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🧁 | [20 sweets to give as a wedding gift] From well-established classics to great-looking sweets!


[20 sweets to give as a wedding gift] From well-established classics to great-looking sweets!

If you write the contents roughly
It would be exciting for the bride and groom to present sweets that look amazing to their wedding gifts.

The taste is endorsed!4 Wedding Gifts for Long-established Sweets If you want to give sweets that will surely please everyone, then ... → Continue reading


MEMOCO is a magazine where you can find information about finding gifts and presents so that you can find things you want to write down. We will deliver information carefully selected by the editorial department who loves gifts and surprises.

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Celebration(Shugi, congratulations / congratulations)seasonThe act of giving money at milestones in life and daily life, such as when, when, opportunities, and encounters.


Opinions and meanings of specific celebrations and non-celebrations

  1. CelebrationA gift given to express gratitude for congratulations such as (when happy) and the effort of mutual aid activities.At weddings, the standard is 3 yen or more.[Source required]
  2. CondolenceThank you for your sympathy and the trouble of mutual aid activities.disasterIt is called (Bushugi).
  3. Entertainment,EntertainmentWith money as a thank you sent to the person who providesチップThere is also a direction to make something like.日本では法律上はLegally in JapanUnearned income[Source required]But in the WestincomeOften.また、意味合いにおいても日本独特のAlso, in terms of meaning, it is unique to Japan.Halle and keIt is also said to be derived from.具体的にはIn particularWrestlerTo praise the good fight againstGeishaTechniques and innsNakaiIt is also a gratitude for directing an extraordinary (halle) to the customer service.
  4. The act of trading at a high price or giving money as an act of encouraging the appreciation and inspiration of people engaged in commercial transactions and their livelihoods as part of the economic boom.Specifically, when a lover or hobbyist requests the production of a special item with a high degree of difficulty, the engineer (craftsman) involved may be handed over to the economy.
  5. BettingEtcExpected valueIt is a congratulations for making a difficult hand (role) and to improve the performance, to make the entertainment sharper and to improve the work effect easily.一般的にはIn generalMahjongWell known for.

Edo PeriodIn, as a representative of gold goods, "Hand towelWas presented.現在でもEven nowYear-end gift,NakamotoThen, hand towelTowelRemains as a habit of giving out.


Things to be congratulated or uncongratulated.


Give to an individual.

People involved神(Shrine,Priest)

Social / economic


Give to an individual.


Gift bag / non-gift bag

Gift envelopes・ What is a non-congratulatory bag?Japanese paperSeal made of.

Noshi writing


  • New Year's gift
  • gratuity
  • Large entry
  • Glance
  • Congratulations


  • Visit
  • Incense(Mikaden)
  • In front of Buddha (in front of Buddha)
  • In front of the spirit (in front of the spirit)

Bags and decorations

  • Relationship with origami- origamiSee the history section "Rite Origami".
  • Noshi-DetailsIronSee.


Meaning and type of Mizuhiki

  • Congratulations-Knots and bows are chosen according to the meaning of the celebration.The color is generally red and white.
  • Non-congratulations-It's a tie because it's mostly a condolence.The color is generally black and white.

* In "Awaji Knot", it is used for both ceremonial occasions depending on the color of Mizuhiki.

  • Mizuhiki is red and white, and the noshi is a celebration for general use
  • Mizuhiki is red and white and there is no Noshi for sympathy and temple celebration
  • Mizuhiki is black and white (or yellow and white) and no Noshi is for funerals and Buddhist affairs
  • Mizuhiki is gold and silver and Noshi is for wedding gifts

Has become the mainstream in modern times. Local manners in Kanto may be introduced on TV programs, etc., but the actual situation varies depending on the region, so caution is required when purchasing.


Fukusa is a small furoshiki that covers the bag (congratulatory bag / non-congratulatory bag) that wraps the money to be given to the condolences so that it does not lose its shape.

Celebration / non-celebration

In the room where it is done at the time of the festivaltatamiIt means that the laying of was changed.

  • Celebration
  • Non-celebration

Celebration market price

Regardless of profit or lossCommerceIn the economyLucky bearRefers to trading at a high price at the beginning of the year, etc.Stock marketAnd each agriculture, forestry and fisheries related marketFirst saleOr, it refers to the sale and purchase of lucky charms at festivals.

In the old days, it was patterned on a special dayIron fire field(Place to bet)BodyAlso refers to setting a higher payment rate than usual.

Gambling celebration

CelebrationWhat is (goshugi)?MahjongIt is a kind of bonus that is often adopted in.特定の条件を満たしてMeet certain conditionsWonIf you do, you will get a bonus according to the content of the winning.

Example in mahjong

A concrete example of the rules adopted for the celebration.

In the case of De-Agari, a congratulatory gift is given from one gunner, and in the case of Tsumoagari, a congratulatory gift is given from all the others.

 As an example, if you get "2 reds, 1 back", you will get 3 celebrations, and if you get Tsumoagatsu, you will get 9 celebrations.
 The value of the celebration is generally 2000 points-10000 points as a point stick.The rule of 3 yen per sheet for the point 1 rate and 50 to 1 yen per sheet for the point pin rate is widespread.

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