup).

With a cup with a handle like a tea cupSaucerThere is also a set of (dish)[2]. Also,Coffee pot,Milk pitcher, Make up a coffee set with sugar bowl, etc.[2].

Common style coffee cups for teaTea cupThe mouth is smaller than the cup, and there is little difference in width between the top and bottom of the cup. One theory is that this is to prevent the aroma of coffee from flying away and to prevent the coffee from cooling.

Incidentally,Northern EuropeThen, the tallest coffee cup,Tall cupA coffee cup called is preferred. Especially in cold weather, it is often seen that people also warm their hands by pouring hot coffee into this tall cup and holding it with both hands.[4].

If a well-trained shopkeeper or clerk at a coffee shop or other school serves coffee, (often) from the customer's perspectiveOn the leftPlace the coffee cup so that the "handle" comes. This is called "French style", and if you trace the origin, it is French style. The reason why the handle is on the left side is that the customer first puts sugar or milk and naturally tries to stir with a spoon with his right hand (often the dominant hand). At that time, I try to support the cup so that it does not turn over, but it naturally becomes the left hand, so it is convenient to have the handle of the cup on the left side (If there is no handle on the left side, you will have a hot part And may cause burns). The French style is that customers mix with a spoon, place the spoon, rotate the cup half a turn, and hold the handle on the right side to drink.

Special coffee cup

It is large and has a handle, and usually does not have a saucer. The mug is a name unique to Japan, and the "mug" itself originally means the cup. Beer mugs, coffee mugs, etc.
A general beverage container with a flat bottom, which is originally called a cup (Tumbler glass)[5]However, in Japan, it is often called "tumbler" only for "thermo mug" and "travel mug" with a lid that has a heat retaining function and is a kind of tumbler glass.
About half the size of normalespressoIt is used when drinking. demi means half and tasse means cup.
Cafe au laitDedicated tableware used when drinking. It is large and has a round shape as a whole, and has no handle.



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