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🍴 | Discovery!Travel along the Sapporo streetcar Travel Komi Hokkaido


Discover!札幌 市電沿線ぶらり旅 旅コミ北海道Travel along the Sapporo streetcar Travel Komi Hokkaido

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Komesan "Broccoli Sabuji", an arrangement of Indian home-cooked food, is recommended for spice lovers!

A streetcar that is convenient for a little movement in central Sapporo.This time, I will take a stroll along the streetcar in Sapporo to make new discoveries!rare… → Continue reading

 TV Hokkaido

It is a broadcasting station affiliated with TV TOKYO, whose broadcasting area is Hokkaido. The contents of the program will be distributed in text format, focusing on Hokkaido topics such as daily news, gourmet food, travel, and lifestyle information. I try to write articles that are enjoyable for everyone, not just in Hokkaido. Also, in case of emergency, live distribution will be provided.

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home cooking

home cooking(Kaiteiri) is commonly made and eaten in ordinary households.CuisineThat.


Home cooking, in a nutshellThe taste of my motherIt is a group of simple dishes represented bylocal cuisineincluding. in JapanJapaneseIn addition toWestern food-Chinese cuisineThose cooked at home are called "home cooking".

From a global perspective, there is a tendency to start with local cuisine and mix food cultures of various neighboring regions with the development of logistics and media.Food culture:Is the most popular part of the. However,Instant FoodThe simple and cooked food group isDeveloped countriesIt has a strong tendency to be used extensively in food, but no matter how much the table is prepared using only this, it is difficult to include it in the category of home cooking. What you buy and eat at homeHalf boardIt is called (Nakashou) and is distinguished from home cooking.

Home cooking is done at home家族Surround the dining table with (→Family) Because it is something that is eaten whenFood education,Slow foodNoLocal productionsuch as,Mealとfamily Education,DisciplineSuch as "having a familyParentingIt is also recognized that it is an important element in terms of "functionality". In JapanIndividual diet,Solitary food Social phenomenonNo社会 問題After being treated as, there is a tendency to list home cooking as an important factor in a spiritually rich life.

Eat every day with these home cooks and never get tiredStaple foodWith the axis asSide dishYou can eat it all. Do home cookingLiving aloneWho isBox lunch, restaurantCooking with the intention of contrasting with those who finish eatingself cateringCall.

Typical home cooking

The following are home-cooked foods widely eaten by many local families in the relevant country. Regarding regional cuisinelocal cuisineSee section.


traditionalJapanese cuisineexcept for

South Korea








Nationality unknown

Includes home-cooked dishes that have changed radically depending on the region

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